Read Moni's Review

So, the new movie opened! Finally! (LOL) Well, Moni and Joey, (Okay, yeah, I know I'm writing in the third person, but who CARES?!) and their other best friend Rach, (None of these are their real names, just what they call each other. Except for Joey, her middle names Josephine, so her's is sort of real.) are going to see it tomorrow. They've all promised to grace you visitors, by each writing a review of what their personal opinion of the movie was. Did they like it, hate it or was it just "all right." To keep you tied over to the reviews, they've scanned in some pictures out of their daily newspaper, The Calgary Herald (did I spell that write Moni?). We've also taken some of the pictures off of the official site, but they won't sue us cos we're nice. Right guys who own the pictures? THANX!
Go see the PICTURES from the site, or read the article from the newspaper below.

P.S. Don't forget to visit the offical site and watch the web cams. If you only watch one, watch the ones where Matthew is supposebly (LOL, sorry, inside joke) is working out.