moni’s "three to tango" review

By: Moni Bing

In one word: perfect. I laughed the WHOLE time. (Of course, that may be because there were "connections" to inside jokes, but…) I’m sure you’ll laugh too. Chandler, whoops! Oscar Novak, is sooooo hilarious. Hilarious, AND "Gay Guy of the Year." I won’t reveal more…until the next paragraph.
Of course, while it was perfect, even perfection has its downsides. I have two complaints. (Yes, complaints!) The complaints have nothing to do with Matthew Perry. He was what made it so perfect! They were complaints to do with the script: a) it is difficult to tell that Oliver Platt’s character IS actually gay; and b) Amy (Neve Campbell’s character) shaves her already shaved legs. Yet these are but trifles in the whole overview of the film. (Which was PERFECT!!! 99.9% rounds to 100% doesn’t it?)
Okay, I hate to say it, but Matthew Perry wasn’t the only thing that made "Three to Tango" perfect. Everyone sooooooo fit their character. Dylan McDermott was practically MOLDED to Charles Newman, his character. It was perfect. He makes a way better romantic-comedy-bad-guy than a lawyer. And Neve Campbell (sorry Monica!) was perfect for Oscar. They were cute together (but not AS cute as C&M, don’t worry.) In fact, when they kissed in the end [That is inevitable, I’m not giving anything away that you didn’t already know.] I leaned over and cried into Joey’s shoulder, "He’s cheating on Monica!" But that’s a bit off topic. What I’m trying to say is, Neve Campbell was perfect too. And Oliver Platt, well, was just…what’s that word?…perfect.
Well there’s nothing much else to say. I promised Joey I’d write this review and I hope everyone likes it because I wrote it in five minutes while chatting on ICQ and surfing the web and it’s midnight, so…