A Figment of the Imagination [On the beach the next day. Joey is digging a huge hole. You and Monica are lying on the beach side by side. Here's your chance to talk about her boyfriend! Good luck!]
CHAN: So, uh, Mon.
MNCA: What's up?
CHAN: I was, uh, going to ask you the same.
MNCA: Nothing much up with me.
CHAN: I mean, what's up with your love life, I guess? Met any guys lately?
MNCA: You know perfectly well I have no love life! I was just complaining to you yesterday!
CHAN: Yes, I recall. So, um, got any hickeys lately?
MNCA: Please tell me you're kidding. Who would give me a hickey?
CHAN: Me. I mean...I don't know. I was going to ask you the same thing.
MNCA: Okay. Well, his name's Freddy. He's tall and handsome. Mysterious too. Dark dark hair. Nearly black. Beautiful brown eyes. When I look into them, I absolutely melt...
CHAN: I see. Why didn't you just tell me about him in the first place, then? Why see someone on the sly?
MNCA: (giggling) Because I just made him up, jerk! Hm. What do you think would be an ideal girlfriend? I mean, do you have, like, an imaginary girlfriend?
CHAN: An imaginary girlfriend?

What should you say now? She clearly does NOT have a secret boyfriend. *Click here if you explain an ideal girlfriend to her.* *Click here if you ask her what she wants in an ideal guy.*