The Imaginary Girl Comes Alive CHAN: Well, I'm not sure.
MNCA: Come on. Enlighten me.
CHAN: Okay, I guess. Um, she'd have to be honest, sincere. And she'd have to have a bit of a sarcastic streak; you know, be funny. But not as funny as me. And, um...I guess I've always been partial to dark-haired girls. Dark-haired girls that make great macaroni&cheese.
[Monica sits up and stares at you for a minute.]
MNCA: (softly) You mean, kind of like me.
CHAN: Um...I guess so.
MNCA: So-do you have a secret love?
CHAN: Only like you do. In my head.
MNCA: Oh! Does she have a name?
CHAN: Yes.
MNCA: Tell me.
MNCA: Come on!
CHAN: Um...o-kay. Maybe you'd better sit down for this.
MNCA: Chandler-I am sitting.
CHAN: Ha ha, I knew that, of course, of course.
CHAN: Well, to call her...Monica.
(Duh, we knew that!)
MNCA: Cool. I, uh, like that name.
CHAN: Me too. I also like the person that goes with that name.
MNCA: (squeakily) You mean me?
CHAN: Yeah. [You sit up too. Joey pops out of his hole.]
JOEY: Hey guys, wanna see my hole?
MNCA: Sure, Joey. [You both get up and peer in. Suddenly Monica starts screaming.]
JOEY: What, what is it?
MNCA: Jellyfish! Jellyfish sting!
CHAN: Is it bad?
MNCA: I-I don't think I can walk! [You see Monica wink at you from the corner of your eye. She grins at you. You grin back.]
CHAN: We'd better get you back to the house.
JOEY: I'll carry her.
CHAN: No! It's okay. I'll take her back. You really have to keep digging that hole. The world needs that hole!
MNCA: Yeah!
JOEY: Okay. Hope you feel better, Mon.

Well that was sure fortunate for you! It turns out Monica likes you just as much as you like her! Good job. :) *Click here to return to the beginning and play again. There are lots more ways to get Monica to fall in love with you!