CHAN: I don't know. What would your ideal guy be like?
MNCA: Oh I have one. don't wanna hear about him.
CHAN: Sure I do.
MNCA: Okay. He has blue eyes.
CHAN: What-that's it?
MNCA: Um...yeah.
CHAN: Is this guy based on anyone?
MNCA: Yeah...
[You're dismayed.]
CHAN: Well looks like our little friend has a crush on somebody! Now let's see, who do we know with blue eyes? Does Joey have blue eyes?
MNCA: Nope.
CHAN: Gunther?
MNCA: I don't know! I've never looked at his eyes before.
CHAN: Well who has blue eyes?
MNCA: Well, for example, do.
CHAN: I do? I mean, oh yeah. I do. But who else? I mean, who do you have a crush on?
MNCA: God, CHandler, could I BE any more obvious?
CHAN: Hey, you sounded a bit like me back there...
MNCA: What else can I say to make you understand?
CHAN: Hey, wait a [She nods.] You have a crush on me?
MNCA: I finally decided just to tell you. I've had a crush on you FOREVER. It must be a Geller thing. I just never knew how to tell you.
CHAN: Well-well I like you too! I mean, not just as a friend.
MNCA: (laughing) We sound like two kids! But seriously, you really do? I'm so relieved!
CHAN: Me too! I've been trying to tell you too!
MNCA: So now what?

After that there was nothing much left for you to do, but kiss her! Good job, you did it!
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