Chandler: Okay, okay, we'll play strip poker. Sorry.
[cut to later]
Monica: Strip Happy Days Game?
Joey: Yeah, well, I couldn't find any cards, so it was either this or Strip Bag of Old Knitting Stuff.
[Monica rolls, and Ross goes first.]
Ross: Okay, (reading the card) "Fonzy gives you two thumbs up, collect two cool points." Yeah.
Phoebe: Monica, if you get five cool points, you get to make somebody take off one item of clothing. It hasn't happened yet, but we're all very excited.
Ross: Okay, come on!(blows on the dice)Daddy needs a new pair of electromagnetic microscopes for the Prehistoric Forensics Department! [You all look at him, and he immediately shuts up. Ross rolls. He moves and then reads a card.] Okay. "Take Pinky Tuscadero up to Inspiration Point, collect three cool points!! Yeah! Which gives me five, and let's see who is gonna lose their clothes. Um, I think I pick our strip sponsor Mr. Joey Tribbiani.
Rachel, Monica, Phoebe: Woohoo!
Joey: All right, relax. It's just a shoe.
Everyone except Joey: Woohoo!
[Cut to later. The game isn't quite to the point where Joey is only in boxers. You read a card aloud.]
Chandler: "Dad lends you the car for the night." Yes! "Collect two cool points!" That gives me five cool points. Look out, everyone.
Ross: Which, I might add, is your FIRST five cool points.

What are you going to do?
*Click here if you help gang up on Joey.*
*Click here if you use your five points against Monica.*