Chandler: Okay...Monica.
Monica: What?...but I can't!
Chandler: (in a challenging voice) Why not?
[Monica glances at Ross with a pleading look.]
Monica: Well...
[You look at Ross for an explanation.]
Ross: Don't look at me, it's Monica's story!
Monica: Well, um...see, a long time ago, our great great great great grandmother took an oath that if any of her relatives including her played strip poker and lost any clothes, her ghost would haunt our family for eternity.
Phoebe: Oh! What was her name?
Monica: Um...Claude. Claude Geller. She didn't marry in. She's blood.
Phoebe: Oh, I know who you're talking about! Yeah, I knew her in a past life. When I was...let's see, Anne Lorenzetti. Yes! She was the cat of the town, I must say. And if anyone played any sort of poker it was her!
Monica: Hm. Really. Strange. Well...
Joey: Hey, anyway, we're playing Strip Happy Days Game, not Strip Poker!
[Monica loks sick. She gets up.]
Monica: I'm going to bed. [She leaves. Rachel leans in mysteriously.]
Rachel: I'm not supposed to tell you guys, but Monica's got a hickey on her leg. She doesn't want anyone to see.
Phoebe: Oh, disgust! [Now it's your turn to go pale.]

Seems like Monica's already got a boyfriend! Maybe she knew about your crush all along and was just stringing you along! Just great. Let's see what tomorrow brings.
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