Chandler: Okay...Joey.
Joey: Aw, man!
Monica: (to you) Now that I think about it, why would you and Ross want Joey to strip? That's gross!
Chandler: (in a fake emotional voice, as if he's been crying) You think we want to? You think we have a choice in the matter? We slave and we slave - all for nothing. And then, at the end of the day, we come home to this, this...emotional hell...
Rachel: (clapping) Bravo. Bravo. Chandler: We're ganging up on him just like you three because it's HIS fault we're playing this stupid Happy Days Game!
Monica: It's half your fault, dodo!
Chandler:Well, why are you ganging up on him and you haven't even LOOKED at me? [Everyone bursts out in laughter except for you.] What? What's so funny?
Monica: You're Chandler! [She punches you on the shoulder playfully.] Y'know, Chandler! [She hits you again.]
Chandler: Ow! Stop doing that! I know who I am! [You look at Ross who is still laughing his head off.] I wouldn't talk, Mr...Mr...Oh! The one time I can't think of a comeback! Anyway, I don't exactly see YOUR birthday suit showing through either! [At that Ross clams up.] Thank you! Now what is going on here?
Phoebe: Oh! You'll laugh when you hear this.
Chandler: I'll be the judge of that.
Rachel: See, Monic-[Monica kicks both Rachel and Phoebe under the table.]
Rachel and Phoebe: Ow! (Rachel continues.) Sorry! Um - I mean, what do you mean what's going on here? Nothing's going on here!!! [You glance at Monica. She's got an innocent smile on her face but she's avoiding your eyes.]
Chandler: Monica? [She turns to you.]
Monica: (sweetly) Yes?

What are you going to do?
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*Click here if you take Monica in your arms and kiss her.*