The Joke's on You CHAN: So this hickey...who's it from?
RACH: Wouldn't you like to know.
[You blush. Can Rachel tell you have a crush on Monica?]
CHAN: Why - why would I like to know?
JOEY: Oh, you know. Maybe because you are so in love!
CHAN: Um...with who?
RACH: Monica Geller. You're in love with Monica Geller.
CHAN: No, it's Old Yeller. Um...definitely NOT Monica Geller.
[Monica appears on the stairs.]
MNCA: So you're saying you DON'T like me?
CHAN: You-you heard all that?
MNCA: I thought we were friends! You don't like me?
[Monica looks like she's about to cry.]
PHOE: Oh, don't worry, Mon, he likes you all right. He's in love with you...
ROSS: Dude!
CHAN: It's not my fault! It's not my fault!
RACH&PHOE: Monica and Chandler sittin' in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes lo-ove...
[You cover your ears.]
CHAN: Stop! Stop! Make it stop! I am NOT in love with her! No!
MNCA: You are, aren't you. [A smile crosses her face.] I don't believe it.
CHAN: No! I'm not! I don't love you!
MNCA: Yes you do! [She starts to laugh.] You love me!
ROSS: That's no laughing matter. Monica!!!
[Monica walks over to you and puts her arms around you.]
MNCA: So aren't you going to ask me out if you're so in love with me?
CHAN: No! No! I'm not in love with you, so why-WHY would I do that? Why?
ROSS: So you really DON'T love her? After all this? Look at her! [You look at Monica, frightened.] She's so happy. Do you want to ruin that with a big lie?
CHAN: No! I mean YES! Yes! Um...
MNCA: All right, all right. Stop it! Chandler, are you busy, um...tonight?
CHAN: Heh heh, I look busy?
MNCA: How about a walk on the beach?
CHAN: Um...I know how to walk! I could do that...
MNCA: Well, let's go.

As she takes you by the arm and leads you out the door, you hear Phoebe say, "Ooh, they are SO yummy together!" You smile at the comment. You ARE cute together. And now it seems that Monica thinks so too. Way to go man!
THE END *Click here to go back to the beginning and play again, because there are tons more endings, happy and sad, waiting for you!*