[You take Monica in your arms and kiss her.]
Monica: [once she's broken away]Wow. What was that for?
Chandler: What do you mean, what was that for?
Monica: Well...I can't say it any plainer than that...
Chandler: Um...just...[you see that she DOESN'T love you, but she definitely LIKES you!]...Thanks for being my friend-ahem-I guess.
Joey: Man, if that's the way you thank your friends, stay away from me!
Monica: Um, well thanks for being MY friend. [She kisses you back.]
Chandler: Ahem. (in his fake voice) Glad tuh be of service.
Monica: (lightly) Me too. Now, who's turn is it?

Didn't expect her to brush you off like that, did you?
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