A Happy Ending - I Might As Well Be Frank [Scene: On the Beach. Monica, you and Joey are there. Monica's sunbathing, you are playing gameboy, and Joey's digging his hole, a few meters away.]
CHAN: Wanna play gameboy?
MNCA: [She shrugs.] Ennh.
CHAN: You're boring. You never do anything fun. You cook and you clean and that's your life. No wonder you don't have a boyfriend. [Monica sits straight up and stares at you as if that struck a chord.] So now you know why. What are you gonna do about it? [She is speechless.] Well I've got a solution for you. Yeah, I do! Settle for me! Well what else can you do? No one else wants you!
MNCA: And I can understand why no one wants you from that little speech.
CHAN: I'm just kidding. But I still think - I KNOW - that you need to spice up your life a bit.
MNCA: Wait. Back up a bit, cowboy. What did you say back there?
CHAN: I said...I - I have a solution...?
MNCA: Yeah. That's it. What's your solution again? I think I...missed something.
CHAN: Man you're slow.
MNCA: You-you like me. You really like me? Like...in that way? CHAN: No, I just said that for fun! Of course I like you. I once saw a movie where some character said men and women can never be friends. Because at least one of the people in the relationship will be attracted to the other. Trust me.
MNCA: So...lemme get this straight. I'm not in love with Joey, so that means he's in love with me?
CHAN: When did Joey come into this? And you actually think he'd be in LOVE with someone?
MNCA: Hey, was that movie "When Harry Met Sally?" I thought you fell asleep while we were watching that!
CHAN: No. I thought you were asleep. Your eyes were closed!
MNCA: Nu-uh!
CHAN: Yuh-huh!
CHAN: Could they have BEEN any more SHUT?
MNCA: No! Oops. I mean...
CHAN: Hah! You admitted it. So there. Now explain to me WHY they were shut.
MNCA: Because I was...tired?
CHAN: No no no. People never close their eyes because they're TIRED! They close their eyes because they're CONTENT!
MNCA: Okay...so I was content. So what?
CHAN: Now WHY were you content?
MNCA: Because...I was watching a really cool movie?
CHAN: The movie sucked! That can't be why!
MNCA: You just quoted from it and you think it sucked. What kind of person are you?
CHAN: Oh, golly. Enough of this. I'm the kind of person that really likes you.
MNCA: I think I'm that kind of person too.
CHAN: You-you do? You really like yourself that much?
MNCA: No! I really like YOU.
CHAN: Wow. I was hoping for that, but I really wasn't expecting it.
MNCA: Why do you underestimate yourself so much?
CHAN: Maybe because this is the first time a girl said she likes me and her name isn't Janice.

Monica laughs. You kiss.
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