[Everyone's bored.]
Joey: Y'know, there's a really fun card game...
Everyone: No!
Ross: We're not playing strip poker already. Okay?
Phoebe: All right, I'm gonna close my eyes, and point to someone, and whoever I point to has to come up with something fun for us to do, and we all have to do it.
Joey: Okay, all right.
Phoebe: Okay.
Joey: Fan out, fan out!
[You and everyone else does so, and Phoebe gets in the middle, closes her eyes, and starts spinning.]
Phoebe: Okay. ooh, y'know we could just do this. [She stops at you.]
Chandler: Okay, um, we all have to do...

It's up to you.
*Click here if you say "We all have to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey."*
*Click here if you forget what you're saying because you're so overcome with love for Monica.*
*Click here if you do as Chandler did.*