Chandler: Hey, now, besides, if worse comes to worst, I'll be your boyfriend.
[At that suggestion Monica starts laughing.]
Monica: Yeah right!
Chandler: Why is that so funny?
Monica: You made a joke, right? So I laughed!
Chandler: Ha-ha-ha. A little too hard. What am I, not, ah, boyfriend material?
Monica: Well, no. You're Chandler! Y'know, Chandler! [She hits him on the arm.]
Chandler: Okay, so we've established my name and hit me. But theoretically y'know, I mean, say we weren't friends, say it's a blind date. I show up at your door, and I'm like (in a fake voice) "Hey, nice to meet ya. Hey, oh-hey."
Monica: Well, I'd probably be scared of a guy using a fake voice.

Nice try! Good luck at the beach!
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