So you're wondering why...

Okay well then here's my explanation:

1. I didn't have any time at all in March as I was falling behind at school and needed to catch up

2. Then in April there was Spring Break and I was like 'yes I can finally update.' but of course that didn't happen because:

  • we, my mom and I painted my room and had to unhook my computer
  • I took care of a neighbours dog
  • and I got sick

3. So then Springbreak was over and I hadn't done anything. So I planned on doing it soon, but during springbreak i hadn't done any of my english homework and my mom was nice and let me stay home to catch up. So I spent monday to wednesday all day doing english

4. So then on Thrusday when I went to turn on my computer it didn't work. My computer then crashed and I lost almost all of my english. Believe me I was NOT happy. And, btw, I lost ALL the new fanfics people had sent me so, if you can resend them...

5. I then missed all of Thursday of school and part of Friday as I tried to fix my computer.

6. The next week I got sick again and had to stay home.

7. I missed a TON of school during April and believe me, as much as it CAN be fun, it then takes forever to catch up.

8. In the beginning of May I had to attend a camp for guides because I'm a junior leader with a Brownie pack. While that was a lot of fun, it took up an entire long weekend. (It also snowed at the camp and rained, but it was still fun. I tortured everyone with my cameras.)

9. I then spent a lot of May catching up with school and trying to pass all my subjects. My english teachers nuts, for some unapparent reason he made my english class do one more unit then all the other grade eleven classes. So we were fast running out of time.

10. Then June arrived and I had to start studying for exams. So everytime I had a few minutes I'd be studying or working on this webpage, if I was at my computer.

11. So then on Wednesday this last week I had my first exam. So my dad was driving to school early that morning when the truck in front of us slammed on its breaks. So we stopped and realized there was a car in the middle of the road that had flipped over. When we ran up to help, I realized it was my friends car and she and her sister were in it. So I was trying to stop traffic as my dad and some others helped my friend and her sister out of the car. Another of my friends drove up. And both of were in shock. She, my other friend, drove herself and me to school after we were sure my friend was okay and we still had to write our exam even though we were very shaken up. Not the way to write an exam.

12. Then on Thurday I had another exam and yesterday I had my last exam, Biology 30. So now that I'm done grade eleven I can finally update.

So those are my reasons and I hope you understand why I didn't update. Now like I said up there I lost all fanfics and everything else people sent me about the website. They all went goodbye when my computer crashed. So if you can resend everything that would be awesome.

Hopefully I'll be able to update more often this summer, but I've got two jobs and I have to take summer school so I can have my two spares next year at school.

BTW, if you would like to help me out with this site and you know HTML please drop me a line. And even if you don't know HTML but you would like to take over doing one of the diaries or something email me. I'd love some help.

Joey Bing