TOW One More Surprise

Written by : Zoey
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, but to Bright, Kaufman and Crane Productions and Warner Bros. Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment.

Okay, this one takes place after TOW It’s Been Ten Years....

Chandler has just been reunited with his father, Martin Bing, after ten years of no contact, and many more of rejection.  Emilio is his father’s lover and was brought along as moral support.  Chandler was angry and made an outburst at Martin as they were eating and he and Monica left.  That night, Martin and Emilio got into an accident, landing Martin in intensive care overnight at the hospital, causing Chandler to realize that he does love this man and wants to try to work things out with him.  Martin is recovering in a private room from a broken rib cage.

Note : I have decided to change format and write this in narrative form rather than script form.  Let me know what you think!

{Scene 1 : Hospital Room, midafternoon}

Monica is sitting next to the bed, Martin propped up on several pillows.  “I’m so glad you’re okay Mr. Bing... I don’t know what Chandler would have done if you’da...”

Martin smiled and took Monica’s hand in his.  “You’re a sweet girl.  First of all, I’m fine, I didn’t plan on dying.... never entered my mind in fact.  And second of all... call me Martin.”

Chandler entered the room carrying two coffees in Styrofoam cups.  “Are you flirting with my fiancee, Dad?”  He said jokingly, handing Monica a cup and sitting on the side of the bed.

Martin started to laugh but grimaced as he clutched his stomach.  “I’m gay son, I was merely being charming.”

“You okay?”  Chandler asked concerned.

Martin nodded, his face slowly relaxing.  “Fine... just, don’t make me laugh.”

They all turn to face the door as it opens abruptly.  “Ma’am, this is a private room, you can’t just barge in....”

“Shove it woman!”  The young blond girl shouted.  She shoved the door closed on the nurses face and locked the door, finally turning to face the threesome.  She smiled tentatively.  “Hey.”

“Destiny... what are you doing here?”  Martin asked, pushing himself up, suddenly nervous.  Chandler exchanged confused glances with Monica, getting up.

“Are you kidding?  I get a call at 4:00 in the freaking morning from Emelio telling me you’re in the hospital from an accident leaving you with a broken rib cage and you what?  Expect me to go out to lunch with Tiffany?”  Destiny says walking over and kissing Martin on the cheek.  “Are you okay?”  She looks up and notices Chandler and Monica staring at her.  “Hi... I’m Destiny.”  She says, reaching out her hand to shake his.

Monica takes her hand.  “Monica Geller.”

Chandler clears his throat.  “Hi, I’m Chandler.”

The girl’s face freezes and she quickly drops his hand.  “Oh... uh.... well....”

“Honey, honey... honey, um, why don’t you...”  Martin stutters.

“Oh my god... he doesn’t know does he?  You haven’t told him yet?”  She looks incredulously at Martin.  “You coward.”

“Honey, I spent a total of an hour with him before the accident... it didn’t exactly seem like the right time...”

“Oh, don’t play the sympathy card with me...”

“Wait a minute, wait a minute... what’s going on here?”  Chandler asks, his gut starting to twist again.  Before this was over he swore he was going to have an ulcer.

Destiny sat down in a chair across from him, locking blue eyes with blue eyes.  “Go on MARTIN, tell him.”

Martin heaved a deep sigh.  “Monica dear... could you... could we please have a moment?”

Monica stood up.  “Uh, sure...”

“No, no, you can tell me what you have to tell me with Monica here... she’s my fiancee, she’ll find out later anyway.”  Chandler admonished.

Monica kisses his cheek.  “Honey, I think you guys need to talk alone...”  She smiles at him softly, caressing his face.  “I’ll be right outside.”

Chandler sits down heavily and takes in a deep breath.  “Why do I get the feeling I’m not going to like what I’m about to hear?”

“You’re probably right... you might even be psychic.”  The girl said bitterly, staring at Martin who was fiddling with the white blanket covering him.

“Ah... Chandler... there’s uh...”

“Don’t you chicken out... either you tell him or I will.”  Destiny said through clenched teeth.

Martin shot her a glare.  “Why are you rushing me?  It’s been eighteen years, why not eighteen more days?  Minutes?”

“What is going on here?!”  Chandler shouted.

“Because I’m moving here in two weeks for college... I think he should know before then?!  What do you think?!”  Destiny shouted at Martin.

“Okay, okay!  Stop shouting, both of you!”  Martin yelled, closing his eyes briefly.  “Chandler... Chandler this is Destiny... my daughter.”  He looked at Chandler now.  “Your sister.”

Chandler looked quickly at Destiny and back at Martin.  “My... my my my my what?!”  He shouted, standing quickly and knocking over his chair.  “My what?!”

“Half sister to be more exact really.”  Destiny said calmly.

Chandler ran his hands through his hair.  ”Wait... wait wait, just wait a minute!”  He covered his mouth and turned around in a circle.  “I’m losing my mind right?... that can’t be right.”

“Chandler, eighteen years ago I had an affair with a woman I worked with at a club.  She got pregnant and when Destiny was born there were complications and she didn’t make it.”

“Right, right, so clearly you can’t tell your son he has a baby sister right?  Cause... cause, of course... cause why?!”  He shouts, leaning towards him.  “Why... why does she know but I don’t?  I mean, why isn’t she in the dark huh?  Why not just keep us both in the dark.  Man, I haven’t even seen you for ten years... why would you even come here now?  Why blow your cover?  Huh?”

“Chandler calm down please...”  Martin said.

“How the hell am I supposed to calm down?  I HAVE AN EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD SISTER I NEVER KNEW ABOUT!”

“It wasn’t like that okay?  I felt... I felt guilty... I mean, by that point I had abandoned you and your mother for two years, and you were already so angry with me...”

“And, ya know, he’s a coward.”  Destiny chimed in.

Chandler looked at her.  “How long have you known?”

She shrugged.  “I always knew I had a brother... I just recently found out he didn’t know about me.”

“What?”  Chandler asked, his full attention now on Destiny.

She sighed.  “Well, he always told me that ya’ll had your differences... that you couldn’t understand his lifestyle and that you’d turned your back on him... and me in the process...”

Chandler looked at him incredulously.  “You said what?!  That isn’t even... that’s so...”

“And then about a month ago I found you.  I was looking on the Internet and found a Chandler Bing... there’s only one, are you surprised?”  She joked half-heartedly.  “Anyways, I told him that I’d found you, and since I’d been accepted at NYU, and you LIVED in New York, I was going to hunt you down and give you a piece of my mind... ya know, for hurting Dad the way you did... But when I told him all that he freaked out, and told me the real story.”

Chandler eyes his dad.  “Which was...”

“That he walked out on you, and that you never knew about me.”  Destiny said.

He looked at her, his eyes wide.  “Not a clue... you have to believe me, I had no idea... I wouldn’t have turned my back on you...”

“I know... well, I know you didn’t know.  About the back thing, well, I don’t know you, so I don’t know if you would have or anything, but...”

Chandler picked up his chair and sat down in it.  “Wow... wow...”  He glared at Martin.  “You really are a bastard, you know that?!”

Martin closed his eyes and a tear rolled out.  “I know... I’m... I’m sorry.”

Destiny laughed.  “Oh, yes, you’re sorry... THAT makes a difference.”

“I can’t believe you’d keep something so HUGE from me!”  Chandler shouted.

The whole room went silent, both Chandler and Destiny staring at Martin, whose face was ashen.  He looked twenty years older than he had when they’d came in.  Suddenly Destiny looked at Chandler.  “Oh, hey, congratulations on that whole marriage thing.  She seems sweet... you know, for the whole two seconds I saw her.”

Chandler looks at her distractedly.  “Thanks.”

{Scene 2 : The Coffee House, four hours later}

“I’m never speaking to him again.  No, really, I’m not.”  Chandler says, shaking his head, looking at Phoebe.  Phoebe and Joey are the only ones there.  Monica regretfully had to go to work.

Phoebe shakes her head.  “Yeah, no, I understand... it’s really... icky... to find out you have a brother, or a sister, when they’re like... already grown up.”  She runs her hand down his arm comfortingly.  “So... like, how are you going to do this?”

He looks at her questioningly.  “What do you mean?”

“I think she means are you going to see Destiny?”  Joey asks.

Chandler runs his hands through his head.  “Yeah... I am.  Just not right now.  Not right this second.  I don’t know what to do you guys... it’s like... my whole life just turned upside down...”

“Upside down, inside out, twisted, maimed, and left for dead.”  Phoebe continued.  She smiled sadly as Chandler nodded.  “Yeah, I know.”

He looked at her.  “Phoebs... how did you feel when you... when you found out about your brother?”

“Well, you remember... I mean, I was kind of excited... but freaked out at the same time.  I mean, it was my first chance to actually have a family, ya know.  I mean, yeah, sure, I had Ursula, but she... she just makes me sick.  I... I can’t stand her.  But with Frank, well, it’s not the same.  Me, I never knew my Dad... so it wasn’t surprising that he wouldn’t tell me I had a brother... but your Dad... well, he was still in your life when he had Destiny... sorta.  I mean... he still sent you cards, and ya know, called you on birthdays... for like, eight years before he completely stopped.”  Phoebe nodded her head.  “So, I totally get that you’re freaked out, but you should know... it’s not Destiny you should take it out on.”

Chandler nodded.  “I know... I know that.  But it’s like... you know, she’s the physical symbol of all the crap that he’s put me through, you know what I mean?  She... she symbolizes all the secrets, all the lies, he’s fed me my whole life.”

Phoebe nodded.  “I know, but it’s not her FAULT.”

Chandler nods and hugs Phoebe.  “I know, thanks Phoebs.”

“So,”  Joey asks, leaning forward.  “Is she hot?”

Phoebe and Chandler look at him incredulously.  “Joey!”  they both shout.

“What?!  I was just asking!”  Joey exclaims.

{Scene 3 : Coffee house, next day}

Chandler is hitting the table repetitively with his fingers, making little drum rhythms.  “Woah there chief, how many espressos have you had?”  Joey asks.

Chandler stops and looks at the table.  “Well... there’s eight cups there... plus the ones before they cleaned it off... that makes.... about a million!”  Chandler springs up as the door chimes and Destiny walks in.  She smiles as she spots him and heads over.  “Hi... hi Destiny, hi.”  Chandler says, sitting and patting the couch.

She smiles and laughs, looking at the empty cups on the table.  She looks at Gunther as he comes over.  “Can I have a Mochachino?”

“Espresso... espresso for me, Gun gun.”  Chandler says quickly.  He smiles feebily at Gunther’s sour expression.  “I meant Gunther of course.”

Joey nods at Gunther.  “Tea.”

As soon as the drinks come Chandler downs his and nods to say he wants another.  Destiny scrunches her eyebrows together as she blows on her Mochachino.  “Isn’t that, um, hot?”

Chandler nods and laughs.  “Yeah, but you know, after the first couple it hardly burns anymore.”

She nods.  “Yeah, have you ever heard of a caffeine overdose?  It’s not pretty.”

He sits back and straightens his shirt.  “I know, I’m sorry... I’m just, really nervous.  This is... this is huge, ya know?  Aren’t you nervous?”

She laughed.  “Are you kidding?  I smoked like, a whole pack of cigarettes on the walk over here... and I’m staying one block away.”

Chandler smiles, a little more relaxed.  “You smoke?  Guess it does run in the family...”  He jokes, looking at Joey.

“You smoke?”  She asks.

He shakes his head.  “I did, but I quit, like, five times.”

She smirks.  “Yeah?  Me too.”

He looks at Joey.  “Oh hey, this is Joey, my best friend.  Joe, this is Destiny... my.. my sister.”

She smiles at him and shakes his hand.  Joey smiles.  “How YOU doin?”

Chandler whacks his arm away.   “No!”

Joey holds his hands up.  “Okay, okay, sorry.”

“Besides... she’s eighteen.”  Chandler says, looking at Joey disgustedly.

Destiny smiles wickedly.  “Which, ya know, is technically legal.”

Chandler looks at her, shocked.  Joey giggles.  “I like her already.”

Rachel walks into the coffee house in a huff.  “Oh my god, I’ve had the worst day!  Oh, Chandler I’m sorry I’m late, is she here?”  She notices the blond sitting on the couch and smiles.  “Oh, hi, I’m Rachel... are you...”

“Destiny Bing... I know, horrible combination.”  She shakes her head.  “You wouldn’t even believe the lame lines I get off that.”

Chandler laughs.  “I would.”

She looks at him doubtfully.  “Okay, but you’re a guy.”  She looks at Rachel.  “Wanna hear a typical come on line?”  She tilts her head to the side and hits Rachel on the thigh, a flirtatious look on her face.  “Hey, baby, you  know, it’s destiny that we should bada BING bada BOOM... there’s a closet right there.. whaddya say?”

“Oh my God... that’s so lame!”  Chandler says, laughing along with everybody.

“I’m here, I’m here, I’m so sorry...”  Monica shouts, flying across the room, kissing Chandler.  She smiles at Destiny.  “Hi Destiny.”

Destiny nods at her.  Suddenly a phone starts ringing and she rolls her eyes.  “Scuse me.” she says, reaching in her purse and pulling out a small cell phone.  “Hello?”

Chandler looks at everyone.  “Anyone else find it strange that the eighteen year old has a cell phone, while the rest of us who have GRADUATED college and HAVE jobs don’t?”  Everyone shrugs.

“Oh, hey, Mark, I’m busy... yeah, I’ve met him... he’s actually right here... yeah...”  She smiles at Chandler.  “He seems nice.  No, he didn’t blow up at me... he blew up at Dad... He’s gonna be fine... Yeah”  She laughed.  “Yeah, I’m gonna wait til he’s okay to kick his ass.  Listen, can I call ya later?  Kay.  Bye.”  She hung up the phone.  “Sorry about that, that was kinda rude of me...”

Chandler shook his head.  “No problem.  So is he... I’m sorry, it’s none of my business.”

“He’s my best friend.  He’s one of my... uh, Dad’s ex-lover’s sons.”  She tells them.

Chandler nods, a little freaked at her candidness.  “So... so, um... what are you going to study at NYU?”


Monica smiles and hits Chandler on the back.  “Journalism huh?  Chandler writes too.”

“Really?  For like, the New Yorker or something?”  Destiny asks, lighting up.

Chandler laughs self-depreciatingly.  “No... no no, in my spare time... for work the most I really write on is my WENUS.”

Destiny sits back abruptly.  “Um, uh, you write on your... you... what?!”

Chandler puts his hand on her arm.  “No, the weekly estimated net usage statistics... WENUS is an acronym.”

Destiny laughs relieved.  “Okay, cause THAT woulda been WAY too much information.”

Chandler laughs.  “The best one is the Annual ones...”

“Lemme guess.... ANUS?”  Destiny asks.

They all laugh.  “Catches on quick this one.”  Chandler says, patting her shoulder.

Destiny smirks.  “Well, contrary to popular belief, not all blonds are bimbos... plus, ya kinda have to have to a quick wit to get voted class clown TWO years in a row.”

Chandler looks at her quickly.  “Get out!  You were voted class clown?”

“Twice.”  She said, holding up two fingers.

“Me... me two.”  He said, looking at Joey.  “How did that happen?”

Destiny frowned.  “I guess we get it from Dad...”


“Yeah... he’s pretty funny Chandler... once you get past the lying and the backstabbing thing...”

“Ya know, she IS pretty funny.”  Rachel said, snickering.

{Scene 4 : The Hospital hallway, next day, mid afternoon}

“Hey.”  Chandler says, walking up and meeting Destiny at the door to Martin’s room.

She smiles.  “Hey... I didn’t really expect to see you here.”

He nods.  “Yeah, well, he’s getting out tomorrow and leaving tomorrow night, so...”

“Yeah, me too.  I’m leaving with him.  He can’t fly, and I drove so...”  She said.

Chandler looks a little sad.  “Oh... well, uh... it was nice ya know, meeting you...”

She shook her head and hit his back.  “Guys, they give up so easy... I’m coming back in two weeks, or have you forgotten about NYU?”

He stuffs his hands in his pockets and laughs a little embarrased.  “Right, sorry.”

She tilts her head towards the door.  “So... shall we?”

He takes a deep breath.  “I guess we might as well, I mean, we’ve made it this far...”

She raises her eyebrows comically and squeazes her eyes shut, shoving open the door.  They walk in and stop just beyond the door as Martin looks at them.  “Hi... hi, I uh, didn’t quite expect you two to show up together...”

Destiny looks at Chandler frozen to the spot and pats his arm.  “Well, we didn’t, we just kinda ran into each other in the hall.”  She said, walking a little further in.

“Hey, Chandler why don’t you relax... sit.”  Martin said, pushing himself up a little in his bed.

“Why?  Why?”  Chandler says, laughing slightly.  He looks at Destiny.  “Why don’t I relax he says.”

Destiny licks her lips.  “Well... uh, anybody got some scissors?”  She makes the motion as if she’s cutting the tension in the air.

Martin lets his face fall.  “Okay... all right, I screwed up.  I screwed up big Chandler, and I’m sorry.  I’ve screwed up with you since I had you.  I screwed up with your Mom even before that.  I’m sorry... I really would like the chance to get to know you though.”

Chandler sighed and sat down in the chair across from Destiny, who was sitting in a chair on the left side of the bed.  He licked his lips.  “Yeah, you have screwed up Dad... and the thing is... the thing is...”  He groaned.  “The THING is is that I’d like to get past all that... but... I just, I don’t know if I CAN.”

Martin sighs.  “You know what?  Maybe that would be best.”

Chandler lets out a breath.  “Excuse me?”

“Maybe it would be best for the both of you to just... cut me out of your lives.”

Destiny guffawed.  “Dad, where is this coming from.”

“Come on, look at us!”  Martin yelled.  “I abandon one kid when he’s nine, have another two years later..”  He looks at Chandler.  “But I guess you got off easy.”

Destiny and Chandler exchange a look.  “What are you talking about Dad?”  Destiny asks.

Martin looks at Destiny, his eyes filled with tears.  “Well... look at him Des, he’s happy.  He’s... he’s engaged... you... you’re not happy...”


“No, don’t lie to me, you’re not happy... why else as soon as you can do you want to move as far away from me as possible?”

“Dad, come on, NYU is a great school for journalists...”

“So is USC.”  He tries to smile.  “Seriously think about it.  Chandler, he... he grew up with me not in his life... and while obviously he’s not happy about that, he IS happy now... with Monica and all his friends...”  He looks at Chandler.  “Honestly son, I was lucky to keep one friend that knew anything about me at any given time, and you have five that know everything about you and are there for you till the end... one you’re about to marry.”

Chandler looked down.  “Mom wasn’t exactly a picnic...”

“She’s better than me!”  He shouted, causing Chandler to look up.  “I took this poor child into my home and raised her... I had no business doing that!  I am the worst father anyone could ever have!”

“Dad!”  Destiny yelled, standing, tears in her eyes.  “That’s not true...”  She whispered.

He shook his head.  “Look at her, she’s so beautiful.  I’m so sorry... I should have given you up for adoption...”

Destiny slapped him, Chandler looking on in shock.  “Shut up!  Just shut up!”

“Honey I love you, but look at how I’ve treated you!  I lied to you... told you your brother didn’t love you, let my... my love life or lack there of run my life when I shoulda been lookin after you... I wasn’t there for you when you got addicted to her...”

“SHUT UP!”  Destiny roared, looking at Chandler.  “Yeah, okay, so you’re not the best father... okay?  Not many, well, alot of people don’t even HAVE fathers okay?  You didn’t abuse me, you didn’t molest me... you just... you just ignored me okay?”

“I didn’t physically abuse you, no... but the emotional abuse...”  Martin started.

“Look... look, okay, yeah, Dad you hurt me... you hurt me more than anyone ever has... but I’m gonna be fine... I’ve, I’ve started to come to grips with it ya know... Look, you provided me with a roof over my head, and food to eat, and anything else I could possibly want...”

“A horse, a car, a book... but not love.  I shoulda been there for you...”

She sighed.  “Yeah, you shoulda... so be there for me now.”

“You’re moving in two weeks...”  Martin pointed out.

“So call!  Write!  Maybe some distance will do us some good!  I’m not moving to spite you... I not moving because I hate you... I’m moving because I want to go to a good school... because I think some distance will help us, not hurt us... And...”  She looked at Chandler.  “Because I have a brother that I’d kinda like to get to know.”

Martin nodded.  “Okay... okay, I’ll try...”

Destiny wiped away a tear hurriedly.  “Hey, can we discuss this on the ride home?  I’m tired of this conversation.”

Martin nodded and smiled.  “Okay... and thanks for driving me home Des.”  Destiny nodded and took his hand in hers.

“Addicted to what?”  Chandler asked quietly.

Martin bit his lip.  “Sorry.”

“Addicted to what?  Her-what?”

Destiny sat down and groaned, running her hands through her hair.  “Heroine... heroine okay?  Hate me now?”

Chandler looked at her shocked.  “Hate you?  Why would I hate you?  I was a teen too ya know.”

She smirked.  “Yeah?  Ever get addicted to sticking a needle in your veins?  Huh?  Ever do that?”

Chandler blinked, allowing the tears to come to his own eyes.  “No.”  He shook his head.  “But you’re not anymore... you know, you stopped... you got help... I respect that... I wouldn’t hate you for that.”  He shook his head.  “Destiny, that... that is serious stuff.. I mean, and you overcame it.  I... I respect that.”

She laughed bitterly.  “Oh, yeah!  My brother respects my overcoming heroine!  He knows nothing about me, but yeah!  He knows I was addicted to heroine... how’s that for a first impression.”

“You wanna know what I think you are?”  Chandler asked her.  She looks at him.  “I think you’re a beautiful strong woman that has had more than her share of problems and has dealt with them the best way she could.  Okay?  So, no, heroine was not the best way to deal with your pain, but you realized that and you took care of it.  That makes you a really strong person.”  He nods his head and smiles slightly.  “Stronger than me.”

“Are you kidding?  You’re getting married!  You’re... you’re about to make a life long commitment to someone other than yourself... I don’t... it... it took me three years to decide to make a lifelong commitment to going into JOURNALISM.”

“Yeah?  It took me ten years!  I’ve know Mon for ten years, and only for the past two have I actually had the guts to take it to the next level.  It was hard.  It was really hard... I got scared so many times... I tried to run SO many times!  I ran for eight years before I let Monica catch me.”  Chandler countered.  “Life... isn’t easy.  It... you just have to keep rolling with the punches... I only just realized that.  You, ya know, I think you realized that alot sooner than me.”

“It’s a struggle every day, big brother.  Every time I break up with a boyfriend, everytime I get a bad grade... everytime a friend and I have a fight... to not turn back to heroine... EVERY TIME!”

“BUT YOU DON’T!”   Chandler shakes his head.  “We really do have alot in common.  I never could accept that there are positive things about me either.”

She lets out a shaky breath.  “Yeah... yeah, I guess... I have to admit it makes me proud that I did give it up... that I haven’t used in a year.  I guess... yeah, that does say something about me.”

Chandler nods.  “Yeah, it does.”

She smiled.  “So, this is what it coulda been like, if we’d known each other... I always wanted someone to talk to... I...”  She looks at Martin a little guilty.  “I never really had that.”

Chandler leans forward.  “Well you do now.  And in two weeks, you’re gonna move here, and I’m gonna be the best brother you ever had.”

She laughed and shook her head at him.  “You’re gonna be the ONLY brother I ever had!”

He shrugs comically and smiles.  “Even better... no competition!”

{Scene 5 : The hospital parking lot, 10:00 the next morning, everyone is there}

“So, two weeks then.”  Chandler says, smiling down at Destiny.

She smiles back.  “Two weeks... um, can I... I mean could we...”  She motions between the two of them.  Chandler smiles wider and hugs her to him.  She smiles and closes her eyes.

He leans back and kisses her forehead.   “So, do you know where you’re gonna stay?”

She shakes her head no.  “No, I guess I’m gonna have to stay in a hotel til I find something...”

“No way... Mon and I talked this morning about... how bout you stay with us til you find a place?”

She looked at Phoebe.  “Isn’t... isn’t Phoebe staying there?”

Suddenly Phoebe shrieked, causing everyone to look at her.  She runs forward and grabs Destiny.  “Oh my God, I just got the BEST idea ever!”

Destiny laughs.  “Okay?”

Phoebe motions to Rachel.  “Hey, Rach... you know how we were only supposed to live with them till we found another place?”

Rachel nods.  “Yeah...”

Phoebe starts jumping up and down.  “Well... why don’t we start looking for a house with THREE bedrooms?!”

Destiny looks at her shocked.  Rachel slowly smiles.  “And have Destiny move in WITH us!  Ooooh, I LOVE IT!”  She looks at Destiny, her eyes wide.  “Oh, you HAVE to!  It’ll be so fun!”

“I don’t know...”  Destiny starts, a smile spreading over her face.

“Oh, no!  We are SO fun!”  Rachel shouts, jumping like Phoebe.  She looks at Phoebe.  “Oh, it’ll be just like college, and I had SO much fun in college!”  She grabs Destiny and hugs her.  “I haven’t lived with and eighteen year old since I was eighteen... say yes... say yes!”

Destiny laughs and nods her head.  “Yes... okay... if... if you’re sure...”

Rachel and Phoebe shriek and hug.  “YEAH!  We’re getting our own place again... and we have a new roomie!”  Phoebe shouts.

Chandler blinks, embarrassed by his sudden tears.  Destiny turns to him, tears of her own.  “You have the best friends in the world.”  She whispers, unable to speak any louder over the lump in her throat.

He smiles and looks at Phoebe.  “I do...”  He looks back at her.  “And now their yours.”

“My first hand-me-down!”  She yells, throwing her arms around him.

As Destiny and Martin get into the Jeep Cherokee Chandler walks up to the passenger side window where Martin is sitting.  “Hey.”  He says.

Martin smiles.  “I’m leaving her in the best hands possible Chandler... yours.”

Chandler smiles.  “Thanks.”  He reaches out his hand and shakes Martin’s hand.  “You... you’re gonna keep in touch right?”

Martin looks at him.  “You want me to?”

Chandler nods.  “I do.”

Martin smiles.  “Then I will.”

Everyone waves as Destiny pulls away.   “Bye ROOMIE!”  Rachel shouts.

“We’ll be sure to have it all ready when you get here, Des... Two weeks!”  Phoebe shouts.

Destiny sticks her head out the window.  “Phoebe... Rachel... thanks.”  They nod and smile at her.  Destiny pulls onto the main road and soon they’re out of sight.

Phoebe and Rachel turn to find Chandler right behind them.  “Oh... oh, it’s okay with YOU if she lives with us.... isn’t it?”  Phoebe asks nervously.

Chandler smiles as a tear rolls down his face.  He throws his arms around the both of them.  “Is it okay?  It’s perfect.... thank you... thank you both for being such great friends.”

Rachel covers her mouth as her eyes fill with tears.  “Oh, Chandler, don’t cry... you’re gonna make me cry...”

“Too late...”  Phoebe says, wiping at hers.

“Oh honey, we love you... and we’re gonna love her too.”  Rachel says, kissing him on the cheek.

Chandler smiles and clears his throat.  “Still... thanks you guys.”

Joey clamps a hand over Chandler’s shoulder.  “She’s great man.  I like her.  She’s like... a girl version of you, it’s perfect!”  Chandler gives him a warning look.  “But ofcourse, ya know, I’m not gonna go for her!  I’m not!”  He looks over at Ross.  “She is hot though...”  Looking back at Chandler.  “What?!  I’m not allowed to notice?!”

Chandler smiles and throws an arm around Joey.  “Joey... you’re allowed to look... but NOT touch!  NEVER touch.”  Ross gives Chandler a look.  “Okay, so I touched YOUR sister, but you know... she’s not ten years younger than me!”  Ross laughed and clapped Chandler on the back.