The one with the locket
by Trisha

Scene: Rachels & Monica's apartment. The whole gang is there besides Chandler.

ROSS: Hey Monica, where is Chandler? I need to tell him something.

MON: He's at work. Why do you need to talk to him? Is it about me?

RACH: Well isen't someone I know being a little nosy.

MON: Well I was just wondering!

ROSS: No it isen't about you. It's about stuff though!

PHOE: Oh can I talk for just a minute!

ALL: Yeah sure.

PHOE: Ok well I am gonna go see the babies today & will anyone come with me?

RACH: I'm sorry but I have to work!

JOEY: I'll come but I will have to leave before Baywatch comes on.

MON/ROSS: I got to go to work too.

PHOE: Ok lets go Joey!

Scene: Phoebe & Joey visiting the babies!

JOEY: I'm glad you put name tags on them, otherwise I wouldn't know who is who!

PHOE: Oh ok good for you! But Joey will you change Leslie?

JOEY: Change her?

PHOE: Yeah like her diaper.

JOEY: Diaper? Um.....I have to go away now. Talk to you later!


Scene: Chandler & Joey's apartment. Ross & Chandler are there.

ROSS: Oh good you're home. I need to talk to you.

CHAN: Well talk fast for I have a date with the most beautiful person in the world.

ROSS: You are cheating on my sister!!

CHAN: NO! I'm talking about your sister!

ROSS: Oh ok I get it. Well anyway I really need to talk to you. Here goes....

Scene: Mon & Rach's apartment. Joey just walked in. Only Monica is home.

JOEY: Hey Mon. I thought you had to work.

MON: I just got back. They only needed me for 3 hours.

JOEY: Ok well you know I went to visit the babies with Phoebe. Well she wanted me to change them.

MON: So.....

JOEY: Did you hear me? CHANGE THEM!!(He is screaming!)

MON: I heard you the first time. Whats so bad about that?

JOEY: I don't change babies. It's gross.

MON: Well Joey you are going to have to get use to changing diapers. You might have to soon. (As Mon said that Chandler
walked in.)

CHAN: Are you trying to tell me something?

MON: Oh hi sweetie!(she goes over & gives him a sweet little kiss.)

JOEY: Well I have to go! Bye!

MON/CHAN: Bye Joe!

CHAN: Before we go I have to give this to you.( He gives her a box.)

MON: Honey, this is the prettiest locket. How did you know I always wanted one of these.

CHAN: Actually Ross told me but read the outside.

MON: I love you Monica. Oh Chandler this is so sweet! Ok so where are we going tonight?

CHAN: I was thinking of that little Italian resturant.

MON: Ok but tommarow remember we are going to talk about the wedding, right?

CHAN: Yeah with the rest of the gang! By the way what did you mean to Joey that he would have to learn to change babies

MON: Honey, I was trying to tell him that someday he might have kids of his own.

CHAN: Ok well I just want to tell you that I love you, & if you become pregnant then I want to be the first to know.

MON: I love you too, & of coarse I would tell you first but I'm not.

(They have a long passionate kiss.)

MON: Well lets go!

Scene: Later that night the whole gang is at Central Perk.

MON: Hey Ross can I talk to you alone?

ROSS: Yeah. What's wrong?

MON: Nothing. I just wanted to thank you for telling Chandler that I always wanted a locket! But how did you know?

ROSS: Um.......I remember when you were little you would always walk around the house with the paper locket you made. So
then I told Chandler that it would make the perfect gift. Now I do not know why he gave it to you today. I was thinking more of a
birthday gift but hey he's your finacee & I guess he deeply loves you.

MON: Well thanks again.

(They go back to sit with the others. Joey is in one chair. Rach is in the other. Monica & Chandler are cuddling on the couch.
Pheobe is on the other side, & Ross is sitting on the arm of Joey's chair.)

RACH: Um....Monica I picked up some bridal magazines for you again. I promise this will be the last time.

PHOE: & here is a baby naming book.

MON: Thanks you guys, but Pheobe I'm not pregnant.

PHOE: Oh I know. It is just for the future.

CHAN: Ok well I'm going to bed. Would anyone like to join me?

MON: Ok I'll be up in a second.

ROSS: I am really happy for you guys but again I don't need to hear this.

CHAN: I'm sorry. Well see you guys tommarow.

MON: Rachel, Can you turn off my lights since I won't be there tonight?

RACH: Yeah sure. Just don't have your finacee waiting.

Monica leaves.

                                         ENDIND SCENE

At Central Perk. Everyone is there but Monica & Chandler.

JOEY: Do you think Monica would mind if I slept in her bed?

ALL: Probally.

JOEY: This sucks! I don't want to hear them all night!

ALL: Ok just shut up & sleep in Mon's bed.

ROSS: I get Ben tommarow so I better clean my apartment.

ALL: Ok Bye Ross. (Ross leaves.)

PHOE: Tommarow is Saturday! I get to help Monica.

RACH: But her & Chandler are discussing the wedding. They want ot be alone.

PHOE: I know. That's why me & Joey are going to be playing Jacks in the kitchen & whenever they say something we are going
to go oh I like that idea too.

JOEY: Yeah. It will look like we aren't listening but we really will be.

RACH: Ok you guys can do you little secret jack playing game, but I'm going to bed so Joey if you want in the apartment you
better come now!

JOEY: Ok bye Pheebs. See you tommarow at 10. Remember the Jacks.

PHOE: Ok goodnight.(They leave.) Oh I can wait until tommarow. Rachel will be sorry because I will know everything about the
wedding & she will be begging for me to tell her!


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