TOW the thinking, part 4

This is the fourth part. So, people again were confused over the last one, I understand. And I try to make it not so confusing this time. The characters do not belong to me.



I walked home slowly, Chandler had confused me. Everything was right, party, Monica and rape but not dead. I was alive. When I arrived at home, no one was there. It actually surprised me. They were always so protective and now they werenīt there. But I didnīt care. I knew if they had been there, they would have asked questions and I didnīt have the strenght to answer. I went to bed and surprisingly I fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning everybody was waiting for me. I looked at them annoyed. They hadnīt even asked questions yet but their looks already drove me crazy. So I decided not to say anything and said I had to work. Of course that wasnīt true. I had to talk with Chandler. And i had to do it right away. When I was in the hallway, Sean walked out. " Monica, we need to talk." He said. I turned to him . " Ok." I replied. " Who was the man you were out with last night?" he asked, looking kinda angry at me. " I donīt think it is your business." " Yes, it is. I didnīt want you to go out with someone." I looked at him surprised and mad. Who was he to tell me what I had to do? " I donīt care what you want." I said and wanted to go but he held my arm. I felt something I hadnīt felt in a long time. I looked at him shocked. I could see fear in his eyes, and anger. It scared me. " Let me go." I said quietly. He sighed and let me go. Before I left I looked at him again. He looked so guilty, but why?

I soon forgot what had happened in the hallway with Sean, the only thing I concentraded on now was Chandler. I went to the restaurant but Nora told me that he was at work. What could happen at a hospital? I asked for the adresse and went there. When I arrived there, Chandler stood outside. He looked miserable. " Are you all right?" I asked carefully. Suddenly he smiled. " Yes, I am. Why are you here?" he asked, still smiling. It confused me. " Well, I wanted to talk with you and...why are you smiling?" " I donīt know, it is just great to see you." He said. " Oh ok. So, I am really sorry about yesterday, I was, I donīt know..." I searched for an excuse but I couldnīt find one so I decided to lie. " Well, a friend of me was raped and when you told me the story about the girl you knew, I guess I just freaked out." " That is ok. I will never bring that up again." " Oh no, we can talk about it, if it makes you fell better. It was just yesterday." He looked at me like I was stupid before his face turned to smile again. " That is nice of you. I have never talked about this with anyone, expect for my mom." " Why?" I asked looking closely at him. " I donīt know, I guess because I couldnīt help her. And i knew the boy who raped her." " Really? Who was it?" He turned to me.

" How should you know him? It was one of my buddies. But I was too scared to go to the police and I wasnīt sure if it was him, he told me some years later." " Was she your girlfriend?" I asked. Maybe he really did know two Monicas. " No, I didnīt even know her. We saw each other the first time at that party. It is weird, though I absolutly donīt know anything about her, I miss her." He looked very sad. I suddenly felt very bad. In this moment I had realized something, something very important.

Maybe I had known it all the time and just had wanted to admit it but now I couldnīt deny it anymore. " Chandler, I have somthing very important to do. Could you give me your phone number or something?" " I donīt have a phone." He said a little bit ashamed. " But you sure live somewhere." " Yes, at the restaurant." " Ok, I`ll meet you there later. Oh, here is the phone number of my best friend." Chandler looked at me completly confused. " If I am not there at six, call her and tell her that someone we have all trusted has... just tell her to come to my apartment." I knew what to do. I had waited for that day since I got raped and now I had the chance. I was not scared at all, I knew he wouldnīt do it a second time. I didnīt know if I should be sorry for him or for him, but he had to pay for it no matter who he was....


That was again pretty short and confusing and stupid and there are a lot of mistakes in. Well the next part will be the next part. So if you want to know who raped Monica...

Written by Anika