706 : TOW All the Stress

Written by : Zoey

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, but to Bright, Kaufman and Crane Productions and Warner Bros. Their use is not intended for profit, only for

{Scene 1 : Central Perk, morning}

Phoebe and Chandler are the only ones there. "Hey, Chandler, have you talked to Destiny lately?"

Chandler looks at her. "Last night she was at my place, but she left right after I got there... Why?"

Phoebe shrugs. "Nothing... itís just... well, I think somethingís bothering her. Sheís like... always awake. I mean, any time Iím awake, so is she. I wake up to go to
the bathroom, sheís awake. I wake up in the morning, sheís awake. When I go to bed... sheís awake!" She shakes her head. "I donít know, normally that would be
fine, but she also always seems tired, and she hardly ever smiles anymore."

Chandler looks at her worriedly. "Really? Since when have you been noticing this?"

Phoebe thinks. "About a week."

Chandler thinks for a minute. "You know, youíre right... now that I think about it, she has been pretty quiet, not as easily amused..." He licks his lips. "Iím gonna
have to talk to her..." He looks at Phoebe. "Hey, thanks for mentioning it to me, I must be the worst brother.. I canít believe I didnít notice."

"Oh, no Chandler. Sheís good at pretending. She hasnít said anything, and sheís real quick to cover it up with a joke or something, but... well, she and I do live
together, so I notice when sheís not being... well, not being herself."

Chandler stands and looks at him watch. "You know... I gotta go, kay?" He bends down and kisses Phoebe on the forehead. "See ya later?"

Phoebe nods. "Tell Des I said hey."

Chandler looks at her, surprised. "Howíd you know I was going to see her?"

Phoebe smiles. "Cause, I know sheís about to get a break in-between classes, and plus, I know you."

Chandler smiles. "See ya later Phoebs."


{Scene 2 : NYU campus, 1:00}

Destiny takes a deep breath as she exits the building sheíd been cooped up in for the past hour and a half. Taking off her backpack she pulls out half a pack of
cigarettes and lights one. She takes a long drag and closes her eyes. As she slowly opened her eyes she got the feeling of someone staring at her. She looked around
slowly, the hair on the back of her neck tingling. Finally she locked eyes with a pair of blue eyes. She smiles now, heading over to him. "Hey!" She says, genuinely
happy to see him.

Chandler stands, now more worried than ever. "Hey, little one." He says, hugging her. He wonders at the tightness of her hug. "How ya doiní?"

She shakes her head and takes another puff of her cigarette. Suddenly she realizes that sheís smoking in front of her brother and tries to hide the cigarette. "Too late
huh?" She says, smiling ruefully at his raised eyebrows.

He nods and sits on the brick bench surrounding the flowers. He motions for her to sit down and takes out several Styrofoam containers. "Lunch?" She smiles,
relieved he hadnít made a big deal out of the cigarette, but puts the cigarette out just the same. "I know itís your lunch break, you donít mind sharing it with me do

She laughs and touches his leg briefly. "Course not, no one Iíd rather spend it with." She opens the container. "Oooh, ribs... my favorite!" She eyes Chandler.
"Whatís going on?"

He frowns. "Why donít you tell me?"

She sighs. "How bout we forget that and eat these beautiful ribs?" She asks, stuffing the side of a rib in her mouth and chewing, smiling.

He shakes his head. "Not that easy, Des. One, Phoebeís worried about you. Two, Iíve noticed that you donít seem as happy as you used to be... you know, when
you first got here, you were always smiling, always laughing, always having a good time... last night was the first time Iíd heard you laugh in about two weeks.
Three... youíre smoking? You said... you said youíd quit."

She groans. "Damn Phoebe." She mutters.

"No, come on, man... tell me whatís wrong." Chandler says, passing her a cold drink.

"Thanks." She says, taking it and washing down the barbecued taste of ribs. "Itís... itís nothing, just... alot of stress... but thatís to be expected right? I mean, with
me starting school in this whole other state and everything..."

Chandler shakes his head. "I donít believe you." He said honestly.

She looks at him for a moment. "Okay, you got me. Thatís not all... but itís not something I wanna talk about... not with you, and not right now."

Chandler looks stung. "Oh... okay, you donít feel like you can talk to me... well, um, thatís fine, but..."

"No!" She says, putting a hand on his arm. "No, thatís not it... I do feel like I can talk to you... about... come on Chandler, if I couldnít talk to you do you really
think Iíd have told you about the crap Iíve had with Dad, and the drugs... I mean, yeah, Iíve told Phoebe and Rach, but not to the extent I told you... No, I totally
feel like I can talk to you... just.. not... not about THIS." She pauses. "I... Iíd just feel more comfortable talking to a female, ya know?"

"Oh..." Chandler says, slightly relieved. "Oh, well... okay... do you... do you need to see a... a... a doctor?"

She stares at him. "Did Monica TELL you?" She asked, angry that Monica could have told him about her thinking about sleeping with Danny.

He looks shocked. "Tell me what? Monica didnít tell me anything."

She studies him for a while. "Nothing... I talked to Mon a couple of nights ago a little bit about... whatís bothering me is all... I asked her not to tell you, please donít
be mad at her."

He shakes his head. "No, no, Iím not. No, if you talk to Monica in private I completely donít expect her to tell me what you talked about."

She smiles. "Really? Itís not a problem, you know, her not sharing with you? I mean, itís not going to create a fight is it? Cause, I wonít talk to her if it would..."

"No." Chandler assures her. "If you feel comfortable talking to Mon and donít want her to tell anyone else, thatís completely fine... atleast youíre talking to

Destiny nods, picking up another rib. "Good... thanks." She smiles at him. "Itís so sweet of you to come all the way down here and bring me lunch just to see if Iím

"I love you." He says, touching her arm. "I know.. I know I havenít said that yet, but Iíve been meaning to... I was worried." She smiles at him a little tearfully. "Just..
just tell me this one thing... are you okay? Are you gonna be okay?"

She sighs. "Iím fine, really. Itís... well, all that stuff I said before, about school, and about moving all the way across the country, well, all of thatís true... thatís all
part of it... but thereís something else..." She looks torn. "Itís... itís just some stupid girl thing."

Chandler shakes his head. "You know, something Iíve learned is that there is no such thing as a Ďstupid girl thingí... and I just want you to know, you CAN talk to
me... I understand if you donít want to, but... you CAN."

She smiles. "Thanks." She says, hugging him. "I know... I love you too."


{Scene 3 : Central Perk, later on that day}

Joey walks into Central Perk, everyone is already there. "Well, itís official." He says dejectedly.

"Whatís official?" Chandler asks him.

Joey frowns and sits on the couch heavily. "The showís canceled."

"Oh no!"

"Thatís horrible!"

"Joey, Iím so sorry!"

"That sucks!"

Joey nods. "I know!" Slowly he starts to smile. "Except, itís okay!"

Destiny squints at him. "What?!"

He looks at her excited. "You were right!" He shouts. "They did notice me! The network approached me after the conference and told me about this show theyíre
making to replace Mac and Cheese... and they want me to play the lead!"

"Oh my God!" Chandler shouts, clapping him on the back. "Thatís great man!"

"Whatís it about, Joey?" Rachel asks, happy for him.

"They think Iíd be better at drama... they want me to still be a detective... but... more like NYPD Blue than Mac!"

"WOW!" Phoebe shouts. "I love that show!"

Destiny laughs. "Cool... do you know what kind of character youíll be playing?"

He shakes his head. "No... but thereís gonna be like, five main characters, but Iím one of them!"

"Thatís so great! Iím so happy for you!" Monica says, hugging him.

Joey nods, grinning widely. "Iím so happy Wayne sucks!"

Chandler laughs. "Good thing huh?!"

Joey nods. "YES!"

Chandler laughs again. "Okay, hey, Joey, how bout we all go out and celebrate? My treat."

"Okay" the group choruses.

Destiny frowns. "Well, Joe, I would love to stay and celebrate, but I gotta go."

Chandler looks at her. "Whatís up?" He asks.

She smiles. "Nothing, I just already have plans with Danny." She waves to the group. "See ya guys."

"Bye!" They all shout.

Monica gets up and follows Destiny to the door. "Howís it going with Danny?"

Destiny frowns. "I donít know... he still wants to, and Iím still not sure."

Monica hugs her. "Hey, donít let it get to you... if youíre not ready, youíre not ready, okay?"

Destiny smiles. "Yeah, kay... bye."


{Scene 4 : The Musketeers Place, later}

Destiny and Danny are sitting in a dark living room, making out on the couch. Dannyís hand starts to wonder lower and Destiny pulls back. "Danny..."

Danny sits up and lets out an aggravated breath. "What?!"

Destiny looks at him, aggravated herself now. "What, what?! Danny, I told you I wanna take it slowly."

"Weíve been going out for a month now, Des... how much more slowly do you wanna take it?!"

She takes a deep breath to control her temper. "I donít KNOW exactly... look, Iíll know when is long enough, okay?"

"No, not okay." He says, glaring at her. "What is the big deal here?"

She takes a deep breath. "Look... itís... itís going to be my first... itís gonna be my first time okay, I just wanna make sure Iím ready."

He laughs. "Youíre kidding right?"

Destiny looks at him, hurt. "No... no, Iím NOT kidding... what is funny?"

He gives her a disgusted look. "Come on Des, youíre eighteen, youíre in college, you mean to tell me youíve never had sex?"

She smiles at him without humor. "Yeah, thatís exactly what I MEAN to tell you."

He rolls his eyes. "Oh.. oh right... itís supposed to be *special*" He says sarcastically. "Magical right?" He picks up the TV guide. "Ya want me to see if thereís a
David Copperfield special on tonight? Would that be *magical* enough for you?"

She stares at him for a few moments, dumbfounded. "Allright ASSHOLE, how bout you get OUT!"

"Come on Destiny, Iím sorry, you just get me so..."

"Horny? Well, lemme tell you how NOT horny I am right now! What, does getting horny mean you turn into a jackass? Cause man, you must me REAL horny!"

"Oh, why donít you stop being such a baby?!" Danny shouts.

Destiny stands up. "Yeah, you... uhuh... you better leave!"

He stands up and grabs her arms roughly. "No."

She glares at him. "Get your hands off me Danny... I want you to leave, and never come back, got it? Never call me, donít say hey to me... nothing."

He pulls her closer to him. "Youíre making a big mistake here, Destiny..."

Destiny starts to feel shaky. What was he doing? Why wasnít he leaving? "Stop it Danny.... I want you to leave!" She says through clenched teeth.

Just then they hear a key in the door and Phoebe laughing. Danny drops his hands to his side and glares at her. "Allright, Iíll go... but this is not over."

He walks past Phoebe and Rachel as they enter the house. Destiny glares after him, tears in her eyes. "Ok, thatís where youíre wrong Danny Thompson! Itís SO

Rachel closes the door and looks at Destiny. "Honey, are you okay?"

Destiny blinks away her tears, refusing to cry for the good for nothing creep. "Iím fine." She says curtly, turning to go to her bedroom.

Phoebe stands in her way. "No, youíre not Destiny. Youíve not been fine for a while now... now whatís wrong?"

Destiny pushes past her. "Just leave it Phoebe... okay?"

She walks into her room and slams the door, leaving Phoebe and Rachel to stare at each other, worried for their housemate and friend.


{Scene 5 : Chandler and Monicaís, a few days later}

"Okay, I am getting really worried here." Chandler says, sitting at the table and staring at the phone. He, Monica, and Phoebe are all there. "That is the fifth time I
have tried to call her today, and she is not answering my calls!"

Phoebe nods her head. "Well, sheís not answering the phone at all anymore."

Chandler looks at her. "Why not? I havenít seen her in three days, and she wonít return my calls when one of you guys answers the phone. I dropped by they other
day and no one answered the door, but I think she was there cause I saw a shadow move in the window when I left."

Phoebe sighed. "Okay, I donít think she wanted me to say anything, but her and Danny broke up. Danny keeps calling her like, twenty thousand times a day, and
sheís sick of it... so she wonít answer the phone."

Monica leans forward. "They did? When?"

"Well, the other night when me and Rachel got home from dinner they had obviously been arguing cause he left really mad and she was mad too and she said Ďthatís
where youíre wrong, itís SO overí and we asked her what was wrong but she just.. she just locked herself in her room. I... we havenít really seen her since then.
The only time I see her is when sheís leaving for or coming home from school."

Chandler drums his fingers on the table, looking at Monica. "Okay, I hate to do this to you, but you have to tell me... what is she so upset about?"

Monica looks at him, biting her fingernails. "Chandler, she told me in confidence... I canít tell you."

Chandler gets aggravated. "Come on Monica, sheís really upset! I need to know whatís wrong!"

Monica gets angry. "Well I canít tell you! She trusted me to not tell anyone and I am NOT going to betray her like that!"

"But it did have something to do with Danny didnít it?" Phoebe asks.

Monica looks torn. "I... I canít say anything Phoebs... Iím sorry, Chandler... I promised."

Chandler closes his eyes. "No, Iím sorry Monica, Iím just worried about her is all."

Monica nods and smiles. "I know, and I love you for it... but itís up to her to tell you."

The phone rings and Chandler answers it. "Hello?" He says quickly. "Hey... Iíve been trying to reach you.... yeah, that was me... oh... oh, okay... sorry... no thatís
okay, I hope you get to sleep... sorry... okay... bye." He hangs up the phone, chewing on the antenna. "That was her." He said.

"Well?" Monica asks.

He frowned. "She asked me to stop calling cause sheís trying to go to sleep." He slams his fist on the table. "Damnit, why canít she just talk to me?" Monica rubs his
back. "I tried to get her to talk to me the other day, but she said she wanted to talk to a girl."

Phoebe stood. "Okay..." She puts her coat on. "Iím gonna head on home... see if I canít get her to open up to me."

Chandler takes her hand. "Hey... if she does.... will you call me? I just wanna know if sheís okay."

Phoebe nods and leaves.

{later, still Monicaís and Chandlers}

The phone rings and Monica answers. "Hang on" she says, handing the phone to Chandler. "Itís Phoebe." She says, biting her lip.

Chandler bites his lip and slowly takes the phone. "Sheís not here." Phoebe says, obviously worried.

"What.... what do you mean sheís not there?"

"I mean, SHEíS NOT HERE!" Phoebe shouts. "I came home and her car was gone... Chandler.... Iím worried... what if she..."

"What? What if she what?"

Phoebe sighs. "What if she went to a club? You know... one with alot of drugs? What if she decided to..."

"Oh God, donít say it... donít say it Phoebe!" Chandler shouts, looking at Monica. "You donít really think sheíd go back to heroine because of whatever this is, do

"I donít know, Chandler... but itís possible... sheís been really depressed!"

Chandler covers his mouth, wiping it. "Okay... um... well, wait for her and call me if she shows up."

"What are you going to do?" Phoebe asks.

"Iím going to look for her." He says. "Iíll call you if I find her, and you call Monica if she turns back up."

He hangs up the phone and grabs his jacket. "Chandler where are you going? You canít possibly think youíre gonna be able to find her can you? This is New York,
she could be anywhere!"

He kisses her quickly. "I have to try." He says, heading to the door. He opens it to find Destiny on the other side, her eyes bloodshot and her hair tangled and wet
from the rain. "Oh God... Des?"

She crumbles into his arms, hugging him tightly. "Iím sorry I snapped at you." She cries.

He pulls her into the apartment and Monica leaves them alone, going into the bedroom and calling Phoebe to tell her that Destiny was there. "Thatís okay." He
assures her, sitting her on the couch. He looks at her worriedly. "Are you okay?"

She nods and laughs slightly. "I must look a mess..." She points to her hair. "Itís raining... and Iíve... Iíve been crying all day..."

"Whatís wrong Des... please tell me?"

She looks at him. "Everything! I flunked my computer test cause I miss numbered, and these classes are so much harder than the ones back home, and Iím not used
to this place, and I thought Danny... I thought Danny was a nice guy, but heís just another jackass... and Iím such an idiot..."

He hugs her and strokes he hair. "You are not an idiot... tell me what happened with Danny."

She sits back and breaths deeply for a few seconds, trying to stop crying. "Okay... Chandler, Iím a virgin... Iíve neve had sex before." He looks at her expectantly.
"And he... he wanted to have sex... and heís been pressuring me... but I donít think Iím ready to... but he wouldnít take no for an answer..."

Chandler sucks in a breath. "Are about to say what I think youíre about to say?" Destiny looks at him. "Did he... did he hurt you? Did he... r... rape you?!"

Destiny looks shocked. "No! Oh, no, he just got really mad... but then Phoebe and Rach got home and he left..." She shakes her head. "And he wonít leave me
alone... he keeps calling me, telling me what a bitch I am, and yelling at me, calling me a baby..."

Chandler hugs her agian. "Oh, baby, Iím sorry. No, heís the jerk... you did the right thing. If youíre not ready then he should have just waited... no, Des, heís the
jerk here, not you."

She looks up at him. "Can I stay her tonight? He keeps calling me over there."

"Ofcourse... ofcourse you can stay here tonight... you can stay here all you want." He says, brushing her hair back. "You want me to get Monica? Yaíll could veg
out on the couch and watch sad movies.... thatís what she and Rachel used to do when theyíd be upset..."

She smiles and leans on his chest, wrapping her arms around him. "Okay, but... but could you stay too?"

"Sure... sure I can stay." He says, kissing the top of her head.

Monica pokes her head out cautiously. "Can I... I just wanted to get something to drink."

Destiny sits up and smiles, feeling a little better now. "Come out, Mon." She says. Monica walks over to her and Destiny stands to hug her.

"You okay sweetie?" Monica asks, rubbing her back.

Destiny nods. "Iím better now."

Monica smiles. "Is this about what we talked about?"

Destiny nods. "Yeah, but itís over now. I told him itís over."

Monica nods. "Good. Heís a jerk."

Destiny laughs and hugs her again. "Thanks."

Chandler had retreated to the kitchen and grabbed some cookie dough icecream, three sodaís, and three spoons. "Who wants icecream?!"

Destiny giggles at him. "Did you used to be a girl in another lifetime?"

He smiles. "No... no no, Iíve just been in love with one long enough to have picked up a few of her traits!" He kisses Monica quickly before plopping in between
Destiny and Monica.

Destiny opens her purse and pulls out a brush. "Now, for the real tackle..." She says, cringing and bringing up the brush to her hair. As she tries to pull it through her
hair she yelps. "OWW!"

Monica, who is looking through the movies, laughs. Chandler takes Destinyís hand and takes the brush from it. "Here." He says, pointing to the floor in front of him.
Destiny looks at him oddly. "What?! I was going to brush your hair for you!"

Monica nods at her. "Do it, heís good at it... you wonít feel a thing."

Destiny gets up, bringing the icecream with her. She sits in between Chandlerís legs and he takes to the task of brushing her hair. She scoops some icecream in her
mouth. "So, Mon, what are we watching."

Monica holds up several videos. "Iíve got When Harry Met Sally... Legends of the Fall... "

"No... no sad love stories... I want a comedy!" Destiny says adamently.

"Ok... Iíve got Liar Liar... and... oh, I just got The Whole Nine Yards! With that guy that looks like Rossí ex-girlfriends Dad, Paul." Monica says to Chandler.

"Oh, thatís funny!" Chandler says adamently.

Destiny nods. "Okay, I havenít seen it. Letís watch The Whole Nine Yards."

"Yeah!" Chandler cheers.

Destiny looks at him amused. "Are you SURE you didnít used to be a girl?"

He glares at her. "Ok, enough making fun of me."

"Aw, but itís cheering me up!" Destiny pretend whines.

"Oh, well in that case... okay, I used to be such a loser!"

Monica smirks. "Used to be?"

Chandler cocks his head to the side. "Oh, funny! But see.. iím engaged, so, you know, what does that say about my fiance?"

Monica smiles sweetly as she puts on the movie. "That sheís a very charitable person!"

Chandler makes a gutteral sound that only he can do and no human can decribe. ( I stole that from transcript site... itís how one person described those muttering
sounds he does. ) "Letís just watch the movie, kay?!"