By Trisha

Ok this takes 5 years after season 6.  Basically Rachel lives in LA where she is a big designer.  Monica and Chandler are married and have a 3 year old
named Tabitha Nicole.  Joey and Phoebe are dating.  Ross is dating a girl named Natalie.  Also Monica and Chandler have a dog named Cinnamon.

MON: Come on lets go.  This is going to be a long ride and I want to make it there in 4 days.  We could of taken a plane but no, all of a sudden Phoebe
has to be kicked out of the airport when she tried to steal a plane.

JOEY: It could of been a lot worse.  She could of been kicked out of the van renting place.

ROSS: ok lets just leave.(Goes to Natalie)  I'll call you when I get to the first hotel tonight.(they kiss)

NAT: ok I'll be waiting for you.

CHAN:(whispering to Joey) And probally be sleeping with someone else.

PHOE:(she overheard) WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY ABOUT NAT.......(realizes she is  screaming) knats.  What did you say about how bad the knats are in LA?

JOEY: Yeah awful.  Don't sweat.  Hey Natalie, thanks for taking care of the  chick and the duck.

CHAN: Remeber Cinnamon can go to the kennel after noon tomorrow.

NAT: It's no problem and I can do that.  Now honey you behave because I know about you and this Raquel girl.

ROSS: Rachel.(see's Natalies face.) Yeah anyway I will behave.  Love you and see you soon.(they kiss)

MON: I just got Tabitha in the car and she is sleeping so lets leave now.  Chandler can you drive first?

CHAN: Yeah come on guys.

NAT: Bye

ALL: Bye.(they leave.)

About 2 hours later:

JOEY:  I have to go to the bathroom.

PHOE: Joey, not in front of the child.

JOEY: No, I really have to.

TABITHA: I do too mommy!

MON: Fine we can stop at the next rest stop.

ROSS: Ok I will call Natalie.

Rest stop: Joey, monica, Ross and Tabitha leave.

CHAN: What does Ross see in Natalie?

PHOE: I don't know but what did you mean Nat sleeps with guys?

CHAN: Well lets just say she is a very busy girl in New York when Ross is away.

PHOE: How did you find out?

CHAN: She slept with Gunther for a free coffee.  He told me.

PHOE: Oh my god!  Ok we better shut up here they come.

At a hotel:

MON: Ok we only have 2 rooms.  Ross, Joey and Pheebs you can have room 124.  Me, Tabitha and Chandler will take room 125.

JOEY: Ah, man.  I wanted to do stuff tonight.

ROSS: Not with me in the room!

PHOE: Can Ross please sleep in your room?

CHAN: We only have 2 beds.

TABITHA: I get my own bed.

ROSS: I am not sleeping on the floor!

JOEY: Ok Ross and Chandler can share a bed and Monica and Tabitha can share a bed.


TABITHA: I get my own bed!

MON: Honey, you will have to share.

TABITHA:(crying) Mommy!

ROSS: I can get a cot!  It would of been a lot easier if some one could of waited a day or two.

PHOE: Don't even get me with the guilt trip!  See ya tommorrow morning!

MON: We are meeting at 8 remember.  We leave at 8, so you might want to eat before.

The next day:

ROSS: Where the hell is Joey and Phoebe?

CHAN: Ross!

ROSS: What?

TABITHA: Yeah where the HELL are they?

MON: Tabitha Nicole Bing!  You should never say that word?

TABITHA: But Ross did.....

CHAN: Well he is a bad boy and well be in trouble by his mommy and daddy.

TABITHA: Ok.(To Ross) You  in trouble!

Joey and Phoebe come down.

JOEY: Sorry but we were busy.

TABITHA: Doing what?

PHOE: Playing with my hair.

MON: Come on we are leaving 45 minutes late.

JOEY:(joking) Oh no!

MON:(gets him an evil stare) Joey..

JOEY: I'm very sorry Mon.(She gets in the drivers seat.) Woah what happened to her?

CHAN: Don't get into it. Please don't make out in the back.  Tabitha wanted to know what you were doing.

PHOE: Sorry well will sit away from each other.(They get in)

CHAN: Yeah right.  Ross you get to sit with Tabitha.  Cna you buckle her up in her child seat?

ROSS: Yeah sure.(They are all in)

MON: ok lets get going.

It's noon: They are in St.Louis, MO.

MON: Where should we eat?

JOEY: Wow, the arch!  It's so big and silver.

PHOE: I know.

CHAN:(to Monica) Sometimes I feel like I am dealing with Tabitha with those 2.

ROSS: Oh the museum.  Lets go there.

ALL: No!

TABITHA: The zoo!


MON: I want a place that is easy to get back on the highway.  How about Applebee's.  Is that ok with everyone?

ALL: Sure.

CHAN: First we need gas.  Then second, Monica it's going to take us about one day from here to Colorado.  I say we have about 4 more days in this car!

MON: And it's all there fault!!

ROSS: No, it's not.  It's the time we left on the first day.

MON: Fine, lets just eat and go.

That night at the Holiday Inn:

MON: Chandler, I told you Tabitha should not of eaten all of those nuts.  I was right when I thought she was allgeric to them.  What are we going to do?

CHAN: I'll go see if there is like a doctor near by.  I'll be back.

PHOE: Poor Tab.  I remember when I ate bark and it hurt my tummy too.

JOEY: I'm sorry Pheebs.(They kiss)

ROSS:(just coming in) Great, just great.  I told Natalie I was going to call her but she is out!

PHOE: Maybe she's sleeping with someone for a free shirt.

ROSS: What?

JOEY: Phoebe!

PHOE: What?  Oh yeah.  He didn't know.  Don't worry it was for a free coffee last time.

ROSS: I can't believe her!

MON: Ross, it's ok.  Dump her when we get back.  Just think though in a few days you........

PHOE:(cutting Mon off)......could be back with your lobster!

JOEY: Wouldn't you like that?

ROSS: Yeah, I just hope she isne't dating anyone.

MON: She's not.  It will be perfect.  You can tell her that you want to date her again and that you still love her.

CHAN: I'm back.  Here they gave me some medicine for her.  There is no penicellian in it.

MON: Ok good.  Come you Tab.  Take some of this.(She does.)  Ok can you guys leave so she can go to sleep?

ALL: ok bye.

Ok I am going to fasten this up a little bit.  There will be another part about when in LA.  Right now they are in Las Vegas.  They passed it about 6
at night and decieded to stay for the night.

MON: Guys, I want to play Craps but what will I do with Tabitha.

JOEY: Well since I worked here for awhile I know there is a child care thing just down that hall.

CHAN: Here I am bad at gambling so I will take her there.

PHOE: That larker better not be here.

ROSS:  That was like 6 years ago.  I'm sure she left by now!

PHOE: Maybe she came back for revenge!

JOEY: Oh my god!  My hand twin!

ROSS: Not again!

at the Craps table:

MON: I am so good at this game.  I should do this for a living.

a couple hours later.

CHAN: Mon.  Everyone is up stairs sleeping.  We are leaving at 6 tomorrow and it is almost midnight.  Come on.  How much money did you win?

MON: I'm coming.  I won about $12,000.  Oh my, where's Tabitha?

CHAN: She fell alseep in Joey, Ross and Phoebe's room.  We get the whole room to ourselfs, we don't even have to watch her.  That hasen't happened in about
3 years.

MON: Yeah lets use this time the way we use to.(they start kissing.  They get to there room and open the door.  They start sitting on the bed, still
kissing when Ross walks in.)

ROSS: Sorry to interupt but Tabitha had a nightmare and she won't go back to sleep.  I mean if you are not too busy, you might want to take care of her.

CHAN: Come here. (Ross leaves)

MON: I'm going to take a quick shower.  Try to get her to bed.

TABITHA: Mommy.  Don't leave me or else these monsters will chase me.

CHAN: Don't worry I got her.

MON: Good luck.

In the car the next morning.

JOEY: I can't believe you won all that money.  Chandler, you sure have a great wife.  Chandler, CHANDLER!(He is sound asleep.)

MON: He was up with Tabitha all night.(Tabitha is asleep too.)

PHOE: Well Joey started snoring again.

ROSS:  That kept me up.

JOEY: It was not that bad!

ROSS: Oh please I'm suprised the whole floor couldn't hear you!

PHOE: Yeah really.

JOEY: Hey Ross, how is the chick and the duck?

ROSS: She says they are fine, but I guess she does lie a lot.

MON: Ok guys we should be in LA in about 3-5 hours!


CHAN:(wakes up) Please, please keep it down.

TABITHA:(also woke up) Zip up your mouths!(They both go back to sleep.)

MON: Zip up your mouths?

PHOE: When I was babysitting her I couldn't say shut up so I said that.  My mom said that to me when she stuck her head in the oven.  Did I ever tell you
that story?

ROSS: Yes.

JOEY: What.  I know about it but what is the official story.

PHOE: Well she stuck her head in the oven.  The end!

JOEY: Wow, that was a great story.

Ok they just got in LA.  Everyone is awake.

PHOE: Ok one more time.

CHAN: No please.  3 times of the alphabet game is enough!

PHOE: Well you are no fun.

JOEY: Fun.  I can show you some fun!

PHOE:(giggles) I know you can lover boy.

MON: Not in front of Tabbie.

ROSS: and not in front of me.  Atleast your girlfriend isen't sleeping with some one else.

JOEY: stop whining and complaining!  You have a chance to get back with your true love....Rachel!

MON: I haven't seen her in 2 years.  I think I am gonna cry.  I have to pull over I can't drive.

ROSS: I'll drive.  Just tell me where to turn.

CHAN: Get off at the next ramp.  Then turn right.

JOEY: Wow, I can't wait to see Rachels big house!

PHOE: Oh and her mansion.

CHAN: I believe that's the same place.

JOEY: A mansion and a very big house are very different!  Duh!

TABITHA: No they aren't.  I even knew that.

ROSS: Is this the place?

MON: Oh my god!  It's even prettier then in the pictures!  Pull in.

ROSS:(annoyed) I AM.

They get out.  Rachel is waiting for them.

MON: Rach....

RACH: Mon.....(they hug.)Oh Tabitha.  I haven't seen you since you were a baby.(she picks up Tab, then hands her to Mon.)Congratulations Joey and
Phoebe on your relationship(she hugs them) Chandler, you made my best friend one happy girl(hugs him)  And Ross.  I missed you so much!

ROSS: I miss you too.  I love you.(Rachel has a shocked expression on her face.  This will continue with part 2 later.)