Ok, fourth fic let's see how this works out (I'm actually in Business Studies and I should be working, don't any young impressionable minds copy me, I am a bad girl, you should always work hard in school LOL). Changing the subject, this is my fourth and possibly final fic (in this series anyway) and is virtually all C&M so if you haven't read the others you should because this won't sense, I can't be bothered rounding up. This one starts from where the other left off


Mon: This is hard for me to say butI've thought a lot about what you said last night and I've reached a decision, I think I want you (She closes her eyes) I want you and I to take some time apart.

Chan: (confused) What do you mean, we are already apart.

Mon: (walking into the kitchen, she turns and looks at him, she is flustered) No, real time apart time away from each other (she starts fiddling with her fingers, she looks down at her bandaged hand).

Chan: (getting it) What!? You want us to what? (Silence, he walks over to her and lifts her chin.) Talk to me.

Mon: (looks up at him and smiles lost in his eyes, she realises what she is doing and breaks away, she walks toward his bedroom stops by a barca lounger) I can't be around you

Chan: (confused) I know I hurt you. But we can salvage what we have left, do you really hate me that much

Mon: (sorry) this isn't about you hurting me I don't hate you, in fact that is the problem (she glances up at him unintentionally she catches his eyes) I love you (Chandler's eyes go wide he is very shocked)

Chan: (shocked) Youyouyou what?

Mon: (obviously nervous, moves to the door) nothingI didn't say anything,

Chan: (grabs her shoulders and turns her to face him, they are unintentionally very close together) You love me

Mon: (softly) that's not what I came here to say

Chan: (softly) but you did.

Mon: Yeah, so

Chan: Monica, I love you more than anything on this earth,

Mon: (tears in her eyes) you do?

Chan: I do, (he leans into her slowly, he kisses her very softly on the lips)

Chan: (looking right into her eyes) Sorry

Mon: (pause) How sorry? (She grabs him and kisses him very passionately, they keep kissing)

Mon: WE *kiss* really *kiss* shouldn't *kiss* be *kiss* doing *kiss* this. (Chan makes a noise like in TOW Chandler crosses the line, when Kathy has forgotten her purse) (They kiss, Mon pulls away Chan looks disappointed, she goes to his bedroom door, and turns to him)

Mon: (sarcastically) you wanna do this?

Chan: You betcha, (he runs into the bedroom, Mon follows behind him, we hear kissy noises and fade out)

Central perk (CP), Joey and Phoebe are there drinking coffee on the sofa, talking.

Joey: So, you are just singing here, is that all.

Phoe: Yeah, I was looking at other coffee-houses when I realised I can't do that, this is my gig and it would be like cheating and to many members of our group do that already so

Joey: (offended) Hey, what does that mean, who cheats?

Phoe: Well, Ross cheated on Rachel, you cheat on everyone and Chandler cheated on you and Monica

Joey: What do you mean me, I never dated him did I?

Phoe: Well no, not exactly but he did kiss Kathy

Joey: (agreeing) That's truebut I thought you said we were all individuals Phoebe, how can that be if we all do the same things. (Confusedyou will be)

Phoe: Well, Joey, if you notice you are the only one who has not cheated another member of the groupvoila your individuality is restored (Joey smiles all happy, as does Phoebe pleased with herself)

R&R enter arguing

Rach: He kissed her

Ross: He did not

Rach: Did too

Ross: Did not(they continue until they realise they are yelling and the whole coffee house are looking at them, they move quietly and Rach sits on the sofa by Joey and Ross sits in the comfy chair, all go back to there business, R&R look at each other and stick out there tongues at each other.)

Joey: What's going on?

Ross: You remember last night when we walked in on Mon crying and she went straight to bed, after saying he broke the rules,

Joey: Yeah, so

Rach: What are the rules with them, what do you reckon happened?

Phoe: (shocked) No one has spoken to either of them yet?

Joey: I've not, Chandler was in bed when I got home last night and still in bed when I left.

Rach: Wowhe doesn't normally like to sleep this late (All look at her like how-the-hell-would-you-know) He eats at ours, I could tell you Joey's sleeping pattern that doesn't mean I am sleeping with him

Joey: (smiling sexily) That could be arranged

Ross: (ignoring Joey) Well, anymore ideas, I mean if no one has spoken to either of them or seen either of them

Rach: Mon was out first thing, I heard her leave but she probably just went for a walk or something (Fade out)

Fade up, C&M in bed together, afterwell, you know.

Chan: (dumbfounded) wow (Mon giggles) really, I mean it, wow.

Mon: We have done it before you know, (Chan smiles and rolls on top of her, the shot is of their faces side on) Hi.

Chan: (who can't stop smiling) can we do it again? (He raises his eyebrows suggestively, he starts kissing her and down her neck, Mon is smiling, then she looks serious suddenly)

Mon: (serious) Chandler?

Chan: (still with his face buried in her neck) Hmmm.

Mon: Can you(she tries to push him away) Chandler would you(still trying to push him away, he doesn't move) Chandler I'm pregnant. (Chan stops and looks at her, he slowly moves away)

Chan: What? (Mon laughs)

Mon: That got your attention.

Chan: Oh ha, ha

Mon: I wanted to get your attention

Chan: You know when I'm in there (he tickles her neck) I'm in bliss and nothing can stop me, (he smiles, Mon looks at him with big, sorry, pleading eyes, Chan smile quickly fades)

Chan: (serious) what is it?

Mon: (sorry), we have to talk.

Chan: Ok, what do you wanna talk about how do you think the guys will take it?

Mon: (Confused, sits up) Take what?

Chan: This, us together again

Mon: That's what we need to talk about (Chan lights up and lies back down in bed, relaxing a little) Chandler this is serious

Chan: (closing his eyes) I know (he seems to show little interest)

Mon: I'm going away (she looks down on him Sorry)

Chan: (opening his eyes, getting excited, he sits up) Whereno, don't tell me, a cruise, I can see you on one of those huge ships sailing across the deep blue seas, oror Europe, are you going to Europe again

Mon: (cutting him off) No, not like that, (pause, Chandler looks concerned) I'm leaving for a while leaving you.

Chan: II don't understand, what do you mean

Mon: We should never have done this (she gets up off the bed and starts dressing under the sheet she is using to cover herself up, Chan still has the quilt so don't get to excited.)

Chan: (Confused) What are you doing, why shouldn't we have done it, don't you want me? (She stops dressing and looks him then she sits beside him on the bed and touches his face)

Mon: No, that's no what meant, of course I want you but you really hurt me. I can't allow my physical attraction to you cloud my judgement on how I should really deal with this, we just need some distance, I've taken a few weeks off work, I just wanna be by myself for a bit without seeing you everyday, I just don't think I can handle that

Chan: (serious) What are you saying?

Mon: This was wrong, wonderful, but wrong I'm sorry (she kisses him very lightly on the lips she gets up, drops the sheet to reveal she is dressed and leaves, he is still sitting, he shuts his eyes and falls back onto the bed and sighs. We see her pause outside his bedroom door, sigh and move to the door, she goes to turn the handle, Chan appears from his room, doing up his shirt, he is already wearing trousers)

Chan: wait (she turns to him) I don't want you to go

Mon: It's too late Chandler, I need to do this (she turns back to the door and reaches for the door handle)

Chan: (in desperation) I love you (She turns to him, he looks at her pleading with his eyes)

Mon: I'm so sorry (She leaves)

CP, all but C&M talking

Joey: I'm still not sure about this,

Ross: You just have to ask him and Rachel you ask her.

Rach: (surprised) mewhy me?

Phoe: You are her best friend

Rach: So what are you

Phoe: I'mI'm a tag along, yeah she hates me

Ross: Come on

Rach: (sulky) fine

Joey: Am I just supposed to ask him.

Ross: Look, we only want to know what's going on, we aren't going to interfere (looking at Rach) Right Rach, (no response) Rach

Rach: Fine(silence) you want me to do it now.

All: Yeah lets go (all exeunt)

Cut to hallway, the four (all but C&M) come up the stairs

Joey: Rach, you go in first,

Rach: Why just so if she tells me anything you won't have to worry about getting your face flattened by Chandlers fist like Stewart did.

Joey: Nooo, girls talk more than guys, she is more likely to talk.

Ross: He has a point.

Phoe: Yeah, now go, (she pushes Rach into the door)

Rach: Hey

Phoe: Sorry, (Rach opens the door. The other three move to the door to listen)

Inside M&R's, Rach enters an empty room

Rach: (yelling) MonMonica are you here, (quietly to herself) no she's not but don't worry Rach I'm sure she'll still answer. (Yells) MON!!!!, (she notices envelopes on the table, to herself) Oh what's this, (she looks at them, and notices one with everyone's name on)(she shouts to the hall) Guys it's ok, you can stop listening at the door, she's not here and there's something here for you (they enter)

Joey: (excited) for who is it food

Ross: For whom (Everyone looks at him) What?

Rach: (annoyed) No, it is not food, but there is one for everyone, (they all lift their envelopes)

Phoe: (getting excited) OOOHHHHHH!!!!! (She turns it to open it, Ross stops her)

Ross: (looking at the envelope left on the table) Should we get Chandler? (No response, all look concerned) at least let him know they are here.

Joey: (trying to look through it at the light) what is it?

Phoe: We should get him and open them all together (Excited) it could be a treasure map, and we all have a piece of the puzzle

Ross: I'll go get him (he leaves)

Joey: (getting excited) Do you really think it is a treasure map, Phoebe, that would be cool.

Phoe: What else could it be Joseph?

Rach: It isn't a treasure map.

Phoe: (annoyed) well yours might not be, but mine is, and I won't share my treasure with you when I find it because of that last remark, Miss Green. How do you like that?

Rach: How do you know it is a treasure map?

Phoe: I'm physic DUH!

(Ross enter with Chandler, Chan is in his sweats)

Chan: (annoyed) what are doing Ross?

Phoe: We have treasure maps?

Chan: (confused) Ross?

Ross: We arrived and these were here (Chan picks up his envelope) Mon must have opened hers before she left, (Chan look at him as if he is an idiot) What?

Chan: Are you stupid or something?

Ross: I'm still onWhat?

Chan: (to all as if they are stupid) She wrote them?

Rach: (looking at him in surprise) how do you know? (All look at him expectantly)

Chan: (Matter of factly) Firstly, (holding up the envelope) these are from her writing kit (all look at him as if like we would have known that), secondly, you can smell her perfume off the paper. (All look at him in even more disbelief)

Ross: Are you going somewhere with this, so far you have only managed to show us how sad you are knowing all these silly details about my sister. (The girls looking at Chandler sigh longingly, I need a guy who loves me this much, Ross looks at them shocked and Chan smiles at him)

Chan: And last but by no means least the most obvious give away, even to a layman(all look at him in anticipation) (he holds up his envelope for them to see his name) It's her handwriting.

All: OOHHH!!

Joey: (like a child at Christmas) can we open them now,

Rach: Sure,

(All but Chan starts to open there envelope, Chan looks at his sighs and tosses it on the table, he sits on the sofa and turns the TV on, the others stop opening there envelopes and look at each other in disbelief)

Rach: (lifting Chan's envelope and walking in front of him between him and the TV) Aren't you gonna open it?

Chan: You are in front of the TV Rach. (Joey walks over and turns off the TV, all move round to in front of him and look at him confused)

Chan: What?

Phoe: What's goin' on?

Chan: Nothing, can we turn the TV back on now please?

Ross: Don't you want to open your envelope?

Chan: No.

Rach: How come?

Chan: I know what it says.

Joey: Oh and how would you know that?

Chan: (impatiently) She came to see me this morning

ALL: (shocked) WHAT? When? (All look at each other weirdly)

Chan: This morning, first thing.

Rach: (sitting beside him) what did she say? (Ross sits on the other side of him and Phoebe and Joey sit on the table in front of him in anticipation, he looks at them all, looking boxed in)

Chan: Not much,

Rach: You must remember sth.

Chan: (smiles to himself, sexily) OOhh yeah, I remember. (He looks up and realises what he is saying, he forces his way up and goes to the fridge and gets a drink, trying to play it down)

Ross: Well? Talk us through it what happened.

Chan: Look, I'd really rather just leave it. (All get up and crowd round him again; he looks round at them all) Will I ever get out of this?

All: No

Chan: (sits at the dinner table) she just came over to tell me what was going on,

Rach: And what is going on?

Chan: Well, if you read the contents of your letters you'll know now won't you, (all look at each other, then at there envelopes) Go on then, read them, (everybody slowly opens there envelope, and read to themselves, we here what the letters say through the thoughts of the reader but Monica's voice takes overJ

Dear Rachel,

I know you are probably wondering what is going on, you especially since you are the gossip of the group. I have to go away for a while, it won't be to long, but I want to take some time to sort myself out. I know you are probably disappointed that I haven't spoken to you and I know you are all confused, but the stuff that has happened with Chandler has made me take a long hard look myself. I don't know what I want anymore, I don't want to tell you where I am going because I know that you will probably want to contact me to let find out what is going on, I promise you I will be in contact. See you in a few weeks.


Monica Geller

PS The rent is paid up until the end of the Month; I'll wire you some Money for the bills ASAP

PPS No wild parties, I don't want to come back to an eviction notice Oh and no re decorating, and try and keep things clean

(Joey reading his)

Dear Joey

I bet this is a disappointment; I bet you were expecting a treasure map or something in your envelope. I don't have a lot to say, I am going away for a bit, I will be back in a few weeks once I have sorted myself out.

The supermarket has a standing order delivery for you every week until I get back, so if guys come to your door with food, it is ok and it is paid for.

Look after Chandler and the girls for me.


Monica Geller

(Phoebe reading hers)

Hey Pheebs,

You probably know this already, what with your physic powers and all, but I didn't want you to feel left out so here it is, I am going away for a bit, I will be back soon, but I need to go sort things out. I promise I'll bring you all back presents, and I know you will always be with me spiritually, so any good vibes you can send out would really help me.


Monica Geller

(Ross reads his)

Hey Big Bro,

You probably think I am mad for doing this, I know that you have had problems with Chandler and I's relationship, but I also know that you will respect my wishes, and believe me when I say I have to do this. I need to get some distance to sort out my feelings, I am going away for a few weeks, I have sorted out all of my financial affairs and I am ok for another few weeks, please just give me a little time, I promise you I will be in touch soon.

I do have a favour to ask you, please look out for everyone, and make sure that no one gets into trouble and that Rachel does not throw any wild parties or do anything outrageous with the apartment while I am gone. I'll call you.


Monica Geller

(These were meant to have been read simultaneously, everyone finishes reading and looks at each other, then to Chandler, who is eating a piece of cake, looking depressed, he notices them all looking at him.)

Chan: (confused) what?

Ross: You knew about this?

Chan: She told me this morning, big deal.

Ross: Of course this is a big deal you could have asked her to stay!

Chan: (getting up, and getting annoyed) don't you think I tried (him and Ross start yelling at each other. Rach stops them)

Rach: HEY! Hey, (they stop and look at her) Chandler why don't you read your letter (she holds up his envelope)

Chan: (fed up) No thanks, (he sits down on the sofa and lifts a magazine, it is obvious he is not really reading it though)

Phoe: (grabbing the envelope from Rach) I'll read it out to you then. (She begins to open it, thinking he'll stop her but he makes no move). Fine thenII will then (She reluctantly takes out he letter, and reads aloud)

Dear Chandler,

Wow, I've never not known what to say to you before, let me say firstly this has been the hardest letter I have ever had to write. I feel terrible about the way I treated you this morning and I need you to know it was never my intention to go that far with you. I just wanted to let you know what was going on, I didn't want you to find out like everyone else, through a letter. But when you were there, so close to me, and when you kissed me, I just closed my eyes and everything felt right in the world, it was familiar and safe and I know on some level I really wanted it and I couldn't help myself and then when we

(Chandler jumps over the sofa and grabs the letter from Phoebe, he looks like a deer in the headlights, Ross is raging, Joey looks confused and Phoebe, who has obviously read on a little, looks completely shocked)

Joey: (to Chandler) When you what?

Ross: You little (He starts chasing Chandler around the room, but they end up in a stalemate around the dinner table, Ross lunges for Chandler)

Chan: Ross, would you hear me out, (Ross calms a little)

Joey: (really confused) What happened?

Ross: (to Chandler) Well? Tell the boy what happened?

Chan: I'd really rather not get into it right now

Ross: (still a little mad) Oh, but you will, my little sister has been forced out of her own home, away from her friends and family all because you couldn't resist using her for your own simple pleasures.

Chan: It wasn't like that we (Ross cuts him off)

Ross: (more disappointed than mad now) How could you do this to her,

Chan: (who has obviously feeling guilty, now being made worse) Ross, I never wanted to hurt her, or you. I know she didn't want to hurt you either, because as much as you might deny it she wanted it as much as I did, (Ross looks up at Chan, the phone rings, Joey answers)

Joey: (on phone) Hello, Geller-green oh hey right right(look of concentration)okyeah No, no, not a problem I can do that Ok then you wanna speak to anyone else Oh, ok No, that's cool catch up with you later then sure right, bye. (Hangs up)

Rach: (passing comment) Who was that?

Joey: (extracting something from the fridge and looking at it quizzically) Oh, that was Monica. (All but Chan jump around him)

All (but Chan): (together) what did she say? / Is she Ok? / Where is she? / Why didn't she speak to us?

Joey: (overwhelmed) She is ok.

Rach: Well where is she?

Joey: (now eating whatever he took from the fridge) She didn't say.

Ross: What is she doing?

Joey: Don't know.

Phoe: Why didn't she speak to us?

Joey: She was in a pay phone.

Rach: Finally we are getting somewhere Did she tell you where she was going?

Joey: No,

Ross: Will she call us?

Joey: Probably is there any Mayo?

Rach: (getting annoyed, grabbing Joey's food) Hey, would you pay attention, the life of one of our friends is at stake And you (looking at Chan who is also seated at the table reading a newspaper seemingly taking no interest in events) Why aren't you more worried weren't you supposed to love her or something?

Chan: (without taking his eyes from the paper) Joey did she leave a message?

Joey: (eating again) Yeah, (Ross, Rach and Pheo look at each other like, why didn't I think to ask that) Yeah she said tell the guys I'm doing ok and I'll call if I need anything

Rach: (looking very confused) that is what she said that's it (she looks at Ross and Phoe who look just as confused, Chandler silently turn the newspaper page and laughs silently at something in the paper, the others look at him stunned)

Ross: (confused) what is going on with you?

Chan: (from his newspaper) Hmmm?

Joey: (grabbing the newspaper away from him) are you even listening?

Chan: (annoyed) what?

Rach: (truly concerned) are you ok?

Chan: (casually) I'm fine. (He gets up from the table and pours himself some juice from the fridge).

Ross: What about Monica?

Chan: Monica's fine, she said so didn't she. You guys have to stop worrying.

Ross: (mad) that's it I'm reading the rest of that letter, (he grabs it from the table and the others hold Chandler back, while Ross readseventually fading into a Monica voice over

It was familiar and safe and I know on some level I really wanted it and I couldn't help myself and then when we when we were together, so close and so intimate, and I suddenly wanted you, more than I have ever wanted anything in my life. I am so sorry if you feel I lead you on and I guess I did and I will never forgive myself for that. You were right; you can't stop caring over night and as much as I want to deny it what I said this morning was true aswell, do love you.

I bet you are wondering what I am doing huh, this isn't me, just up and leaving with no notice or planning. You would be right to think that, but ever since the hospital when I realised you really did know everything about me I got scared and I didn't know what to do. I suddenly realised just how much I depended on you and couldn't let that happen especially since we have broken up. You were also right when you said we have to move on with our lives, and the sooner the better, I know it will be hard but trust me we will get through it.

Thank you for everything Chandler, I promise you I will be back soon but you know where I'll be anyway.

Love always,


(The guys look up at Chandler everyone (all five) have there eyes glistening with tears (even the three guys) the girls run over and hug Chandler, he takes no notice, he simply takes the letter from Ross and throws it in the trash in a rage and storms out.) (The scene slowly fades to back on the upset faces of the Friends)

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3 Months later (what do you mean this would never happen in a real episode, it would too, if it were necessary ok then it might well probably ok then just get off my case this is the magical world of Fanfiction anyway back to the story at hand)


(Appears at the bottom of the screen)

CP, All but Chandler and Monica are there sitting talking drinking coffee.

Ross: I cannot believe that.

Phoe: Well you better believe it.

Ross: (laughs) Rachel would never have dated one of those do you have any idea how little they are paid (I didn't want to offend anyone so if it helps with your understanding enter any job title that has notoriously crappy pay)

Rach: (fed up) Ok, ok enough, so I lowered my standards a little big deal, change the subject.

Joey: Oh, I got an audition

Rach: Really when?

Joey: Thursday, this week

Ross: Thursday? But today is Friday

Joey: Damnit Oh well (takes another sip of coffee) So, what are we all up to this weekend?

Ross: Well, I have Ben, Carol and Susan are having some kind of anniversary, (Joey's face lights up, and Ross sees this) I didn't ask what kind Joey (Joey's face falls.)

Rach: I have a date, tomorrow night with this guy that Phoebe has set me up with (sarcastically) so that oughta be fun

Phoe: I'm free how come Joey?

Joey: Well you see, I had a date but she ran away when she met Chandler and so I was hoping to go to a club or something and see if I could get a little action But I don't wanna have to baby-sit Chandler for another Saturday night so maybe (looking pleadingly to Phoebe,)

Phoe: (getting excited) I wanna baby-sit Chandler, oh, YAY this'll be so much fun, I can't waitis it really my turn again

Ross: I don't think we should keep taking it in turns to baby-sit him, he is OK.

Rach: I have to agree with Ross, I mean he is Ok, he was a little depressed at first but honestly he is over her, it may have surprised us a little that it didn't take him long but, but (Hesitantly) maybe he didn't love her that much; (all look at her shocked)

Joey: How, how could you say such a thing, he is crazy about her,

Phoe: They had a connection, I mean remember when we all read the letter and it said you know where I'll be, remember and we were all like how come he'll know and stuff.

All: Yeah

Phoe: I mean it shows a different kind of trust and security to have a specific hotel they go to when they wanna get away from each other, they always care about each other and he really IS mad about her.

Rach: He was, he WAS mad about her but lust is a powerful thing (unbeknownst to her Chandler comes in and he hears all the rest of what she is saying)

Rach: Lust, can take over a person, they will always love each other but as friends and with the lust they probably only thought they loved each other and he only got depressed over the break up through obligation to so that she wouldn't feel bad.

Chan: Is that so Rach (Rach turns startled, and looks apologetic)

Rach: Well I uh... I (Chan laughs, the guys look shocked)

Chan: (sitting) maybe you are right. (The guys look even more shocked)

Ross: What do you mean?

Chan: Don't be so shocked guys, Rach could be right, maybe I don't love her (all gasp) maybe I do, I don't honestly know, but I'll tell you this leaving me was the best thing she could ever have done, (he gets up and goes to the counter for coffee)

Phoe: (hitting Rachel on the arm) See what you did.

Joey: Yeah Rach, what did you think you were doing no one asked for your opinion

Rach: (looks shocked) Can you believe he just told us he didn't want her

All: (staring into space) Wow

Cut to later in M&R's apartment (well Rachel's right now if you hadn't already guess Mon isn't back yet) All are around the seating area.

Joey: You didn't really mean it thought right?

Chan: Would you get off my case I simply said it was a possibility, I haven't seen her in three Months.

Ross: Yeah, but the last time you saw her. You had sex with her.

Chan: That's true.

Phoe: You are in denial that is all.

Chan: (getting up out of his chair and going to the fridge) you guys tell yourselves what you need to, right now, I am fine, I've never felt better and I don't need her right now. (Knock at the door can you guess it, that's right, Chan goes to the door and opens it to reveal

PDG: One Joey special times three (Ha ha, it's a Pizza Delivery Guy, Joey special times three is six pizzas, one for Rach, One for Phoe, one for Ross, one for Chan and two for Joey)

Chan: Thanks (takes the pizzas and pays the guy, closes the door and puts the pizzas on the table everyone scavenges round them, each grabbing a piece, there is another knock at the door)

Ross: Its like Piccadilly Circus in here today.

All: What?

Ross: Never mind (Ross chucks his pizza in the box and wipes his hands as going to the door).

Ross: (opening the door) Hello, (surprised) Hey (we still don't know who it is but I'm betting you can all guess) What are you doing here, (the door opens to reveal, Carol and Ben just kidding it is Monica)

Mon: Well, I live here don't I? (The audience cheers, she walks in and everyone but Chan runs over and hugs her, she looks a little tanned and is as beautiful as ever,) (I am female but I imagine to guys she is really hot)

Rach: (letting go of her) this is incredible, we haven't seen you in what seems like years, here sit, sit. (She sits at the dinner table, she hasn't looked a t Chan yet, but he can't take his eyes off her, he is shocked) (The others sit around her in anticipation)

Mon: (getting up) I can't sit and chat all day

Ross: (confused) but you only just sat down.

Mon: Yeah, but there's something I have to do (She gets up and opens the door and leaves; she re-enters with a guy)

Mon: Guys, there is someone I'd like you to meet everybody this is Matt, Matt this is everybody, (pointing) this is Phoebe, (shake hands), this is my brother Ross, (shake hands), this is my roommate Rachel (shake hands). This is Joey, he lives across the hall, well last time I checked (they shake) and this, this is Chandler (she still isn't looking at him). (They don't shake).

Matt: (he sounds really sexy and smooth, oh and by the way he is a total babe, I mean TOTALLY) Wow, it is so amazing to finally meet you all, Star talks about you all the time

Rach: (confused) Star?

Matt: Yeah, oh Monica.

Ross: right, why do you call her star?

Mon: (embarrassed) Well, you guys are eating I see, well we won't disturb you, we'll go out for something (Mon takes Matt's hand and we see Chan close his eyes as if someone just stabbed him)

Joey: Don't be silly, you two sit (he ushers them to chairs and it just so happens Mon ends up in between Matt and Chandler, they are squashed quite close together by the time they all sit around the table)

Rach: So tell us everything, (Mon looks down at the table, uncomfortable)

Cut to like three hours later, all but C&M are laughing at Matt's story

Matt: So there we are, we are making out and this tour guide comes over (His story fades out and we hear people's thoughts, they are in Italics)

Ross: (thinking) This guy is so funny, these stories had better not be true though or I'll kick his ass (he looks over at a depressed Chandler) Wow, this must be killing him, and just a few hours ago he told us she meant nothing yeah right you wouldn't think that to look at him now.

Rach: (thinking) this guy is so cute, how does Monica do it, first a doctor, then a millionaire, then the sweetest, most romantic guy and now the hottest guy, I really should pay more attention to her flirting techniques.

Joey: (thinking) He is my best friend, I can't like this guy, it would kill Chandler, remember Rachel and Monica with Julie, (laughs in his head) but he is so funny I wonder if Mon brought us presents.

Phoe: (thinking) La, la, la, la, la, la, la I am brilliant what an original way to end my newest song, and after I thought about it for all those weeks, it just comes to me, at least it was worth the wait.

Mon: (thinking) why won't he shut up, they don't care about our making out stories. He is so cute. What, what am I doing, no, I wasn't saying Chandler was cute no, no, I meant Matt, yes Mat is really cute How do I tell Chan the truth? Do you think he'll flip out? Matt has been so supportive... Who are you talking to Mon?

Chan: (thinking) this is great, just great, oh yeah. After three Months without her and you had finally convinced yourself you were over her, I never stopped loving her, or wanting her (he is looking hard at her now, she is looking in the opposite direction). And who the hell is that guy anyway, thinks he can just swoop in on my girl she's not your girl though is she Why was I so stupid? How did I let her slip away? Look at her, so soft and beautiful and glowing, she is incredible, and look at those lips and that body, Oh great now you want her even more, if her arm touches mine once more, I had better start thinking about Baseball Who am I talking to?

Mon: (interrupting Matt) you know what honey it's getting late, (to the guys) we've had a long flight, we were in LA. Can we talk more in the morning?

All but Chan: Sure.

(Mon and Matt get up he holds her from behind like Chan does in TOW the last night, and they walk toward her bedroom like that)

Matt: (in her ear but everyone hears) How tired are you?

Mon: (playfully) Oh, very

Matt: Too tired?

Mon: (playfully) Oh, definitely

Matt: You mean that?

Mon: Do I ever? (They run to the bedroom)

Rach: (dumbstruck) Wow

Joey: I'll say (All look at Chandler)

Chan: (staring into space) *sigh*

Ross: Chandler Chandler (We hear Monica giggling in her room)

Chan: (looking up) He's doing that thing to the back of her neck

Phoe: What thing?

Chan: well you (Ross cuts him off)

Ross: Yeah, I think we've heard enough (silence) so you still feel nothing for her then?

Chan: Yip, nada, not a thing (all look shocked) yeah I was surprised myself but I think she is a good friend, it is nice to have her back home but she has moved on, and I'm happy for her. (He looks down, sighs and leaves) (The others look after him with sorry look on their faces).

Cut to next Morning Mon is baking something or other, something with Chocolate, she is alone. Chan enters.

Chan: (uncomfortable, hesitant) Hey

Mon: (spinning round startled (uncomfortable) Hey (awkward silence)

Chan: So

Mon: So

Chan: So, how are you doing, you didn't talk much last night.

Mon: Yeah, I'm good

Chan: (looking at her baking mess) so what's up (he walks to the baking stuff)

Mon: (backing away slightly) Nothing, why?

Chan: (taking a step toward her) you never bake unless you have to think

Mon: That's not true

Chan: (looking into each others eyes) sure it is, unless there is a fate or a birthday you only bake to think, especially with Chocolate (Taking a step toward her) It may have been three Months but I know at least that about you.

Mon: (looking into his eyes)(softly) I guess you do. (They kiss, softly but then the passion rises) (They begin to move toward her room)

Chan: (amidst kissing) God, I've missed you

Mon: (amidst kissing) Ditto. (They keep kissing, they reach the step, and Mon pulls away)

Mon: No,

Chan: (confused) no what?

Mon: we can't do this

Chan: (confused) why not?

Mon: Matt,

Chan: (he sighs and looks down before looking right at her) Mon, I'm sure you care a lot about this guy, but we have a history, this is right. How can you stop what is meant to be for a guy you have known for at most three Months he is a rebound.

Mon: (getting mad) well someone sure thinks highly of himself

Chan: (getting mad) meaning what exactly?

Mon: (yelling they both are through the rest of this until I say so) what makes you think I had to get over you at all.

Chan: well, maybe I thought we had something special

Mon: Well maybe I did to before you decided it was ok to make out with you old girlfriend.

Chan: Hey, I said I was sorry about that.

Mon: Well sorry doesn't make it all go away. It isn't that easy.

Chan: It is as easy as you make it, there are no rules about this. Couldn't you have just got over that?

Mon: Maybe I didn't want to get over it.

Chan: What?

Mon: I needed you, I depended on you. I couldn't let myself be run by my feelings for you. I couldn't let myself show that weakness. I couldn't imagine my life without you.

Chan: Well, I CAN'T imagine my life without you. For Three Months, I told myself I could live without you, but I was praying for you to come back to me everyday. Then when you do appear you come back with some slimeball in tow.

Mon: Watch it.

Chan: Why should I, you obviously don't care about me.

Mon: You don't honestly believe that do you?

Chan: Prove me wrong.

Mon: Nice try.

Chan: well you know me, how did you put it, I'd do anything to "get myself laid." (He goes to leave)

Mon: (tears in her eyes she speaks softly) Chandler. (He stops dead in his tracks) I'm sorry.

Chan: (turns to look at her) (pause) Come here, (she walks over to him and collapses into his arms, he holds her really close, closes his eyes and stokes her hair)

Chan: Shhh, Shhh, it's ok, (she is crying full whack now, sobbing and everything) I'm sorry, (he kisses her head, and puts his head down onto hers she is still crying into his shoulder)

(Just then the door opens and the rest of the gang plus Matt, burst in laughing, they notice C&M and all look concerned, Mon takes a side step away from Chandler, so that she still has her back to everyone and starts drying her eyes)

Matt: (he goes up behind her and touches her shoulder) Star, (no response) you ok,

Mon: (turning to everyone) I'm good, (she turns to go into her room, and says quietly to Chandler as she walks past) I'm sorry. (She smiles at him)

Chan: (turning away from the group and yelling after her) Three Months, that's the longest yet, (she smiles at him again) Oh, twice, I'm getting better, (he is talking about her smiling)

(She goes into her room, he turns to the rest of the group who are looking at him accusingly)

Matt: (looking accusingly at Chandler) Excuse me, I'll just go see if she is ok. (Matt exits to her room) (The gang stands and stares at a confused looking Chandler)

Ross: (confused) how do you do that?

Chan: Do what?

Rach: That thing

Chan: What thing?

Phoe: That bonding thing.

Chan: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Joey: You didn't look at each other all night last night let alone talk then we walk in and you are bonding and stuff as if she never left.

Chan: (going to the fridge and getting a drinkagain) we just talkedwell yelled actually.

Ross: Talked, that is all, there were no tongues involved though right. (Chan looks away from him) Oh my god, you kissed her (the group gasp)

Chan: Well (He is interrupted by Mon storming out of her room and Matt following closely behind, they look mad)

Mon: (mad) would you just drop it

Matt: No, tell me the truth

Mon: There is no truth to tell

Matt: Then why are you acting like this (Mon goes and takes her bowl full of mixture she was baking remember, and starts to whip it violently, the guys are beside the door still, all except Chandler who is beside the fridge and Mon.)

Chan: (meaning the violent whipping) Wow, easy tiger.

Matt: (yelling at Chandler) you stay outta this, (Chan looks shocked)

Mon: (slamming the bowl onto the table) Leave him outta this.

Matt: So it's true,

Mon: No it is not true.

Chan: Maybe we should leave (he starts toward the door, Mon puts her hand on his chest stopping him)

Mon: You don't have to go anywhere.

Matt: No I think they should leave.

Mon: Where do you get off telling them what to do.

Matt: I think I have aright to argue with my fiancé in private. (Mon's eyes go wide, the gang looks shocked, and Chan looks distraught)

Mon: (sarcastically to Matt) thank you (Mon stands in silence, they all do unsure of what to do) (Chan takes her hand, this startles her, she looks up at him, he looks at the ring on her finger, he looks up and into her eyes, (long pause) he leans in and kisses her softly on the cheek, they hold like that for a few seconds, Mon's eyes are watering, he lifts his head and whispers in her ear)

Chan: (whispering in her ear) And you couldn't have told me this earlier, (a single tear rolls down her cheek, he steps back from her and drops her hand, he reaches out and strokes her face and she closes her eyes, he wipes the tear from her face)

Chan: (he says so softly) Congratulations, (he looks away from Mon slowly and shakes Matt's hand) There is no one better, I hope you know how lucky you are.

Matt: (softly) I do.

Chan: (jokingly, but a little serious) And if you hurt her, I will hunt you down and personally rip every extremity from your body.

Ross: Here, here (Matt lets out a nervous chuckle) (Ross goes over and shakes Matt's hand, the girls and Joey follow him they all stand around Matt, saying various congratulations. Chan backs away from the cheer and he feels, a hand grab his and lead him out of the apartment, he turns and sees Monica) (they are in the hallway)

(Mon walks right up close to him and tilts her head and lets her lips very lightly brush his, he stands in shock, not kissing back, he backs away from her)

Chan: (in shock) what are you doing? (Mon walks up closely to him again and pins him against C&J's door, and kisses him very passionately, he kisses back for a few seconds and then pushes her away)

Chan: What are you doing? (Mon attempts to kiss him again, he steps back) Monica what's going on? (There are tears running down her cheeks, Mon walks up close to him again and whispers in his ear)

Mon: (whispering) Make love to me.

Chan: Wow, stop right there, what do you mean,

Mon: Please. (She looks at him pleadingly, they stare at each other for a moment, he takes a step toward her, he hesitates, and then he kisses VERY passionately. They kiss for a while then he lifts her up and carries her into his apartment, he takes her into his room, and he lays her on the bed and kisses her then he stops)

Chan: (he stands up) Mon, I can't do this

Mon: (sitting up) sure you can, I've seen you do it before.

Chan: (looking at her) No Mon you are engaged, engaged to be married,

Mon: (looking down) you don't want me?

Chan: (sitting on the bed next to her) Of course I want you, that is the problem, if we do this, I will want it again, and again Monica, tell me why you want me to do this?

Mon: (playing with the quilt) I need this (Embarrassed) I want you

Chan: (suddenly being selfish) so lose him

Mon: (looking at him shocked) WHAT?

Chan: I want you, we can make this work, don't jump into something you don't really want.

Mon: (getting off the bed, she Changes the subject) You know what this was a silly idea you are right. (She goes to leave) (Chan grabs her wrist, and spins her round)

Chan: what the hell, (he kisses her, they fall onto the bed, he takes her hand and stops kissing her) but you know what, take this off, (he holds up her hand with her engagement ring on, she giggles, and he takes off the ring and puts it on the nightstand,)

Chan: (looking into her eyes) now, where were we, (he kisses her, lets leave them to it.)

M&R's All still congratulating Matt.

Matt: Where is Monica? (All look around)

Joey: Probably off with Chandler somewhere (all look at him in shock)

Matt: She is what?

Joey: Oh yeah, they used to disappear together for hours before she left, you know when they were dating. Yeah, they would talk for hours; I don't know that much about their relationship, (proudly) although I was the first one to find out about it. They were always very secretive.

Rach: (trying to Change the subject) Eh, yeah, you know what this calls for a drink what do ya say, let's all go out huh?

Matt: How long did they date for Joey?

Joey: Since London, well, they slept together in London, it took the awhile to get into a proper relationship because they didn't tell anyone at first, so when they were alone it was mainly just sex but they were always really close.

Phoe: They are lobsters.

Matt: (looking confused) They are what?

Ross: Nothing, they are nothing don't mind Phoebe and Joey they are loony, we can all see Monica loves you very much. Now lets go out for that drink (they all crowd out the door obviously going out for a drink, Ross writes a quick note and leaves)

Chandlers bedroom, Mon and Chan are sitting together on the covers (clothed). Looking a little uncomfortable.

Chan: Well

Mon: Well

Chan: Well here we are

Mon: Yip, just you and me

Chan: So you wanna talk or anythingyou know like we used to.

Mon: it might be best if we didn't

Chan: right so

Mon: I should get going, (she climbs off the bed and is putting on her jewellery, except her engagement ring, the camera focuses on Chandler, watching her, and the things she says are said off camera until otherwise stated.)

Chan: So, have you set a date, (he reaches over and lifts her engagement ring from the nightstand)

Mon: (off camera) Chandler don't

Chan: Don't what?

Mon: Don't start with the small talk and don't talk about my engagement. It isn't right not now, not after well you know.

Chan: (ignoring the last comment, staring at the ring) you know I always thought I would give you one of these, (off in his own world) I pictured us in a big house in the suburbs, you know, with a family. And I would go out to work everyday and come home to you every night, waiting there for me by a big blazing, open fire. (The camera turns on Monica and we zoom in on her tears stained face, she is crying silently) (Chan continues) and we would send the kids off to bed and sit and talk by the fire for hours, just you and me alone but now my dream will be his reality, (snapping out of it, looking at Monica). I hope you will both be very happy.

(Mon sits on the bed next to him and kisses him softly, he holds her face and looks into her eyes, she is letting the tears run freely down her face, he leans his head forward so that there foreheads are touching)

Mon: (softly) Thank you.

Chan: No regrets?

Mon: (sigh) No regrets. (He kisses her lips softly once more and gets off the bed)

Chan: I'll walk you out.

Mon: Oh, ok, thanks.

(They reach the outside door; he opens it, and closes it again)

Chan: tell me Mondo you love him?

Mon: Of course I do.

Chan: Say it look me in the eye and say it,

Mon: (She looks up into his eyes, and we see her eyes are watering again) Chandler I (She sighs) I love Matt (She closes her eyes and a tear runs down her cheek) I'm sorry.

Chan: So why did you come here then?

Mon: I needed to be sure.

Chan: And are you? (She leaves) (Chan falls against the door and closes his eyes; he slides down the door)

Cut to Mon enters her apartment and sighs as she closes the door, she leans against it and we see her drying her eyes as she moves to the dinner table, she sees Ross' note and turns it to read it, she reads it out loud.

Mon and/or Chandler

We have gone to Bernies for a drink to celebrate (AN: I have never been to NY and have made up this name). Join us ASAP oh and you had better have a decent excuse for disappearing like that.


(Mon sighs, and goes to her room to Change, she walk in her room and out again straight away with changed clothes (just like Stars in their eyes) (it's a fanfic world and we don't have alot of time), she grabs a jacket and exits)

C&J's, Chan is in a Barca lounger, looking depressed staring at the home shopping network on TV, but obviously not watching it, there is a knock at the door. He slowly rises to answer it; he does so with a Ross like Hi before he sees who it is. It's Monica.

Chan: (surprised) Hey

Mon: Why the long face?

Chan: Oh no reason what up?

Mon: Oh the guys have go out they want us to join them so you had better go get changed.

Chan: Oh right, give me a minute, (he goes into his room, Monica enters the apartment and sits in his Barca lounger and watches the Home Shopping Network. This conversation is held through his closed door, so they are yelling, not mad just so they can hear each other, we don't see him at first)

Mon: (yelling) something you wanna tell me?

Chan: (yelling) what?

Mon: (a little louder) I said

Chan: I heard what you said, I just don't get what you mean.

Mon: Oh the TV Channel

Chan: What is it?

Mon: You should know you were watching it?

Chan: No not really, it was just background noise, I was thinking.

Mon: Well good, because its woman's hour and they are selling dresses (again I know very little of the Home Shopping Network) What were you thinking about?

Chan: Just stuff

Mon: Like what?

Chan: You...

Mon: (Shocked) ME, what were you thinking about me for?

Chan: You are getting married Mon, the first one of us to get married well except Ross, he doesn't really count though.

Mon: Phoebe was married.

Chan: True, but its not really the same though is itYours is for keeps.

Mon: (doubtful) Well, I wouldn't really say that.

Chan: (He emerges from the bedroom and look sat her concerned) What do you mean?

Mon: Don't get me wrong, I love him and everything I think.

Chan: (surprised) you think? (She gets up from the barca lounger)

Mon: It's complicated

Chan: Noits not you either love him or you don't.

Mon: (pacing the room) Oh, I don't know, I thought I did, I was so sure and then I came back here and I saw all you guys and I realised that over the past few months I haven't Changed I thought I had but I haven't this is still what I want, and the house with the fire I want that to. Eventually. It just all seems to be happening so fast; (she stops in front of the barca and collapses into it).

Chan: (overwhelmed) wow.

Mon: yeah.

Chan sits on the arm of the barca, like he did with Rachel in TOW the girl from Poughkeepsie.

Chan: What do you need me to do?

Mon: (looking up at him) Do you remember the time when we first started dating, when we went to Atlantic city and we had our first fight as a couple?

Chan: (unsure) Yeah

Mon: Where do you think we would be now if we had broken up because of that?

Chan: I don't know, Joey found out about us because of that weekend, but I really don't know why?

Mon: (off in her own world) Do you believe in fate Chandler?

Chan: I've never given it that much thought why?

Mon: (still in her own world) do you believe that if two people were meant to be together it would happen no matter what?

Chan: Yeah I do why?

Mon: Just curiosity,

Chan: You wanna get going now?

Mon: (snapping out of her daze) You know what, I don't feel like going out you wanna stay in and watch some trash TV (she picks up the remote)

Chan: Sure, (he jumps on the on the other Barca) Have you seen this recently?

Mon: No.

Chan: Well she is in love with him and he is (The scene fades out and up on a crowded bar, everyone but C&M are there including Matt)

Matt: where are they?

Rach: they they

Ross: Traffic

Matt: What?

Rach: Traffic (she looks at Ross) they probably just got caught in traffic.

Matt: We walked, it's only five minutes round the corner (downing his drink) I'm gonna get going

Phoe: OhEWyour aura is green, that means your jealous, who of? (AN: I know nothing of Auras so don't sue me).

Matt: What, no its not

Phoe: (offended) excuse me I can see it.

Matt: Look, are we going or not.

Phoe: I'm ready to leave.

Matt: (to Joey who surprise surprise is talking to a pretty lady at the bar) Joey, we are leaving

Joey: (to girl) So, I'll call you. (He walks over to the group) (Seriously) thanks guys I was really dying there,

Phoe: (looking at the girl) should I recognise her?

Joey: I hope not she said I slept with her last month, I couldn't tell her I didn't remember that would make me a jerk. (Phoe and Rach hit him) Ouch, what was that for?

Rach: (sarcastically) For not being a jerk.

Joey: So, are we getting outta here or what.

Matt: Yes, (him Joey and Phoe start toward the door)

Ross: Wait we haven'twe haven't

Rach: Had a toast yet

Phoe: We have had three let's just get outta here (the three leave, Ross and Rach follow behind)

Ross: let's hope for their sakes they are caught in traffic. (They leave)

Cut to C&J's, C&M are sitting laughing at the TV. The credits are rolling on whatever they were watching

Mon: Wow, what was that?

Chan: I have no idea

Mon: It was crap

Chan: I know, (they both burst out laughing again as the gang + Matt enters.)

Matt: We thought we would find you here.

Mon: (through laughing) what?

Matt: (getting Mad) what are you laughing at?

Mon: (not sensing his anger) Oh, it was this thing on TV. It was just so dorky.

Matt: (mad) Really, like this guy here (pointing at Chandler)

Mon: (getting serious) what?

Matt: You heard me.

Mon: Yeah and I don't like what I am hearing

Matt: To bad, get used to it.

Mon: (mad) no I don't think I will, thank you.

Matt: (looking around the room at the threatening glances) Come here, (he gestures for them to leave the room) (Mon stands as does Chandler)

Chan: (serious) Don't go

Matt: Do you mind I am trying to have a discussion with my fiancé here.

Chan: Sounds more like a fight to me.

Matt: Yeah and what would you know.

Chan: A lot more than you by the sound of it.

Matt: Don't get smart with me.

Chan: (yelling) I 'LL do whatever the hell I want to while we are in my house.

Matt: (softly to Mon) can we just talk?

Mon: Sure (Matt starts to leave with Mon behind him, Chan stops her)

Chan: (looking at her with big pleading eyes) Mon, please

Mon: It'll be cool (she smiles at him and leaves)

Ross: (to Chan) Why didn't you guys come to the bar?

Chan: (dismissively) We just didn't feel like it, (he slumps into the barca).

Ross: You guys didn't (Chan looks at him) I meanyou weren't were you?

Chan: Ross is that any of your business.

Ross: (raised tone) yeah, I'd say it is, she is my sister and she is engaged, if you so much as

Chan: We didn'tok, we were gonna but when it came down to it neither of us could do it OK.

Ross: Ohok

Joey: (confused) Let me get this straight you were in there with Monica (pointing to the bedroom)

Chan: Yeah,

Joey: You guys areYou know... Getting it on

Chan: (nervously glancing at Ross) Yeah

Joey: Then, you decide you can't go through with it because of the history and her engagement and everything

Chan: Yeah

Joey: So, you come out here and watch television?

Chan: well, not exactly but basically

All: how do you do that?

Chan: (surprised by the unison) Do what?

Rach: (Sitting beside him on the arm of the recliner) that bonding thing again

Phoe: (sitting on the other arm) it is amazing

Chan: we don't think about it. It isn't something we do

Rach: Which only serves to make it more amazing.

Joey: Tell me the secret girls might like me more (he crouches in front of Chan)

Ross: You don't need it girl's love you already move (he shoves Joey and crouches in front of Chan. Joey crouches by Ross they all sit and stare at Chan in anticipation, Chan just looks at them, Matt bursts in, everyone stands and looks at him)

Matt: (mad) can I have a word with you? (Pointing to Chandler) (Chan moves slowly toward him, Mon appears behind Matt in the doorway)

Mon: (she is crying) Chandler it is ok, don't bother.

Matt: (turning to Mon) you stay outta this. (To Chan) Come here. (Chan exits with Monica and Matt, he looks concerned at Mon and isn't taking his eyes off her, Matt turns and sees this as Mon is closing the door)

Matt: Don't look at her look at me.

Chan: (looking at Matt, getting really mad) look I don't know what your problem is but I can do what I want ok, I don't know where Mon found you but my suggestion go back there and let us live our lives ok.

Mon: (mad) Chandler!

Chan: (looking at her, he speaks with anger in his voice but softly) Well I'm sorry Mon but I don't like the way he treats you, he isn't right for you

Matt: Oh and I suppose you are?

Chan: (squaring up to Matt you all know what I mean by that right) Maybe...

Matt: Yeah...

Chan: We'll never find out with you around now will we

Matt: My thoughts exactly

Chan: Glad we agree on something

Matt: Well then I guess there is only one solution (He laughs) (To Chan) I am so glad you are here to see this)(He turns to Monica) Miss Monica Geller you have already consented to my greatest wish, you have promised to become my wife... Now will you continue you generosity and move to LA with me? (Mon looks to Chandler shocked, then back to Matt)

Mon: (shocked) Matt I I mean we I don't know what to say (She smiles) Of course, (she jumps into Matt's arms they hug and kiss)

Chan: (upset) I'll leave you guys to it then (he exits into his apartment, Mon looks after him sad)

Inside C&J's Chan stands at the door and looks shocked, the guy's crowd round him

Ross: (concerned) whatwhat is it what did he want?

Chan: (Dazed) She is leaving

Phoe: Who?

Chan: Mon, (he slides down the door and stares into space)

All: What

Joey: No she's not, she just got back

Chan: No he wants them to move to LA together, and she said yes.

Rach: But why?

Chan: Me.

Ross: (confused) you?

Chan: Yeah apparently, he seems to be jealous of mine and Monica's relationship. (He gets up and sits in a barca, the guys look at him, there is a weak knock at the door, Joey reaches over and opens it, Mon is in the doorway with tears streaming down her cheeks, Chan springs up out of his chair and looks at her concerned, he walks over to her)

Chan: Where is Matt?

Ross: Hey Rach didn't you want to show us your your

Phoe: New dress

Ross: that's it,

Rach: (wanting to listen in) No

Joey: Sure you did, (Ross and he go over and lift her up and carry her out like C&J did with Mon, Phoe follows quietly)

Phoe: I'll just close this (indicating the door) yell if you need anything, otherwise no yelling ok bye (she leaves)

(C&M stand in silence for a moment)

Chan: You wanna sit?

Mon: No I'm good.

Chan: Oh ok,

Mon: Since when do I need permission anyway Am I not welcome in your home?

Chan: No, of course you are I was just breaking the ice, (they both smile)

Mon: Well, I've never done that with you before (They both laugh)

Chan: (Sitting) what is goin' on Mon?

Mon: (sitting in the other Barca) hey you're a poet and you didn't know it

Chan: (looks at her sternly)

Mon: Ok Ok I just broke up with Matt (she breaks down and cries)

Chan: (shocked) what why?

Mon: Well he started talking about the big city and all the people and how we would live in an apartment and stuff. And all I could think about was you sitting by the fire in that big house with all the kids in bed upstairs and then I thought god I want that and then I thought why couldn't I have that

Chan: (softly) Mon you can have that (he reaches out and touched her face)

Mon: (crying) really?

Chan: Of course (he reaches out and hugs her, she cries into his shoulder again she has been crying alot this episode). (She pulls away and he reaches out and dries her tears, they look in to each others eyes for a second then they kiss, they get very passionate and she touches his face with her left hand, Chan stops the kissing)

Chan: No ring?

Mon: No I thought I would reserve the spot for someone else.

Chan: Really who?

Mon: Well, that's a whole other story. (Fanfic anyway)

Chan: (softly) tell me later. (He sweeps her up in his arms and kisses her)

Mon: Well, I always did want to be swept off my feet.

Chan: (confused) But you were sitting

Mon: You want me to change the ending to this story.

Chan: (he kisses her and they enter the bedroom)

The credits start to roll, then we hear Chandlers voice and they stop and we get a shot of the bedroom door.

Chan: One question.

Mon: What?

Chan: Why did he call you star?

Mon: I kinda got a tattoo

Chan: (shocked) where?

Mon: Shut up, kiss me, and you'll find out

Chan: Oh.



Well, that's it, not a very spectacular ending, but the other ones I liked would have meant a whole new fic and I thought you guys might be bored with me by now so I finished there, I might write an alternate final fic later but I'll wait and see. Feedback please, anything, suggestions, comments, queries, complaints, whatever, drop me a line and tell me if I should write another set and what you thought of this one. If I write another set I'll talk to you all soon, if not have nice lives and remember and be happy, make yourselves happy (TOW the Resolutions, but in 1st personlook at me I'm babbling again). Oh and thanks for getting this far, those who are reading this (for the most part) will have stuck with me and I appreciate that. And thank you to a few individuals out there in the fic world, without whom I might never have got this far (you know who you are). Feedback please to Tracey,