TOW more secrets

Hi this is my third fanfic and might be my last one for a while because school is starting soon and that means Iím definitely gonna be grounded soon (donít ask) anyway tell me what you think at or k? If you donít know what happened just read TOW The Promises and TOW More Surprises with out further ado I present TOW More Secrets ?

  ?Where we last left off?

Chandler: (now awake) twins?
Joey: (to Chandler) thatís two babies
Chandler: I know that you idiot
Joey: just wanted to make sure
Monica: (very worried) I know twins are a great thing but how are we gonna afford two babies I mean I can barely afford rent and food IÖ IÖ (Voice trails off)
Chandler: honey, honey, breatheÖ okay Iím sure, 100% positively sure weíll be just fine
Phoebe: yeah and if you ever need help with like money or babysitting weíre all here for you
Chandler: and Iím sure my mom would chip inÖ of course we would have to tell her about everything first
Monica: (still a little jumpy) you havenít told her yet? Why not, you said you were gonna tell herÖ
Chandler: (interrupting) sheís flying in, in a few days to promote her new book Iíd rather tell her in person then
Monica: (back to normal ~ well as normal as she could be) okay, okay Iím fine now itís probably just the mood swing thing you know
Chandler: itís okay I understand. Hey I have and idea why donít you and I go baby shopping tomorrow. Just you and me, I can take a day off of work
Phoebe: that sounds like fun Mon youíll love it
Chandler: yeah, Iíll go call in right now
Monica: bye honey
 (Chandler leaves)

Joey: Iíll be right back too

 (Joey exits)
 [Chandler and Joeyís apt]
 {Chandler is on the phone and Joey enters}

Chandler: (on the phone) Öso Iíll see ya. Yup bye (hangs up)
Joey: hey man can you believe it youíre gonna be a father of two!
Chandler: (not impressed) yeah I know
Joey: dude, whatís up, I thought this was a good thing
Chandler: it is a good thing but what if Iím not a good father then I end up with, not one, but two screwed up kids
Joey: youíll be a great dad
Chandler: how are you so sure
Joey: Iíve seen you with Ben and youíre great. Okay I know Ben isnít your kid but does that matter?
Chandler: sure whatever, you know what Iím going to go take a walk to sort every thing out

 [Monica and Rachelís apt]
 {Monica and Phoebe are talking (but you canít here them) then Rachel finally comes out of her room}

Rachel: hey by the sounds I heard coming through my door Iím guessing you told Chandler about the twins
Monica: well you guessed right
Phoebe: we heard voices coming from your room, who were you talking to?
Rachel: (surprised by the question) huh?
Phoebe: who were you talking to we heard voices from your room
Rachel: umÖ no one just someone from work
Phoebe: oh okay
Rachel: (while grabbing her coat) yeah she wanted to know if I could come in and help her with some stuff so I gotta go bye

 (Rachel leaves in a hurry)

Monica: (after she leaves) somethingís up because the phone never rang, so that means Rachel called whoever she was talking to
Phoebe: but why would she lie about going to work. What would she be hiding?
Monica: I donít know but Iím gonna find out
Phoebe: but if you spy on her and find out her secret before she tells you, that is if she tells you, she might get mad because you didnít tell her about you and Chandler
Monica: you know you have a point
Phoebe: (smiling) of course Iím right
Monica: I never said you were right I just said you had a point
Phoebe: sounds the same to me
Monica: whatever that doesnít matter right now what matters is whatís going on with Rachel

 [Just as she says that the scene changes to Rachel and some guy (you canít see his face) eating lunch at a little café. oh and theyíre by a window]

Rachel: (finishing a little story) Öso now theyíre having twins and getting married andÖ andÖ itís just a whole big mess, Iím just so glad Iíve got you
Guy: (still canít see his face) me too

 (They kiss)

 [Cut to Chandler (on his walk) as he stops to do a double take on something he sees through a windowÖ itís RACHEL and RÖRÖ RICHARD BURKE!!!!!!] ?You thought I was gonna say Ross didnít you, come on admit it- well itís been done so I decided for Rachel and Richard to give a go (shh donít tell Monica itís a secret) well back to the show/story?

Chandler: (mouthing) ohÖÖ myÖÖ god!

 (Chandler starts running down the street)
 [Joey and Chandlerís apt]
 {Joey is sitting in his chair watching TV then Chandler runs in}

Chandler: (out of breath) IÖ IÖ sheÖ himÖ
Joey: (now standing and looking at Chandler) what is it Lassie did Timmy fall in the well again (laughs)
Chandler: (speaking normal) ha, ha not funny this is serious
Joey: well then what is it
Chandler: well when I was on my walk I saw Rachel
Joey: so we see Rachel everyday she lives across the hall
Chandler: no, no I saw her kissing someone
Joey: who, did you see, is it anyone we knowÖ oh my god is it Ross!
Chandler: number one Iíll get to that, two yes, three yes, four no
Joey: then who was it!!!
Chandler: Rachel was kissingÖ

 [right before he can say the scene switches to Monica and Rachelís apt]
 {Rachel enters to Monica and Phoebe talking and eating}

Rachel: oh hi guys
Phoebe: so how was work
Rachel: (not really paying attention and speaking dreamily) oh he was great
Monica: he?
Rachel: (realizing what she said) huh IÖ I mean itÖ it was great
Monica: no, no, no you said ďheĒ who is he
Rachel: no I didnít say anything
Phoebe: yes you did, you said (mockingly) Ďoh he was greatí
Rachel: oh well I didnít mean to say he I meant to say it
Monica: yeah whatever, I Ďm gonna go see Chandler

 (she leaves)
 [Joey and Chandlerís apt]
 {Joey is in shock (of the news just brought to him)}

Chandler: (as Monica is walking through the door but he doesnít notice her) okay but you canít tell Monica becauseÖ
Monica: (interrupting) canít tell Monica what
Chandler: (surprised) uh thatÖ
Joey: (finishing Chandlerís sentence) thatÖ that he was thinking of getting you a surprise
Chandler: Joey you werenít supposed to tell her why couldnít you just make up a lie or something
Joey: Ďcause I couldnít think of one. Sorry Mon about ruining the surprise
Monica: thatís okay. Hey have you noticed Rachel lately she was acting really weird today
Chandler/Joey: she seems normal, no havenít seen anything, she looks fine to me, etc
Monica: okay then see you later
Chandler: wait what have you noticed about her
Monica: not much except that earlier today she left in a hurry then came back all dreamy like she was on a date with someone she really liked but doesnít want anyone to know
Chandler: I see

 {Chandler and Rachel}

Rachel: Chandler what is it. I was just about to watch ĎMeet Joe Blackí and you know how much I love Brad Pitt
Chandler: heís not all you love
Rachel: what are you talking about
Chandler: umÖ letís see I sort of, kinda know a little secret of yours
Rachel: (worried) wÖ what secret
Chandler: letís just say it has something to do with lunch, kissing, and my fiancéís ex-boyfriend
Rachel: what! No, no, no, noÖ you canítÖ howÖ whenÖ where
Chandler: I was taking a walk and I saw kissing, through the window
Rachel: who else knows. Oh God Monica doesnít know does she?
Chandler: no, but you should tell her, and soon. Other than me no one else knows except Joey
Rachel: I canít tell Mon sheíll kill me
Chandler: and what if she finds out another way, sheís already suspicious
Rachel: okay this is so not good
Chandler: I trust that youíll do the right thing

 [Monica and Rachelís apt]
 {Monica is making coffee and Chandler enters}

Chandler: (notices Monica) hey, hey, hey, wacha doiní you know coffee isnít good for the babies, gimme that (takes the cup)
Monica: címon this sucks, if I canít have coffee what the hell am I gonna do all day. Anyway have you seen Rach she left really late last night and hasnít been home since
Chandler: Iím sure sheís fine sheís a big girl. You need to stop worrying about everyone
Monica: okay youíre right. So what time do you want to go shopping today
Chandler: anytime you want
Monica: how about now
Chandler: okay where to?
Monica: first Baby Gap then to (continues listing baby stores as they exit)
Chandler: (under his breath) great now what did I get myself into

 [Richardís apt]
 {Rachel and Richard are under the blanket waking up}

Rachel: hey honey (kisses him) what time is it
Richard: itís 8:15am
Rachel: oh shoot I have to go to work, but first I have to go home and change
Richard: okay Iíll give you a ride
Rachel: but what if someone sees us, I mean Chandler and Joey already know, but what if Monica finds out before Iím ready to tell her
Richard: weíre going to have to tell her sooner or later, it might as well be sooner
Rachel: youíre right how about we all have dinner tonight
Richard: that sounds like a good idea
Rachel: (getting up) well Iíll see you tonight

 (She kisses him then leaves)
 [Central Perk]
 {Phoebe on the couch and Ross enters}

Ross: hey Pheebs wacha up to
Phoebe: nothing, you?
Ross: nothing (sees something through the window) hey was that Rachel. Why would she be coming home at 8:30am if she just has to go to work in like fifteen minutes anyway
Phoebe: I donít know. Monica and I have noticed been acting funny too
Ross: speaking of Monica, she said she had some news about the baby, do you know what it is
Phoebe: yeah
Ross: well what is it
Phoebe: sheís having twins!
Ross: sheís, what thatís so great! Iím gonna go congratulate her. See you
Phoebe: bye

 (He leaves)
 [Monica and Rachelís apt]
 {Ross enters}

Ross: Mon you here? I just wanted to congratulate you about the twins. Mon?
Rachel: (comes out of her room) sheís not here I think sheís out with Chandler
Ross: oh. Hey where were you so early this morning
Rachel: (hurrying) nowhere. Hey you know what Iím late so I have to go bye

 (She leaves)

Ross: (to himself) well nice talking to you too. Alright then

 (He leaves too)
 [Chandler and Joeyís apt]
 {Joey is watching TV and Ross enters}

Ross: hey
Joey: whatís up
Ross: do you know where Rachel was this morning? Because she wonít tell me
Joey: (turns off the TV and turns to Ross) you might want to sit down for this
Ross: (sits) why is this bad
Joey: Rachelís been having a secret affair with Richard
Ross: Richard whoÖ Monicaís Richard! Dr. Burke!
Joey: well heís not Monicaís Richard anymore now heís Rachelís Richard
Ross: does Monica know
Joey: are you kidding look Rachelís still living
Ross: so how do you know
Joey: Chandler saw them kissing in a restaurant
Ross: wait Chandler knows and Monica doesnít I donít know if I like the idea of him keeping secrets from her
Joey: woah chill out dude. Rachel said that she was going to tell Monica herself
Ross: yeah okay

 [Cut to Chandler and Monica shopping]

Monica: (picking up an outfit) oh isnít this just adorable
Chandler: (not really listening) huh? Oh yeah sure
Monica: (concerned) Chandler, honey whatís wrong
Chandler: oh nothing I was just thinking
Monica: about what
Chandler: (holding a stuffed animal) I wasÖ you know just wondering if Iím gonna be a good father or not
Monica: you are, and I have no doubt about it but thatís not whatís bugging you
Chandler: youíre right but I donít know if I should tell you
Monica: (getting upset) tell me!
Chandler: well I kinda know Rachelís secret, but sheís gonna tell you herself
Monica: well how do you know
Chandler: I found out on my own but if she doesnít tell you by tonight Iíll tell you myself because I hate keeping secrets from you
Monica: thanks sweetie but Iím sure sheíll tell me in her own time

 [Chandler and Joeyís]
 {Ross and Joey are there hanging out}
 (Chandler enters)

Chandler: hey guys
Ross: (in his own way) hi
Chandler: (to Joey) whatís up with him
Joey: he found out about Rachel
Chandler: okay good now we have to get her to tell Monica
Ross: we canít force Rachel to tell Mon
Chandler: well theyíre both over in their apartment right now, so we might not need to

 [Monica and Rachelís]
 {Monica is eating and Rachel is pacing}

Rachel: umÖ okay Mon (sitting down) listen Mon
Monica: oh honey what is it
Rachel: remember when you and Chandler were secretly together. Well of course you remember it was just last week
Monica: (impatient) God Rach just get to the point!
Rachel: (startled and quickly) Iíve secretly been going out with Richard Burke!
Monica: (shocked) excuse me, Richard! You were with Richard the other day? How could you do this to me? You know I donít even talk to me, because god knows I wonít be talking to you (she leaves in anger slamming the door)
Rachel: (crying, goes to the phone and dials) hi I told Monica and sheís pretty upset, I donít think she wantís to see me for a while so can I stay at your house
Richard: (on the phone) sure
Rachel: okay Iím just going to get some things together and Iíll be right over

 [Chandler and Joeyís apt]
 {The guys are talking and Monica enters crying but walks straight into Chandlerís room with out saying anything}

Chandler: (watches her walk right by) um Iím guessing she talked to RachelÖ maybe I should go in and see if sheís okay
Ross: good idea, Iím going to check on Rach

 [Chandlerís room]
 {Mon is on the bed, crying, Chandler enters and comforts her}

Monica: this is the secret that you knew? Why didnít you tell me?
Chandler: you told me not to, and I thought it would be better if Rachel told you herself. Iím so sorry
Monica: thereís nothing for you to be sorry about, itís not your fault that sheís a back stabbing bitch
Chandler: now thatís no way to talk about your best friend
Monica: best friend? Yeah right! How many best friends do you know that date your ex-boyfriend!
Chandler: well technically I donít have any ex-boyfriendsÖ
Monica: Chandler! You know what I mean!
Chandler: okay, okay letís look at it this way, shall we? You broke up with Richard and now heís free to date anyone he wantís and besides youíre over him so it doesnít matter. You are over him arenít you?
Monica: of course Iím over him but that has nothing to do with anything. Everyone knows the most important unwritten rule of dating
Chandler: which isÖ?
Monica: (who by the way has stopped crying) never date your friendís ex! I mean how would you feel if Joey started dating Kathy again
Chandler: I see your point but even if Joey dated Kathy, Janice, or any of my other ex-girlfriends none of them would matter to me as long as I had you
Monica: did I ever tell you that you were a great ass-kisser. You know what Iím gonna try and not let Rachel and Richard bother me
Chandler: thatís all I ask (kisses her)

 [Rachelís and Monicaís apt]
 {Ross and Rachel are talking}

Ross: how can do this to her, Monica is your best friend
Rachel: well she kept her and Chandlerís relationship secret
Ross: yeah well Chandler isnít one of your ex-boyfriends, who you really loved
Rachel: I know, I know but I donít know what to do, I mean I really like Richard
Ross: I know but is he really worth jeopardizing a friendship? Did you even at all think of Monica? How did this happen in the first place?
Rachel: well it all happened kinda fast, Iím not even sure how. See called for Monica the other day and well she wasnít home so we started talking, one thing led to another and the next thing I knew I was on a date with him.
Ross: why did you accept
Rachel: I donít know maybe because I didnít want to be alone anymore

 (Monica enters)

Monica: (to Rachel) hi can I talk to you for a sec
Rachel: uhÖ sure
Ross: Iíll just go

 (Ross exits)

Rachel: listen Monica Iím so sorry I didnít know what I was thinking, Iím so sorry
Monica: (softly) itís okay
Rachel: it isÖ why?
Monica: Iíve decided Iím just gonna let it go, itís been three years since we broke he can date anyone he wants
Rachel: thanks Mon (they hug) but I canít date him anymore, it just wouldnít feel right. Plus I was dating him for all the wrong reasons
Monica: why did you go out with him
Rachel: because I didnít want to be alone anymore
Monica: youíll find some one donít worry. I thought Iíd end up alone then I found the love of my life
Rachel: (sarcastic) and you left him for Chandler
Monica: very funny you know youíre going to find your ďChandlerĒ someday
Rachel: (sarcastic) oh great so Iím gonna end up with a smart-ass who looks gay
Monica: hey Iím trying to be serious here
Rachel: Iím sorry, Iím going to call Richard and break up with him
Monica: Iíll just leave you alone, bye (Monica leaves)

 [Central Perk]
 {everyone but Rachel is there}

Monica: (whiney) but I want coffee
All: (in unison) NO!
Monica: you guys are no fun

 (Rachel enters)

All: hey Rach, hi, etc.
Rachel: hi guys I did it, I broke up with Richard
Phoebe: wait since when were you going out with Richard?
Rachel: you didnít know?
Phoebe: no!
Rachel: oh Iím sorry
Phoebe: see Iím always the last to know!

  The End