Blessed to Know You
By Sammi

I know I don’t normally write anything here, but I need you guys to know that Brooke was previously played by Katie Holmes.  In this fic (and future ones) she’s played by Christina Aguilera. (You’ll find out why in a future fic) So here we go…


[Scene: A street.  Rachel is walking along, eating a pretzel.  She stops when she sees Ross & Brooke at a café, talking and laughing.  Neither of them see Rachel.  Brooke lays her head on Ross’ shoulder.  The camera focuses on Rachel’s shocked face]

Rachel: (O.S.) Who the hell is that?  Ross better not be cheating on me!  Should I go over and confront him?  Or should I talk to him tonight?  (we see Brooke & Ross get up and walk away, Ross with his arm around Brooke’s waist and visa versa.  Focus back on Rachel) I’ll talk to him tonight.  I’d like to see him explain himself out of this one!


[Scene: Monica & Chandler’s.  Rachel, Monica & Joey are there watching TV. Ross enters]

Ross: Hey guys. (kisses Rachel on the cheek) Hey Rach

Joey/Monica: Hey Ross

Rachel: (standing up) I saw you today.  With her.

Ross: Who?

Monica: (mouthing to Joey) Let’s go. (they tiptoe into her bedroom)

Rachel: A girl, a younger girl.  You were in a café.  I saw you.

Ross: (still not getting it) I wasn’t in a café today Rach.  I was at work.  I only left when I met…(trails off, realising who she saw him with)

Rachel: (seeing that he’s uncomfortable) Who?  Who did you meet?

Ross: My sister.

(Cut to Monica & Chandler’s bedroom. Monica & Joey are pressed up against the wall)

Rachel: (through door) You sister?  That wasn’t Mon.  She was a lot younger.

Monica: (realising who Rachel’s talking about) Oh no.

Joey: What?

Monica: Ross went to lunch with Brooke today.

Joey: Who’s Brooke.

Monica: Our sister.

(Cut to living room)

Ross: No, you’re right it wasn’t Mon.  It was my other sister, Brooke.  She’s 22.

Rachel: Oh, so not only are you cheating on me, it’s with someone 12 years younger than you?

{Author’s note: Don’t judge me on the date’s here, I don’t know exactly.  But Ross was 32 in TOW Ross dates a student and supposedly Ross left NY at the beginning of season six.  So that would make him approx. 34}

Ross: Rachel, she’s my sister.

Rachel: Oh? Then how come I’ve never met her?

Ross: She…

(Monica & Joey exit from her room)

Monica: She was always out.  We almost never saw her.  Brooke’s a real party animal.

Rachel: What?  You knew about his relationship with this Brooke girl?

Monica: It’s not a relationship.  Ross went out for lunch with Brooke today.  Brooke told me herself when she phoned earlier.

(Brooke enters)

Brooke: Hi Mon, hi Ross.

Rachel: You!

Brooke: Um hi?

Rachel: You went out with my boyfriend!

Brooke: Are you Rachel?  Ross has told me so much about you.  And your daughter Danielle.

Rachel: (to Ross) Oh so, you tell your girlfriend all about me and our daughter.

Brooke: Girlfriend? Wait, I’m not his girlfriend.  I’m Ross & Monica’s little sister.

Rachel: Yeah, sure.

Brooke: (giving Rachel something) Here’s my driver’s license.  I really am Brooke Geller.

Rachel: OK I believe you now.  Ross I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have accused you like that.

Ross: You should know by now that you’re the only one for me Rach. (they kiss)

All: Aww.

Joey: So Brooke, how you doin’?


[Scene: Chandler & Monica’s.  Rachel & Ross are sharing a chair; Joey & Phoebe on the couch and Chandler on another chair.  Monica and Brooke enter from the spare bedroom]

Brooke: I can’t believe that’s the first time I’ve put my niece to bed.  You must do it all the time Mon.

Monica: I do actually.  Danielle goes to sleep here a lot.  We almost always hang out here.

Ross: (to Brooke) Carol’s bringing Ben over tomorrow.  You can come over and see him if you like.

Brooke: Alright, I haven’t seen him in a while. (Monica & Brooke sit down, Monica on Chandler’s lap and Brooke next to Phoebe)

Chandler: So Brooke, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself.

Brooke: Well,  I’m twenty-one. My birthday is 7th August which makes me a Leo.  I’m a model and a dancer.  I also love partying which is why you never saw me before Rachel, I made it a point always to be out during the festive seasons.

Phoebe: Ooh, can we play Truth?  I know the perfect question for Brooke.

All: Alright/fine with me/why not

Phoebe: Brooke, who’s the person you like the least in this room?

Brooke: (looks around the room) Umm…I don’t think I want to answer that question.

All: Oh come on!

Brooke: OK umm, Monica.

Monica: What?  Why?

Brooke: (smiling) Well, you married Chandler which makes him unavailable for me!

Chandler: What?  You’d really like to go out with me?

Brooke: Sure, who wouldn’t? (Monica smiles and kisses Chandler passionately) Eww, but guys, don’t do that in front of me.

Phoebe: You’re exactly like Ross.  (Brooke looks disgusted) Neither of you like to see your sister kissing a guy.

Ross: Pheebs, it’s not a guy, it’s just…I know Chandler and he’s my best friend.  It’s kinda sick to see your best friend making out with your baby sister…(Rachel kisses him to shut him up)

Brooke: (ignoring Ross & Rachel) I’m happy for you, and if you wait a while, I’ll get used to the idea that I can’t have you.  Then you can do whatever you want.

(uncomfortable silence)

Joey: OK Brooke, it’s your turn to pick someone.

Brooke: Alright, um (looks around the room) Chandler. What is the one thing that would make you happy.  Happier than you are now, I mean.

Rachel: Good question Brooke.

Chandler: That’s easy. (pause while everyone looks at him expectantly) To have a child with my beautiful wife. (kisses Monica)

Joey: What!  You wouldn’t care if Yasmine Bleeth came to your door and wanted to go out with you?

Chandler: Well, number one, Yasmine Bleeth would never come here.  Number two, why would she want to go out with me?  And number three, why would I want to go out with her?  I have a wife who’s prettier than she could ever be. (Joey looks stunned)

Monica: Aww, that’s so sweet  (kisses him)

Rachel/Brooke/Phoebe: Aww, you guys. (sniff)


[Scene: a room.  Joey is there with half a dozen other guys, anxiously waiting.  Another guy comes in {Director}]

Director: Well, we’ve reached our decision. (everyone looks at him expectantly) Joey Tribbiani welcome to the team!

Joey: Oh my god! Thank you so much! (shakes the director’s hand then runs out)


[Scene: Central Perk.  Everyone is there bar Joey who runs in, excited]

Joey: You guys!  I got the job!  I got the job!

Ross: Wait a second, what job?

Chandler: (sarcastic) Oh don’t tell me you finally get to fly to the moon.

Danielle: (making a face at Chandler) No, he got the starring role in the movie. (everyone looks at her) Geez, don’t you guys ever listen.

Joey: She’s right.  I got the role in the new Kevin Costner movie.

All: That’s great Joey/good for you Joe.

Joey: But this means that I’ll have to go to LA for the shooting.  I’ll miss you guys!


[Carol’s apartment.  Ross, Rachel and Carol are there]

Carol: Oh Ross, I need to tell you that I’m going to Boston for work.  I’ll need you to look after Ben for me.

Ross: Sure, how long?

Carol: I’m leaving on the 21st of April and coming back sometime during June.  So about two months.

Rachel: I’m sure Danielle will love having Ben around, they’re so close.

Ross: Speaking of Danielle, we have to go. Ben!  Danielle!

(they come running out of Ben’s room)

Danielle: Yes daddy?

Ross: We have to go honey.  Come on Ben.  (to Carol)  He can sleep over tonight if that’s alright with you.

Carol: Sure.  Ben go get a change of clothes for tomorrow.

(Ben goes back into his room)

Carol: Where are you guys going today?

Rachel: Danielle has a preschool concert tonight.  Ben said he’d like to go.

(Ben comes out of his room with a bag, then exits with Ross, Rachel & Danielle)


[Scene: Monica & Chandler’s.  Everyone is there, bar Phoebe.  Joey has a bag {he’s about to leave for the airport}]

Monica: Now Joey, have you got your passport?

Joey: (checks his pocket) Yep

Monica: Ticket?

Joey: Yep

Monica: Wallet?

Joey: Nope, I’ll go get it (runs out the door)

Rachel: (shaking her head) I don’t know why you bother Mon.  He always forgets something.  We should teach him a lesson.

Monica: I could never let someone purposely forget something.

(phone rings, Chandler picks it up)

Chandler: (on phone) Hello? Yes she is…What?…Oh my god!…We’ll be there right away! (hangs up) That was someone from Beth Israel.  Phoebe’s been hit by a car!




















{Ha Ha J you didn’t think I’d do that to you, did you?}

All: Oh my god!/Is she alright?/What happened?

Chandler: They couldn’t tell me anything over the phone, only that’s she’s stable but in a critical position.

Joey: (entering) I found my wallet! (sees their faces) What happened?

Danielle: Phoebe was hit by a car!

Joey: (his face goes white) What? You’re kidding!  We have to go see her right away!

Ross: But Joey, what about your plane?  You start filming tomorrow!

Joey: To hell with the film, this is my best friend in hospital!  This is more important than my career! (everyone looks shocked) Come on, I’ll phone the director from the hospital. (runs out, followed by everyone else)


[The hospital.  Everyone runs in.  Monica goes to the counter]

Monica: Excuse me mister, do you have a Phoebe Buffay here?

Guy: She can’t see anyone right now. (flirting) But maybe you’d wanna see me some other time?

Monica: See that guy over there (pointing to Chandler)

Guy: Yeah, so what is he your boyfriend or something?

Monica: Well, not exactly…

Guy: (excited) Really?

Monica: …more like my husband (calmly show him her wedding ring and his face falls)

Guy: Oh, well…I…um…Miss Buffay is in a critical condition and she can’t see anyone at the moment.

Joey: (coming over) Listen you.  My best friend is somewhere in this hospital.  And you’re going to tell me where she is!  NOW!

Guy: (scared) Of course. (quickly looks at the computer) She’s in ICU {Intensive Care colleget for you brain-dead people}, room 436.  It’s on the fourth floor.

(everyone runs towards the elevator. They get in, then Danielle turns to face the guy)

Danielle: Oh and by the way, don’t hit on my aunt.

(the guy looks shocked and the elevator doors close)


[Scene: outside Phoebe’s hospital room.  Monica, Chandler, Danielle, Ross & Rachel are sitting on chairs while Joey paces around.  A doctor {Mitch from All Saints} walks out of the room. “Tender” by S2S starts playing]

Doctor: Are you relatives?

Chandler: We’re her best friends.

Doctor: I’m Dr Stevens, Miss Buffay’s doctor.

Monica: Please call her Phoebe, she’ll prefer that.

Dr Steven: Alright.  Well, Phoebe has broken her right arm, her nose and three ribs.  But they’re not a problem at the moment.

Rachel: A broken arm and nose is no problem?

Ross: I think it gets worse.

Dr Stevens: She’s also broken her right collarbone and fractured her leg.  Her right kidney is going to have to be removed. And her left one is damaged, so the best thing would be for her to get a new one.  I’ll be testing each of you to see if you are a match otherwise she’ll have to wait for a new kidney.

Joey: I’ll give her my kidney.

Dr Stevens: We’ll have to see whether you’re a match first.  Phoebe is in theatre at the moment, Dr Forlano is operating on her wrist which was broken in four places.  She also has a nasty gash on her forehead, and she has lost a lot of blood so she’ll be pretty weak for the first few days.

Chandler: (softly) Can we see her?

Dr Stevens: I’ll take you to be tested then maybe you can see her when you come back.  Now could two of you please come with me.

Rachel: I’ll go

Monica: Me too.

Danielle: Momma! (grabs onto Rachel’s hand)

Rachel: Can I bring my daughter?

Dr Stevens: Of course.

(Rachel picks Danielle up and she & Monica follow Dr Stevens down the hall)

Joey: Why do I have to be a match?

Chandler: We have to see whether your blood type matches Phoebe’s otherwise it could make her worse if they’re different.

Joey: I have the same blood type.  Pheebs is O negative and so am I.  I know coz I gave her some blood before remember?

Ross: When did you do that?

Chandler: About a year ago.  Pheebs fell down the stairs and split her head open.  She lost a lot of blood coz no-one knew where she was.  Joey gave her some blood and saved her life.

Joey: yeah and I’ll do it again if I have to.

Ross: Hey Joe, shouldn’t you phone the director soon?  He’s gonna wonder what happened when you don’t turn up at the airport.

Joey: Good idea (walks off)

Lyrics for “Tender” by S2S


Hey now, boy, are all of your friends gone?

In this world, what you got to depend on?

‘Cause you don’t know for sure,

How tomorrow will treat you

You just know for sure,

I’ll treat you right



Tender, baby,

Tender in the night

I’m gonna be, gonna be tender, baby

Tender in the night


Who’ll be there at the end of a long day?

Who will listen when you’re down and lonely?

Don’t you need someone, someone to talk to?

Don’t you know that I’ll make everything alright?



Tender, baby…


When your world tumbles down

And the sun and moon collide

When your pride is on the ground

I’ll be the one by your side


[Scene: the waiting room.  Joey is speaking into a pay phone]

Joey: (on phone) Mr Kingston?…It’s Joey Tribbiani here…I’m not on the plane…Because my best friend was hit by a car, I’m in hospital visiting her…no I won’t fly out later, I’ve got to have an operation.  I’m giving her one of my kidneys…thank you Mr Kingston…really?…thank you!  Thank you very much! (hangs up)


[Scene: outside Phoebe’s hospital room, everyone is there bar Joey who comes running up]

Joey: You guys!  You guys!

All: What?/What’s wrong?

Joey: I still get the part!  Mr Kingston – that’s the director – was so impressed he delayed the shooting!

Chandler: What was he impressed with?

Joey: I told him why I couldn’t fly out, coz I’m having the operation.  He was impressed and said we could delay the filming until I can fly out. Is that cool or what?

Danielle: Yay Joey! (gets of Monica’s lap & hugs him)

Dr Stevens: (walking up) Joey?  I need you to come with me.  You need to be prepped for surgery.

Joey: Bye guys, see you in a while.

All: Bye Joey (Joey & Dr Stevens walk off)


[Scene: outside Phoebe’s hospital room, about an hour later.  Everyone except Phoebe (obviously) and Joey is there, Danielle is sitting on Rachel’s lap and Rachel is rocking her gently {remember she’s only three, she’s frightened!} Dr Stevens walks up]

Dr Stevens: Joey is on his way to theatre now and Phoebe’s getting prepped.  They should be out in an hour or so.

Monica: It’s not a risky operation is it doctor?

Dr Stevens: No, but in Phoebe’s condition it will be a lot more risky. (leaves)

Danielle: Momma I’m scared.  What if Phoebe and Joey die?

Rachel: (stroking her hair) Shh, they won’t die honey. The doctor said they should be fine.

Danielle: They should be.  But what if they’re not?

Ross: (picking her up, holding her close) Danielle.  The doctors are going to do everything they can to make sure the Phoebe and Joey are alright.

Monica: Danni, do you want to go and see the babies?

Danielle: (happy) Yeah!

Monica: Alright then, come on. (takes her hand) Let’s go (to Rachel) I’ll bring her back soon. (to Chandler) Come on honey.

(Chandler takes Danielle’s other hand and they leave)

Rachel: (leaving against Ross) They could almost be a happy family, couldn’t they.

Ross: (stroking her hair) Yeah. I just hope Mon becomes pregnant soon, otherwise she might think about kidnapping Danielle!

(they laugh)


[Scene: outside the nursery.  Chandler is holding Danielle up to the glass.  Monica is looking at them both]

Monica: (O.S.) Look at them.  They look like a father and daughter.  What Chandler wouldn’t give to have a little girl of his own.  Or a boy to play with.  I hope I get pregnant soon.  If I don’t become pregnant soon, I think I should get some help.  We haven’t been using any protection since the honeymoon and that’s been almost four months.

Chandler: Which one is your favourite?

Danielle: Umm, I think that one (pointing) Amber Felicity.  The one in the green.

Chandler: I like that one (points) Christopher Jacob.

Danielle: They are wearing the same colour!  They’re twins!

Chandler: That’s right. (putting Danielle down and going over to Mon) (softly) What about you, which one is your favourite?

Monica: I agree with Danielle. Amber Felicity is the cutest.

Danielle: Can I go in?

Monica: Sure honey, just be quiet. (Danielle enters the room)

Chandler: (hugging Monica from behind) Don’t you wish we had one of these to take home?  Or even two?

Monica: Yeah. (he kisses her cheek)


[Scene: Phoebe’s hospital room the next day.  Phoebe’s the only one there.  She’s just waking up.  She has a cast on her wrist and arm, its strapped to her chest.  Her nose and left leg are in plaster, and she has bandages around her chest and forehead]

Phoebe: Where am I?

Voice: You’re in hospital.

Phoebe: Who are you?

(someone pulls back the curtain separating the two beds)

Voice: Pheebs, it’s me.

Phoebe: Joey?  What are you doing in hospital?  You weren’t in the accident.

Joey: I gave you one of my kidneys.  You needed a new one real bad and so I gave one of mine to you.

Phoebe: Aww, that’s so sweet.

(Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler & Danielle enter)

Danielle: Phoebe!  (runs to her) You’re all right!

Phoebe: Well, sorta.

Danielle: Why are you all white?

Phoebe: I broke my arm.  Do you wanna draw on the cast?

Danielle: (excited) Yeah! (calmer) but in a sec. (goes over to Joey) Joey you’re alright.

Joey: You bet.  And I saved Phoebe’s life.

Danielle: You did?  Yay!  They’re both alive! (runs and hugs Rachel, then runs back to Phoebe) Can I draw now?

Phoebe: Sure honey (hands her a packet of felt pens, she becomes absorbed in her task)

Rachel: So Pheebs, how are you feeling?

Phoebe: Alright.  My wrist aches a bit and my stomach’s sore but otherwise I’m perfectly fine.

Monica: We were so worried about you.  You broke a lot of bones.

Phoebe: How many?

Chandler: Well, your wrist was broken in four places and had to be operated on.  That’s where you were when we first came to see you.  You also broke your humerus, your upper right arm.  You fractured your left tibia, (sees Phoebe’s confused) that’s your lower leg Pheebs.  Three of your ribs are broken, as is your nose and right collarbone. (everyone is looking stunned) What?

Joey: Since when did you know so much about medicine?

Chandler: (sheepish) I majored in anatomy during high school.  I really loved it, but then it sorta fell apart.

Phoebe: You should totally be a doctor.

Chandler: What?  You’re kidding right?

Ross: No Chandler, I think you’ll be a great doctor.  You could go back to school.

Chandler: I dunno.  I might.  I’ll think it over.

(Dr Forlano {Luke from All Saints} walks in)

Dr Forlano: And how are we feeling Miss Buffay?  (Looks at the chart) Sorry, Phoebe.

Phoebe: Fine.  When can I go home?

Dr Forlano: I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a few more days.  You need your ribs to heal, and your nose, before you can go home.  The cast on your leg will come off in about a month, the one on your leg will stay on for at least 8 weeks.

Joey: What about me?

Dr Forlano: You have to stay overnight, then you can go in the morning. Excuse me. (exits)

Rachel: You guys, it’s 12:30 in the morning. (just as she says that, Danielle yawns) I’ve gotta get Danielle home to bed.  But we’ll come by later.

Danielle: Bye Phoebe (and a kiss on the cheek then goes over to Joey) Bye Joe (hugs him then goes to Rachel and she picks her up.  Lays her head on Rachel’s shoulder and waves sleepily)

Rachel: Bye guys

Ross: Bye Pheebs, bye Joe. (the three of them exit)

Chandler: We’d better get going too.  Bye guys.  Come on Mon.

Monica: Bye guys.  (they exit)


[Scene: Monica & Chandler’s apartment four weeks later.  Everyone is there.  Phoebe is lying on the couch, her arm is still in plaster.  Her leg is just out of plaster, it looks thin and weak]

Chandler: You guys, I’ve decided to go back to school.

All: Wow Chandler!  That’s so great!

Danielle: I thought you already went to school.

Chandler: (getting her on his lap) I did Danni, but I’m going back so that I can become a doctor.

Danielle: Like Daddy?

Chandler: Well…sort of.

Danielle: Cool! (Chandler hugs her)

Ross: So you’re going to go back?  Full time?

Chandler: Yep.  I enrolled myself in this morning.  So you’re looking at Chandler Bing, med. student.

Joey: Wow.  So you’re really going to do this?

Monica: (cuddling him) Yeah he is.

Rachel: What are you going to do?

Chandler: Well, I have to try everything out first, then I’ll see what I like and specialise in that area.

Phoebe: What do you think you’re going to do?

Chandler: I dunno.  I might be a surgeon or a paediatrician.

Joey: What’s a ped…pad…that thing you said?

Chandler: paediatrician? (Joey nods) It’s a children’s doctor.

Phoebe: I think you should be a transplant surgeon.  Y’know, do liver transplants and stuff.

Monica: Well, you’ll have plenty of time to think about it while you’re studying.


[Scene: Ross’ apartment.  Rachel, Ross & Danielle are there, sitting on the couch and watching TV]

Ross: (mouths to Rachel) Should we tell her? (Rachel nods and turns off the TV) Danielle honey?

Danielle: Yes daddy?

Ross: Well, you mom and I, well we decided to be together again.  It’s been a while since we decided that, but we just haven’t told you before coz we didn’t want to disappoint you…in case something happened. (Danielle’s quiet)

Rachel: Danielle?  Do you understand what we said sweetie?

Danielle: (looking up) Yeah.  Does this mean you’re gonna get married?

Rachel: No, not just yet.  But we’re going to be spending a lot more time together.

Danielle: OK Momma. (she seems tired; she rests her head on Ross’ shoulder and closes her eyes)


[Scene: Ross’ bedroom.  Ross & Rachel are lying on top of the covers, dressed.  They’re cuddling]

Ross: Honey? (no response) Rach? (still no response) Rachel sweetie. (sees she’s asleep) Oh well. I’ll have to tell you tomorrow. (kisses her cheek and helps her under the covers.  Then he turns out the light and gets under the covers himself)


[Scene: Monica & Chandler’s apartment.  Monica is there, watching TV, Chandler enters]

Monica: (going over to him) So how was the first day at college?

Chandler: great!  I’d forgotten how much fun college is.  I met this really great girl (Monica looks jealous but Chandler doesn’t notice) We talked all lunchtime.

Monica: Really? What’s her name?

Chandler: Julie, Julie Crossway.  She’s also studying medicine.  She’s your age Mon, thirty-three.

Monica: (still jealous) Oh?  And is she pretty?

Chandler: Oh yeah!  She’s really hot! (sees Monica’s face) What’s this? Mon are you jealous?

Monica: (sarcastically) No, my husband just told me all about this really hot girl who’s my age.  He’s studying medicine with her, so he gets to see her every day.  But no, I’m not jealous.

Chandler: (sarcastically) Thank god.  (serious) Mon you’re the only girl for me.  Didn’t you hear what I said to Brooke the other day? The only thing that could make me happier than I am now is to have a baby with you.

Monica: (almost in tears) Then why are you telling me all about this great girl you met at college?

Chandler: (taking her in his arms) I’m going to set her up with Joey.  Hopefully they can hit it off.

Monica: (tears in her eyes) So you’re not attracted to her?

Chandler: Well, yeah, but no more than a friend.  No more than I’m attracted to Rachel or Pheebs.

Monica: Alright then (they hug)


[Scene: Rachel’s apartment.  Rachel is there, working at the kitchen table.  Ross exits from the bathroom]

Ross: Rach?

Rachel: (turning around) Yeah honey?

Ross: Will you move in with me?

Rachel: (surprised) What?

Ross: I was thinking and…I want you and Danielle to move in with me.

Rachel: Don’t you think it’s a bit fast?  We only started dating three months ago.

Ross: I know but Rach, (taking her hands and leading her over to the couch) I love you so much, I wanna see you next to me every morning when I wake up, and not have to dread the time when you have to leave.

Rachel: (kissing him) OK.

Ross: Really?  You really mean that?

Rachel: (kissing him again) Yes.


[Scene: Monica & Chandler’s apartment.  Everyone is there]

Chandler: So you guys are going to move in together huh? (whispering to Monica) I remember when we first moved in together.

Monica: (smiling, also whispering) Me too

Joey: Where are you guys gonna live?  Your apartment’s too small.

Ross: I dunno.  I guess we won’t move ‘til I find a bigger place.

Monica: Hey the upstairs apartment is for sale.  I heard about it the other day.  The owner is moving to Chicago and he wants to sell it quickly.  It’s pretty big, about double the size of Joey’s apartment.

Rachel: Wow!  (to Ross) Do you wanna go see about it?

Ross: Sure. (they exit)

Joey: Pheebs?  You’ve been really quiet lately.

Phoebe: I know, I’m just really tired.

Chandler: (looking at her) Pheebs, you looks really pale.  You should get some rest.  Haven’t you been sleeping?

Phoebe: No, I can’t sleep.  I don’t know why.

Danielle: You probably drink too much coffee before you go to bed.

Monica: Sleep here tonight Pheebs.  I’ll help you figure out why.

Phoebe: OK.


[Scene: Real Estate office.  Ross is signing something the Real Estate Agent (Agent) is holding.  Rachel is standing next to him]

Ross: There.

Agent: Alright Mr…(looks at the form) Geller.  The apartment is yours. (exits)

Ross: Did you hear that Rach?  We got the apartment! (lifts her up and hugs her)

Rachel: Ross!

Ross: Sorry (puts her down)

Rachel: But I’m really happy! (kisses his cheek)


[Scene: airport.  Ross, Rachel, Ben & Danielle are saying goodbye to Carol]

Carol: (hugging Rachel) Goodbye Rachel.  See you soon. (hugs Danielle) Bye Dani. (hugs Ross) Bye Ross, I’ll miss you.

Ross: I’ll miss you Carol. (kisses her cheek)

Ben: Bye mom. (hugs her tightly) See you in two months.

Carol: Bye guys. (she gives her ticket to the stewardess and gets on the plane)


[Scene: Rachel’s apartment.  There are boxes everywhere {It’s moving day}.  Rachel comes out of Danielle’s room carrying a box labelled “Toys”]

Rachel: (speaking over her shoulder) Are you sure you got all your toys?

Danielle: (following her with a doll {Bronté, the one she got at ChristmasJ} Yes Momma.

(The camera pans over and we see Ross taping up another box labelled “Albums”

Ross: (picking up the box) This is the last one.  (looks around) Are you sure you’ve got everything?

Rachel: Yep.

Ross: Well, I guess this is it.

Rachel: Uh huh.  Goodbye apartment.

Danielle: Bye bye.

(Ross & Danielle exit, Rachel stand in the doorway for a moment, then exits and closes the door)


[Scene: Rachel & Ross’ new apartment.  Everyone is there, and Danielle is giving them a tour {cute huh?}J]

Danielle: Here’s Momma & Daddy’s bedroom (pointing).  And this is my room! (goes in, and jumps on the bed)

Joey: Wow Dani, you have a cool room.

Danielle: I know.

Monica: Do you want to finish, or stay here with Joey?

Danielle: Stay here!

Rachel: Alright honey, we’ll finish. (she leads them out)

Phoebe: God that girl is so smart!

Chandler: Yeah, don’t let her get too close to Joey, she just might outsmart him. (they all smile)

Ross: Here’s the two spare rooms.

Monica: So which one will be the nursery when you guys have more kids?

Rachel: (looking into Ross’ eyes) I don’t know.

Phoebe: Well this looks really good guys, I hope you’re happy.  I feel like some coffee.  Monica, Chandler, wanna join me?

Monica: Sure. (they exit)

Ross: So do you want to have another child?

Rachel: Yeah but not yet.  Let’s spend some more time with ourselves and our daughter first.

Ross: OK.


[Scene: Monica & Chandler’s apartment.  Monica enters, looking shocked, but happy.  Chandler enters from their bedroom & walks over to her]

Chandler: What’s up honey?

Monica: (really excited) I’m pregnant!

Chandler: Wow!  Are you sure?

Monica: Yeah, I just went to the doctor.  He confirmed it.

(Chandler lifts Monica up and spins her around.  Then he puts her down and they kiss. Everyone else enters, including Ben)

Joey: Ni-ice

Monica: (breaking) Joey!

Ben: So what’s with the celebration? (they all sit down)

Chandler: Should you tell them, or should I?

Monica: You do it.

Danielle: You’re pregnant!

Monica: What!  How did you know?

Danielle: Well, it couldn’t possibly be anything else, coz you guys are so happy.  If you were getting a divorce, or couldn’t have children, I doubt you’d be this happy. (everyone looks stunned) What?

Phoebe: How do you do that?

Danielle: I just observe everything around me.

Rachel: Well, you better stop observing so much, coz otherwise you might get into trouble! (starts tickling her, Ben joins in)

Danielle: (laughing) No Momma!  Ben! Stop!  No!

Ross: Ahh!  It’s the tickle monster (also starts tickling her & Ben)

(everyone else smiles.  The phone rings & Monica picks up.  Ross & Rachel stop tickling Danielle)

Monica: (on phone) Hello?…I’m his sister…Yes he’s here…I’ll get him. (puts her hand over the mouthpiece) Ross it’s for you.

Ross: Who is it?

Monica: I’m not sure.

Ross: (he takes the phone from her) Hello?…Yes this is he…Oh my god!…(solemn)…oh…OK. (hangs up) That was the hospital.

All: Oh my god/What happened?/Is everything alright/What’s wrong Daddy? {they last one’s Danielle & Ben together}

Ross: (emotionless) Carol’s dead.

(Scene fades out)


I don’t normally write these, but I just wanted to explain why Danielle is speaking so well.  I decided that, since she’s Ross’ kid, she’s probably really smart.  So she talks like a six-year-old instead of the three-year-old that she is.