Written by Greta

Based on the character of serial FRIENDS created by Kevin Bright-Marta Kauffman-David Crane.


When I have started this fanfic I have a mind to write something of totally different. Sort of a continuation of my fanfic "The one with the bet" but then I have realised I hadn’t the right inspiration.

I feel as if I was hanging in space between the 4th season finale and the 5th season premiere so I’m able to write just something about that moment, sorry if I’m repeating myself.

Ross and Emily’s wedding.

MINISTER – To Emily – Shall I go on?

EMILY - Ross?

ROSS – Uh …

EMILY – Ross reply to me, "Has he got to go on?"

Ross deeply breathes, looks at Emily, then at Rachel and at Emily again. Finally he nods.

EMILY – Fine – to the minister – Please do.

MINISTER – a bit puzzled –Emily, are you sure?

EMILY – Yes, sure, ‘cos you love me Ross, don’t you?

ROSS – Yes, of couse – he turns towards the crowd –Mr. and Mrs. Waltham and all of you, I’m very sorry, what I’ve just done is unforgivable, but fortunately I’ve next to me a wonderful woman who, I’m sure, will take care of me and she’ll make me happy!

MINISTER – Allright, as you wish, go on.

Time lapse.

MINISTER – I pronounce you "Husband and wife".

Ross and Emily hug and kiss. The church is silent, nobody knows what to do, someone is still shocked. Rachel, self control, starts clapping and pleople do the same.

Time lapse. Ross and Emily are congratulating with their friends and folks.

ROSS – approaching at Rachel together with Emily – I don’t know what to say but I’m happy.

RACHEL – I’m happy for you and for you Emily.

The 2 girls, after a moment of hesitation, hug then Emily’s captured by Monica and Rachel hugs Ross thinking "Goodbye forever Ross", she trembles.

ROSS – perceiving her tremor – Hey, I should tremble not you! I was going to break my wedding off. She smiles but her eyes are veiled of tears.

ROSS – intensely peering into her eyes, sweetly - Rach, are you well?

She nods.

ROSS – It doesn’t seems so to me.

They deeply look at each other.

ROSS – pale – Rach … you’ re .. rrr … - in a whisper - I’m married now …

RACHEL – calm – I know Ross … and stop worrying about me, you’ve got someone else you have to take care of … I know you’ll be happy … I draw aside now.

She parts from him and leaves.

Few months later. Well into autumn. The weather is pretty cold and rainy. Few things have changed during this time. The sure thing is that Phoebe gave birth to "her" babies who now are living with mom Alice and dad Frank, but Phoebe is always present in their life, she’s kind of a special aunt.

Chandler and Monica, who had stopped their "relationship" for a while, are going to set in motion again, perhaps due to the Thanksgiving atmosphere, but till now nothing happened. Only stealthy glances and fast pinches everywhere.

Joey is dating his new girlfriend, knew during a party on Halloween. He got the mask of a crow and she was an owl so they paired.

Rachel is dating Gunther. Well, not exactly "dating". He is still trying to ask for her to go out together but officially he was just able to meet her at home. Anyway Gunther has been in the 7th heaven since his detested rival left the scene (but not Rachel’s heart).

Ross and Emily are still in that pink phase of the marriage in which there are only kisses, smiles and stuffs. Emily found a job by a library and Ross is still working by his beloved museum.

The "cohabitation" between Rachel and Emily went good for a while, but one day they realised that there is no feeling and now just kindly bear each other.

Central Perk. The evening before Thanksgiving. All in, less Joey. They are sitting down their usual places, Rachel is next to the bar talking to Gunther who is in ecstasy.

GUNTHER – So, with whom are you going to see the New Year in?

RACHEL – smiling – I don’t know Gunther, we’re just on Thanksgiving.

GUNTHER – Oh … but Y’know the saying "Make hay while the sun shines" …

RACHEL –joking – Well, currently it’s raining …

GUNTHER – What do you think – next to faint – we … might we wait for it together?

RACHEL – astonished – You and I? Together?

GUNTHER’S THOUGHT - "I want to be your lover Rachel, I want, want, want" – Yes – in a rush of courage or rather of unconsciousness – you’re made for me and I’m made for you so … well we’ll enjoy a lot together – realising what he’s just said he blushes and losing his control pours some coffee on his pants, ehm a bit under the navel and … ahi ahi ahi he blushes again –

Ross, who is sitting down next to them, picks these latest sentences up and, who knows why, his heart starts madly beating.

EMILY – Isn’t it Ross?

ROSS - …

EMILY – Ross???!!!

ROSS – What?

EMILY – Were you listening to me?

ROSS – Sorry honey, I was lost in thoughts. I’ve … I’ve got some problems at the museum – ah ah lie, Ross!

EMILY – Some problems? Why didn’t you tell me?

ROSS – I didn’t want you to worry about me!

EMILY - I’m your wife Ross. You must share with me every hard moment. Anyway we’ll continue this speech at home. I was saying before that we’ve decided to spend our first Thanksgiving day alone.

ROSS – Oh, sure, alone. And you guys what are you doing on Thanksgiving?

Emily’s look "What do you care about?"

ROSS – Never mind!

Joey enters together with his new girlfriend, a tall girl with black hair and blue eyes, very charming. Chandler, Ross and all the men present at Central Perk, even Gunther, open wide their eyes.

JOEY – Hi people. This is Veronica. Veronica these are my friends.

ALL – Hi.

At this point the argument "thanksgiving" is over and the attention – chiefly men attention – moves on Veronica.

JOEY – When I saw her at the party, though she was wearing a owl-custom, I thought "This is the woman of my life"

The girls look at each other smiling. Even Rachel and Emily smile each other. The men are listening very interested.

VERONICA – So Ross you deal with "dead things" too. You dinosaurs, I corpses!

All, well less Joey, have a surprised look.

CHANDLER – nosy - Are you a doctor? A coroner? Do you make autopsies?

VERONICA – NO, no and no.

JOEY – "known" look – She’s working by the morgue!

CHANDLER –spitting all his coffee on Ross – What??? … Ops, sorry Ross..

VERONICA – I put make-up on corpse faces.

MONICA – You make-up ..

VERONICA – Yes, so they appear nicer!

There’s a moment of silence due to the shock.

PHOEBE – Oh and ehm … how … how is going your work?

VERONICA – innocently – Well, to be honest lately it’s pretty calm but I hope that with the cold, the fog, the snow, the crashes will increase and the big dinners of Christmas time will do the rest, and things will go better! Y’ know I’m paid …. How can I say, yes "piecework".

At this point women touch wood, men touch … I can’t write what! And all look at Joey who is blissfully adoring Veronica.

Thanksgiving. Ross and Emily’s apartment. They are in bed, and now after a day of "movements", are eating.

EMILY – pouting -You couldn’t’ stop watching at her.

ROSS – falling from the clouds - Her???

EMILY – Yes, her!

ROSS – Rach.

EMILY – Rachel??!! What about Rachel!!?? I was speaking about Veronica.

ROSS – Who?

Emily glares at him.

ROSS – Oh, Veronica, yeah, Joey’s new girlfriend.

EMILY – furious – Rachel, I knew I’d have heard her name again.

ROSS – Come on Emily. Don’t be so drastic. I could have said Monica, Phoebe, it’s the same thing.

EMILY – But you’ve said Rachel and it isn’t the same thing.

ROSS – trying to flirt – Honey, please don’t argue. It’s our first Thanksgiving. Come here. We’ve still got 2 hours before reaching the other, we can enjoy again.

He tries to kiss her but Emily gets up and shuts herself in the bathroom up. Ross puffs.

Gilrs’ apartment. Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Veronica are in. Ross and Emily, made peace, come in.

ROSS – Hallo, here we are, happy day everybody!

EMILY – Yeah, everybody!

MONICA – Good day today, isn’t it?

ROSS – Top secret!

He and Emily kiss.

EMILY – seeing Phoebe’s "almost babies" – Oh, they are so lovely. Ross, don’t’ you feel any inspiration?

Everyone watches at Ross.

ROSS – Well, Emily we just married. I’d like to stay a bit alone with you. We don’t know very well each other yet.

EMILY – mortified – Yeah!

PHOEBE – smelling - Wait, I know very well this kind of smell. Who gives me a hand with the diaper?

Chandler + Joey + Veronica have a disgusted look.

EMILY – I’m coming Phoebe. I’ve already had a long training with my cousin’s baby.

She and Pheebs make for the bathroom. Ross approaches at Monica who is in the kitchen arranging for a cake.

ROSS – Where … uh… is…. Uh Rachel?

MONICA – Out together with Gunther.

ROSS – swallowing – Gunther? Is she really dating Gunther?

MONICA – Well "dating", not exactly "dating" … at least I guess … Ok, I dont’ know what’s really happening between them.

ROSS – Oh … 

Rachel, laughing, comes in together with Gunther.

RACHEL – Hi everyone and Happy Thanksgiving.

GUNTHER – Yes, happy.

MONICA – Fine, all we are. I can cut my "pumpkin cake". Gunther, Rachel sit down please.

GUNTHER – No, I can’t stay. Unfortunately - devouring Rachel with his eyes – I have to come back to Central Perk.

PHOEBE – What a pity!

He leaves and Rachel meets him in the hallway shutting the door behind her.

CHANDLER – What do you think it’s happening outside there?

JOEY – Do you bet I know?

CHANDLER – Me too.

MONICA – Rachel and Gunther???!!!
ROSS – Come on you guys …

VERONICA – What’s weird? He looks so sweet.

RACHEL – entering – Ok, done! Where’s my piece of cake?

CHANDLER – Done what?

RACHEL – Chandler everyone has his secrets!

CHANDLER – thinking of Monica and him, blushes – No, I haven’t. You know everything, and underline everything, about me.

JOEY – Y’know lately I was wondering if you are normal.

CHANDLER – So, why shouldn’t I be normal?

JOEY – What about that pair of panties hidden in the sugar basin under the sugar?

CHANDLER – quickly watching at Monica – What pair of panties?

JOEY – Don’t feign with me, you’ve got a woman! And sooner or later I’ll find out who she is.

All the eyes are pointed on Chandler, even Monica’s eyes who is worrying about the latest words said by Joey and about what Chandler is going to say.

CHANDLER – Well, there is no woman. I’ve stolen it in a store just because I’m missing a woman and then … then I’ve hidden my stolen goods.

Everyone have a look "Come on Chandler it’s so clear you’re fibbing".

MONICA – OK guys stop torturing Chandler, please eat my cake otherwise I feel hurt.

Gilrs’ apartment. Some days later. Emily and Monica are sitting at the table, talking. Nobody else is present.

EMILY – Monica I know he’s your brother but I have no friends here and I have to talk to someone about this stuff, so…

MONICA – Hey, I’m your friend!

Emily – Sorry, ok, it’s just … just ..

MONICA – What, what’s up darling? – thinking "Oh my God, I look like mom more and more"

EMILY – Well, it’s a delicate argument.

MONICA – sweetly – Tell me.

EMILY – May I have some tea before?

MONICA – Sure – she pouring some tea.

EMILY – taking the cup between her hands – Ok – breathes – Ross and I had no sex since last Monday.

MONICA – trying to joke – Well, what’s strange, I had no sex since months!

EMILY – not laughing – We had sex practically every day, well not exactly every day but I couldn’t complain!


EMILY – Year!

MONICA – a bit embarrassed – Well, maybe he’s a little tired, lately he’s working a lot!

Emily has sort of inconsolable look.

MONICA – Ok, listen, every couple runs between ups and down ..

EMILY – After 5 months of marriage?

MONICA – I’m sure you are exaggerating this thing.

EMILY – deeply breathing – I know I’ll hate myself for what I’m asking for you but I have to know ..

MONICA – What?

EMILY – How it was between Ross and Rachel? The sex I mean, have they never had ups and down?

MONICA - Well, Emily, why will you talk about Ross and Rachel, their relationship ended, now Ross loves you, he’s your husband!

EMILY – imploring eyes - Monica please, answer to my question.

MONICA – Well … - hesitating – well …

EMILY – Your hesitation is a reply for me. They’ve never had ups and down.

MONICA – Yeah, ever, well at least, for what I could see and ehm .. hear, well, my bedroom is next to Rachel’s one.

EMILY – tearfully – I knew that. Rachel had been special for Ross and maybe she’s still.

MONICA – No, not more.

EMILY – See Monica, Ross told me about Carol and Julie and also the others but when I touch the matter "Rachel" he stops and curls up like a hedgehod meaning "No Emily, Rachel and all what I lived with her are mine and I will share with nobody".

MONICA – Why are you so hard with yourself?

EMILY – I’m not hard … I’m just realist.

MONICA – Listen, in that way you’ll ruin everything good there is between Ross and you. I’m sure he is waiting for you with open arms, so go home Emily and don’t think of Rachel anymore.

EMILY – standing up and moving towards the door – I’d really like to believe in what you are saying Monica. – She goes -

MONICA – Me too.

Central Perk. All present. Joey is gazing upon Veronica who is talking to Gunther.

CHANDLER – Well what about New Year’s night?

PHOEBE – joyful humming – Oh I know, I know … We are going to mountain!

ALL – Really?

PHOEBE – always humming – Yeah, yeah. My customer who lent us his house in Montauk, now is lending us his house in mountain, well if we want …

JOEY – Yes we want!

ROSS – Yeah, why not. It’s ok for you Emily?

EMILY – Yes ok.

JOEY – Nobody put the razors in his baggage! – Ross and Rachel have a quick look.

EMILY – What?

ROSS – Nothing, nothing. It’s an old tale.

PHOEBE – Fine. Well, I guess there won’t be beds for all of us but we’ll manage.

ROSS – small look at Rachel – Emily and I just need a small place cos’ we’ll stay close together.

RACHEL – small look at Ross – Gunther you come too, don’t’ you?

GUNTHER – With you?

RACHEL – Sure, what question!

GUNTHER – next to breakdown – Ok.

VERONICA – Perfect, we’ll enjoy together.

Library. Emily is on a ladder arranging for a shelf.

VOICE – English accent – Excuse me?

Emily turns thinking "Finally someone familiar" and actually the person is more than familiar.

COLIN – Hi Emy.

EMILY - almost falling from the ladder – Colin …

COLIN - Hey pay attention, will you fall into my arms right in front of all those people? – she smiles – Are you fine?

EMILY – nodding - Yes, well Colin you’re really the latest person I thought I would have met today, well and tomorrow and …

COLIN – Ok, I allow you to be a bit surprised. I’m on holidays.

EMILY - Oh, … alone …

COLIN – laughing – Yes alone I haven’t found yet who could bear me.

They laugh and all the people present in the library look at them.

EMILY – Sorry …

COLIN – When do you stop working?

EMILY – In half a hour …

COLIN – Ok, what do you think if I take a book waiting for you so we can go somewhere to have an aperitif and a friendly chat? Have you the "retreat"?

EMILY – No, it’s ok, I’ll just call and advise Ross.

COLIN – Perfect!

Girls’. Rachel is alone. She’s sitting next to the window and is watching outside thinking of her, Ross, Gunther and Emily.

RACHEL’S THOUGHT – Why I can’t stop thinking of you Ross. You have been married for 6 months. By now, our lives parted and I’m still longing to stay with you, to kiss you … What I’m doing with Gunther is dishonest. I don’t love him. I can’t love him. I’m making use of him not to think of you. That’s not right. I’ll break your heart, Gunther, but I can’t go on making fun of you.- She sighs and wipes a tear from her eyes – Where are you Ross? I can’t think of you and her together, God Ross I miss you so much!

Ross enters.

ROSS – Hi.

RACHEL – without voice – Hi.

ROSS – Hey I’m not a ghost! Allright maybe I’m not in my best shape but … It’s allright?

Rachel sadly smiles. Ross sits down next to her.

ROSS – What’s up?

RACHEL – Thoughts and you?

ROSS – Emily’s just phoned me and said she was going to have supper with Joanna.

Small silence. Ross starts playing with the curtains and Rachel is watching at his hands which are nervously moving. Finally Ross finds the courage to say what has been running into his mind since some days.

ROSS – Are … uh .. you … are you persuaded on what you are doing with Gunther?

RACHEL – Am I looking little persuaded to you?

ROSS – Y’know I hate when you answer me with another question! – both have an agreement look - Anyway you seem me too persuaded Rach. He’s not good for you –vere very sweet way able to dissolve an iceberg – and you know very well he isn’t. Rach, he’s so dissimilar from you. You need someone who takes care of you, who makes you laugh, who is able to read inside of you and understand when you’re happy, or sad, when you need love or when you want to stay alone, when you want to make love or when not and … you need … need ..

Rachel – tearful eyes – Who?

Ross gazing at her for a while, Rachel’s eyes are so full of love that Ross can’t go on watching at her so he moves his glance away from Rachel concentrating his attention somewhere on the horizon. He perceives that her glance is on him and deeply breathes for 2 or 3 times then look at her again. Rachel can see that he’s just tried to keep tears.

ROSS – God Rach, stop looking at me in this way, I can’t bear … I …I have … I have to go now, you know I have to go.

Rachel nods. He gets up moving towards the door.

RACHEL – Sorry Ross.

ROSS – It’s ok.

RACHEL – Just be friends, Ross …

ROSS – leaving – Yes friends ….

Colin’s hotel. The coffee-house. He and Emily are sitting down a secluded table and it seems they are enjoying a lot.

EMILY – Colin you’re always the same, you are able to change a bad thing in something of amusing. I never got bored with you!

COLIN – And with him?

EMILY – getting serious – He’s my husband Colin.

COLIN – Well I was asking for you if you get bored not your degree of relationship.

Emily sighs and keeps silent.

COLIN – Tell me you’re happy Emy.

EMILY – Don’t worry about me Colin I’m fine.

COLIN – Allright, see, I’m not fortuously here. I’m coming for you.

EMILY – in a whisper – For me?

COLIN – Y’know our friends are the same and I knew what happened at your wedding, I mean his "weird mistake" and since I knew that I haven’t been able to stop thinking of you that have been living with him. I had to come here to check if you’re really happy Emy.

EMILY – You’re really sweet but Ross isn’t a monster. He’s very solicitous and is taking care of me. – trying to be as much spontaneous as possible - Ross and I are perfect together.

COLIN – Y’know I’m dating an unbelievable woman, kind of that vamp you can’t help turning to look at her in the street. Ok, let me tell you she isn’t very clever but the rest, y’know it’s really WOW.

EMILY – Oh, Colin,I wouldn’t believe not even if I could see …

COLIN – looking at her straight in her eyes - It’s exactly what I was going to say you before.

At that point Emily gives up and her eyes fill of tears.

EMILY – See Colin, I can’t say I am not happy with Ross, it’s just … just I miss something, I don’t know what but it is missing me.

COLIN – clasping her to him - Allright now you’re really sincere. Emy, I wouldn’t lay my finger on the sore point but, why did you want your wedding to reach the end? I mean the man you’re getting married says the name of his ex in his vows, it was so clear he was still thinking and loving her. The heroines’ time has ended!

EMILY –crying desperately – God Colin, I feel the glances of all those people on me .. I go away.

COLIN – I can’t let you go away you’re too upset …

EMILY – I can’t stay here …

COLIN – Ok, I take my key. We go into my room.

Well, Colin and Emily get on Colin’s room and of course the inevitable happens.

Girls’ apartment. Mid December. Monica is getting ready to meet Emily. Chandler comes in.

CHANDLER - sexy voice – Hi my love.

Monica smiles.

CHANDLER – I bet you’ve got something to offer to a yearning and nice-looking man and y’know what I mean.

MONICA – Yes I believe to know …

CHANDLER – Perfect don’t waste our time it’s so hard to stay alone in there.

MONICA – Ehm … truly I should meet Emily in half a hour.

CHANDLER – pressing her against the sink – Don’t you know how many stuffs we can do in half an hour?

MONICA – locking the door -No, I don’t.

CHANDLER – Well I’ll be your teacher and you my student.

 A pub somewhere along the Hudson River. Emily is sitting down waiting for Monica and is nervously drumming with her fingers on the table. Monica arrives.


MONICA – Hi, sorry for the delay but I’ve had an unexpected thing.

EMILY – Something wrong?

MONICA – still thinking of Chandler, daydreaming – No, at all, on the contrary … WOW.

EMILY – Monica it seems you have just won a big prize at the lottery.

MONICA – It isn’t nearly so but the effect is the same. Anyway, we are here for something else. Well Emily what are you happening, you were so agitated on the phone this morning, maybe I’m getting aunt again?

EMILY – What?! Aunt??? Oh, no, no, I’m sorry, it’s a completely, different stuff.

MONICA – a bit disappointed - Oh. Allright, I’m hearing.

EMILY – Well, …. Uh …

MONICA – realising that she’s embarrassed – Maybe it deals with sex again?

EMILY – NO … Perhaps … Yes!

MONICA – lightly punching her arm - Come on, I’m your friend …

EMILY – in a rush - Ok, I had sex … a lot of times!

MONICA – See, what I’ve told you, he just needed time.

EMILY - "He" is not Ross, Monica.

MONICA – pale and looking around - Not Ross???!!!

EMILY – Yeah …

MONICA – upset, angry, embarrassed at the same time, aloud almost screaming – Had you sex with another man? Emily, how could you make such of a dishonest and dirty thing. I can’t hear more! I don’t want to be your accomplice.

EMILY – Shhhhh be quite… - next to tears -Monica, you’ve just said you’re my friend!

MONICA – Yes, but he’s my brother.

EMILY – starting crying – I … I have to talk to somebody about that … I have – crying more and more - Please Mon listen to me, please …


EMILY – Be my friend.

MONICA – touched – Alright, alright, first off breathe and blow. Ok, now tell me but please don’t go into details.

EMILY – Ok thank you, thank you. "He" is Colin!

MONICA – Colin!!?? Your ex-boyfriend Colin??!!

EMILY – Yeah … He is in N.Y. and we … we have been … dating in secret since last Monday.

MONICA – echo, unemotional – Last Monday… .

EMILY – And all our dates stop in his hotel bedroom ..

MONICA – Bedroom …

EMILY – But the worst thing is that I’m not repenting of what I’m doing!

MONICA - .. not repenting ..

EMILY – excited – I didn’t remember I felt so wonderfully with him …

MONICA - … wonderfully with him …

EMILY – Sorry, but you look like "the cat and fox of Pinocchio’s story"

Writer’s note – The cat and the fox of Pinocchio’s story always repeated what the other was saying.

MONICA – Emily, may I be a little shocked? You, my brother’s wife, are telling me you have a lover, how do you think I’m feeling?

EMILY – Yes, sorry. Anyway I’ve just decided I’m going to tell Ross everything.

MONICA – pop-eyed – WHAT? Emily no, you’ll break his heart.

EMILY – Y’guess he’d be happier if someone else told him about this stuff?

MONICA – No, but things could even change, settle…

EMILY – No, I don’t believe … See that Colin thing is making me think over about our very quick marriage, about his mistake, ehm y’know Rachel’s name.

MONICA – This is an old thing.

EMILY – No, it’s not and anyway, even if it was that way, I can’t keep silent anymore.

MONICA – Why would you speak with me if you’ve already taken your decision?

EMILY – Maybe cos’ I was thinking you could understand me.

MONICA – I’m sorry Emily but probably I’m old-fashioned and I’m not able to understand this stuff.

EMILY – Tell me just one thing. If it had been Ross to tell you that stuff, how would have you reacted?

MONICA – having a moment of silent and deeply breathing – Ok, you’re right. I’d not have been agreement whit him anyway, but maybe a little more understanding. Yes, sorry, it’s just.. Well, I really wished that this thing could work good between Ross and you.

EMILY – Me too Monica and believe me, I’m sincere.

MONICA – Yeah – getting up – Don’t be too hard with him.

EMILY – Yeah, it’ll not be an easy thing but I have to do it! See you Mon.

MONICA – See you Emily.

Ross and Emily’s apartment. Ross is frying some potatoes and looks at the watch. Emily is late, again. After some minutes she comes in.

EMILY – looking at Ross then at the potatoes - Hi.

ROSS – Hi. Hey, they aren’t burnt just a little brown. Emily???

EMILY – What?

ROSS – The potatoes …

EMILY - Yes potatoes … Listen, I’m seeing Colin!

ROSS - low voice – Sorry?

EMILY – Colin …

ROSS – Colin … yeah Colin … you are seeing Colin …

EMILY – Well "seeing" isn’t really the right word.

ROSS – Oh – he watches at the potatoes trying to recover from that stab – Emily …

EMILY – I’m sorry Ross, I don’t know what else to say.

ROSS – I believe you’ve already said everything. – They sadly look at each other - I don’t believe I’ll eat potatoes tonight. Well, I don’t believe I’ll eat nothing tonight. I go there.

EMILY – Ross??

ROSS – without turning – What?

EMILY – I’m going to sleep on the couch tonight and maybe also tomorrow night.

ROSS – As you wish Emily.

She looks at him who is shutting the door.

EMILY – I’m sorry Ross. Really …

Central Park (yes Park). Rachel, is relaxing on a bench warming with the faint sun which moves in and out of the clouds.

VOICE – Hi Rachel.

RACHEL – opens her eyes and sees Ben with a blonde little girl, hand in hand – Ben, hi.

BEN – This is Lisa.

RACHEL – Hi, Lisa.

LISA – timid and with one of her finger into her mouth – Hi.

BEN – We are getting fami … famil ..

RACHEL – Familiar ..

BEN – Yes, dad says that it’s important.

RACHEL – It’s true.

ROSS – coming behind them – Ben, I’ve said "familiar" not "hide" – seeing Rachel – Hey, hi, relax?

RACHEL – half sweet and half sad – Hi, yes. – pointing Ben out - Is it your turn today?

ROSS – Yes, we are waiting for Susan, Carol is working late this evening.

BEN – Dad, may I go?

ROSS – Yes.

Ben and Lisa leave and Ross sits down a log in front of Rachel.

ROSS – We haven’t been seen since few days.

RACHEL – Yeah!

ROSS – News?

RACHEL – shrugging her shoulders – No, y’know job, stress, some coffee, a picture …

ROSS – Unable to refrain himself - Are you still going out with Gunther?

RACHEL – smiling – Sometimes.

ROSS – Oh, you don’t give up, don’t you?.

RACHEL – Ross, on the contrary of what you’re thinking I feel good with him, allright he’s a little weird but on the whole he’s amusing. I believe he’s been in love with me since I started working at Central Perk.

ROSS – slowly – I felt good with Emily too.

RACHEL – Sorry?

ROSS – Nothing.

SUSAN – with Ben in her arms - Hey sweethearts, hi.

ROSS – Amusing, very amusing!

SUSAN – Why, aren’t you in love? Who sees you together would answer "yessss".

Ross and Rachel have a moment of defaicence.

SUSAN – I’ve just caught this latin lover with a "woman".

ROSS – thinking to say a gag – You’ve caught a woman too, Susan, and that woman was my wife.

RACHEL – heating Ross’head – Ross .. come on …

SUSAN – aping Ross’voice -Amusing, very amusing. – Susan’s voice -Ok - taking Ben’s stuff - It’s better we go now, I’ve to arrange for supper before Carol comes home and plus it’s starting raining. Ben greets dad and Rachel.

BEN – Hi.

ROSS AND RACHEL – Hi Ben, hi Susan.

ROSS – Y’know, sometime, well often, I envy them, I mean Carol and Susan. Their relationship is perfect. They are living in a sort of symbiosis. It’s hard to build such of perfect thing…

RACHEL – Yeah.

ROSS - And when finally you succeed in, you lose everything in a night!

RACHEL – Roooosss …

ROSS – Sorry …

RACHEL – Now you’re building the same thing with Emily.

ROSS – serious – We haven’t been sleep together since Tuesday night.

Rachel looks at him, wondering "Why?"

ROSS – watching his shoes – She’s seeing someone else. Well, to be precise "someone else" is Colin!

RACHEL – in a whisper – Colin? That Colin?

Ross nods. She stands up and sits next to him.

RACHEL – Are you sure?

Ross nods.

RACHEL – Well "see" doesn’t mean do … do …

ROSS – No, it really means "do", surely means "do" as Emily told me.


The rain start falling down enough heavy and the dark is coming but none of two are paying attention to that.

RACHEL – sighing – Are you fine Ross? No, sorry, I’m an idiot, what I’m saying, you can’t be fine. You’ll feel awfully.

ROSS – Yeah!

Rachel gets up kneeling in front of him and almost without realising takes one of his hand.

RACHEL – Listen Ross, maybe she’s passing through a small crisis of nostalgia, probably she ..

ROSS – interrupting her – Rach, I feel bad just because I don’t feel awfully like I should feel. I mean, my wife is dating someone else I’d be desperate but I’m not. Ok, maybe my pride is a bit hurt but nothing more.

They deeply gaze at each other, then Ross brushes away some drops of rain from Rachel’s face, like it was the most spontaneous thing he could do and is going to approach his lips at Rachel’s.

RACHEL – removing his hand from her face – No, Ross!

ROSS – I was really believing I could love her, really, but you … you’re always so alive inside of me.

RACHEL – getting up – Ross please, it’s so hard for me to live next to you trying to consider you just a friend and sometime I feel so powerless against myself …

ROSS – Why didn’t you tell me that day?

Rachel turns pale.

ROSS – Y’believed I didn’t realise that? Well, y’know I’m able to read inside of your eyes.

RACHEL – in a whisper – Cos’ I love you so much and I didn’t want to upset your life.

ROSS – I don’t want you to date Gunther, I can’t even imagine that someone else could take your hands – he takes her hand -, touch these lips – he touches her lips –, press this body against his and …

RACHEL – moving back from him – Stop Ross, stop, I can’t hear more, you’re forgetting you’re married, and even though your marriage isn’t going as you wish you have to try to save it, you – crying – you have to try Ross …

She runs away and Ross moves behind her.

Time lapse. Rachel, soaked, reached her house and now is trying to open the main door that, due to the rain’s a bit expanded and won’t open.

RACHEL – fighting with the handle – Come on, come on open you, open you …

ROSS – soaked too, comes – It’s doesn’t work?

Rachel dissents.

ROSS – Let me give you a hand.

RACHEL – No, thanx, it doesn’t need.

She, puts both of her hand on the handle, still fights with the door for a while but it doesn’t give up.

ROSS – approaching at her, sweetly – Let me help you Rach.

She, without raising her head, dissents again but Ross puts his hands on Rachel’s trying to turn the handle and their fingers cross. Both of them watch at their hands, then Rachel lifts her face looking at him and leans her forehead against Ross’chest. He slips his hand in her wet hair fondling her nape. Then moves Rachel’s face next to his. She’s crying.

ROSS – Rach, do you really want me to save my marriage?

She first nods, crying, then dissents and leads her lips against Ross’s kissing him with all her love. Ross clasps her lifting her off the ground and seats her on the railing of the landing. They stop kissing and, always hugged, deeply look at each other.

ROSS’THOUGHT – I love you Rach. I wish the time stopped in this moment, so I could stay close to you forever.

RACHEL’S THOUGHT – I love you Ross. I feel so alive when we are together.

They start kissing again careless of the rain and the people who, passing, can’t help watching at them.

ROSS – Lets go upstairs Rach.

RACHEL – dissenting and removing him from her – NO Ross, not in this way, it seems to me I’m stealing something.

ROSS – You aren’t stealing anything Rach, and you know that you aren’t.

RACHEL – coming back to the reality - Go home Ross, we have already had our chance and we wasted it. You’re married now and maybe this Colin thing is happening just because Emily feels alone or …

ROSS – Rach I lov …

RACHEL – God Ross only I do know how much I’d start again with you but now it’s too late, I would have stopped you the days of you wedding but I couldn’t and now I have to stop you. I know I’m deciding for both of us but, believe me, it’s better this way. Go home Ross if you and Emily got married it’s cos’ you love each other so try to rediscover this love, don’t give up Ross.

ROSS – How can I go home if my heart wants to stay here with you?

RACHEL – No, get it away Ross, give her.

Suddenly the door is open and Chandler comes out.

CHANDLER – Hey, what are you doing here? It’s raining.

RACHEL – Yeah, you’re right Chandler, I go upstairs, see you guys.

She goes shutting the door behind her. Ross stands watching at the closed door.

CHANDLER – Hey man, what’s up? If it wasn’t for the rain I’d bet you’re crying.

ROSS – I’ve just said good-bye to my life.

CHANDLER – To your life …

ROSS – Yeah,- sighing - Ok I go home, g’night Chandler.

CHANDLER – thoughtful – Goodnight.

Girl’s apartment. Rachel gets in, mad and crying.

RACHEL – Damn that day I fell in love with you!

MONICA – Hey ..

RACHEL – surprised – Oh you’re here.

MONICA – Hon what’s up you look so .. so … you look! Tell me what’s going awry? – thinking "first Emily now Rachel, if I fail like cook I could try like psychologist!"

RACHEL – I’m just in love with the wrong guy!


RACHEL – Emily and Ross are at daggers drawn. Well Ross told me Colin come here looking for Emily and she … she let him … ehm … find her.

MONICA – Yeah, I know.

RACHEL – Y’know?

MONICA – Emily told me. See, she needed someone who listened to her and I was there so …

RACHEL – Mon, why …

MONICA – Didn’t I tell you? Well cos’ Emily begged me to say nothing anyone and then you’re, yeah you’re too involved emotionally in that stuff so … Rach, forgive me for what I’m going to say but I was afraid of knowing what was happening you could, how can I say, get an advantage.

RACHEL – sadly – Monica if I had wanted to take Ross away from Emily I would have done it before their wedding.

MONICA – I know, I’m sorry, really hon, forgive me, it’s just … well sometimes it seems to me Ross’s still so bound to you, I mean he can’t bear you’re meeting Gunther, he’s worrying about you, see, last night when you were too late he had been so nervous till you weren’t back.

RACHEL – If I hadn’t stopped him few minutes ago, he surely would have kissed me and now I wouldn’t be here talking to you but there – pointing her bedroom out – with Ross and you don’t know how much I would!

MONICA – hugging her, sweetly – I know hon, I know.

RACHEL – making for the bathroom – Anyway as for me I’ll do nothing in order to ruin their marriage.

MONICA – Rachel? I’m sorry for what I was thinking about.

RACHEL – Never mind.

Few evenings later. Ross and Emily’s apartment. Ross comes back home and finds Emily in their bedroom.

ROSS – Joyful mood – Hi honey.

EMILY – without looking at him – Hi.

Ross is a bit down-hearted due to Emily’s greet but won’t give up.

ROSS – Listen, I was thinking of us today and I’ve realised that what’s happening is stupid I mean …

EMILY – I’m leaving Ross.

ROSS – noticing her baggage – Leaving?

EMILY – Yeah, I’m coming back home.

ROSS –This is your home Emily.

EMILY – No Ross, sorry, my home is there. I mean in England and probably next to Colin but I’m not sure enough about that yet. See Ross, - turning and looking at him - meeting him again and making love to him I remembered all what we shared together, our long nights in which we stayed awake speaking, our walks along the Tames, the Sundays spent by the racecourses, in short all that lovely things and deep emotions that I never felt with you though I loved you and I had been happy with you ….

ROSS – Emily …

EMILY – Maybe we thrown in this marriage too soon. Both of us were trying to come out or forget an important relationship but I’ve realised they are still living inside of us. I see how you look at her, Ross and how she’s hardly fighting not to throw herself in your arms and if she haven’t done yet it’s cos' I’m here. Y’ know, somehow I’m admiring Rachel, I’ve just dashed in Colin’s arms as soon as he offered me … - they look at each other again – Yeah, I’m saying good-bye Ross and I know you’ll suffer and me too but I’m sure I’m doing the right thing and also you’re.

ROSS – I don’t know what to say Emily. I know you’re right .. It’s just … now you’re leaving and I … - moving to tears – I’ve loved you Emily, really …

EMILY – I know Ross, I’ve loved you too.

They hug.

EMILY – sighing and parting from him - I have to go now, greet the other and kiss Ben.

ROSS – I’ll do Emily, take care of you.

EMILY – approaching at the door – You too Ross. Bye.

ROSS – Bye Emily.

Boys’apartment. Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel are there planning their holidays. Veronica and Gunther aren’t there cos’ they’ve gone to see an exhibition of embalmed reptiles and kind of a horrifying things.

JOEY - Ok we need 2 cars …

Ross enters.

JOEY – Hi, hey where’s Emily?

ROSS – In London?

JOEY – That London?

ROSS – bad mood – How many London y’know?

Joey keeps silence.

MONICA – worried - Oh and … when … when is she coming back?

ROSS – Ever!

Rachel’s heart madly beats.

MONICA – Did Colin leave with her?

ROSS –Y’knew about Colin?

MONICA – Yeah, I was … was becoming her … her close friend..

ROSS – Monica!!!

MONICA – Allright, tell me what could I do? She begged, implored me and y’know I have got such of a tender heart.

CHANDLER – Hey man, I don’t know if what I’m saying can comfort you but you are worth 100 Colin! Plus noone can stay without having sex!

ROSS – beliewered - Y’knew too?????

Typical Chandler’s gaffe and typical Monica’s glare at him.

ROSS – Allright, who of you was acquainting with that stuff raise the hand.

All the presents raise their hands

ROSS – I could bet on it, but I won’t know who started blurting that cos’ I could kill tonight! So, what were you talking about?

JOEY – Well, holidays, but if you won’t come we’ll understand.

All nod.

ROSS – sour mood – Why shouldn’t I come? It’s Emily who came back to London not me!

MONICA – Allright, allright. We were saying we need 2 cars. Pheebs’ car it’s one the second …

ROSS – Carol lends me hers.

MONICA – unnatural mood, almost spelling – Ok, perfect, we h a v e t w o c a r s a n d e v e r y t h i n g i s g o i n g g o o d …

ALL – less Ross – Yes g o o d …

ROSS – Hey stop acting in this idiot way! Ok I’ve been dumped from my wife but I’m not getting stupid!

CHANDLER – Right, you’re right. Forgive us.

ROSS – Ok, forgive me too. Well, who is coming with me?

MONICA – Chandler, Rachel and I. Joey, Phoebe, Gunther and Veronica are going to leave the day before.

ROSS – Ok now it’s better I go, yes before you start again watching at me with your sort of pitiful glances.

PHOEBE – Well I think all of us should go, it’s enough late.

Chandler’s bedroom. The door’s locked. Chandler and Monica are in bed, sweated.

MONICA – WOW it was better than a sauna. – looking around the room - Have you already got ready your baggage?

CHANDLER – There is no baggage.

MONICA – No baggage? And where are you putting your stuffs?

CHANDLER – No stuffs. I’m not going and you either!

MONICA – No???

CHANDLER – No. Well, imagine 2 empty apartments without people around, just you and I. We could even turn around in a "nature" way.

MONICA – Nature way? Oh, sure, nature way and, and what kind of pretext we’ll find?

CHANDLER – Aren’t you getting your period?

MONICA – No, just ended, don’t you remember?

CHANDLER – No, and you?

MONICA – Yes of course … oh, right right, time flies.

CHANDLER – Fine, and I’ll say, I’ll say … well I’ll say something …

Suddenly someone turns the handle. Chandler and Monica start. She quickly hides behind the curtains.

JOEY – Chandler? Hey Chandler it’s locked.

CHANDLER’S THOUGHT – You clever boy!

JOEY – Who were you talking to?

CHANDLER – glancing through the door – It’s the TV.

JOEY – What TV? There is no TV inside there!

CHANDLER – Have I said TV? Well I would say radio!

JOEY – extending his neck trying to see in - The lunch is ready.

CHANDLER – I don’t eat. Today it’s a fasting day.

JOEY – It’s not Easter time.

CHANDLER – Well I fast on Christmas time too!

JOEY – Why are you naked?

CHANDLER – looking at himself and hiding such a part of his body – I’m taking a sauna!

JOEY – There????

CHANDLER – Yes. goodnight!

JOEY –idiot look – G’night. … G’night? It’s 1 p.m. – aloud – Bye Chandler and bye to you, whoever you’re. I’m leaving. See you tomorrow, Chandler.

Girls’. 31th Decembrer.

RACHEL – Mon, are you ready?

MONICA – pretending to be sick – I don’t believe I’m coming.

RACHEL – What’s up?

MONICA – My period …

RACHEL – surprised - Now??? Is it already spent a month?

MONICA – Well, not exactly a month, but y’know how these stuffs are going, you’re a bit late, you’re a bit ahead and this month it’s "ahead"!

RACHEL – So, won’t you come?

MONICA – Not won’t I can’t. Y’know I’d be unmanageable and hateful, I’d surely ruin your holidays …

ROSS – coming in, aloud – Monica, Rachel I’ve got the car downstairs in an unhappy position and if I catch a fine Carol will kill me!

RACHEL – Monica doesn’t come.

ROSS – Menses?

RACHEL – Yeah …

ROSS – Fine, Chandler has got menses too …

Rachel’s look "what??"

ROSS – Believe me it’s exactly what he’s just told me …

Chandler comes in, shuffling his feet.

ROSS – Look, he seems more dead than alive!

RACHEL – Well, it’s better I call Veronica!

MONICA – Ah ah ah, y’believe I’m happy to spend my holidays at home?


ROSS – Come on Rach, lets go before menses come us too. Where is your baggage?

RACHEL – In mountain, I gave them to Phoebe. Mon, Chandler do you need someone to be with you?

C + M – No, no, no …

Ross and Rachel look at each other.

MONICA – Ehm, we’ll keep company each other.

RACHEL – Sure?

MONICA - Yeah!

CHANDLER – Will you go please, don’t you see how is snowing?

MONICA – And don’t forget the sketch Phoebe made for you, you could lose … and should come back home …

RACHEL – Don’t worry here it’s.

ROSS – Ok my friend lets go, bye people.

Ross and Rachel leave, Chandler and Monica start jumping for the happiness.

CHANDLER – Alone, finally we’re alone …

ROSS – entering – This is the telephone number if you need … - seeing Monica and Chandler that are jumping the words dies on his lips – help … You need more than a help you need a psychiatrist…

CHANDLER – This is my foolproof remedy against the pain!

ROSS – shutting the door – An epidemic of silliness broke out inside there! It’s better I go before being infected! – He moves towards the stairs but suddenly stops – Monica and Chandler?? Noooo, yes! Oh God. He shakes his head and almost falling from the stairs joins Rachel.

Carol’s car. Ross and Rachel are in and keep silent. They are listening to the radio broacasting the beautiful Queen’s song "Too much love will kill you".

After covering the highway they are entering the road for the mountain. Ross is driving and Rachel is his "navigator". The snow stopped falling but the road is pretty impracticable.

ROSS – Where are we going? Look around Rach, there is no a living soul.

RACHEL – Maybe people have already reached their holiday places …

ROSS – Maybe … well what is Pheebs’map saying?

RACHEL – We have to go straight ahead till we find a motel.

ROSS – Ok, ahead looking for a motel …

Time lapse.

ROSS – Ok, the motel is there and now …

RACHEL – And now, now – running over the map - we have… ok, we have to turn!

ROSS – Well, surely we have to turn cos’ there is a fork, so right or left …

RACHEL – looking at Ross with a worried glance – She didn’t write …

ROSS – almost pulling away the map from Rachel’s hand – Let me see .. Turn, nothing else than turn. - He puffs and Rachel sighs. – If you knew what I’m thinking of Pheebs you blushed!

RACHEL – Ok see, there are two roads, one right and one wrong, I’d say …

ROSS – Yeah …

RACHEL – I’d say right, the right is right!

ROSS – smiling – Ok, it’s just the same, lets try.

Time lapse. About an hour later. Ross stops the car giving up.

ROSS – Listen, I’ve seen some houses before so it’s better we go back asking for information.


ROSS – If I think that probably Phoebe is warming their feet in front of a fireplace ..

The car skids.

RACHEL – Be calm Ross!

They reached a lean urban center, well 3 houses. Rachel comes down from the car and sinking into the snow try to reach one of them. Ross, pretty nervous, sees her who is moving from the 1st house to the 2nd and then to the 3rd.

ROSS’ THOUGHT – What kind of language is spoken here, is it possible noone helps her?

He is going to get off but sees that Rachel’s coming.

RACHEL – breathless, entering the car blowing on her hands - Well … they … they ..

ROSS – They?

RACHEL – Well – deeply breathing – FOR SALE.

ROSS – For sale? Have they thought you are going to buy their houses?

RACHEL - No, for sale, each house has got a sign "FOR SALE".

Ross, desperate, lowers his head on the steering wheel.

RACHEL – Well look at the positive aspect.

ROSS – Is there a positive aspect in this dreadful trip?

RACHEL – Yeah , grumber, the positive stuff is that we could spend our Nes Year’s night in a dry place.

ROSS – I believe we’ll find neither a lit fireplace nor a prepared table in there inasmuch as noone will open us the door!

RACHEL – reproaching look – If you go on grumbling instead of moving your nice butt from that seat, surely, sooner or later, someone will find us frozen in there.

She moves toward one house and is going to reach it when a snow ball hits her. She turns and sees Ross who is going to fling again.

RACHEL – Do it and in two seconds you’ll look like a snowman!

Done! And in 2 seconds Rachel looks like a snowman.

ROSS – approaching at her and helping her to clean the snow, sweet mood – You are beautiful Rach …

RACHEL – deep look – And you are my …

ROSS – Yes I know, friend …. Are you really belieing that we’ll find one of these houses open?

RACHEL – always cleaning herself – Y’know what? The next Halloween you could ask for Veronica or Joey to lend you one of their custums!

Ross smiles. They reach the house.

ROSS – turning the handle – Y’ see? It’s locked.

Rachel – No problem.

Ross, raising on his eyebrow, inquiringly looks at her. She takes an hairpin from her hair and starts fumbling at the lock.

Ross – Hey, what … what are you doing?

Rachel’s look "In your opinion what am I doing?"

Ross – This is called "house-breaking".

Rachel – always fumbling – Listen pressure cooker try to let your valve out before entering there otherwise I let you freeze here.

Ross - whistling like a pressure cooker - Ok, done!

RACHEL – Good and wait, wait … yeah, here we are. Et voila, please my friend come in, you’re welcome!

ROSS – stunned, enters – I went out with a burglar for an year without knowing that!

RACHEL – entering too, aloud – Hallo is there noone?

ROSS – starting – Are you mad?

RACHEL – laughing – No, I was just verifying that nobody was in.

ROSS – Rach you first have broke open and then you’ve checked. It shouldn’t be vicevarsa?

RACHEL – shutting the door – Don’t be so fiscal. Anyway if I’ve good understood you’ve never done such of infringing thing.


RACHEL – How could you come back home without noone caught you red-handed when you were late?

ROSS – innocently – I’ve never been late!

RACHEL – surprised – Ever? Neither one night?


Rachel – Really?

ROSS – Yeah! Allright stop watching at me like I was a monster. You instead, it seems you manage very well with these stuffs.

RACHEL – I was late 3 nights on 2!!

ROSS – Oh …

RACHEL – Ok see this thing in this way, once you taught me how to do my laundry and now I’ve just taught you how not to get an icicle.


RACHEL – I know what are you thinking of, you’re thinking that what I’ve taught you is outlaw and what you’ve taught me is just … just useful. And do you know what I’m thinking about?

ROSS – Yeah, that I‘m a coward.

RACHEL – No, I shouldn’t say a coward, you’re … are… "always under control" I mean your brain is always in motion "This is no good" "This is no right" " This is …

She stops as Ross is pouting.

ROSS – Rach are you telling me off?

RACHEL – sweetly – No, I’m just saying you should let you go sometimes.

ROSS – Look that lately it’s you who are always under control.

RACHEL – pretending not to care what Ross’s just said - Come on give a look at this house.

She starts running through the rooms. Ross still stands in the hallway observing her.

RACHEL – from the kitchen – Ross, everything is so nice here, look at this kitchen, it’s a dream!

Rachel runs all over the house, she looks a little girl excited, with red cheek and the hair on her face. Ross is always following her and suddenly a deeply happiness bursts into him. Meanwhile Rachel stops right in front of him.

RACHEL – Are you still thinking we are outlaws?

Ross dissents.

RACHEL – catching his hand – Ok, lets go upstairs.

And without waiting for his answer she drags him behind her. The 2nd floor, there are only empty rooms and some bathrooms.

RACHEL – Fine, if we had to pee for the freeze we shouldn’t have problems.

ROSS – aloud – There’s another stair. I think it leads to the garret.

He goes upstairs and after some problems he can open the garret-door. He enters, there are some spider’s webs on the ceiling and around the skylights but all around is pretty clean and tidy. Some furniture are heaped up in there and shielded by covers. Ross raises the covers and sees a piano, he plays few notes thinking "really out of tune". On a night table he finds a frame with the picture of 2 old persons, a woman and a man, who are happily smiling each other.

RACHEL – fearful as the garret is pretty dark – Ross, are you here?

ROSS – Yes, I’m. Come here.

She approaches at him and sees the photo.

ROSS – Maybe they are the house-owners.

She takes the frame and reads two names "Margaret and Edward", then removes the other covers discovering a wardrobe and a bed with a lose colour mattress. Her bell grumbles.

ROSS – Are you hungry? Aren’t you?

RACHEL – A bit.

ROSS – I don’t believe we could find something to eat in there and neither outside. Look – pointing the skylight out – it even starts snowing again.

RACHEL – Y’know this travel is remembering me that film with Steve Martin and John Candy, y’know they was desperately trying to reach Chicago before Thanksgiving … I can’t remember the title.

ROSS – Yeah, I’ve focused. The scene in which the car is burning is really amusing. By the way, maybe in Carol’s car there is something … wait I go and see.

He leaves. Rachel is alone, she gets one of the covers and bets it, then as she start being cold, due to her wet clothes, puts it around her shoulders and starts prying into the wardrobe drawers finding a box binds with a red ribbon.

RACHEL’S CONSCIENCE – This is not your stuff.

RACHEL’S CURIOSITY – looking around – Yes but nobody sees.

R. CONSCIENCE – Should you be happy if somebody spied in your stuff?

R. CURIOSITY – Come on Rachel, you’ve just broken open and now you stop in front of a box?

Rachel’s curiosity wins and she opens the box finding a lot of pics.

Cut on mountain. A cottage somewhere in the white and silent American mountains. Phoebe, Joey, Veronica and Gunther are in the sitting-room. Veronica is watching out from the window, melancholy.

JOEY – approaching at her – Hi sweet.


JOEY – Are you sad?

VERONICA – Another death is coming!

JOEY – Who is dying?

VERONICA – This year.

JOEY – Oh …

VERONICA – It’s so sad Joey and noone can do something to save it.

JOEY – looking comfort in Phoebe who is really warming their feet in front of the fire and in Gunther who has just finished to polish all the glasses he found – This has been happening for centuries.

VERONICA - Yeah, and if everybody fossilises like you this situation will go on for the eternity. Why a year can’t last 3 years? Why everything must be so static and obvious?

Joey is out-side.

VERONICA - And then all this snow …

PHOEBE – Well we are in December, in mountain and usually…

VERONICA - interrupting – Do you know if it goes on snowing in that way we could even die inside there?

JOEY – What?

VERONICA –Yeah, die! In 1972 a plane crashed on the Ande and the survivors trying not to die, had to feed with human meat!

GUNTHER – Yes, I remember, I saw the picture.

PHOEBE – We aren’t on the Ande!

VERONICA – Well, Ande or not this place give me the creeps!


GUNTHER – Joey, who of us would you like to you eat?

JOEY – looking at Pheobe who is moving her worried glance from Veronica to Gunther – Listen, what about a small walk before becoming dark?

GUNTHER – Won’t you answer Joey?

JOEY – Pheebs you come, don’t you?

PHOEBE – putting her socks – Yes, yes, of course.

And they go out quicker than lighting.

JOEY – Both of them are totally crazy.

PHOEBE – Yeah, and we have to spend all night long in their company. I’ll lock in my room.

JOEY – worried - Well, I can’t lock in my room. Veronica is sleeping with me …

PHOEBE – seraphic – Well, if something will happen to you – she makes a sign meaning "if someone will cut you neck" – we will know who to eat if we get cut off in there.

Back to Ross and Rachel. Ross’s back with some peanuts and corn flakes.

ROSS – Look, I knew I’ve found them, Carol always keeps a box within her reach, y’know for Ben and I’ve found a bottle of something too. He opens the bottle and tests it. It’s frozen apple-juice and this is one of my sweater so you can changei, you’re wholly wet.

RACHEL - Yeah , thanks to you!

ROSS – The idea of snowman hasn’t been mine!

RACHEL – pouting – Will you get out for a moment?

ROSS – Not problem, but if you are guessing I don’t remember how you’re done, you’re really wrong, cos’ see, I really remember everything about you, I mean your tatoo, that small scar and chiefly that nice birthmark you have, well you know too where it is – Rachel smiles and he goes out – Pay attention to the spiders!

Time lapse. Ross and Rachel, who is wearing Ross’pullover, are crouching on the bed.

RACHEL - Will you a cover?

ROSS – No, I’m fine – he is watching at the skylight – That evening was snowing too.

RACHEL – What evening? .. – realising – Oh …

ROSS – I’m sorry Rach. Really. When I think of that night …. We surely should be still together if I hadn’t been so idiot … if …

RACHEL – Ross, please, stop with all these "if". It happened Ross, we can’t get back and then it wasn’t only your fault. I was so busy with my job that I couldn’t see what you’re feeling and what I was losing – sighing – Anyway, I don’t want to think of the past anymore and you too, stop fretting, you just ruin your life in that way.

ROSS – Yeah …

RACHEL – showing him the pics – Look at what I’ve found.

ROSS – Oh, found? Where?

RACHEL – In that drawer.

ROSS – reproaching glance – Rach …

RACHEL – Come on Ross …

ROSS – Ok, make me see – he takes some pics – Margaret and Edward?

RACHEL – giving him other pics – Yeah, watch, their wedding, a Christmas, at the sea …

ROSS – showing Rachel a photo with Margaret,Edward and a lot of children in front of the house- Hey, y’believe those are all their sons?

RACHEL – WOW, if it was that way they had been very prolific, kind of a "Bradford family".

ROSS – Yeah.

RACHEL – It’s so strange Ross.

ROSS – What?

RACHEL – Their life is shut up in this box.

ROSS – running over Rachel – And in this garret is shut up mine..

RACHEL – sweetly smiling – You really don’t give up, don’t you Ross?


RACHEL – Be my friend!

ROSS –agitated - I don’t want … I don’t want to be your friend Rach, at least not how you mean and …- calm and sweet mood - neither you want.

RACHEL – moving on the other side of the bed, calm – Some peanuts, corn flakes?

Ross dissents.

RACHEL – Apple-juice?

ROSS – I just want you, Rach…


Silence. On the garret floor we can see the shadow of 2 skylights in which some snow flakes are dancing and the shadow of a bed where two figures, a men – first shadow - and a woman – second shadow -, are sitting down. The men shadow is leaning his back against the head of the bed while the woman’s is on her knees. They are motionless and staring each other. After a while the first shadow stretches one of his hands out towards the second one who deeply breathes, then catches the stretched hand and moves towards the guy squating between his legs. The man shadow draws away his back from the head of the bed approaching at the girl’s. They search into their eyes to find out feelings held in for too long. Then the second shadow tenderly caresses men’s cheek, he takes her chin leading his lips against her and the 2 mouths blending in a long and involving kiss.

RACHEL – drawing just a little away from Ross to be able to watch at his eyes – Y’ believe that 2 friends like us could make love together tonight?

ROSS – I believe that these 2 friends will make love together all their life long.

They kiss.

RACHEL – I never stopped loving you for a second! – kiss -

ROSS – I thought I would have been able to forget you but everytime I hugged you and not just in those moments, my heart yelled "you are in love with her, she’s the one you want" and I always gagged it, till at my wedding, my heart shouted so much that .. well, what I said you know too.

RACHEL – Crying – When I heard you’re saying "go on" my heart stopped beating.

ROSS – touched – When I realised you still loved me my heart stopped beating.

The are deeply looking at each other.

ROSS – putting one of his hand under "his" pullover and pressing it against Rachel’s breast – Now it seems it’s working very well.

RACHEL – holding Ross’hand on her breast preventing it from parting – It’s you who makes it work.

ROSS – I love you Rach.

RACHEL – I love you Ross.

They kiss, well not only "kiss".

Ok, it’s better we leave Ross and Rachel alone and we go to mountain seeing what is happening.

Mountain. Around midnight. The cottage is wholly dark. What’s up? Well, the joyful speech has warmed everybody’s minds as much to make them to go to bed without waiting midnight. Phoebe’s rooms. She is waked up by a light knock at the door and by a moan.

JOEY’S VOICE – Open, please open …

PHOEBE – suspiciously opening – Oh, it’s you! – Joey in a rush comes in – WOW, you’re sweated!

JOEY – Yes, but not due to what you’re thinking! A nightmare woke me up and Veronica wasn’t there, thank goodness! – he heaves a sign of relief –

PHOEBE – And where is she?

JOEY – I guess in Gunther’s room and I don’t care what they are doing! But I was wondering, Have noone of you never realised how much she’s strange?

Phoebe, having a "brood-hen" look, flonds Joey’s hair and hides a smile. Then both of them sit down Phoebe’s’ bed and uncork a bottle of wine.

PHOEBE – Joey guess what the tradition says.

JOEY – What?

PHEOBE – singing-song - Well, all things people do during the night between the end and begin of new year, those will be the things people do during all year!

JOEY – worried – Oh God, are we going to spend 365 nights like this???

PHEOBE – smiling – Yeah, it’s not amusing?

JOEY – having a look half worried and half amusing, raise his glass – Happy new year Pheebs.

PHOEBE – Thanks Joey and happy new year to you.

And in New York?

Chandler and Monica, after acting like Adam and Eve in the Eden Garden for some hours, caught the flu and now are in bed, sick.

CHANDLER – one sneeze – Happy year!

MONICA – two sneezes – Happy year! Y’know what the tradition says?

CHANDLER – No and I don’t want to know!

Sneezes! Again and again.

Ok, still a little look at Ross and Rachel, who just stopped being kind of a "close thing". Ross is wearing "his pullover" while Rachel gets Ross’shirt. He is leaning her head on Rachel’s lap and playing with her hair.

RACHEL – I’d like to have an house like this one day … with you Ross.

ROSS – looking at Rachel straight in her eyes – It has been quite a job to come to that, hasn’t it? – Rachel, touched, nods.

ROSS – Maybe we could have avoided some troubles …

RACHEL – No, Ross if all these things hadn’t happened maybe I’d have never understood how much you are vital for me.

ROSS – touched too, looking for her mouth - I love you Rach – kiss - I love you so much.

RACHEL – I know – kiss – and I love you too my sweet friend.

The shadows on the floor start loving again while in their pics Margaret and Edward smiles.


August 1998.