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Previously on Future friends:

C&M’s 2000

Mon: Well then if you don’t see a future for us maybe you should leave.

Chan: (taken aback) what?

Mon: Pack your stuff and get out.

Monica’s 2000 (after Chandlers moved out)

Mon: Chandler I’m pregnant (she looks down, and whispers) It’s not yours.

Chan: Are you telling me you had slept with someone else?

Mon: No no of course not, I didn’t sleep with him until after we had broken up

The hospital 2000

Chan: The baby was on time, almost exactly, I never thought you would cheat on me…

Mon: (surprised) WHAT?!

Chan: It was one thing for you to sleep with another guy two weeks after we broke up, but that is allowed I can’t do anything about that, but to sleep with him in
our last days together, that is a little low.


Mon: It’s a boy,

All but C&M: Awww

Mon: Yeah, this is Sam

M&S’s 2006

Phoe: [to Chandler] Why do you work out these rotas with her and do so much with Sam? He isn’t yours , you would think after 6 years you would know that, you
aren’t dating her, what do you get out of it why don’t you just get on with your life?


[Monica walks up to Sam who is still sitting right beside Chandler leaning on him, she leans down and kisses Sam on the cheek, Chandler breathes in a smell of her
hair by accident he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. She kisses Chandler on the cheek and leaves, he looks helplessly at Sam who is kneeling on the sofa
facing him]

Chan: Sam… we have a problem… [Chandler closes his eyes and touches his cheek where Monica kissed him, Sam smiles]


Ross: You LOVE her? How could this happen.

Chan: If you think about it me and Monica spend most of our free time together, I watch Sam all the time and we are always talking so basically we have been
having this substitute relationship without the kissing and the sex and stuff.


Joey: [nervous] No…. no… see…she [pointing to Monica] is Chandler’s chick. [Monica and Rachel nod]


Mon: [defeated] Yeah and who would this heavenly guy be? The mailman?

Ross: [standing and putting on his jacket] No, He’s your support system. [Chandler enters and Monica looks up at him then at Ross who raises his eyebrows]

After Ross has left…

Mon: Will you… will you stay and just talk to me?

Chan: [confused] ‘bout what?
Mon: Whatever comes up… like we used too.


Mon: We should get some sleep I guess, it is sorta late.

Chan: [quietly] Ok… I’ll see you around then… [he slowly leans over and kisses her friendly like, they hold the kiss probably longer than they should being just
friends but do pull apart]

[he smiles half-heartedly and leaves] [she leans on the outside of the open door]

Mon: [to herself] See you around.

Next day

Sam: Why don’t you just tell her how you feel.


Mon: Well I… I guess I… ok why not, dinner it is… but it’s not a date.

Chan: Of course not.


Chan: Do you ever wish you could freeze time? [he leans over and kisses her very lightly on the lips, he pulls back, she kisses him and they fall onto the sofa]

Mon: [not pulling away] we can’t do this… It’s not right… It’s not fair.

Next day

Chan: Well Sam is with you…

Mon: He ran away…

Chan: Well it might be best to go see Sams father and tell him what happened.

Mon: NO I can’t do that.

Chan: Look it is the best for Sam…

Mon: He would never find him…

Chan: I wouldn’t say that.

Mon: [panicked] Why???

Chan: Well is his fathers name on his birth certificate?

Mon: Oh my god… it’s true he can find out…Sam can just go to the city hall…. And see his birth certificate… he can get someone to look it up for him….

Chan: I don’t know maybe it is for the best…. He does have a right to know.

Mon: I don’t know that he does… right now anyway.

Chan: Monica… you can’t keep him from the truth forever.


Mon: [Chandler steps aside to reveal Sam behind him] [Mon covers her mouth and starts to cry, she rushes over to Sam and hugs him]

Later still

Sam: I need to find my dad. [Chandler lets out a frustrated sigh] I know you don’t wanna… but don’t you even wanna know who he is?

Chan: If Mon wanted me to know she would tell me.


Mon: (to Chandler) This is so stupid… how did I ever think about getting together with you… it would never work….


Chan: [plainly] I got a promotion.

Mon: [cutting him off] Where is it?

Chan: [sighs, like she can see right through him] I have to go to Jersey for a while… not forever… but for a while.

Sam: [who has been watching preceding events, he walks over to Mon] What does this mean mommy.

Mon: [she crouches down beside him, she sounds VERY sorry] Oh sweetie… it means Chandler is leaving.

@ Chandlers office later.

Mon: [kissing him gently, through the kisses] I hate you for leaving me… And I don’t know how Sam will take not having you across the hall.

Chan: [between kisses] I know… I don’t wanna go… but it is an amazing opportunity and when I get back I will have a better job…. Both Sam and you will reap the


Mon: [grabbing her jacket] You can’t order in desert.

Chan: [confused] I’m sure you could… [she looks at him, he gets a look of realisation and she smiles] [he smiles, he starts to get excited] tonight it is then…

That night

Mon: I just wanna get this outta my system and see if this is why all these feelings are surfacing.

Chan: [joking] Hey… I am here for ya… [Mon doesn’t look amused.]

Mon: Can we be serious here?

After Chandler left a couple of weeks later.

Joey: [putting his arm around her] ARE you ok?

Mon: Ohh… I’m ok…. I guess it’s just a little hard you know…. Coping with Sam… you know… on my own.

Joey: Don’t say that… We are ALL here for you…

Mon: He was… well… it’s hard to explain…. He was ALWAYS there and I knew that…

Joey: What and the rest of us ain’t ALWAYS here?

Mon: Of course you guys are… but Chandler and I…. Well it was just different ok.


Sam: So where is he?

Mon: He is at work in Jersey, you know that.

Sam: But why isn’t he here….


Mon: So you got to finish your tournament?

Sam: What tournament?

Mon: The one you started with Chandler.

Sam: [passively] We finished that ages ago…

And then…

Mon: [shocked] What are you doing here?

Chan: Wow, it’s nice to see you too Monica…

Mon: [in disbelief] Well… I… I…

Chan: I live across the hall remember?
Mon: [joking] Like I could forget [they smile politely]

But Later

Mon: Chandler I guess I am just worried as to what happens now… you know….

And then…

Chan: What kinda a question is that?.. I think I have a vested interest in
your relationships don't I?
Mon: [realising] Ohhh.. so you ain't seeing anyone?
Chan: [looking at her deeply] Only you..
Mon: [sighs] Chandler.. don't..
Chan: What are you telling me you don't want me?

Mon: Chandler I guess I am just worried as to what happens now.. you know...


Mon: Guys I think I might hit the sack...
Joey: Ok... You still need me to watch Sam tomorrow morning..
Mon: Yeah, and Ross is seeing Ben tomorrow afternoon, so he will come by and
pick up Sam around 2 o'clock, and he will take Sam out with them.
Phoe: And you want Brian and I to watch him tomorrow night?
Mon: Yeah, and Rachel has him the night after, then Joey and then Pheebs,
does that suit?
Joey/Phoe: totally. [ Chandler looks at Monica, with a disappointed look]
Mon: What?

Chan: You got it all worked out?


As you’d expect… eventually

Sam: [into phone] Hello... [to Monica] Hey Mom it's Chandler.. he says he
wants to talk to you..
Mon: [to Sam a little annoyed] Tell him I am busy..
Sam: [into phone] She says she is busy.. [to Mon] He says it is important..
Mon: Tell him I ain't interested..
Sam: [into phone] She says she isn't interested.. he says he wants to
Mon: [mad] tell him he can stick his apologies where the sun don't shine..

Alls well that ends well though...

Sam: Joey and me finished the tournament... I hope you don't mind...
Chan: Of course not...


Chan: I was... but I had to see you...[Mon sighs] to tell you something
Mon: Tell me what?
Chan: That this is over... for good, finished, the end... no more...


Mon: I understand you have made your decision...and I DO respect that.... but I am here to tell you that you're wrong... I have my reasons too, and I want you to
know that... well that [she smiles] I love you...

Chan:  You make it all seem so simple Monica, all logical but you know as well as I do that it isn't like that when it comes down to it...

Rach: Tonight is Monica’s date with Rob...
Chan: [virtually dropping the soda he has retrieved from the fridge] Her... DATE??

And of course..

Joey: (to Chandler) My favour...  I  got  a  date  with this girl today but she wants to make it a double date with her friend... so I gotta bring someone...

And at the end of the dates…

Mon: [she turns] What else is there to say?

Chan: This… [he kisses her softly and tenderly, she pushes him back]

Mon: Are you sure? I NEED you to be sure…

Chan: [putting his hand to the back of her neck] I’m positive, I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life… [he tries to pull her in for another kiss, she puts her
hand on his chest stopping him, he looks worried]

Mon: [she smiles] I love you too… [he smiles and kisses her again]

Of course…

Chan: [she is kissing his neck] He thinks the world of you, you know... even through the whole thing with him running away to find his dad... but I sorted that out... I
told him we would go find his dad tomorrow...[Monica looks up at him]

But after a talk with Monica…
Chan: Sam we ain't gonna find your daddy today...
Sam: [disappointed] Oh...well how come?
Chan: I spoke to Monica about it and well she just isn't ready for you to go find your daddy, she has to prepare herself for the situation... you can understand
that can't you?
Sam: I guess... [thinking, smiling] I wonder what he is like... I hope he is just like you...
Chan: [taken aback] I would make a lousy father...

Sam; You did ok with me...
Chan: Well you are not my kid... if you were my son, we would act differently with each other.

Sam: [not hearing Chandler] When I find my dad I am gonna do all the things that other kids get to do with their dads…. I’ll play ball with him… he can teach me
how to throw the proper pitch…

Chan: [offended] HEY I taught you how to throw a proper pitch…

Sam: [giggles] Sorry… [he continues] we would go out to the park, we would play video games, he could help me time how long it takes Joey to break the Oreo
eating record, [Chandler laughs]

Chan: Yeah well he’s welcome to it, I hate doing that but for SOME reason [he ruffles Sams hair playfully] I always seem to end up doing it, [Sam smiles]

Sam: [continuing] And he’ll HAVE to get on well with Mommy so we can all do stuff together, we can go out together, visit family together, have Thanksgiving
Christmas and New Years together EVERY year…

Chan: [joking] And what about the rest of us? I have done Thanksgiving, Christmas AND new years with you and Mon since you were born, even when the guys
went to their families…

Sam: Yeah… you can still come, you will still be Mommy’s best friend and my adult best friend. [Chandler gets a look of realisation]

So Chandler has figured it out….
Chan: [calmly, plainly] It's me isn't it?
Mon: [smiling] Its always been you sweetie…

Chan: [dazed] No I mean it is REALLY me?

Mon: [concerned, still looking into his eyes] What's you sweetie?
Chan: It’s me… I'm Sam's dad... [Monica looks surprised and drops her hands]

Can Chandler forgive her?

Chan: [plainly, but hurt] You lied to me... all this time.... you lied to me...
Mon: [pleadingly] Chandler I'm sorry... I....

SO once he leaves Monica takes action…

Mon: [suddenly] Sam we're moving...
Sam: [shocked] We are?
Mon: Yes as soon as possible.

Monica takes Sam to the coffee house, and when she returns…
Five minutes later... Monica re enters...She is faced with Chandler, which
surprises her...
Mon: Oh you scared me... I thought you needed space...
Chan: [plainly] I did...but I got it and it got me thinking...
Mon: Did you reach a conclusion?
Chan: [pause] yeah I did...
Mon: And?
Chan: Monica... I gotta tell you something...
Meanwhile Sam tells the guys about Monica’s plans…
Sam: We are moving...
Joey: [shocked] Where to?
Sam: I dunno...

Ross: I'm gonna go talk to Mon...
Phoe: Me too....[Everyone gets up, and storms out, leaving Sam in the coffee



                                AND NOW THE CONTINUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           Part eight starts HERE!!!!!!



Part eight. V.2

The next day, Monica is asleep on the sofa with Sam, the apartment is in a bit of a mess. Ross and Rachel enter, Ross sits at the kitchen table and Rach goes over
to Sam and Monica. She sits on the table in front of them, and rubs Monica’s arm.

Rach: Mon, come on Mon wake up…. [Mon stirs and opens her eyes]

Mon: [sleepily] Rach?… What’s going on?

Rach: Its eight in the morning, we gotta get Sam off too school.

Mon: Ok, thanks… [Rach joins Ross at the table, Monica wakes up Sam] [to Sam] Go get ready honey, and don’t dawdle, [Sam exits sleepily to his room, Mon gets up
and sits at the table]

Ross: You ok Mon?

Mon: [smiling] I have NEVER been better.

Rach: [hugging Mon] I’m glad, you gave us all a fright last night, saying you were leaving.

Mon: I just thought I needed a change, but I could never leave here. [Chandler and Joey enter]

Joey: Hey guys what’s going on?

Rach: We were just talking about how happy we are Monica recovered from her temporary insanity and is staying.

Joey: I’ll say, I can’t imagine what life would be like without Monica.

Ross: I know I can’t.

Rach: See Mon, you mean so much to all of us Mon.

Mon: Thanks guys…. So what do you want to eat?

Rach: I’m just gonna have fruit… [she grabs an apple from the bowl in the centre of the table] I have gotta run anyway, I am due at work in half an hour. [she hugs
Mon again] I’ll see you all later. [She exits]

Mon: Joey what do you want?

Joey: I can get it myself, [the room silences]

Mon: You sure Joe?

Joey: [going to the fridge] yeah…

Mon: [confused] ok…. Ross what about you…

Ross: I ate at mine already.

Mon: Am I being made redundant or something, is Sam the only one who needs me?
Chan: [reading the paper] Well it’s not only you he needs or maybe its just you that needs him.

Mon: [irritated sigh] Yeah ok, fine whatever,

Ross: Whoa, whoa what did I miss?

Joey: [patting Ross’ shoulder] Don’t worry dude, I don’t know what they are talking about either so u didn’t miss anything. [Joey sits with a plate piled high with
food] [Sam exits from his room in his school clothes]

Sam: [to Mon] Mom I have gym today, I need my gym shorts.

Mon: [sarcastic] Yes sir…. [she starts to look through a basket, Sam sits next to Chandler at the dinner table, he is trying to tie his shoe laces]

Sam: [frustrated] This one won’t work.

Chan: [putting his paper down] give it here, [Sam puts his foot on Chandlers lap, Chandler ties his shoe lace, Monica watches them, Chandler notices this and gives
her a harsh look, she looks away]

Sam: I wanna play playstation.

Mon: No Sam you have gotta go to school.

Sam: We don’t have to leave for ages yet.

Mon: You have to eat something, [she starts to fix some cereal for him]

Chan: I’ll take you across the hall, we can play.

Sam: [excited] REALLY? [he jumps out his chair]

Mon: [mad at Chandler] NO Sam, you can’t go anywhere, eat this [she puts cereal in front of him]

Chan: [standing, lifting Sams cereal] Here, we’ll take it with us….

Mon: No, I can’t have him late for school.

Chan: I’ll make sure he gets there on time… don’t you trust me or something? [silence]

Mon: Well it’s my bowl.

Chan: We’ll bring it back don’t worry… its not like I’d take something as precious as a bowl away from you… I could never be that selfish. [he and Monica are
staring hard at each other]

Mon: Very clever.

Chan: Thanks, I thought so.

Mon: Sam still has to get ready, he has to pack his bag.

Sam: [He takes his shorts from Monica and puts them in his bag] Done. [Chandler smiles smugly]

Mon: He has to brush his teeth.

Chan: He can do that at mine. Go get your toothbrush Sam. [Sam complies] So is that all? Any more excuses…

Mon: Fine, do what ever the hell you want, see what I care.

Chan: Well you did…

Mon: Stop it Chandler.

Chan: [innocently] Stop what? I’m just trying to let a kid get what he deserves.

Mon: A kid?… Or his mother?

Chan: You’re not that important Monica, the world doesn’t always revolve around you.

Mon: [hurt] You’ve made that more than clear.

Chan: Well someone had too… I just wish less people had got hurt in the process.

Mon: Oh and I suppose that’s all my fault is it?

Chan: Who else? [he puts his arm around Sam] Come on Sam, lets go play… [he and Sam exit, Mon fuming, storms into her room and slams the door, Ross looks

Joey: Do you think Mon has more sauce? [Ross looks at Joey in disbelief]

Ross: You know Joey, sometimes I wish I could be just like you, the way you let things wash over you is amazing…

Joey: [smiling] They all wanna be like Joey…

Later, Monica is at work, she is stirring something on a stove, staring ahead vacantly. An assistant chef comes over to her.

Chef: Chef Geller? [no response] Chef Geller? [the chef reaches out and touches Monica’s shoulder] Chef Geller? [Monica snaps outta it]

Mon: Hmm? Oh yeah, sorry what is it?

Chef: There’s a phone call for you.

Mon: Oh thanks, can you… [she gestures toward the pan she is stirring] Umm… would you… umm, just do what I was doing, continue it… [the chef nods and looks at
Monica concerned, Mon goes into a small office]

Monica’s office, she picks up the phone.

Mon: [on phone] Hello, Monica Geller here….

Chan: [in his office, we cut to each as they talk] Hey Mon it’s me….

Mon: [coldly] What do YOU want?

Chan: Look I’m sorry about this morning….

Mon: [surprised] You are?

Chan: [genuinely] Yeah I am, I was outta line, I shouldn’t have undermined your authority like that, and I shouldn’t have said the things I did.

Mon: [weary] Its ok…

Chan: Are you sure?

Mon: [smiling] Yeah I am, its ok… you have a right to be mad.

Chan: Yeah maybe but I’m not, and I wanted you to know that.

Mon: [really happy] Your not?

Chan: No of course not, I could never be mad at you….

Mon: [embarrassed] Thanks.

Chan: I was wondering if I could make it up to you?

Mon: [caught off guard] Like how?
Chan: [suggestively] Oh I don’t know, how about your apartment in an hour, some candles, wine, a bubble bath and no clothes.

Mon: [embarrassed] Sure, ok…

Chan: [excited] Really?

Mon: Only if your sure…

Chan: How could I not be… I’ll see you there then?

Mon: Just try and stop me….

Chan: ok, see you soon.

Mon: Bye. [she hangs up the phone, looks at it for a moment, and then jumps out her chair, she screams in excitement, the assistant chef runs in]

Chef: [worried] You ok?

Mon: [jumping with excitement] Yes I am… never been better and I mean that his time… [she grabs her coat]

Chef: [confused] Where you going?

Mon: I have to take the rest of the day off.

Chef: But we have that inspection this afternoon.

Mon: You can cover though right?

Chef: Well no not real…

Mon: Thanks I owe you one… [she hugs the other chef, and runs out excitedly]

Monica and Sams, the place is filled with candles, there is a bottle of wine on the table. Rachel and Phoebe enter and look around the apartment, confused.

Phoe: [shouting] Umm… Monica, Sam… you guys here… [Mon exits from her room in a bathrobe]

Rach: Hey Monica what’s going on? What’s with the candles and the wine?

Mon: Oh, I just felt like a glass of wine and I thought I would make the place a little more relaxing so I put the candles on…

Phoe: And then left them unattended? That’s not like you…

Mon: What can I say, I felt crazy, [she sits on the sofa]

Rach: [buying her explanation but a little confused] Well Phoebe and I just came over to see if you wanted to come to the coffeehouse.

Mon: [looking at them] How did u know I was here? I was supposed to be at work all day.

Phoe: Well Chandler is in the coffeehouse he said you would be here.

Mon: [mad] Oh did he now.

Rach: How long have you been here?

Mon: Three hours.

Phoe: How come you ain’t at work?

Mon: I … I umm didn’t feel so good, so I wanted to come home…

Rach: Ok well we’ll leave you too it then…

Mon: [half smiling]Thanks guys… [they start to leave] Oh and if you see Chandler… [they turn to her] Tell him, he really got me this time. But next time could he try
and not lose me my job.

Phoe: [shocked] You lost your job???

Mon: No… but he doesn’t know that. [the girls smile but exit confused, Monica walks over and sits on the window seat and looks out]

CP Phoebe and Rachel enter talking, they sit down next to Chandler.

Chan: So was she there?

Phoe: Yeah, and she had the place all done up with candles and everything. [Chandler smiles]

Chan: She did?

Rach: yeah… oh and she gave us a message for you…

Chan: [turning to her] Well this’ll be good.

Phoe: Yeah she said, ummm… she said that this was a good one, you really got her but next time could you try and not lose her her job, [Chandler goes pale, and

Chan: She…she…she lost her job? [he gets up and runs out]

Monica and Sams, Monica is sitting at the window seat, Chandler runs in, out of breath

Monica turns startled.

Chan: [out of breath] Mon… Mon… Monica… [he walks over to her and catches his breath] You lost your job?

Mon: [unimpressed] What so now you care…

Chan: [casually] Well yeah about my son….

Mon: [nods, holding back tears] Sure. Well don’t worry I didn’t lose my job, I almost did though.

Chan: Well that was just mean, making me think you had lost your job.

Mon: [mad] Oh yeah and what was calling me and pretending you had forgiven me, and making me jeopardise my job to see us re united and then just not turning
up… you made a fool of me Chandler.

Chan: [sitting down on the window seat, mad] Well you deserved it Monica, you deserve to feel what I feel.

Mon: What and you don’t think I do? Huh?

Chan: [yelling] No actually I don’t….

Mon: [yelling] Well think again, I don’t want to see you go through this pain… I know I made a mistake but can’t we move on from that? I hate myself for what I
put you through, but don’t you think this is hard on me? I had to see you everyday and I was the only one who knew the truth… [she stops and sighs] Oh what’s the
point, we went through all this last night.

Chan: [genuinely] I just can’t believe you would do this… I can’t believe you would make up such a bold faced lie and then deceive us all for six years… SIX years

Mon: [yelling] I KNOW… I’ve told you I KNOW I made a mistake, I KNOW it was wrong, I can’t tell you any different, but the truth is you can be mad at me from
here to kingdom come and it will not change ANYTHING, you have to maximise the use of your time with Sam…

Chan: That maybe true… [quietly, nervously] But where does that leave us?

Mon: You mean US? Together?

Chan: Yeah.

Mon: That’s up too you.

Chan: ok great… [he gets up, and turns to leave]

Mon: What that’s it?

Chan: [turning back to her] Well what do you want?

Mon: [trying to act cool] Nothing… I was just asking…

Chan: [sitting down next to her, he brushes the hair from her face, she smiles, he strokes her cheek] Monica… [he sighs, harsh] You hurt me… again…

Mon: So what now?

Chan: Nothing.

Mon: [confused] Nothing?

Chan: Well I don’t see how WE can ever past this…

Mon: SO are you saying that’s IT for us? In every sense? I mean can’t we be friends.

Chan: How about this… Sam stays here always ok, he can come see me WHENEVER he wants and I get to take him out at weekends and stuff.

Mon: What is this a custody arrangement? We are friends, or we were, what are you really saying.

Chan: I’m saying that I want to see MY son at weekends is that ok with u?

Mon: Yeah ok, fine… you don’t wanna talk about it, fine.

Chan: Well what do you want me to say? I am sick of being hurt by you Monica… I don’t think I could take it again.

Mon: So what? You are just going to shut me out? After all these years that’s it for us… we just never see each other ever again.

Chan: If that’s how you wanna put it then yeah.

Mon: Well you tell me how should I put it?

Chan: All I know is that I love you Monica… I can’t help myself, but I know that with all this stuff that’s going on I can’t let you hurt me again and I can’t put you
in the position to hurt Sam again…

Mon: When did I hurt Sam?

Chan: Oh and how do you think he likes never having known who his father was… and how do you think he’ll like it when he finds out who his REAL dad is? And he
just never knew it? And how do you think the guys will like it when they find out, knowing you lied to them all these years.

Mon: [close to tears] I know you will all hate me, but what do you suggest huh? I mean you want me just to leave, to forget any of you ever existed just to walk out
on my child and let you all get on with your lives.

Chan: Don’t be so melodramatic.

Mon: [really mad] Then what are you saying to me Chandler, if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times I am SORRY, I don’t know how else to put, there are
no words to express how much I regret this whole situation, I know I’ve hurt you, probably too many times to count, but that in itself hurts me too. And if you
won’t even let me try to fix that then you shouldn’t get mad at me, if you won’t let me reconcile, then what is the point of this at all?

Chan: Yeah you’re right [he gets up to leave]

Mon: Are you really gonna just walk out on me?

Chan: [without turning around] Why not, you’ve done it to me one to many times…

Mon: Oh and your gonna sink to my level huh?

Chan: I ain’t even a millionth of the way to your level… [he exits, slamming the door]

Chandler and Joeys, Chandler is sitting in a barca, Sam enters.

Sam: Hey Chandler…

Chan: [turning to Sam] Hey Sam…

Sam: Joey said you wanted to talk to me about something.

Chan: Yeah I do…

Sam: Ok so what do you wanna talk about. [he sits in the barca by Chandler]

Chan: Well… you are a big boy now and I think there are some things you need to know.

Sam: Like what?

Chan: Well you remember what I told you yesterday about your mom not being ready for you to go out and find your dad.

Sam: Yeah.

Chan: Well that’s only partly true.

Sam: [confused] What?

Chan: See I know who your father is now and it turns out your mom just didn’t want you to know who he was.

Sam: You know?

Chan: Yeah… yeah I do…

Sam: Why don’t Mommy want to tell me?

Chan: Because your dad is… well Sammy… maybe its better like this… you remember how me and your Mommy used to live together?

Sam: [confused] Yeah? And?

Chan: Well your mommy and I used to be VERY much in love.

Sam: But I thought you loved Mommy now….

Chan: Well I do… but this was a different kind of love…. We were going out for a year and a half and we couldn’t live without each other… I have never been
happier and I don’t think she has either…

Sam: So what happened…

Chan: Well we broke up…

Sam: Why?

Chan: Well your Mommy was worried that I wasn’t ready to make the commitment that she wanted…

Sam: And were you?

Chan: Yeah… yeah I was… I didn’t know it at the time but by the time I worked it out it was to late…

Sam: why?

Chan: Well Sam, your mommy got pregnant with you and I had to be there for her as a friend… so I was, I mean it killed me to see her everyday and love her as
much as I did without acting on it, but I thought it was the best thing for you… and she probably though that with you I would never be interested but it got easier
and it took years of us relying on each other before we finally realised that neither was going anywhere and that we were stuck with each other no matter what.
And by that time it was to late…

Sam: To late for what?

Chan: To late to act on any feeling we mighta had.

Sam: Why?

Chan: Well we had built up our friendship again, and we couldn’t break the rules, like I told you before. Well or so we thought.

Sam: [excited] What happened?

Chan: Well very recently your Monica and I decided we would give it another try….

Sam: [excited he jumped out his chair and leaps on Chandler hugging him] You and Mommy are together??? YAY!!!!

Chan: [pulling Sam off him] No we’re not…

Sam: [confused, disappointed] What? But you….

Chan: Something happened…

Sam: What?

Chan: I found out something…

Sam: Well what was it?

Chan: [he takes a deep breath] I’m your dad Sam… [Sam looks shocked] See when your mommy and I were together, that’s when you were made… but by the time
your mommy knew about you she and I had already broken up and she was worried if she told me the truth that we would get back together for all the wrong

Sam: [ecstatic] So you’re my daddy?

Chan: [smiling] Yes… [Sam jumps up and hugs him again]

Sam: This is SO good… [he looks mad suddenly] So mommy lied all the time?

Chan: Don’t judge her Sam… she was scared, she didn’t want her and me to get back together for the wrong reasons and she thought the only way out of it was to
lie, but it was a good lie because she never tried to keep us from each other and as soon as I found out she didn’t deny it, she has been nothing but honest since I
confronted her. She knew that she and I would argue, she probably also felt that it would break her and I up… she knew it would hurt me to find out she had lied
to me but she told me the truth she tried to do what was best for you and I… even though it took her years to do so.

Sam: [still mad] I am gonna go yell at her. [Sam jumps off the chair]

Chan: [grabbing Sam back] Don’t do that Sam… Monica has been hurt enough by this, she knew when I found out I’d be mad, she knew the same was true of you
and the other guys, Monica has put herself on the line for the truth when she could just as easily have lied and covered it up… she knew I would have believed
whatever she told me, but she told me the truth…. [Sam still looks mad, but softens a little] She loves the both of us too much to insult our intelligence, by lying,
whatever happens from here on in, she knows that she will be judged by everyone and it will hurt her A LOT more than she has been hurt so far to see us all judge
her like that. So please Sam if not for yourself, or for her then for me… please remember she is your mother, she has always loved and cared for you and she has
always done what she thought best for you, she was just looking out for the interests of her child… so PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t judge her, just remember how much
she loves you, you don’t want to see her hurt again right? (silence) (encouraging) right?

Sam: (sighs) Yeah…

Chan: (smiling) ok, thank you.

Sam: Why are you allowed to judge her?

Chan: (taken aback) What?

Sam: Well you are giving mommy excuses.

Chan: NO I’m not, I am justifying her actions, just like she did to me when I first found out, she told me all the reasons behind it and I was just to mad and hurt to
see that she was right.

Sam: So you still hate her?
Chan: Of course I don’t hate her.

Sam: So can we be a family?

Chan: (uncomfortable) Sam it’s not that simple.

Sam: Why?

Chan: Well your mother and I go a long way back and she lied to me for too long for me just to forgive and forget just like that.

Sam: Why?

Chan: Well she hurt me… and I can’t just forget that.

Sam: Why?

Chan: Well because, then she might do it again , thinking its ok…

Sam: You think she would?

Chan: (looking away from Sam, softly) No I don’t.

Sam: So then why?
Chan: You something Sam? I don’t know… (to himself really) I mean it was just an automatic reaction to be mad, I mean she did hurt me by lying… but then she
knows that, she is truly sorry for everything and she has justified it all, she has real reasons for everything she did and I probably would have done the same in
her situation… and she is right, when I found out she was pregnant, I did want to get back with her, and if we had got back together then we would always have
wondered why it was… whether it was because we truly loved each other of if we felt that we had to get together.

Sam: (confused) So it was a good thing then?

Chan: Yeah I guess it was.

Sam: (really confused) So why are you mad at mommy?

Chan: (not really hearing Sam) You know Sam, lets go see your mommy. (he and Sam stand)

Sam: You love Mommy?

Chan: (smiling) It’s VERY hard for me not too. (he and Sam leave)



Monica is sitting on the window seat in her apartment, the other are all around the apartment doing their own thing, she is staring out the window.

Fade up in flashback to last episode, Monica re enters her apartment (from taking Sam down to the coffee house) and Chandler is there, she is surprised by his

Mon: Oh you scared me... (pause) I thought you needed space...
Chan: [plainly] I did...but I got it and it got me thinking...
Mon: Did you reach a conclusion?
Chan: [pause] yeah I did...
Mon: And?
Chan: Monica... I gotta tell you something... (silence)

Mon: Well?

Chan: I need answers I can’t live with not knowing, I need you to tell me why?

Mon: I don’t know if I can answer you why, I know I was wrong, I mean I hate myself for everything I have done to you, to you both, to you all in fact, I just
didn’t want us to get back together for ONLY the child’s sake, yes that might be a good reason, well your number one reason for getting married and being
together, but its just not enough for me, I needed to know you loved me and that we had a future with or without a child. It wouldn’t have been good for any of us
if we thought the reason we were together was the baby.

This was all hard on me too though you know, I had to do this alone, sure you were all there for me with Sam but I had to see you all everyday and live with the
guilt of the truth and yet always keep up the façade… (the guys all burst in and interrupt)

Ross: (out of breathe) Mon… Are you moving out?

Rach: Is it true are you leaving?
Mon: Who told you that? (Phoebe and Sam appear behind Rachel, silently from behind Rachel)

Sam: It was me.

Ross: Sam.. oh hi, I forgot…

Phoe: Oh yeah I went back for him I remembered, YAY ME!

Joey: So are you and Sam leaving Mon?

Mon: Oh… look you guys I don’t know… (looking at Chandler) Although the way things look now I don’t think I’ll be able too…

Joey: You’d better not.

Phoe: Ain’t that right?

Cut back to present, Mon is sitting on the window seat still, the other girls are at the dinner table and Ross and Joey are watching TV, Sam and Chandler enter,
Mon snaps out of her gaze and looks at them.

Mon: (slightly nervous, walking over to join the girls at the table) So what were you two doing?

Chan: Oh you know just chatting.

Mon: (curious) Oh ok… (she stands and goes to the fridge to retrieve something).

Chan: (walking to beside her) Actually Mon I was wondering if I could have a word.

Mon: (half laughing) OH no, not again…

Chan: No tricks Mon I swear.

Rach: (looking at them) Does this have something to do with earlier?
M/C: Yes/No.

Rach: (confused) Oh ok.

Chan: (turning back to Mon) Look Monica PLEASE, I just have to talk to you alone for one second.

Mon: (sitting back down) No Chandler, no way ok you made it clear earlier everything you wanted to say.

Chan: No there is just one more thing I wanted to say.

Mon: Ok so say whatever it is, if it’s that important.

Chan: Ok maybe I should explain the concept of ALONE to you… see its like this…

Mon: (cutting him off) Yeah very funny, whatever I get it…

Chan: So will you do me the honour?

Mon: (faining thought) Ummm, NO.

Chan: Fine then… we’ll just talk out here, I mean I am sure there are some things that the guys would love to hear (Mon looks horrified)…lets see where should I
start? How about we all cast our minds back (sitting at the dinner table he has everyone’s attention) about six years, when our favourite little... (patting Sams

Mon: Fine Bing you win… (she stands and marches to her room, Chandler follows and gives Sam the thumbs up as he enters Monica’s room)

Monica’s room.

Mon: (abrupt) So what do you want? You wanna yell some more perhaps? Insult and hurt me a little until you feel I have been sufficiently punished?

Chan: (sitting on the bed) Look Monica what I did earlier was in excusable I know you will never forgive me for that (She takes his arm and pulls him off the bed
and onto his feet) I know it will take you time to trust me, I also I know I have apologised before and I know it is like the guy who called wolf, but I REALLY
mean it this time… I KNOW why you did everything you did and I forgive you everything although there is really no reason, I KNOW everything you did was
justified, (Monica starts to laugh) What’s so funny?

Mon: You think I was born yesterday? I mean this is the same crap you fed me earlier.

Chan: Yeah but its different now.

Mon: How is it different?

Chan: (pause, he looks at the floor)

Mon: (nervous) How is it different Chandler?
Chan: Well Sam sorta knows now… (Mon gasps, he grabs her hand) I’m sorry Monica but I was mad and I wanted him to know I wanted to tell him, I wanted him to
be mad at you and then you would feel as hollow as I do.

Mon: (pulling her hand back) Well at least your being honest. (she turns to leave)

Chan: But something happened.

Mon: (turning back to him, curious) What happened?

Chan: (smiling) I realised that I was wrong… that you shouldn’t be made to hurt like I am because I know you hurt like to do… and you have had to put up with it for
years, what you really needed was my love and support, and probably most importantly my understanding, but I didn’t give you that I just let my hurt pride take
over. I was the selfish one, not you, you sacrificed our love for the sake of our child and for me… you didn’t think I was ready and you didn’t want to trap me… you
gave me the chance of a life and love without you when you knew it would be virtually impossible for you to have a life and to find love after our child was born,
especially since our child was a constant reminder of our love, and it musta hurt you to know that you gave that up for me, for us.

Mon: (close to tears) That’s beautiful Chandler, it means so much to me to hear you say that, but I can’t fall for it again I don’t wan tot take the risk you are just
trying to hurt me again like I hurt you…

The main apartment

Rach: (curious) What was that about?

Ross: I dunno?

Phoe: So lets find out… (she starts to go over to Mon’s bedroom door)

Sam: (stopping her) NO NO.

Joey: (to Sam) What’s up dude?

Sam: You can’t listen.

Rach: (intrigued) Why not?
Sam: (looking nervously at the Mon’s door) You just can’t.

Rach: Not good enough sorry… (she starts toward Mon’s door)

Sam: OK OK… (he sits they all sit around him) Ok… (he starts to tell the story)

Monica’s room…

Chan: (desperate) I don’t know what to say to convince you that’s not true…

Mon: (hopeless) Well I guess there is nothing you can say… (silence) I wanna believe you… but I just can’t there is too much at stake… I can’t let us play these
games with each other.

Chan: (joking) We’ll be the next Ross and Rachel.

Mon: (serious) Yeah except they are friends… (she and Chandler share a deep look)

Chan: Monica I love you…

Mon: I love you… but I don’t know what that means anymore.

Chan: I mean’s what it always did…

Mon: (sighing) no I don’t think it does.

Chan: So what? I mean what is next?

Mon: I guess we just get on with our lives…

Chan: And see what happens?
Mon: Yeah I guess…

Chan: (smiling, half heartedly) Ok I can live with that…

Mon: (smiling similarly) Yeah me too.

Chan: Friends?
Mon: (smiling for real) all the way. (they join hands and exit)

The main apartment, all the guys are sitting looking shocked, when they see Chandler and Monica, Ross stands, he looks astounded.

Ross: (to Chandler) Sams yours??
Chan: (picking up Sam) Yeah he is…

Rach: (a little confused) And your ok with the fact you only just found out?

Chan: (pause, he and Mon look at each other) Yeah I know Mon had her reasons, and I agree with them, it has all worked out for the best in the end… I mean it all
boils down to the fact that we can’t change what has already happened and you should never live in the past.

Rach: Very philosophic.

Ross: I just can’t believe it…

Phoe: (unphased) Well I don’t see why you’re all so surprised, I mean it is SO obvious.

Mon: It is?

Phoe: Sure I mean for starters we are Monica best friends don’t you think she would have told at least ONE of us about her secret affair with this guy who was
meant to be Sams dad… even before she knew she was pregnant?
Rach: How do you know she didn’t?

Phoe: DUH! I’m psychic … which also helped me know that Chandler was Sams dad.

Chan: Uhh, ok… (to Joey) What about you Joe… what do you think?

Joey: (finishing his beer) Phoebe told me months ago…

Mon: (nervous) SO you guys wanna start getting mad any time soon?

Chan: (standing next to her) We’re ready for it…. (Mon looks at him in surprise)

Mon: WE?
Chan: (whispering in her ear) All the way… (they look at the guys expecting questions and yelling, but the guys all go over and hug them both, various "this is
greats" , "congrats" etc. when everyone has stepped away M&C stare confused)

Mon: You’re honestly ok with all this?
Ross: Sure… I mean it’ll take some getting used too but if you three are all ok with it then why shouldn’t we be?
Chan: Rach?

Rach: (smiling) What Ross said…

Joey: (excited) Oh wait are you guys together?

Mon: We’re just friends… (Sam sighs disappointed)

Chan: (to Sam) For now…

Joey: (sitting watching the TV) Oh I love this guy… (he starts to laugh, Phoebe joins him on the sofa)

Rach: I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before, (she looks at the TV as if trying to recognise him, she sits on the sofa by Joey)

Ross: Sure you have he was on that TV show… umm, what was it called (he sits next to Rach trying to remember, Chandler and Monica look at each other then at
Sam, they smile at their friends, Chandler sits on the chair, Sam runs over and sits on his lap and Monica sits on the floor at their feet… fade out on them all
watching TV)

THE END!!!!!!!!!