TOW the Future, part three.
By Tracey

M&S’s, Sam is sitting watching cartoons, in his bath robe eating cereal on the sofa. Monica comes rushing out her room, looking stressed putting on a cardigan but carrying her shoes and earrings.

MNCA:  [looking at Sam] What are you doing come on we will be late. [She sits on the sofa beside him and starts to put on her shoes]

SAM:    [still watching TV] Late for what? it is the holidays I have no school.

MNCA:  Yes but I still have to work.

SAM:    I know, so where am I going?… I mean since you took Chandler away from us, I have no one to watch me while you work.

MNCA:  [standing and putting off the TV, putting on her earrings] Exactly which is why you are coming with me.

SAM:    [In disbelief] To your work?

MNCA:  Yes, now hurry up get yourself dressed, we are leaving in five minutes. [She picks up his cereal bowl and takes it to the sink and starts to wash it] You picked up too many bad habits from Chandler, I certainly never taught you to eat in the sitting room.

SAM:    Chandler isn’t as uptight as you….

MNCA:  [stopping and walking over to him] What did you say?
SAM:    That is what Uncle Joey and Aunt Phoebe say… they say that is what makes you perfect for each other.

MNCA:  Oh they do, do they?
SAM:    Sure, that is why everyone was so shocked by your guys splitting up like you did.

MNCA:  [sitting next to him] Look sweetie I know you don’t really understand all this and I know that it hurts you to not have Chandler around so much, I know you really love him… but trust me sweetie it just wasn’t fair of us to trap him, [to herself] because that is exactly what I was trying to avoid in the first place.

SAM:    I just don’t get how you can just not see each other any more.

MNCA:  Sweetie you make it sound like we were going out … but trust me it was for the best you’ll understand some day. [She gets up and starts to walk away toward her room]

SAM:    I want to understand now.

MNCA: [turning back to him] It isn’t just something you can explain, it comes with age and experience.

SAM:    I don’t want that, I want to know what is going on.

MNCA:  It is too difficult to explain sweetie just trust me.

SAM:    Chandler would explain it too me… he would try at least.

MNCA:  [getting annoyed] Well Chandler isn’t here.

SAM:    Well I can go to him. [Sam jumps up and runs out the door, Monica runs after him, we cut to the hallway, Sam runs out of number 20 and starts to bang on C&J’s door, Monica appears behind him]

MNCA:  Stop it Sam, come back in here right now, this isn’t funny.

SAM:    [Almost in tears] I want to see Chandler.

MNCA:  He probably isn’t home now come on, [She tries to take Sams hand but he pulls away, suddenly Chandler appears at the door eating toast, Sam hugs his leg]

CHAN:   Whoa, what is going on here? [Monica looks up at him nervously]

MNCA:  Nothing I’m sorry… I can handle this, you should just go back inside.

SAM:    [Still clutching Chandlers leg] No, mommy I’m staying with him.

MNCA: [firmly] NO Sam, now come on you have to get changed we are already late.

CHAN:   Where you going?
MNCA:  Work.

CHAN:   [In disbelief] With Sam?
MNCA:  I don’t have a babysitter, everyone is working.

CHAN:   Oh… well I can watch him.

MNCA:  Isn’t that against the rules?
CHAN:   What rules? A friend helping out a friend one time.

MNCA:  One time?
CHAN:   Sure.

MNCA:  Don’t you have to work?
CHAN:   I have some paper work here I have to do but I can do it later it shouldn’t take me too long.

MNCA:  Well if you’re sure… and just this one time.

CHAN:   [looking into her eyes] I can’t very well say no.

MNCA:  [looking deeply back] Why’s that?
CHAN:   Well… [he gestures to his leg to which Sam is still attached]

MNCA:  [giggling] I guess…

Cut to later, C&J’s, Sam and Chandler are sitting in the recliners watching TV… cartoons to be exact.

SAM:    [shyly] Why does Mommy not want you to come round anymore?
CHAN:   [surprised, unsure] It’s not that Sam… and it isn’t her fault she loves you very much you have to remember that.

SAM:    That’s not what I asked.

CHAN:   It is difficult to explain.

SAM:    That’s what Mommy said.

CHAN:   Well she was right.

SAM:    Explain it too me please… [Sam looks at him with pleading eyes]

CHAN:   [he turns off the TV and turns to Sam] Ok… I’ll try… you have your mothers eyes I never could turn her down.

SAM:    [quoting his mother] You make it sound like you were going out.

CHAN:   [confused] We were.

SAM:    [jumping out his chair with excitement] You were?
CHAN:   Sure didn’t you know that?
SAM:    Nu uh.

CHAN:   Well it was a long time ago, none of us talk about it much. [He looks down, upset]


Cut back to earlier, Chandler is sitting on the couch reading Monica’s diary, we hear what she has written through his thoughts but in her voice.


Mon’s diary voice: How can this be happening? I mean just yesterday we were making love in his office and now we don’t live together anymore… how can he be out of my life so quickly and easily, after everything we have been through since we have known each other. Why did I push him away? [Chandler looks hurt] I love him so much, I can’t shake this, I mean I just wanna be with him, and if only he felt the same. [Chandler looks surprised] I mean I know he loves me I never doubted that [Chandler smiles] but if he REALLY wanted to be with me why isn’t he here now? I mean you would think he would at least try to fight for me, so what if he is respecting my wishes, what does Rachel know anyway?… I am doing it again… blaming him, how can it be his fault? I pushed HIM away, I told him to leave, he wanted to stay but I wouldn’t let him, even if I tried to fight for us he probably wouldn’t want me back, or he wouldn’t take me at least… [Chandler looks up from the diary, slowly]

CHAN:   [out loud but to himself] Oh my God, she wanted me back… I can’t believe this… I knew she did… the guys told me she didn’t but I knew that she did… why did I listen to them, I am such an idiot… [he looks very disappointed and looks back to the diary, he suddenly snaps it shut] I ain’t gonna do this, who knows what else I might find out, I can’t do this it will probably just give me all these regrets I can do nothing about them, no no I won’t [he puts the diary on the table and goes back to watching TV, he eyes the diary nervously]


Cut back to C&J’s, with C&S in the barcas.


Sam:    Why don’t you talk about it?

Chan:    I don’t know… we never told anyone much about our relationship anyway… I guess it would bring back to many memories.

Sam:    Why don’t you just tell her how you feel.

Chan:    How sad am I? I am getting advice from some thirty years younger than me… and what makes it worse he actually makes sense.

Sam:    [excited] So you’ll do it?

Chan:    [avoiding] Let’s watch TV. [He puts it back on and turns to watch it, Sam goes to protest but there is a knock at the door. Chandler looks confused]

Chan:    [to Sam] Did you order pizza or something.
Sam:    No. [Chandler gets up to answer the door, he opens it to reveal Monica]

Chan:    [surprised] Hey… what are you doing here?

Mon:     Well I got the guilt knowing I’d left Sam here with you so soon after we had decided not to see each other so much…

Chan:    I thought it was about independence in life…

Mon:     Well whatever… I felt guilty so I took the rest of the day off.

Chan:    You shouldn’t have.

Mon:     It’s ok really.

Chan:    No I mean it you shouldn’t have… now I have nothing to do for the rest of the day. [they smile, Chandler goes over to Sam, Monica stays in the doorway, Chandler turns to her] Aren’t you gonna come in?

Mon:     Oh thank you… [she steps in the door]

Chan:    [looking at her strangely] What is that about… how come you knocked? And why am I INVITING you in?

Mon:     It’s common courtesy… I guess.

Chan:    Monica we have lived across the hall from each other for over 15 years…

Mon:     That’s technically not true.

Chan:    Yes but the fact we lived together doesn’t really help your case.

Mon:     [realising] That’s true.

Sam:    [running over to them excited] You lived together?
Mon:     [avoiding] Get your stuff together.

Sam:    [down hearted] You guys are good at that.

Chan:    What?
Sam:    Avoiding the truth. [he exits to Chandlers room.]

Chan:    We really should give him a break this must be hard on him.

Mon:     I know it is… but it is hard on us too.

Chan:    I know… [sitting in his barca and gesturing for Monica to sit in the other, she does] You guys could hang out here for the rest of the day if you wanted too.

Mon:     Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?
Chan:    Maybe… but I have nothing to do for the rest of the day.

Mon:     [curious] What about tonight?

Chan:    What about it?
Mon:     Any plans?

Chan:    Not really.

Mon:     So where is your huge social life?

Chan:    Right now… pretty non existent……. Hey… I don’t suppose you have any plans?
Mon:     Just Sam… why?

Chan:    You wanna go to dinner with me?
Mon:     Well Sam would like that but it does kinda defeat the object again now doesn’t it?
Chan:    I actually just meant you and I.

Mon:     Oh… well… you mean like a date?
Chan:    NO… no just friends going to dinner.

Mon:     Isn’t that a date?

Chan:    Well you said that two people going to dinner and not having sex wasn’t a date so…

Mon:     When did I say that?

Chan:    I don’t know like 12 years ago.

Mon:     Oh… you are quoting me 12 years after I say something?
Chan:    It wasn’t a quote… but we are sorta moving off the point here… dinner or not?
Mon:     I can’t get anyone to watch Sam.

Chan:    Phoebe will, she has no plans and has been wanting to do it for ages.

Mon:     I have to work tomorrow.

Chan:    We can be home before midnight.

Mon:     I have nothing to wear.

Chan:    Now your just making excuses… you look great in anything.

Mon:     Well I… I guess I… ok why not, dinner it is… but it’s not a date.

Chan:    Of course not.


M&S’s, later that night Phoebe is sitting on the sofa watching TV, Sam exits from his room with a bag.


Phoe:    Are you ready?
Sam:    I think so.

Phoe:    Great then let’s go. [they stand as Monica exits from her room in a bathrobe, her hair is wet and hanging around her shoulders, she is obviously not long out the shower]

Mon:     [stopping them] Pheebs where are you going?
Phoe:    [turning to her] Sam is gonna stay over at mine tonight.

Mon:     No he’s not, I won’t be that late… you can hang out here.

Sam:    Oh but mom I wanna go stay with aunt Phoebe.

Mon:     You do?
Sam:    Please, it’s the holidays I don’t have school or anything… just one night.

Phoe:    Yeah just one night.

Mon:     [reluctantly] Ok I suppose so.

Phoe:    Great… we will pick up Joey and Ross and Sarah on our way home.

Mon:     Wait you are all staying over?
Phoe:    Yeah… even Rachel and John are coming.

Mon:     So how come I wasn’t invited?
Phoe:    We just thought it would be best for you to have a night alone.

Mon:     But Chandler will be with me. [Phoebe smiles suggestively, and her and Sam go to leave, Monica gets a look of realisation on her face] No Phoebe… you guys aren’t?… [Sam and Phoebe exit, Monica runs over to the open door and shouts after them.] You can’t do this to me… It’ll never work… [Chandler exits from his apartment]

Chan:    [to Mon] What’ll never work? [Monica looks at him nervously, she notices he is looking her up and down]

Mon:     Can I help you with something?

Chan:    [snapping out of his stare] Huh?

Mon:     [smiles] Come in. [they enter the apartment]

Chan:    I brought wine [he produces a bottle from his behind his back]

Mon:     [nervously] Why?

Chan:    Well you ain’t ready so I thought I’d sit out here and start the evening alone.

Mon:     [smiles] Sorry… hey how did you know I wasn’t ready.

Chan:    You never were ready right on time and with Sam it can’t be any easier. [they smile at each other and look into each others eyes]

Mon:     Thanks for this.

Chan:    [confused] For what?

Mon:     This… tonight… taking me out, it’s nice… I feel like I haven’t been out in years.

Chan:    Weren’t you just out the other night?
Mon:     Well yeah but this is different… it’s you.

Chan:    What difference does that make?
Mon:     I don’t know… but it will be nice to talk… I feel like I don’t just talk to anyone anymore.

Chan:    You talk to me.

Mon:     Yeah but not like I used too.

Chan:    [he takes her shoulders] I am always here for you you know that right. [they look deeply at one another]

Mon:     I had better go get ready, [she walks away and exits to her room, he looks after her and lets out an unfulfilled sigh]

Chan:    [to himself] I am such an idiot. [he pops open the bottle, and slumps on a chair in the kitchen… suddenly Monica comes rushing out of her room, he stands startled.]

Mon:     I can’t do this.

Chan:    [worried] DO what?
Mon:     [looking up at him] Date you.

Chan:    I thought we agreed it wasn’t a date?
Mon:     Well yeah we did but if I go out that door tonight I have no idea what will happen and I can’t do anything more which could affect Sam negatively.

Chan:    You went out with Joey last week, why can’t you go out with me tonight… as a friend.

Mon:     [looking into his eyes] Because it’s you.

Chan:    So it’s me big deal… what difference does that make?

Mon:     We lived together.

Chan:    I remember.

Mon:     Well there you go… that’s what difference it makes.

Chan:    Why are you suddenly so nervous around me?… We have been friends since… well as long I can remember…

Mon:     And what difference does THAT make.

Chan:    Why are we arguing?
Mon:     WE are over.

Chan:    [surprised] I thought we decided that six years ago.

Mon:     [impulsively] So why do I have to keep telling myself that?
Chan:    [shocked] Monica…. What are you saying?
Mon:     I am saying…. Well I guess I am saying you are right…

Chan:    Right about what?
Mon:     We shouldn’t rely on each other too much, the old routine could be dangerous for us.

Chan:    I never said that.

Mon:     Why did you ask me out tonight?
Chan:    I thought you could use the break… I mean with it just being you and Sam now it can’t be easy.

Mon:     It’s not your responsibility.

Chan:    [confused] What?
Mon:     I live MY life and you live yours you don’t have to think about me and try to make me feel better, you don’t have to make my life easier.

Chan:    I want too.

Mon:     So why did you leave me and Sam.

Chan:    You make it sound like I am his father and we got a divorce or something.

Mon:     You keep sending me all these mixed signals. First everything is fine, we get by and I rely on you to get me through everyday… then Ross tells me that you are my knight in shining armour. [Chandler looks very confused] Then you tell me that you want your life back and we shouldn’t see each other so much… and then out of no where you ask me out.

Chan:    Ross said what?

Mon:     Just after the incident in the hallway with Joey, Ross told me in not so many words that we belonged together… stupid I know I have no idea where he got it from…

Chan:    [cutting her off] Me.

Mon:     [looking at him in disbelief] What?

Chan:    Ross was over here because I told Sam… well I… [he looks at her nervously] I think I am gonna go home now if we aren’t goin’ out. [he turns to leave, she runs over to him and grabs his arm, they are standing quite close]

Mon:     What did you tell Sam?
Chan:    I would really rather not do this.

Mon:     [she takes his head in her hands and moves it round so they are looking straight into each others eyes] Well you’ve started so you’ll finish.

Chan:    I mighta told Sam that I… well that I mighta….

Mon:     Would you just tell me.

Chan:    [looking away from her] Well that I sorta had these… well that I had [quietly] feelings for you.

Mon:     [taking a step back] Oh my god.

Chan:    I am so sorry I never wanted to hurt you or Sam I wasn’t even going to say anything but then Sam phoned and told Ross and he came charging over here and told me to leave it alone and the only way I knew to do that was not to be with you anymore and then Sam got more upset than I had anticipated and when I saw how desperate you were this morning I had to help you and then you appeared at my doorway and I so wanted to make the world go away for you… so that you could relax and be happy so I asked you out.

Mon:     [mad] So what was this all some seduction technique [she lifts the wine bottle from his hand] An attempt to re create London?
Chan:    Of course not I was just trying to be nice I never had any intention of hitting on you.

Mon:     Why not? Are you not even attracted to me anymore.

Chan:    [obviously lying] NO of course not….

Mon:     Well thanks…

Chan:    Ok I am confused why are you mad?
Mon:     I don’t know…. How could you do this too me?… What do you expect me to do?
Chan:    Nothing… I know I am a jerk I am sorry… I didn’t want to tell you I just thought it would all go away….

Mon:     I knew something was wrong I could just tell it was in your eyes.

Chan:    I am so sorry.

Mon:     Oh would you quit saying that what do you expect that to achieve?
Chan:    I am sorr… [she gives him a death stare] sorr… you know what I am just gonna shut up. [he walks over and sits in the living area.]

Mon:     [walking over to him] What do you think you’re doing?

Chan:    I don’t know… what do you want me to do?
Mon:     Leave.

Chan:    [disheartened] right… of course I’m sor… I’m gonna get that seen too I swear. [he walks toward the door]

Mon:     Chandler [he turns to her]

Chan:    Yeah?

Mon:     Do you love me?
Chan:    I don’t know…. Do you love me?
Mon:     NO… of course not… anyway we are talking about you.

Chan:    Talking?

Mon:     [sitting in the living area] I don’t know that I love you Chandler… but I don’t wanna lose you. [he walks over and sits beside her]

Chan:    I don’t wanna lose you.

Mon:     SO what do we do?

Chan:    [jokingly] Be happy and get naked… [she smiles]

Mon:     [jokingly] I don’t think so Bing.

Chan:    Well it was worth a try right.

Mon:     [passive] Nothing wrong with trying.

Chan:    [thinks] Mon…

Mon:     Yeah? [she looks at him, he looks into her eyes, she looks back, they hold the stare… he reaches over and touches her cheek]

Chan:    Do you ever wish you could freeze time? [he leans over and kisses her very lightly on the lips, he pulls back] I’m sorry… I just couldn’t resist at least now I can say I tried… I know you want me to go now… [he stands and heads to the door, leaving a surprised Monica sitting on the sofa, suddenly she stands]

Mon:     Do you realise we haven’t done that for six years.

Chan:    [turning back to her, confused] Sure I do.

Mon:     [smiles] Is that really the best you can come up with? [he smiles back and slowly walks over to her and kisses her VERY passionately]

Chan:    [after kissing her] Any better? I am a little out of practise.

Mon:     Well then you know the saying… practise makes perfect. [she kisses him and they fall onto the sofa, the scene fades out]


Scene, Phoebe’s apartment, her and Rachel are sitting with Sam, the guys are in the background playing twister.


Sam:    So tell me more.

Rach:    We really don’t know that much.

Sam:    Did you know my dad? [Rachel and Phoebe look uneasily at each other]

Phoe:    We didn’t know your dad that well.

Sam:    Well what did he look like?
Rach:    [uneasy] Well?

Phoe:    He looked like you.

Sam:    Chandler said I have mommy’s eyes that is why he can never turn me down. [Phoebe and Rachel smile at each other] What was my daddies name?

Rach:    You should really ask your Mommy these questions.

Phoe:    [quietly] Yeah and if you ever find out the answers be sure and let us know. [Rachel hits Phoebes arm]

Sam:    Cool I will ask Mommy now… [he grabs the phone]

Rach:    Sam she went out to a restaurant.

Sam:    Yeah but Chandler will have his cellular. [He starts to dial]

Rach:    Wow that kid has brains… it sure ain’t Joey’s kid. [R&P laugh]


Cut to M&S’s, Chandler and Monica are seriously making out on the sofa, Chandler is lying on top of Monica, her bathrobe is open, but she is wearing a slip.



Chan:    [still making out] Monica… god how I’ve wanted this.

Mon:     Oh Chandler… [They keep making out when suddenly Chandlers phone ring, both sit up startled as if caught.] What’s that?

Chan:    [picking his jacket u off the floor] It’s my phone… I think.

Mon:     [relieved] Ohh… wait, who would be phoning you? All the guys think we’re out.

Chan:    I don’t know… it won’t be work… I specifically asked for no interruptions. [Monica looks at him like “Oh really”] I mean… not that I was planning too… well I just wanted tonight to be…

Mon:     Dig that hole any deeper and you’ll come out at the other side of the world. [Chandler smiles nervously and gets the phone from his pocket, and answers it]

Chan:    Hello, Chandler Bing speaking. [Monica stands and starts doing up her robe, but Chandler takes her hand and pulls her back down beside him, he shakes his head at her doing up the robe] [covering the mouth piece] I’ll be one minute I swear… [she smiles and lays back down seductively, he can’t take his eyes off her] [back on phone] Hello… Oh hey what’s up… sure, but don’t be long, we are busy. [he takes the phone away from his ear and covers the mouth piece, to Monica] It’s for you.

Mon:     [surprised, sitting up] for me? Who is it?

Chan:    Sam… [Mon looks worried] But he says there’s no emergency he just has to ask you something. [Monica takes the phone]

Mon:     [in phone] Sam, it’s Mommy are you ok?… [Chandler start to massage her shoulders slowly ,she rolls her head in enjoyment] [still in phone] Sam, just ask the question… [suddenly her face goes white, she looks straight ahead with a deadpan expression] Sam, I… [Chandler notices how she suddenly tenses and slowly starts to gently kiss her neck, she quickly pulls away and walks to the window, he looks confused, she does up her robe] Why are you asking now Sam?… No, I’m just surprised… you know what how about you have a nice night with the guys and forget all about this and we will have a proper talk tomorrow ok?… ok then, I will speak to you then sweetie, have fun… Tell everyone I say HI… yes Chandler too… ok sweetie, goodnight. [She hangs up the phone and stares at it a moment, while Chandler comes up behind her and hugs her from behind like in TOW the last night]

Chan:    Where were we? [He starts to kiss her neck, she closes her eyes, as if pleading for it to go further]

Mon:     [not pulling away] we can’t do this… It’s not right… It’s not fair.

Chan:    [still kissing her] On who?
Mon:     [still not pulling away] Sam.

Chan:    [still kissing her] He’ll understand… he loves the thought of us together.

Mon:     [still not pulling away] Yes but the thought and the reality are two different things… how would it even work? Especially with him in the next room?

Chan:    We could send him to Pheebs’ every weekend, [he smiles even more] Then Joey’s on Mondays, Rachels on Tuesdays, Ross’ on Wednesdays, your parents Thursday and mine on Fridays.

Mon:     Ha ha very funny… but seriously this is the first night he has been out of this apartment, without me, for six years… Could you deal with that Chandler? Us having sex once every six years?

Chan:    Well technically it would just be the next two, I mean we had sex this night six years ago, then in another six years he will be twelve then eighteen soo…

Mon:     Yes, maybe but in 12 years time I will be 48, and if we were even still together then I would imagine we would be married with children.

Chan:    You think?

Mon:     Well not like THE married with Children… but anyway how would we even last that long, it wouldn’t work even until next week. [He is still kissing her neck btw]

Chan:    How do you work that out?
Mon:     Look at us.

Chan:    [sarcastic] Is there a mirror near here? ‘Cause I ain’t moving… oh wait that one by the bathroom door, could you turn a little, to the left.

Mon:     Exactly my point, the start of a relationship is either getting to know you time, or raw animal sex and we already know everything there is to know about each other so we fit into the latter category.

Chan:    Fine by me.

Mon:     [Finally pulling away from him, he looks a little confused] But it’s not with me.

Chan:    We can work it out.

Mon:     It is too late Chandler… six years too late.

Chan:    Don’t say that… You wanted me back then why not now?
Mon:     What I did not want you back… the thought never even entered my head.

Chan:    Don’t feed me that… unless someone else was writing in your precious diary. [Mon gasps and looks profoundly shocked, he looks VERY regretful, Mon feels her way to the sofa and sits, he slowly sits beside her he reaches out to touch her arm but she pulls away]

Mon:     [snapping] What did you read?
Chan:    Look, I bearly read a thing, I was just curious after you told me not to be so sure what was in it.

Mon:     [not listening to him, obviously very mad] WHAT did you read?

Chan:    Only that you wanted me back after our original break up… I was so devastated to hear that I missed my chance I stopped reading, worried that I would start regretting other things about our relationship… [trying to lighten the mood] I guess I really should have read on I mighta found out a little about the guy you cheated with… you know Sams father.

Mon:     [on her guard] Did you read about him?

Chan:    No… no I read half an entry and stopped.

Mon:     Are you sure?

Chan:    Positive.

Mon:     [to herself] He would be madder than this if he had read something.

Chan:    [shocked] What?
Mon:     nothing.

Chan:    I heard that… who was he?
Mon:     [standing marching away] That, as I told you then and will tell you now, is none of your business. [worried] You will find out everything you need too in due course.

Chan:    Meaning what exactly?
Mon:     Meaning that Sams phone call was to ask about his father and he wants a know about him.

Chan:    [down hearted] Oh…What will you tell him.

Mon:     [biting her lip] I don’t know… I really don’t…

Chan:    Well the truth I guess would be a good place to start.

Mon:     [to herself] Or some version of it.

Chan:    You are going to lie to Sam?

Mon:     What can you lip read or something?… NO I ain’t gonna lie to him… but how good will he feel when he finds out I was in a serious relationship with you and he was conceived during a one night stand with a guy I barely knew.

Chan:    I guess that is a good point… do you think you’ll go see him again.

Mon:     [forgetting where she is] I see Sam’s dad regularly… it is just so hard… there are still all these feelings there that… [she suddenly remembers where she is] I mean… I …

Chan:    [in disbelief] You see him regularly? Where I mean, is that why I spend most nights with Sam, so you can go curl up with his dad?
Mon:     Don’t be stupid.

Chan:    Oh so now I’m being stupid… you know what you were right… this would never work out. [He starts to leave]

Mon:     NO Sam was right… [Chandler turns curiously] We are good at avoiding the truth.

Chan:    Yeah well maybe the truth is only what we TELL ourselves and not each other… if there is even such a thing as the truth.

Mon:     Oh there’s always a truth… and if you look long enough you’ll find it… you know if I had known we would end up like this maybe the truth would never have had to have been hidden in the first place.

Chan:    What truth?
Mon:     Isn’t that what we’re talking about?

Chan:    NO we are talking in riddles.

Mon:     Just like my life…

Chan:    What do you mean?

Mon:     Well I have a job I officially hate… no money in the bank, a beautiful child who lives in a single parent establishment with no prospects and I am just after almost having sex with my next door neighbour, best friend and ex-boyfriend.

Chan:    Things are never as bad as they seem… maybe you will tell Sam all about his dad, they will meet you guys will fall in love and you will all live happily ever after.

Mon:     And you?
Chan:    It’s like I said… I’m happy if you are happy… I might be insanely jealous but I’ll be happy.

Mon:     [smiling] Maybe you would figure closer in that equation than you’d think anyway.

Chan:    What do you mean?
Mon:     Nothing… [heading to her room] Goodnight Chandler.

Chan:    You going in there alone?
Mon:     I think it’s for the best don’t you?
Chan:    NO… but as long as you know what your doing after tonight we have to wait another six years for an opportunity.[She smiles as does he, but she exits to her room and closes the door slowly]

Two weeks later, M&S’s, Monica and Sam are sitting eating breakfast alone, Monica is staring into space obviously on another planet.

Sam:    Mommy… Mommy… [yelling] YO! Mon. [Mon looks up]

Mon:     Hmm?

Sam:    Can we talk about my daddy now?

Mon:     No… we are going out. [Monica lifts their plates and takes them to the sink even though Sam isn’t even finished]

Sam:    But it’s the weekend and you don’t have to work and the guys are all out shopping… how come we never went shopping?.

Mon:     I thought it would be important for us to spend some time together, just us.

Sam:    More like because Chandler was going.

Mon:     [snapping] That is enough Sam.

Sam:    How come you guys never even talk anymore.

Mon:     I told you Chandler wouldn’t be around so much.

Sam:    It’s not that… you guys have been weird since Aunt Phoebes sleep over.

Mon:     Sam go get changed.

Sam:    But I want to talk about my daddy.

Mon:     NO Sam, you are too young you wouldn’t understand.

Sam:    But you have been promising to tell me about him everyday for the past two weeks.

Mon:     Sam we are going out… go get changed.

Sam:    NO… I want to know about my daddy.

Mon:     Sam go to your room and get changed NOW!

Sam:    Fine. [He stomps off into his room, Monica sighs and goes into her room]

Half an hour later, Monica comes out of her room.

Mon:     Sam come on, we’re going… [to herself] I don’t know where, but anything to take your mind off Chandler… in every sense… [yelling to Sam again] Come on Sammy… don’t tell me you are sulking in there… [to herself] That is sure something you got from your father, I’ll tell you that much. [She goes into his room… a few moments later she comes out of his room looking panicked]

Mon:     [yelling, panicked] Sam? Come on sweetie are you in here? [She runs to the bathroom, and checks in there, she quickly exits, she runs into the hall and looks it up and down] Sam… [she slumps on the stair thinking it is hopeless, and looks at the note, which is scrolled out in Sams minor handwriting, she reads it to herself, we hear his voice in her thoughts:


            I’m sorry. I have to go find my daddy, he will understand, you just get mad. I want to know who he is… I will be back soon, don’t worry I will call you… oh and make friends with Chandler before I get back please.




[Monica brakes down in tears as the scene fades out]



The end… of this one at least.