The future part deux
By Tracey

A restaurant Monica, Joey, Rachel and John are sitting around the table in what seems to be a posh restaurant. Everyone is laughing at Joey’s joke.

Rach:    So, Joey where is Kirsty tonight?

Joey:     [sipping his wine] She went out with some people from work.

Rach:    Like who?

Joey:     I don’t know I never asked her.

John:     [jokingly] Maybe she is cheating on you.

Joey:     Well let her, I have a beautiful girl right here, [he puts his arm around Monica]

John:     [changing the subject] So Monica how is Sam getting on in school? He just started this year right.

Mon:     Yeah, this is the end of his first year, he really likes it, I wonder how long that will last but then there is a girl in his class that he likes.

Rach:    [In disbelief] Like fancies?

Mon:     He is six he isn’t quite at that stage yet, they are just friends, her name is Lauren.

Rach:    Wow pretty name.

Mon:     Isn’t it… and it fits her so well you can definitely see her as a Lauren she is just so pretty and so sweet.

Rach:    Aww I can just imagine… so when will we meet her?

John:    [to Joey] Great girl talk.

Joey:     Tell me about it.

Cut to Chandler and Sam in Monica’s place, they are sitting on the sofa talking.

Sam:    This is so cool.

Chan:    WHAT? No it’s not this is so not cool.

Sam:    But you love mommy that has gotta be cool.

Chan:    No Sam see… you wouldn’t understand. [he gets up and gets a drink from the fridge in the kitchen]

Sam:    [turning to him] I may only be six but I have hung out with all you guys all my life I know some things about life you know.

Chan:    This isn’t about what you know about life Sam… [searching for the words] see with friends there are these… well there are certain… there is a… well there are rules, a code that you have to follow.

Sam:    What’s that?

Chan:    [sitting down beside Sam] Monica… your mommy trusts me right now… she believes I am her friend here to help her out.

Sam:    And you are.

Chan:    Maybe but if I took the step over that line she would never forgive me and we couldn’t get back what we have now.

Sam:    You were right… I wouldn’t understand.

Chan:    [sighs and gives up] I will go run you a bath and you can stay up a bit later to watch TV before Mommy gets home. [He starts to walk to the bathroom]

Sam:    [starting toward his bedroom] Remember you have to play that game with mommy tonight. [he exits to his room]

Chan:            [stopping in his tracks] Poker? Oh no… STRIP poker, [holding his head in his hands] Oh no what have I done? [he exits to the bathroom, Sam sneaks back out of his bedroom and goes to the sofa, he sits down and picks up the phone he presses Speed dial]

Sam:    [to himself] Thank goodness Mommy wants me to be prepared. [meaning the speed dial]

Cut to Ross’ place him and Sarah are on the sofa making out in a candlelit apartment it is all very romantic, the phone rings.

Sarh:    We have to get that…

Ross:    NO, just leave it.

Sarh:    What if there is an emergency. [She lifts the phone]

Ross:    [to himself] Not likely in our circle of friends.

Sarh:    [to Ross] It’s for you its Sammy he sounds a little upset [Ross grabs the phone]

Ross:            [worried] Sam what is it, [we get a split screen, with Sam and Ross]

Sam:            [whispering] Uncle Ross I need your help.

Ross:            [worried] Why are you whispering?
Sam:    I can’t let Chandler hear me.

Ross:            [confused] Why not?

Sam:    It is really him who needs help.

Ross:    Is HE Ok?
Sam:    Not really I think he needs someone to talk too.

Ross:    Sam I am sorta busy [he looks at Sarah] Just to be talking to Chandler.

Sam:    Please, it really is an emergency.

Ross:    I’m sorry Sam unless anyone is hurt or in danger then Chandler is not my responsibility, he is a grown man, if he wants to talk to me he can call me himself.

Sam:    You don’t understand it really is important.

Ross:    I’m sorry Sam but I can’t just drop everything for Chandler.

Sam:    But Uncle Ross he…

Ross:            Goodbye Sam… [he goes to hang up but before he can]

Sam:    But he is in love with Mommy.

Ross:    I’ll be right over, [he hangs up, as does Sam, but we stay with Ross]

Ross:    [putting on his jacket] I’m sorry Sarah but something came up.

Sarh:            [disappointed] like what?

Ross:            Something we all thought ended six years ago. [he exits]

Cut to Monica and Sam’s, Chandler exits the bathroom, with Sam in tow wrapped in a towel.

Chan:    That was a quick bath, less than five minutes that must be a world record I thought you liked your bath.

Sam:    I do, but I am just really tired.

Chan:    Well Mommy laid out your pyjamas as normal, you know this neurotic thing used to be endearing but how much can one guy take, it is as good as an insult… you wanna put them on and watch a video or something? [Sitting on the sofa]

Sam:    I am gonna go to bed.

Chan:    [in real disbelief] Really?

Sam:    Yeah, nothing left to see.

Chan:    You hate going to bed early… you are a kid, your mom never lets you stay up late… what will I do out here without you to watch Disney with?

Sam:    I’m sorry, I guess I… [Ross bursts I looking mad]

Ross:            CHANDLER???

Chan:    I am right here Ross… [he turns to Sam] What’s up with him… do you think Sarah left him?

Sam:    Just try to keep the noise down… goodnight [he kisses Chandler on the cheek and disappears into his room, Chandler looks on in disbelief]

Ross:    You LOVE her? How could this happen [Chandler gets this realisation look on his face then it changes to annoyed, he turns to Sams bedroom door]

Chan:            [shouting at Sams bedroom door] See now it all makes sense.

Ross:    So you aren’t going to deny it?
Chan:    [putting on the TV] What’s the point?

Ross:    [sitting beside him, he is calm and supportive] How did this happen?
Chan:    I don’t know? How did it happen in the first place? [Ross jumps up he is mad again]

Ross:    You slept with her?… WHEN?!
Chan:    No that’s not what I meant I just meant how does anyone fall in love… [Ross sits calm again] Anyway I don’t know that I love her I just have feelings for her which is an entirely different thing.

Ross:    Oh yeah right…. So when did you find out?… Does she know?…. How did Sam find out?… Does Joey know?
Chan:    Hold with the questions, one at a time, today, no, he guessed and no.

Ross:    Ok, wait TODAY?

Chan:    Yeah I know it seems sudden but then we did go from friends to lovers in one kiss so…

Ross:    NO details please… so what happened?
Chan:    Well it all began this morning….

Cut to flashback, Chandler is running around obviously looking for something, Joey is in his barca lounger watching TV eating cereal.

Chan:            [stressed] Joey have you seen my watch?
Joey:     Yeah it’s on your wrist.

Chan:    Not that one, the one I wear for special occasions.

Joey:     Oh right… the one Monica got you while you were dating?.. I haven’t seen that for years…

Chan:            [sarcastic] Gee thanks, what would I do without my bright and resourceful best bud Joey Tribbianni… [Joey smiles, Chandler lets out a frustrated sigh and exits to his room]

Cut to Chandler’s bedroom, he looks frustrated and starts raking in his nightstand drawers, he reaches the bottom one he looks at it reluctantly, and he slowly pulls it right out, he sits it on his bed beside him, and slowly starts to take things out. He takes out a movie stub, a few receipts, and then a photograph, it is of him and Monica obviously from when they were together, he takes out a few more photos and looks at them fondly, he takes out a mixed tape, he looks at a few more things obviously memorabilia form there relationship he takes out a box and opens it, it is his watch, he slowly takes it out the box and admires it for a moment then puts it on, he takes out another photo of him and Monica he lies back on his bed and stares at it smiling for a minute, then he suddenly sits up, looking shocked.

Chan:    [to himself] Oh no no no, this can’t be right… [he quickly puts everything back in the box and exits his room, we cut to Joey in his recliner again as Chandler exits his room looking stressed] Here Joey tell me I’m crazy and lonely.

Joey:     Hey Chandler you’re crazy and lonely.

Chan:    Really?
Joey:     I don’t know that’s just what you told me to say… although you haven’t been on a date in the last few weeks.

Chan:    Weeks? Try months… years even, in fact my last date was with… [he looks as though he is deeply thinking then he suddenly twigs] Oh no.

Cut back to Ross and Chandler talking.

Ross:    [in disbelief] You haven’t had a date since Monica.

Chan:    I know it is insane, I hadn’t even thought about it and then it really hit me when I heard she was going out with Joey tonight…

Ross:    She is dating Joey?

Chan:    Well not really they are just going to dinner but my point is she hasn’t had a date since me because otherwise I would have felt this insane jealousy thing with who ever her date was.

Ross:    [slightly confused] Wait… so you’re telling me she is out with Joey not on a date just dinner and you are jealous of him?
Chan:    Basically yeah.

Ross:    That is insane.

Chan:    You didn’t see what she was wearing when she left… wow.

Ross:    Ok enough I had enough mental images of you together while you were dating it is gross.

Chan:            [sarcastically] Thanks.

Ross:    She’s my sister what do you expect.

Chan:    If you think about it me and Monica spend most of our free time together, I watch Sam all the time and we are always talking so basically we have been having this substitute relationship without the kissing and the sex and stuff.

Ross:    That is so true, I mean you two are always together… wait how much of this does she know?

Chan:    Well none of it I haven’t spoken to her about it… I mean I was fine yesterday everything was fine, I was me and she was her and WE were the past, history, finito you know but then I woke up this morning and it was like she was leaving me all over again you know I mean Joey had told me he was going to take her out but it hadn’t bothered me until I dreamt about her all night and then I saw her and I couldn’t help but feel all this stuff for her that I had genuinely thought was all in the past but now it is as apparent as ever and I have promised to get naked with her tonight and if I back out she will know something is wrong and…

Ross:    Wow wow, you are getting naked with her tonight?

Chan:    Yeah we are having a re match.

Ross:    Whoa whoa, a re match you mean you guys have got naked together recently?
Chan:    NO… do you remember like 11, 12 years ago… wow now I feel old.

Ross:    Focus.

Chan:    Well do you remember when we taught the girls to play poker?
Ross:    [unsure as to what this has to do with anything] sure.

Chan:    Well remember you let Rachel win that game because you were all in love with her and everything.

Ross:    I did not let her win.

Chan:    Well that is why I am getting naked with Monica tonight, see she doesn’t believe you threw the game as we know you did and so we are having a re match tonight of poker to see who should really have won.

Ross:    Why just the two of you and what has that to do with nakedness?
Chan:    Well we were alone when we were arguing so that is why it is just the two of us and money is pretty tight with her and Sam right now so we decided that we should play strip poker and bet our clothes.

Ross:    What are you crazy you knew how you felt.

Chan:    It didn’t really hit me until she left tonight I just wanted to be the guy going to the restaurant with her, I wanted to take her out and laugh with her, talk with her and just be with her…  [Ross looks at him sorry, Chandler jumps up mad, but with himself] Ross who the hell do I think I am… I mean wasn’t it enough we crossed the line in London I mean I have never regretted that day but what would our lives be like now if that had never happened? I mean she trusts me, it is just like it was before that night with her except its better, if I even TELL her how I feel then we will lose this all over again and I mean what would I do if she cheated on me again, [Ross gasps, Chandler looks panicked] I mean if she…. Well we… that is…. What if it didn’t work out like last time.

Ross:    She cheated on you?
Chan:    Well you know Sammy.

Ross:    Yeah but that happened after you guys broke up so it doesn’t count.

Chan:    Oh yeah. [Close up of Chandlers face, we cut to flashback]

Cut to, Monica’s apartment, 2000, Monica and Sam’s, Sam is six months old. He isn’t in the room it is only Monica and Chandler, both look mad.

Mon:     [yelling] Would you let it go?
Chan:    Monica we dated for almost two years, I loved you, we lived together and you throw it all away for one night of passion, I mean I can’t just let that go.

Mon:     Well you’re gonna have to aren’t you because no matter how you try yelling about it isn’t gonna change what has happened.

Chan:    Maybe not but I might get an explanation. You at least owe me that.

Mon:     I don’t owe you anything Chandler, how Sam was conceived is between me and his father I think you know all you need too.

Chan:    I know exactly HOW he was conceived what I don’t know is why Monica, WHY?
Mon:     [she sits on a chair in the kitchen, she looks defeated] Chandler… I…. I’m sorry… I never meant to hurt you with all this, and I know I did but I never wanted to hurt you and that has to mean something right?
Chan:    Yeah, it means that if you can hurt me this much and never have meant to then I’d hate to see what you could do if you did. [he storms out and slams the door]

Cut back to Chandler and Ross talking.

Ross:    So what you gonna do man?

Chan:    [staring into space] I don’t know… I really don’t know.

Cut to restaurant, everyone is putting on their coats and jackets getting ready to leave.

Rach:    I had a really nice time guys, we should do this again.

John:    Yeah like a double date. [the other three stare at him in horror, John looks taken aback]

Joey:            [nervous] No…. no… see…she [pointing to Monica] is Chandler’s chick.

John:    [VERY confused] What? I thought you said they were over before Sam was born.

Mon:     We were… or we are.

John:    So?…

Joey:     But Chandler has dated her and loved her so I can’t move in on her because no matter what she and Chandler have a history and there are rules about this sorta thing.

John:    There are?
Rach:    Yeah it is long and confusing, but when the rules have been broken, havoc always ensues, trust me we sat down one night and finalised the rules, it sounds dorky but they were broken so many times we thought we would get them straight.

John:    How many times have they been broken?

Series of flashbacks, obviously as each is supposedly described to John.

TOW Mrs. Bing, Ross and Mrs Bing kissing.

TOW the Dozen Lasagnes, Paolo hitting on Phoebe

TOW the two parts part two, Joey and Phoebe kissing, (to do with Joey dating Ursula not kissing Phoebe if you know what I mean)

TOW Rachel finds out, her finding out about Ross’ love.

TOW the Breast Milk, Rachel and Monica arguing in Central Perk and making up (including Phoebe) after Monica shopped with Julie.

TOW Phoebes Husband, where they all tell about each other.

TOW Ross finds out, the kiss

TOW the list, Rachel yelling at Ross at her bedroom door.

TOW Phoebes dad, Rachel’s list.

TOW the super bowl, Rachel and Monica fighting

TOW the prom video Chandler doing his “impressions” with Phoebe

TOW the prom video R&R kissing.

TOW Joey moves out, the argument just after Chandler gave Joey his plastic spoons.

TOW Eddie moves in, The moose hat bit.

TOW Eddie won’t go Ross and Joeys argument over Cab driver number two.

TOW Eddie won’t go, the girls slamming the doors, and the argument preceding.

TOW the Princess Leia fantasy, Chandler and Joey arguing over Joeys dislike of Janice.

TOW the metaphorical tunnel, Phoebe being Joeys agent and telling him all the stuff about why he didn’t get jobs.

TOW the flashbacks, the various relevant parts, which I’m sure you can all pick out.

TOW the race car bed, Joey seeing Janice kissing “the mattress king”

TOW the giant poking device, Chandler and the darts part.

TOW Chandler can’t remember which sister, the morning after, as it were

TOW Ross and Rachel take a break, Ross with Chloe.

TOW the dollhouse, Chandler dating Joanna.

TOA the beach, R&R kissing.

TOW the jellyfish, the end tag.

TOW the cuffs, Rachel talking to Chandler while he is hand cuffed to the filing cabinet.

TOW Chandler crosses the line, him kissing Kathy.

TOW the girl from Poughkeepsie, Chandler trying to set up Rachel.

TOW Phoebes Uterus, Ross and Joey in the cafeteria at the museum.

TOW the embryos, “What is Chandler Bing’s job?” [You all know the rest]

Cut back to the restaurant.

John:    Ohh.

Rach:    See after all that we really had to decide what the rules were.

John:            Understandable.

Joey:     Yeah.

John:    But wait didn’t you say after Chandler kissed Kathy you told him it would have been ok if he had asked you first.

Joey:            [unsure] Yeah.

John:    So technically if you wanted to date Monica all you would need to do would be ask Chandler…

Joey:     I guess… that is actually true, [putting his arm around John] this man has brains.

John:    Well I am a doctor so it really comes with the job… plus if you think about it you really owe him one for Kathy. [Joey smiles at John and then sexily at Monica]

Mon:     [while turning to leave, she jokes] Well call Janice, I have all the men in my life that I need… [Rachel grabs her arm and spins her round, the three look at her shocked]

Rach:    What man?

Mon:     Sam…

All:       Aww. [they all leave the restaurant]

Cuts back to Monica and Sams, Ross and Chandler are sitting on the sofa, in silence, they obviously have been for a while.

Ross:    I don’t think you should pursue this.

Chan:    You’re probably right.

Ross:    It will just mess with both your lives if you bring it up don’t you think.

Chan:    I think we are all too old for all this, that’s for sure, [both laugh]

Cut to hallway between apartments [Joey and Monica come up the stairs]

Joey:            [stopping outside the apartment doors] I had a really good time.

Mon:     [she smiles] Yeah me too.

Joey:     I was nice to see you out having fun, you don’t get out much with Sam and everything, most of your time outwith home is at work.

Mon:     I know as much as I love him he does take up a lot of time and money, it was nice to get out.

Joey:     [he touches her face] Yeah, it was good to go out with you… in the strictly platonic sense of course.

Mon:     Yeah… [unsure] all that stuff about you not hitting on me because I am Chandler’s ex girlfriend… was that true?
Joey:     Of course, Monica you are a beautiful, amazing woman, a great friend who has seen me through some tough times… I have thought about asking you out a lot, but since Chandler got there first I kinda had no choice you know, I had to let it go.

Mon:     But Joey that was six years ago, Chandler and I are good friends nothing more, we got over each other a long time ago, he has no say over me anymore… [disappointed] he hasn’t for a long time.

Joey:     Are you telling me you want me to hit on you.

Mon:     I’m not saying that exactly, I just… I would hate to know that you didn’t ever…. Well because of… [Joey puts a finger to Monica’s lips to silence her, she looks up at him, and he leans in slowly and gently kisses her lips, suddenly we hear Ross clear his throat and Monica and Joey look up to see Ross and Chandler standing in the doorway of M&S’s apartment, both look a little startled, M&J look nervous and uncomfortable]

Ross:    What’s goin’ on here?

Mon:     I think we oughta say goodnight, [she kisses Joey on the cheek] Thank you for a lovely evening.

Joey:     No problem… I’ll call you tomorrow. [She exits to her apartment]

Ross:            [gesturing toward the door] I’m gonna… [he exits to her apartment aswell, leaving Chandler and Joey in the hallway together, Joey looks at the shocked Chandler very unsure]

Joey:     Hey man… how was your evening?
Chan:    What was that?

Joey:     What was what?

Chan:    Don’t play dumb with me what were you doing with Monica… my ex girlfriend?
Joey:     [a little mad] Yeah of six years.

Chan:    Maybe but still what happened to the rules.

Joey:     I changed them ok… and after six years I would think I was allowed.

Chan:    There is no time limit on the rules ok… you had no right too…

Joey:     What are you saying you still want her?… that this bothers you because you think you might still have a chance with her is that it?
Chan:    Of course not, Monica and I were over a long time ago if I had wanted to change that I would have done it a long time ago.

Joey:     Then what is the problem?

Chan:    No problem… just a misunderstanding…

Joey:     Yeah I should say so. [He exits into his apartment, Chandler sighs and sits on the stairs]

Cut to inside Monica and Sams, Monica exits from her bedroom in casual clothing, Ross is sitting on the sofa.

Mon:     That is better… you know as nice as these fancy clothes are and as much as I liked dressing up after so long, it is so nice to just come home, relax and crash in front of the TV… I am gonna go check on Sam. [She starts toward his door]

Ross:            [solemnly] Can I talk to you first Monica?
Mon:     [turning to him, casual] Sure you can… what’s up? [she sits down beside him]

Ross:    What is happening with you and Joey?
Mon:     [sighs] Nothing.

Ross:    Do you want anything to happen.

Mon:            [standing, pacing] No… yes… I don’t know. Ross this is so hard for me I love Joey but it is just friend love you know there is nothing sexual there… well worth reporting. I just haven’t been in the game in so long, and I so want somebody… I want someone to come home to every night you know, someone I feel comfortable with someone that I wanna be with that loves me… but now that I have Sam I just don’t have time to go out there and meet guys let alone date and deal with all the emotions that come with that, I don’t want Sam to see me with all these different men just until I find the right one.

Ross:    Maybe you already have.

Mon:     Exactly, what if I have what if … I met him at the dry cleaners or something and I was too busy to notice (Sorry folks). I can’t go through this Ross, I don’t have the time or energy to go out with guys or to introduce them to Sammy, I mean how many guys our age are still totally single, and who wants a thirty six year old single mom with a crap job and no support system.

Ross:    You have a support system, and maybe this guy you are have already met is closer than you think, a guy who knows and loves Sammy and who loves you too, and you love him… maybe you just don’t know it or maybe you just aren’t willing to admit it. A guy that knows everything there is to know about you, more than you know yourself who wants you and would do anything for you and Sam.

Mon:            [defeated] Yeah and who would this heavenly guy be? The mailman?

Ross:            [standing and putting on his jacket] No, He’s your support system. [Chandler enters and Monica looks up at him then at Ross who raises his eyebrows]

Ross:    I’m gonna get going, I left Sarah sorta abruptly she might be mad.

Mon:     Yeah Ross why are you here?
Ross:    It’s a long story, [he kisses Mon on the cheek] think about what I said Yeah?

Mon:            Whatever.

Ross:    [firmly] Monica.

Mon:     Fine I will just go I have to see my son. [Ross exits]

Chan:            [nervously] I should get going as well I have an early day tomorrow.

Mon:     What about our game?

Chan:    Oh yeah that… rein check?
Mon:            [unsure] Sure. It’s probably better we wait until Sam isn’t here anyway, I mean that would be pretty shocking for a little kid. [They both smile, he nods] [Chandler turns to leave] Wait.

Chan:    [turning back to her] Yeah?

Mon:     Will you… will you stay and just talk to me?

Chan:            [confused] ‘bout what?
Mon:            Whatever comes up… like we used too.

Chan:    Monica I would love too but you forget we were dating back then there was a difference… we just don’t TALK anymore… that is part of our history, something that DID happen, we can’t take the parts we want from different sections in our lives and mix them together to produce what we want.

Mon:     Why not?
Chan:    Monica when was the last time we had a spontaneous conversation, just us?
Mon:     This afternoon.

Chan:    About something other than Sam?
Mon:            [thinking hard] Ok so it was a while ago but that doesn’t mean we can’t start now… we do tons of stuff together.

Chan:    [walking up to her] yeah I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that.

Mon:            [nervous] ‘bout what?
Chan:    I know that I spend a lot of time with Sam and I love too I really do but I was… well I was thinking how would you feel if I told you I couldn’t baby-sit this week.

Mon:     [sitting on the sofa] Oh god you had me worried, I was wondering what you were going to say to me… sure that’s fine what you working late all this week.

Chan:    NO actually I was thinking I would just hang out with the guys you know go out have some fun.

Mon:            [disappointed] Oh… ok… yeah that’s cool, what’s a week of pubbing and clubbing.

Chan:    Well I was actually thinking I might cut down on babysitting all together if that’s ok… I mean I know you have a lot on your plate and everything but…

Mon:     No, no it’s ok it really is I have relied on you to much you deserve a life of your own I have been holding you back from that I’m sorry.

Chan:    No don’t be you never forced me too, I love hanging out with Sam I just think this is just a little too familiar for us now you know, too much of the old routine.

Mon:     I guess your right.

Chan:            Especially now that you are with Joey and everything, you can rely on him.

Mon:     I’m not with Joey, Chandler… I just want someone and I thought that maybe after one date I could grab someone but Joey’s not for me, we never had anything.

Chan:    [taken aback] You… you WANT someone?
Mon:     Did you wanna go ‘cause if you are leaving I will just check Sam and go to bed.

Chan:            [surprised from her comment] Sure I’m going… I’ll see myself out.

Mon:     You always do… [he exits she exits to Sams room.]

Cut to Sams room, Monica sits on the bed next to the sleeping child and strokes his hair.

Mon:            [whispering] Ohh Sam what happened to us? Where did I become your mother and only that… you deserve more, I can’t raise you as just a mother. Where did I go through all this?

A while later she exits Sams room and is startled by Chandler sitting on the sofa smiling at her. She smiles back curiously.

Chan:    Feel like talking?
Mon:     [huge smile] Yeah I do… [she sits next to him]

Cut to a few hours later, they are still on the sofa talking.

Chan:    So what happened Monica?

Mon:     With what?
Chan:    You.

Mon:     What about me?

Chan:    Well the Monica I dated wanted her own restaurant, she wanted a husband, loads of kids and a big house in the suburbs you know the regular family stuff.

Mon:     I still want that.

Chan:    Really so how come you are a kitchen skivvy, living in this apartment a single mom?

Mon:     What about you what about the big promotion?

Chan:            [nervous] Well there is something I never told you about that…

Mon:            [Worried] What… what didn’t you tell me?

Chan:            [nervous] Well I was actually offered the promotion

Mon:     So why didn’t you take it?
Chan:    Well…

Cut to flashback, Chandler is in his apartment, looking very depressed, he is in a lounger in his sweats, it is really soon after his break up with Monica, she is like 14 weeks pregnant. The phone rings, he slowly rises to get it, he answers. [we get spilt screen with a guy at the office we’ll cal him, OGOP Office Guy On Phone]

Chan:    [A la Ross] Hi…

OGOP:   [over excited] Mr. Bing?

Chan:    Well that is a matter of opinion at the moment.

OGOP:            [confused] Excuse me?

Chan:    Well the person who made me that person has decided I no longer deserve to be that person.

OGOP:   [VERY confused] Ok sir… if you say so… [back to his cheer] Well I have news for you sir you have been the offered the new position… congratulations pack your bags you are off to head office in Jersey.

Chan:            [shocked] JERSEY?!

OGOP:   That’s’ right sir, you just have to come to this building and sign a few papers and you will be ready for the transfer…

Chan:    What I can’t go to Jersey.

OGOP: I think it is a wonderful opportunity, you can start a new life… [unsure] you can forget about this person who makes you a person… or whatever.

Chan:    Well that’s true, I guess if she is starting a new life I can too, ok I’ll be down as soon as I can [he puts down the phone] [he storms out the door very determined and bangs into Mon, literally] Oh hey sorry… [noticing it is Mon] Oh, sorry. [he steps right back]

Mon:            [uncomfortable] It’s ok… [they both look very uncomfortable] So where are you off to in such a hurry?
Chan:    Oh I got called into work.

Mon:     [looking him up and down, remember he is in his sweats] Are you sure?
Chan:    Yeah it was really urgent.

Mon:     Oh… well I guess you should get going then.

Chan:    Yeah I probably should… [she turns to go into her apartment, even though she was actually taking OUT the trash] Hey Mon… [she turns to him] Were you taking that out? [gesturing to the trash]

Mon:            [laughing nervously] Yeah I was….

Chan:    You want me to take it? You shouldn’t be over exerting yourself… you know in your… [he clears his throat] well your condition. [Mon smiles, hugely, that he seems to care so much] What is that face for?
Mon:     [trying to hide her joy but failing miserably] It’s the one I was born with.

Chan:    I know… [he touches her cheek] and everyday it gets more and more beautiful… [they stare into each others eyes] [she looks away] Umm… [he clears his throat] well I really should go.

Mon:     [still smiling] Yeah, I had better get rid of this [holding up the trash, she goes to the top of the stairs and looks at him, she has a glow and is still smiling] I will see you around.

Chan:    [smiling back at her] Yeah, yeah you will.

Mon:            Promise?
Chan:    I promise, [she walks down the stairs, he zoom in on his face and out again at present day]

Chan:    And after that I couldn’t go because I thought we might have still… well I did promise I would and if… well I thought maybe you wanted me… oh I don’t know…

Mon:     And you’re judging me…

Chan:    Hey I ain’t judging, I’m happy if you’re happy but just tell me that you feel content Mon… is this what you really want? I mean I know you love Sam we all do but can you look me in the eye and tell me you are totally and completely happy? [She looks right into his eyes]

Mon:            [confident] Chandler I am totally and completely… [standing up, a little mad she turns to him] unobligated to answer any of these stupid questions.

Chan:    Ok, fine… let’s talk about the weather and sport and regular stuff nothing real or anything even remotely related to either one of us.

Mon:            [slumping in the sofa beside him, sulking] What do you care if I’m happy anyway?

Chan:    Hey I care a hell of a lot.

Mon:     Since when?
Chan:    Since always Monica you are my bestfriend if you aren’t happy I will do everything in my power to help you become happy.

Mon:     Well you don’t have to because I am very happy with my life and I wouldn’t change one thing in it no matter even if you paid me.

Chan:    Good, I’m glad … because I ain’t giving you a dime, [he laughs she looks at him and laughs, as he is recovering from the laughter] Seriously Monica can I do anything for you?
Mon:     Don’t leave me.

Chan:            [startled] What?

Mon:     I don’t think I can do this without you and if only you knew the truth you would regret walking out that door tonight.

Chan:    I don’t understand… you said you wanted me to have my life back.

Mon:     And I do but I just don’t think I will cope with my life if you leave me.

Chan:    Mon you will cope just fine…

Mon:     [sighs] I guess your right.

Chan:    I should get going it is late.

Mon:     what time is it?
Chan:    3:30.

Mon:            [shocked] What… in the morning?

Chan:    Why would you prefer it to be the afternoon? ‘cause that would just make it worse.

Mon:     [laughs] How do you do that?

Chan:    What?
Mon:     No matter what is going on you always make me feel better… [he smiles and looks into her eyes obviously thinking of kissing her, she doesn’t see it though] You are such a good friend. [He suddenly looks very disappointed]

Chan:    [to himself] Who needs hope?
Mon:     What?

Chan:            Nothing… it’s ok… I never said anything… [he starts toward the door she goes after him, he opens the door and turns to her] I’ll come pick Sam up for school I can drop him off as usual yeah?
Mon:     No you won’t… remember.

Chan:    Oh yeah… boy this will take some getting used too.

Mon:     I’ll say. [Neither moves]

Chan:    So I’m gonna go.

Mon:     I don’t know when I’ll see you again.

Chan:    I have no idea, you will be busy with Sam.

Mon:     Yeah and you with your new social life.

Chan:    Oh yeah that of course. [Both stand in silence]

Mon:     Well…

Chan:    Yeah…

Mon:     Thanks for everything Chandler [she extends her hand as if to shake]

Chan:    Are you kidding me? You don’t get out of it that easily we have known each other 19 years and this is how we part… come here [he hugs her, they hold for a while]

Mon:     [still hugging him, obviously upset] Thank you.

Chan:    Hey… we’re good, we’ll see each other real soon… and if you ever need anything just pick up the phone yeah?
Mon:     Yeah.

Chan:            Promise?
Mon:     I promise… do you?
Chan:    In a heartbeat…            [they release from the hug]

Mon:     This is a big step for us… we have seen each other virtually everyday for over ten years.

Chan:    We’ll get by.

Mon:     Hey I survived our break up I can survive this, [both look a little uneasy now]

Chan:    Well it was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

Mon:     Me too.

Chan:            [uneasy] Monica… Mon do you have any… well I mean with us do you ever… well what I am trying to say is do you…

Mon:     I have regrets Chandler.

Chan:    Me too.

Mon:     But I think that is part of life, you have to deal with that and move on, These things happen for a reason and they wouldn’t happen if they didn’t have a purpose, if they weren’t meant to be you know?

Chan:    [he looks down, as in upset] Ohh…

Mon:     We should get some sleep I guess, it is sorta late.

Chan:    [quietly] Ok… I’ll see you around then… [he slowly leans over and kisses her friendly like, they hold the kiss probably longer than they should being just friends but do pull apart]

[he smiles half-heartedly and leaves] [she leans on the outside of the open door]

Mon:     [to herself] See you around.
Cut to the next morning, Rachel and John are there eating breakfast with Sam and Joey.

Rach:    So where is your mommy Sam? It is 8:30, doesn’t she normally get you up?
Sam:    Yeah she did get me up but she went back to bed.

John:    How come?
Sam:    She didn’t get to bed till late.

Rach:    That’s weird we didn’t stay out that late last night, [Rachel and John look at Joey suspiciously]

Sam:    Yeah she was up talking to Chandler all night.

Rach:    [drops her plate, it smashes] She stayed up all night talking to Chandler?

Sam:    [as if it is no big deal] Yeah…

Joey:     [to Sam] Go brush you teeth Sam.

Sam:    ok. [he exits to the bathroom]

Rach:    [to Joey] What do you think is wrong?
John:    Why does anything have to be wrong?
Rach:    ‘Cause if nothings wrong that means they were… bonding… getting to know each other again. I have to call Phoebe. [Monica walks in]

Mon:     Who broke a plate?
Rach:    Oh yeah that mighta been me. [Monica starts to clear it up]

Joey:     Mon can I talk to ya a sec please? [Monica stands slowly, and looks at him nervously]

Mon:            [nervously] Sure… go ahead.

Joey:            [nervously] In private.

Mon:     Oh… ‘kay. [She starts toward her room, and he follows]

Cut to Monica’s room, she enters and Joey comes in behind her, he instantly tries to kiss her but she pushes him away.

Joey:     Well I guess that answers my question.

Mon:     It just isn’t right…. You understand?
Joey:     [sighs] Yeah of course I do, I mean you are great and everything but you are right it just wouldn’t be right.

Mon:     Thank you for being so understanding.

Joey:     Hey it’s ok, [they hug friendly like]

Cut to the kitchen, John and Rachel are eating breakfast, Sam comes out of the bathroom and joins them, Monica and Joey exit from her room, and go to the kitchen with the others, and everyone except Sam is eating or preparing something to eat.

Sam:    [playing with some toy cars that are on the table] Mom, isn’t Chandler late?

Mon:     [pouring herself some cereal] No

Rach:    [looking at the clock on the wall] Yeah, I’d say he is, he still has to eat, he is always here by now. [There is a knock at the door,] Maybe that’s him… [shouting] come in. [Phoebe enters]

Joey:            [confused] Why did you knock?
Phoe:    I’m trying to add variety to our lives, now tomorrow morning you will be like “Will she knock or won’t she?”

Joey:            [sincerely] That is so cool. [The others look at each other in disbelief]

Phoe:    I know.

John:    So where’s Chandler?

Mon:            [nervous] I think I need to tell you guys something…  Well see the thing is Chandler and I had a long talk last night…

Rach:    Yeah we heard what’s that about?
Mon:     If you give me a minute I’ll tell you… well he and I thought that it would be best…well it might be in everyone’s interests if he…that is if I… basically he is gonna have his life back and he won’t be helping me out so much anymore. [All look shocked]

Rach:    I can’t believe this.

Joey:     So what happened? You guys fight?

Mon:     No of course not but it isn’t exactly fair for him…

Sam:    [starting to cry] You mean… Chandler won’t be around?
Mon:            [kneeling beside him and hugging him] Oh I’m sorry honey, I’m so sorry. [Everyone looks at them pained]

Cut to later that day, Monica and Sams apartment it is totally empty, Chandler comes in.

Chan:            [shouting] Monica?…Sam?… you guys home, [he looks around the apartment and then sits on the sofa, his thoughts] Well I can wait… ok, I’ll watch a little TV… [he starts to hunt around the sofa, under cushions and stuff, he comes across Monica’s diary down the back of the sofa] Whoa, I didn’t think she would let this outta her sight, [he puts it on the table and finds the remote he puts on the TV, he watches for a minute and then his gaze falls onto the diary] [his thoughts] She wouldn’t mind if I… would she?… Nah I knew everything about her what could I read in there that I don’t already know [he looks back to the TV, but not for long he looks at the diary again, he turns off the TV and sits forward, staring right at the diary, his thoughts again] Although she did tell me not to be too sure about what I knew… and that stuff is ancient I mean you can’t be responsible for what you wrote six years ago, what could she possibly write that could effect our lives today?… Maybe just a quick look, [he picks up the diary and sits back] [his thoughts] but if I do will I ever be able to forgive myself?, [he looks at the diary and then into the camera, his thought] What the hell I have nothing to lose, [he opens the diary and begins to read]

The End, for now.

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