TOW the explanation
By Tracey

This wasn’t planned but I feel another fic in this series will just tie everything up, so here it is. It’s basically a C&M fic but the others are featured. Oh, if you haven’t read the others this will make little sense but hey if you like a challenge feel free to carry on from here, if not please go back and read the others but whatever, I would love feedback.
Disclaimer: Do we really need this you all get it by now right?

M&R’s Rachel, Joey, Phoebe are at the dinner table, Ross is leaning against the counter drinking coffee, he is wearing a suit. Joey and Rachel are wearing bathrobes because they just got out their beds (their own beds, that would just be confusing) and Phoebe is wearing casual phoebe clothes.

Joey: I just thank god that we got to leave rather than be locked in Monica’s room with no food, do you remember that Pheebs?
Phoe: Do I ever, that was terrible and do you remember we ended up eating that leg wax.
Joey: (starting to laugh) Yeah, and when Monica…
Ross: Wow, when was this?
Joey: Eh… (Looking worriedly at Pheebs) umm, well it was… now let me see…
Phoe: My dream,
Rach: (even more confused) What?
Phoe: Yeah, it was in my dream…
Ross: So how come Joey was telling us about it?
Phoe: Well, well umm… umm…

C&M come in also in bathrobes, Chan is hugging Mon from behind and is kissing her neck, and she is obviously enjoying it and starts giggling, the guys all look at C&M in shock. C&M are obviously unaware they are in company.
Mon: (giggling) that tickles…
Chan: (Still buried in her neck) you’ve never complained before…
Mon: Oh, I’m not complaining,
Chan: Really… (He looks up and she turns to face him so they are facing each other) well, that takes the fun out of it then,
Mon: (smiling from ear to ear) really? Well then, we will just have to make it fun again then won’t we (She kisses him VERY passionately, he walks her a bit and pushes her up against the wooden post. (The one Ross banged his head on) She groans content, he starts to move down her neck, she keeps her eyes shut and seems to be enjoying it A LOT. She opens here eyes for a split second, and closes them, then her eyes snap open again and she looks right at the other four who are staring amazed, totally gob smacked)
Mon: Umm, hi…
All: (in unison, dazed) Hi, (Chan stops dead when he hears the chorus, he doesn’t move from his position at Mon’s neck)
Chan: Mon… we’re not alone are we?
Mon: (staring at the others) umm not exactly.
Chan: How many?
Mon: All of them
Chan: Oh… (He stands up straight, but still facing Mon, he slowly turns to the others) Umm, Hi…
All: (in unison, still dazed) Hi…
Joey: I’m sorry, I must have fallen asleep again, I don’t get it, someone tell me what I missed.
Rach: Well, this time Joey I have to say I am right on a level with you.
Ross: (really mad) WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? (Chan shrinks behind Monica) (Ross goes right up to them, he yells at Chan) This is my baby sister, what the hell did you do?
Chan: (trying to lighten the mood) You want details… because it is traditional to wait until the couple are apart to ask them how good it was.
Ross: what are you trying to be funny, (to Mon) and you really want this, this kind of a relationship do you? You wanna be with someone like him?
Mon: What do you mean someone like him he is your best friend.
Ross: Ha, not anymore, how do you expect this to ever work?
Mon: We haven’t had much of a chance to talk… (Joey does his dirty laugh all look at him shocked)
Joey: (to Chan) you go dude.
Ross: (now yelling at Joey) What you think this is good? This is funny?… What’s wrong with you?
Joey: (surprised) Hey, don’t yell at me, yell at him. (Ross turns to see Phoebe hugging C&M)
Ross: What are you doing Pheebs?
Mon: She is being supportive something you would know nothing about. (She storms into her room)
Rach: (sarcastic, mad) Good one Ross, you couldn’t have done that better if you had tried. (She goes after Mon)
Phoe: (mad) YEAH! (She storms off after Rachel, Ross turns to Joey).
Joey: I think it is great they are together, and I don’t really like the way you just yelled at me, plus she feeds me so… (Mad, like Phoebe) YEAH! (He goes after Phoebe; Ross turns to Chandler to see him looking at Monica’s door worried).
Ross: What are looking at?
Chan: (turning to Ross) Hmm?
Ross: (calmed a bit) Just tell me one thing, why do you want to do this?
Chan: (plainly) I love her.
Ross: (smirks) Yeah, like you never used that one before.
Chan: (getting mad) I don’t get you… I mean you loved it when we started going out, or when you first found out at least, and then you suddenly went cold and now look at you. We are happy, ok, we love each other and you are just gonna have to accept that because we will not hide our feelings just to make you more comfortable
Ross: (calmly) you forgot one thing.
Chan: (mad) What’s that?
Ross: Less than 24 hours ago she was engaged to another guy (Chan’s face falls, he and Ross stare at each other a moment. Joey, Rachel and Phoebe exit from Monica’s room, they make there way to the kitchen.)
Joey: She wants to see you. (Both Ross and Chandler start to walk to Mon’s door but stop and look at each other.
C & Ro: Who? (They look at each other then at the other three who are staring at them in surprise)
Rach: You, (she says pointing at Chandler) (to Ross) you will be lucky if she ever speaks to you again let alone wants to see you.
Ross: What did she say?
Rach: (looking plainly at Ross) You don’t wanna know.

Monica’s bedroom, she is lying on the bed facing away from the door as Chandler enters, he quietly closes the door. He looks at her with a sorry look and then moves over to the bed and lies down beside her.
Chan: (staring at the ceiling, not wanting to pressure her) You ok?
Mon: Yeah.
Chan: (hesitantly) Monica… Why are you with me?
Mon: (turning over and looking at him) What do you mean?
Chan: well, less than 24 hours ago you were engaged to Matt, and you seemed really into him and how come you guys got engaged so fast and… (She silences him putting a finger to his lips)
Mon: Shhh… Chandler it is difficult for me to explain, (they look directly into each others eyes) after you kissed Janice (he closes his eyes pained) No… no I’m not bringing it up again, I just… I… I was devastated, it wasn’t only the kiss it was everything, you accusing me of cheating, you confiding in Janice about our relationship and a whole bunch of other stuff, I wanted to hate you (his eyes snap open). But I couldn’t (he smiles) I needed to hate you, but not one part of me wanted to or even felt that it could. Every time I saw you I wanted you and we always seemed to connect, it always felt so right. I kept thinking, you can go back to him; he’ll take you back, one measly kiss. But it wasn’t just the kiss, I needed to make sure that I knew what I was doing and if I did go back to you that this wouldn’t eat away at us.
Chan: So you left
Mon: Yes, I thought if I could get some distance I could work out what I wanted and act logically on my feelings.
Chan: (reaching over and touching her cheek but sometimes you just have to act, logically or not.
Mon: Yes, yes exactly that is what I thought, and when I came over to you to tell you how I felt and then you kissed me, and we… well (she giggles) you know, (he chuckles). I thought what harm can it do, but it really messed me up. I left yours and I wanted to go back but I forced myself to leave. I left and I stayed in New York for a bit but everywhere reminded me of you. (AN: I know NY is a big place but this is my fic). And I was worried I would run into someone I knew, so I went to stay with a friend from college who lives in LA now, and she introduced me to Matt and he was cute and funny. We hit it off straight away and he asked me out the same night I met him. I was gonna say no but then I thought I have to move on with my life, I mean that is what we said right and I thought a guy I knew and felt comfortable with was a good start.
Chan: But why did we have to start moving on at all if you wanted me.
Mon: It wasn’t right for me to just accept and move on, it would have been as if I was saying it was ok and it wasn’t.
Chan: I know it wasn’t ok, and you know that and it will never happen again, you know that.
Mon: (looking at him very seriously) Do I?
Chan: (shocked) What? (He sits up, they sit facing each other)
Mon: I trust you I do, but why did it happen what made you go to Janice?
Chan: She came to me, I was confused and I had all these thoughts spinning around in my head and when she appeared I started to vent my feelings and one thing lead to another and well, you were there… but what about you, why matt? Why engaged that is a big step I such a short time.
Mon: I know, I know it was totally unlike me to be so impulsive but it all happened so fast, we went out once then twice and it sorta snowballed you know then before I knew it I was at one of his families birthday parties with a little to much wine in me and there was Matt kneeling in front of me in front of his entire family, I couldn’t very well say no, and in the two weeks or so after that I started to like the idea of being engaged, and then I thought if I come back here and present him to you guys, you would talk me out of it or into it, you have always had an opinion on my boyfriends.
Chan: Even more so when I was him.
Mon: (surprised) Was?
Chan: Yeah, I used to be your boyfriend don’t you remember? Wow what an impression I must make.
Mon: Yeah Chandler of course I remember, but what was last night then?
Chan: Last night was… was…
Mon: Was, was what?
Chan: Well what about Matt?
Mon: He left remember
Chan: Yeah, I know that but won’t he be back, don’t you need time to get over him?
Mon: (Sarcastically) Turns out I’m in love with someone else already.
Chan: (shocked, down) Oh,
Mon: Don’t sound so defeated, its you.
Chan: (happy) Oh
Mon: I never realised how much I loved you until I saw you again and suddenly Matt didn’t seem so important I was playing the obligatory role,
Chan: I love you too.
Mon: you do?
Chan: I do (he kisses her lightly on the lips, she pulls away and smiles)
Chan: (confused) What?
Mon: Oh, nothing just something a little bird told me (she gets off the bed and starts taking clothes out her drawer)
Chan: (Suspicious) What’s that? (He gets off the bed and stands behind her)
Mon: Something along the lines of (mimicking him) “maybe I don’t love her” and “I don’t need her”
Chan: (apologetic) Look Mon, I’m sorry I never meant that, I had to tell myself something and if I told the guys how much I missed you and needed you they would never have got off my case I… I’m sorry, I… (She turns smiling at him; she puts her arms around his neck)
Mon: (sarcastically) You’re forgiven
Chan: (in disbelief) really, that easy huh, (she looks at him surprised) Oh, no I didn’t mean… (She smiles and kisses him)
Mon: You can make it up to me later.
Chan: Why not right now? (He tries to kiss her but she ducks out the way)
Mon: I wish, I need to go into work I was off for a long time, but definitely later.
Chan: I’ll hold you to that.
Mon: (heading to the door) I love you.
Chan: More than him?
Mon: (stops and turns to him, she looks at him in surprise then slowly walks over to him and kisses him very passionately,) I love you more than anyone, and definitely more than Matt, (he smiles and kisses her) Hmm… I’m gonna shower…
Chan: Ok…
Mon: (seductively) care to join me? (He smiles suggestively and takes her hand)
Chan: Lead the way. (They open the door to reveal all the guys listening)
Joey: (like he did in TOW Everybody finds out) Dude, (he hugs him) (the girls run over and hug them too)
Rach: (almost in tears) You guys finally got it together again.
Phoe: You are lobsters.
Ross: You really love her?
Chan: I really do. (Ross runs over and hugs C&M)
Ross: I want to be the best man.
Joey: Hey, Hey what about me I should be best man.
Ross: (mimicking Joey) well you didn’t care enough to call it first.
Mon: Hey guys, we aren’t quite there yet, I don’t want you scaring him off again.
Chan: (mad) Yeah, and we have to buy the big house first, that is after all the only reason she is with me.
Mon: (sarcastic) Yeah, that and the amazing sex (he laughs and kisses her)
Ross: Enough, I’m not quite there yet.
Mon: I’m sorry. (Chandler puts his arm around her and they smile at each other)
Ross: No, I’m sorry… you guys are great together and I should have been more supportive.
Chan: It’s cool.
Ross: No, its not… I love you guys (he hugs C&M again)
Mon: Well enough with all this merriment, I have to go shower, (she moves away from the group)
Chan: You still want company?
Mon: You betcha. (They laugh and exit to the bathroom, the water goes on and we hear Mon giggle)
Rach: You know what I might get dressed and go out to breakfast (Mon giggles again)
All: Yeah, we’ll all go… (They all leave except Rachel)
Mon: (from the bathroom) Stop it… I really have to shower… Ok then but just once, (she giggles)
Rach: (hurriedly) Who needs clothes? (She runs out)
THE END… definitely this time, feedbacks please, and watch out for new fics coming soon.