707 : TOW What a Coincidence!

Written by : Zoey

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, but to Bright, Kaufman and Crane Productions and Warner Bros. Their use is not intended for profit, only for

{Scene 1 : Central Perk, a week later, midafternoon}

Everyone except Destiny and Joey are there. Chandler and Monica are sitting on the couch, Phoebe next to them on the floor, doing a crossword puzzle. Rachel is
sitting in the chair, and Ross is sitting at the table. Joey walks in through the doors, a pretty brunette on his tails. "Hey guys!" He says, smiling.

They all look up. "Hey Joey!"

He puts his arm around the brunette, who is smiling shyly. "Guys, this is Emily."

"Hey Emily."



Joey nods and pats her back. "Sheís gonna be on the show with me." He smiles. "Sheís gonna be my sister."

She smiles at him and steps forward, holding her hand out to Chandler. "Hi, Iím Emily Reynolds."

"Chandler Bing." He says, shaking her outstretched hand.

She squints her eyebrows together but says nothing. Next she looks at Monica. "Monica Geller."

"Rachel Green."

"Ross Geller... yes, Iím her brother."

"Phoebe Buffay."

After sheís made her way around the circle she faces Joey again. Joey grins widely and holds out his hand. "Joey Tribiani!"

Emily holds her hand to her mouth. "THE Joey Tribiani?! From that cop show, New York Beat?!"

He bows, kissing her hand. "The one and only!"

They both laugh. Joey plops down beside Chandler on the couch and shouts to Gunther. "Hey, Gunther, a cappi please?"

Chandler stares at him expectantly, noticing Emily looking uncomfortable. Shaking his head he realizes Joey isnít going to relinquish his seat. He stands and smiles at
her. "Please excuse my rude friend here... chivalry isnít his strong suit." He says, motioning for her to sit down.

Emily laughs and sits down. Chandler sits next to Ross. Joey frowns. "Well, I thought you said being a chivalristic person was bad!"

Chandler gives him a look. "Thatís CHAUVENISTIC!"

"Whatever man!" Joey shouts. He looks at Emily. "He likes to sound smart by using big words, but heís not all THAT smart."

"But... smarter than you?" Emily asks.

Joey makes a face at her and Chandler laughs. "So, Emily, how long have you been acting?"

She shrugs. "About two years." She says.

Joey shakes his head. "Ten years Iíve been trying, and it takes her TWO!"

Emily pats his leg. "Itís all about luck."

He nods. "Well, anyway, this is gonna be great. Iím on a primetime show!"

"Yeah Joey!" Phoebe shouts.

"So... have we seen you on anything before, Emily?" Monica asks.

"Um... well, Iíve been on a couple of commercials before..."

"OH!!!" Chandler exclaims, pointing at her. "Youíre the Tide girl!!!" He laughs and adopts a wierd voice. "Tide... does a shirt good... (like, Milk, does a body
good... and then, in a valley girl voice) REALLY!"

Emily hides her head. "Oh my god... nobody remembers that one!"

Monica looks at Chandler. "Yeah, Chandler, why do you remember that one?"

"Because sheís really cute..... uhhh...." He looks at Ross who holds up his hands as if to say Ďleave me out of ití... "I mean... I donít know."

"Oh my God, I hate my CAR!" Destiny shouts as she enters. They all look up. She smiles. "Hi guys... anybody know anything about a TINK TINK WHIIRRRRRR

"Oh my God!" Emily shouts, standing up and facing Destiny.

Destiny stops dead in her tracks. "Oh my God, EMILY?!!!"

The two girls sqeal and Emily jumps over Joeyís legs and runs over to Destiny, tackling her with a hug. "HEY!!!" Emily shouts.

"How have you been?" Destiny shouts, touching her hair. "You let it grow out... it looks gorgeous."

Chandler looks at them. "Anybody get the impression they know each other?"

Destiny tugs Emily back to the group. "Emily, these are my friends, Phoebe, Rachel..."

"Monica, Joey and Ross. And Chandler."

Destiny looks at her shocked. "Okay, so you always were intuitive, but thatís just plain freaky!"

Emily laughs. "No, you know how I left to come to New York to pursue an acting career?" Destiny nods. "Well, I did.. I am.. and Iím on the same show as your
friend Joey."

Joey nods. "Iím on a show!"

Destiny laughs and pats Joey on the head. "So, how have you been?" She asks Emily, sitting on the corner of the couch.

Emily motions excitedly. "Iíve been great! My uncle is great, and heís been so supportive. But... how have YOU been... when I left you were... um..." She looks at
the rest of the group.

"Oh, yeah, they all know I was in rehab. Iím good... itís been a year last month." She smiles and hold up a necklace. "Still got yours?"

Emily smiles and nods, holding up a matching necklace. "Never take it off."

"Iím supposed to be mad at you ya know!" Destiny yells, smacking Emily on the arm. "You go off while Iím in rehab and I donít hear from you."

Emily looks guilty. "I wrote."

"Yeah, but you didnít tell me where you lived, or give me a number, or nothing!"

"Iím sorry!" Emily said, hiding her head. "I guess... I guess I wanted to make it big before I told anyone where I lived.. I donít know, itís stupid." She looks up. "So,
okay, itís more than coincidence that his last name is yours huh?" She says, pointing to Chandler.

Chandler nods. "THAT explains the wierd look she gave me."

"Oh my god, is that your brother?!" Emily shouts.

Destiny nods. "Yep."

Emily looks at him cautiously. "But he seems so nice."

Chandler looks shocked. Destiny laughs. "Girl, we got some talking to do... he is nice. My Dad is the not nice one."

Emily laughs sarcastically. "No, really?"

"Look, for timeís sake, Iíll just say that Chandler didnít know about me til about a month and a half ago." She smiles. "Confused yet?"


Destiny laughs. "Come on, letís go back to my place and Iíll fill you in on the life of Destiny Bing since you last left off and ABANDONED ME!"

They both get up and run out of the cafe, leaving all the others to stare after them. Suddenly Destiny runs back in and kisses everyone on the head. "Hi! Bye!" She
says, running back out.

They all laugh.

"So, Joey... why exactly did you bring Emily here in the first place?" Chandler asks.

Joey shrugs. "Sheís a sweet kid, I was going to buy her a cup of coffee."

"Joey... tell me you were not going to hit on her." Rachel says.

Joey looks uncomfortable. "Well...."

"Joey! Sheís playing your SISTER on the show, and sheís probably twelve years younger than you!" Chandler shouts, laughing.

"How would you know how old she is?" Joey asks defensively.

"Cause, she knowís Des... sheís probably the same age."

"Oh." Joey says, pointing at Chandler. "Good thinking."

Chandler gives him another withering look. "Uh huh."


{Scene 2 : Joeyís place, next night}

Destiny, Joey, Chandler, and Emily are there. Joey and Emily are rehearsing their lines.

Emily is sitting on the couch. Joey walks through the door. "Hey." He says, a grim look on his face.

Emily smiles. "Hey Micky."

He walks to the fridge and pulls out a beer. Emily looks at the script. "Thatís not in the script Joey."

Joey smiles. "Improvisation... Iím thirsty!"

Emily shakes her head. "Hard day?"

"No, just thirsty..." Emily points to the script, smirking and raising an eyebrow. "Oh right... right... Yeah, one of those days."

Emily makes a sympathetic face and pats the couch. "Wanna talk about it?"

Joey shakes his head and sits next to her, taking off his shoes. "You probably donít wanna hear about it."

Emily smiles. "Probably not, but do you need to talk about it?"

He sighs. "Just.... another one of those children cases. I canít believe some of these people... this kid has been holed up this craphole of an apartment for a week, no
mother around, no father around, just this five year old girl and her dog. The neighbors finally called today and when we show up she starts screaming at us and
hitting us, saying Ďleave me alone, Mommy told me police were bad.í " He shakes his head. "As if WE were the bad guys." He rubs his face. "It breaks my heart."

"Well, ya know Mick, we didnít exactly have the best childhood either... youíve been my father ever since I can remember."

He smiles at her. "Which is why it burns me up so bad to see these kids even littler than we were, on the streets." He pats her on the back. "The only solace I have is
to look at how you turned out.. youíre fine... Iím fine..."

"Yeah, but we had each other. Alot of these kids donít have anyone but themselves."

He frowns. "I know."

They look up at Chandler and Destiny. "Well?" Joey asks.

Chandler and Destiny look at each other. "If the whole show is like that... I say you two have MADE it!" Destiny says excitely. "That was beautiful guys!"

Chandler nods, smiling. "Both of you, bravo." He points at Emily. "And that eyebrow thing... thatís perfect."

Emily frowns. "What are you talking about?"

Destiny looks at Chandler. "What ARE you talking about?"

Chandler points at Emily. "That thing she did with her eyebrows, the raising one... she did it just like Joey."

Joey smiles. "Hey, weíve found our trait!"

Emily looks even more confused. "What trait?"

Joey motions to Chandler. "You know... how siblings share certain traits? Well, you two raise your left eyebrow." Chandler says.

Destiny looks at him. "Like, how we both use our hands when we talk?"

"Yeah, exactly." Chandler says, smiling.

"You know, I have to say, for people whoíve only known each other for a month and a half, you two sure act like brother and sister." Emily says.

Chandler smiles and puts an arm around Destiny. "Aww, well sheís just easy to love."

Destiny makes an "aww" face. "Isnít he the sweetest?"

Emily laughs. "Iím starving... you got any food Joey?"

"ANOTHER COMMON TRAIT!" Joey exclaims, startling Emily into tripping, landing in Destinyís lap. "Was that loud?"

"Uh HUH!" The all three shout.

Chandler points to the door. "Joey doesnít have any food unless you count chips and beer... he eats our food."

Emily stands. "Oh, okay, well, Iíll just go home then..."

"No, Em, he was inviting you over to his and Monís to eat. They live across the hall." Destiny assures her, putting her arm around her.


{Scene 3 : Chandler and Monicaís, a little while later}

Chandler, Monica, Joey, Destiny, and Emily are there. "Are you sure you donít mind feeding me? I have money, I can just pick something up." Emily said to
Monica, who was cooking.

"Are you kidding, Mon loves to cook." Chandler reassures her. "Besides, itíd be nice to get to know one of my sisterís old friends."

Emily smiles. "Thatís so wierd... thinking of Des as someoneís sister."

Destiny laughs. "Isnít it? For like, seventeen years, I donít have one, then boom... Iíve got this great older brother." She smiles as Chandler. "I know we jokingly say
youíre the best sister/brother I ever had.. but itís true..."

He nods and puts his arm around her. "Yep."

Emily looks at Joey. "How many sisters did you say you had?"


Chandler points at him. "And they all look the same.. I swear!"

Joey smiled. "You outta know... ya kissed two of them."

Chandler smiles ashamed. "I only meant to kiss one of them!"

Destiny laughs and looks at him. "What?"

"I said, they all look the same!" Chandler shouts.

"Aww!" Monica says, turning to smile at Chandler. "Thatís the night we first kissed!"

Chandler look at her oddly. "What?"

She nods. "Yeah... you were drunk and you just kinda.. .shoved your tongue down my throat!"

Chandler laughs. "Oh yeah, I remember that!" He kisses her sweetly.

Destiny looks at Emily, a mushy look on her face. "Aww, how romantic, remember that time you shoved your tongue down my throat when you were drunk?!"

Emily smiles and puts her hand on her shoulder. "AWWW!"

Joey smiles widely. "Yeah? Really?"

Destiny shakes her head. "No, Joey, we were making fun of Chandler and Monica!"

Emily laughs. "Are you really that..." She notices Chandler nodding. "Okay, you are! Nevermind! Moving on..."

Joey looks confused. "That what?"

Destiny ruffles his hair. "Cute... youíre that cute!"

Joey giggles. "Yeah, I know."

Destiny and Chandler share a look. "So, anyway Emily... how long have you known Des?"

Emily looks at Destiny. "Um... six years? No... eight?"

"Seven.... I met her when we started going to Middle School." Destiny corrects her. "Basically, forever." She nods. "Yeah, we had gym together. She kicked my ass
in volleyball."

Emily nodded. "Yeah, but boy did you kill me in tennis."

"So did you... did you take showers together?" Joey asks.

Monica comes up from behind, hitting Joey on the back of the head. "Dinnerís served!"

"No kiwi right?" Destiny jokes, putting a piece of steak on her plate.

Emily laughs. "Remember when you figured out you were allergic to kiwi?" She doubles over. "We were sixteen and our birthdays fall within a week of each other
right? So, we have this joint party, and I love Kiwi. Sheíd never had it before... we have the party at a bowling alley and she tries my kiwi Cake... blows up like a
toad, poor girl. We spent most of the night in the emergency room."

Destiny smiles sadly. "You know... thatís pretty much the last time I saw you."

Emily frowns. "Yeah? Is it?" Destiny nods. "Oh thatís right... we went to Italy, and by the time I got home you were in rehab... and then I moved..." She puts down
her fork. "You know, you must really hate me huh? I just... I just left you, all by yourself..."

"I had Mark..."

"But... I was supposed to be your best friend and..."

"Hey, come on, that was a hard time for all of us, okay? I donít hate you." Destiny says, taking a bite of her steak, nodding at Monica. "Yum."

Emily looks down. "You... youíre not mad at me?"

Destiny takes a deep breath and looks at Joey, Chandler and Monica, all eating in silence, looking uncomfortable. "Okay, Em, want the truth... I was angry with
you. I mean, you and me, we were best friends, we shot up together... and then I got sent to rehab and you get to go to Italy... but, you know, then I got sober and I
realized that... I had to do it my way, and you had to do it your way... and the fact that I GOT sober, thatís the only thing that really mattered anyhow... And I had
Mark, and I had Emelio, and I... I actually had Dad to get me through that.... You were trying to get over the same thing, and I donít think we woulda been able to
do it together... I think it would have been too hard. You would have wanted to go back to it, or I would have wanted to go back to it... and what would that have
accomplished except put both of us back at the bottom?"

Emily looks up with tears in her eyes. "I did. I got sober too... but it took a long time to actually stick to it. I... you know me, no confidence girl... It was really hard,
and I was alone in this foreign country. Well, not alone, but with my Mom breathing down my neck all that was was stress. I... I didnít get sober till about six months
ago actually." Destiny looked at her, shocked. "I know, thatís another reason I wouldnít tell you guys where I was... I was too embarrassed. Too embarrassed to
face you guys, and too embarrassed to ask for help. But then I got my agent, Rosa, and she helped me. I had made enough money, and I went to a rehab." She
looks up and notices the other three quietly shoveling food into their mouths, pretending they werenít there. "Okay, enough of this talk..." She giggles and looks at
Destiny. "So, um... how was THAT for my first impression?!" She smiles as they look up. "Hi, my nameís Emily and Iím a recovering heroine addict... could you
please pass the steak sauce?"

They all laugh. Destiny smiles at Emily and ruffles her hair. "The fact is Em, I understood why you left... I love you."

Emily smiles and hugs her. "I love you too."

They both turn their heads and look at Joey. "No, Joey, not like that." They both say.