Buried Alive

By Joey

Okay, I own this book that's called Buried Alive, and it's about this guy who gets trapped in a collapsed building along with some others during a tornado. Since no one had done a fanfic about a major disaster yet, I thought I'd be the first! Anyway, it's a Chandler and Monica fanfic, and it's another one where they meet for the first time. Not really one about them falling in love, more them becoming friends. I just wrote this, and haven't even read through it again. Tell me what you think. I hope it's okay.

Disclaimer: Man, I always forget to put these things on, but anyway's I don't own any of the Friends Cast. I mean, if I did, do you really think I'd be sitting at my computer writing friends fanfic?

Chandler glanced up as he heard a loud rumbling sound over his head. He listened carefully, wondering what was going on. His interviewer, was also looking up at the ceiling curiously. To his left he could see the rain pounding the window, the sky dark and almost more a purple color then black.

"What's, what's going on?" Chandler asked. He'd never liked storms, having always been afraid of them for some reason.

"I don't know," his interview, Mr. Markus, replied as he too gazed out the window. The rumbling sound was growing louder.

Before Chandler could speak again, they heard screams coming from in the hall. Chandler jumped to his feet, Mr. Markus at his side as they opened the door.

The hallway was in chaos. There may have only been four people in the hall, but it sounded like twenty and they were running in their direction.

"What's going on?" Mr. Markus shouted, trying to be heard over the screams.

"It's a, it's a tornado," One of the four paused long enough to shout, before continuing with the others. The person paused once more, after about ten steps. "What are you waiting for? We're going to the basement. Come on."

Chandler, not needing to be asked twice was in the hall in seconds, Mr. Markus not far behind. The followed the other four down the hall into the stair way where they took the stairs two by two. The rumbling sound steadily grew louder and louder and the next thing Chandler knew, he was on his knees, the ceiling breaking apart was raining down on and around him. He covered his head, trying to shield himself from the debris. After a couple of minutes it stopped, and Chandler carefully stood up. He could feel a small trickle of blood on his forehead, and his left was didn't seem to be working. He turned around, looking for Mr. Markus, who had been right behind him.

"Come on!" A voice shouted from the floor below.

"Wait," Chandler replied. "Mr. Markus, I can't find him."

"It's too late," the voice replied. "Come on, or you're going to get killed."

As if to justify the voice's remarks, the ceiling gave another loud rumble. Chandler didn't need anymore encouragement after that. He moved forward quickly and carefully and hurried down the stairs. At the bottom, only one of the four people was waiting for him. A women, who he decided was probably quite pretty, although it was hard to tell since she was covered with the thick white dust that had poured down on them when the ceiling collapsed. He figured he must look pretty awful, the same white dust covering his black suit, and the trickle of blood on his forehead.

"What are you waiting for?" The women asked him. "Let's go. The other's are already in the basement." Chandler quickly hurried over to her and followed her into the basement.

In the basement they found the other three, as well as two other's who must have gotten down there earlier. They were gathered in a small area that seemed to be for people to relax in, as there were two couches and a couple chairs as well as a fridge and a cupboard that held flashlights and blankets.

Joining the others, Chandler and the woman sat down on one of the couches. Chandler was busy thinking about Mr. Markus, that he didn't even hear the woman ask about his arm.

"Okay," the woman started, seeming to elect herself as the person in control. "Since we don't know how long we're going to be down here." She paused as Chandler started hyperventilating. "Anyone got a brown bag?"

One man stood up and rustled around in the cupboard before handing her one. She gave it to Chandler and told him to breath. After she'd gotten him calmed down, she started to talk again. "What I was going to suggest is that we introduce ourselves. My name's Monica Geller. I'm a chef."

"I'm Nathan Dia. I'm a lawyer," the man who'd gotten the bag said.

"My name's Michael Kelly. I don't work yet," said a third voice. It was only then that Chandler realized that one of the two people that had been in the basement was a kid of about ten.

"My name's Adam Reef.. I'm a waiter." One of the people Chandler had seen running down the hall spoke up.

"I'm Greg Post. I'm a janitor." Another of the people who'd been running down the hall.

"My name's Joe Smith," The fourth person Chandler had seen running down the hall said. When he finished, everyone turned to Chandler, looking at him expectantly.

"And you are?" Monica asked Chandler.

"My name's Chandler Bing. I was here for an interview with," Chandler paused. "Mr. Markus. I couldn't find him, I couldn't see him anywhere." Chandler started to become hysterical again.

"Calm down," Monica said calmly as she handed him back the brown bag. "How's your arm?" She asked, trying to distract him.

Chandler hadn't even thought about his arm, but now that he looked down at it, he could see that his wrist seemed to be in a different place then normal.

"Can you move your hand at all?" Monica asked.

Chandler tried. "A little. It really hurts."

"It's probably broken, but I'm not a doctor, so I can't say for sure. I learned a few things when I took some CPR courses and stuff like that." Monica stood up and moved over to the cupboard, she found a cloth that she could rip into strips, and then she grabbed a magazine that was lying around. She wrapped the magazine around the wrist to use as a splint and then used the cloth to hold it in place. "Anyone else have any major problems?"

"What about the fact that we're stuck?" Joe asked.

Chandler immediately started to look worried, and Monica put an hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

"I'm sure the EMS will get us out ASAP," Monica replied, just as a loud rumble sounded over there heads and they heard was sounded like more ceiling collapsing. "Okay, so it might take them some time, but they'll get us out. I don't think the storm will last much longer."

"I want my mom," Michael said softly. Monica stood up and walked over to him. She sat down next to him and gave him a hug.

"I'm sure your mom will be waiting for you as soon as we get out," Monica comforted him. "Everything's going to be okay. Here, let's go see if there's anything in the fridge," she suggested to Mike. He nodded and she led him over to the fridge. They found six cans of coke and a few apples, oranges as well as two chocolate bars. Monica took out the coke as well as the two chocolate bars. She gave everyone a can of coke and then split the chocolate bars into six and gave everyone a piece, before she joined Chandler back on the couch.

"Here," Chandler, a lot calmer now, having gotten over his inital shock. "You didn't give yourself anything. He handed Monica have his piece of chocolate and his can of coke.

"That's okay," Monica waved it away. "I'll be okay."

"No, take it," Chandler insisted. "We can share the coke."

"Fine," Monica gave him a small smile."Thanks."

"No problem."

"How's your arm feeling now?" Mon asked.

"Not great, but it doesn't hurt as much. I'll live. I apologize for how I was acting earlier. I have a great fear of storms, as well as I'm not good at tolerating pain."

"Don't worry about it," Monica replied. "So, what kind of a job were you being interviewed for?"

"A data processor." At Monica's look he added. "I know, not a very interesting job, eh?"

"You Canadian?" Monica asked.

"Yeah, how'd you know?" Chandler replied.

"The 'eh' gave it away."

"Oh, sorry, it's habit."

"That's okay. So did you just move here?"

"Yeah, I had some people... some stuff to get away from," Chandler replied with a shake of his head.

"Oh... So how do you like New York?" Monica asked with a small laugh.

"Oh, it's fairly boring. Haven't seen anything exciting yet," Chandler replied sarcastically.

"Would you mind taking a chair?" Monica asked Chandler.

"What?" Chandler replied puzzled.

"Do you mind sitting in a chair?" Monica asked. "I think Michael should take the couch. It's a lot of excitement, and since we don't know how long we'll be here, if he sleeps it'll pass the time."

"Sure," Chandler stood up. He walked with Monica over to Michael's chair, where he was already asleep. Chandler picked him up carefully and took him over to the couch where he layed him down. Monica brought over a blanket from the cupboard and they covered him up.

Chandler sat down in the chair, and Monica sat down on the floor beside him.

"Hey," Chandler said softly. Most of the other people in the room were dozing softly.

"What?" Monica replied.

"You don't need to sit on the floor."

"Where else am I going to sit?"

"You can share the chair with me," Chandler offered.

"You sure?" Monica looked at him in surprise.

"Of course I'm sure, I know we've only just met, but it's not like I'm asking you to marry me."

"Thanks," Monica stood up and joined him on the chair. "So... you're a data processor?"

They talked for a few hours, before they both fell asleep exhausted. The woke up a few hours later when they heard movement.

"Who's there?" Monica called out.

"EMS," A couple of voices replied. "How many down there?"

"Seven. We're mostly okay, although I think one of us has a broken arm."

"Okay, thanks. We'll be able to get you out in about half an hour."

By now everyone was awake, and they all started to talk excitedly. They were going to get out!

Half an hour later, the EMS had broken through the ceiling, the stairway had gotten blocked, and the lowered a rope, which they used to pull everyone out with.

"Monica!" As they finally exited the building, Monica heard five voices excitedly call her name. "Mon!"

She hurried over in their direction, where she was greeted by her four best friends.

"Oh my god Mon, I thought you'd died," Rachel hugged Monica, tears streaming down her face.

"Me too," Ross, her brother joined the hug.

"Hey, what about us?" Phoebe laughed, as she and Joey also joined the hug.

When they all pulled away, Monica stepped back, and looked around, wondering where Chandler had disappeared to. She saw him sitting in the back of an ambulance, having his arm getting looked at, his head hanging down.

"Just a minute guys," Monica quickly told her friends, before hurrying away. She moved quickly over to the ambulance. "Chandler."

"Oh, hi Monica. I saw you found all your friends," Chandler told her, before wincing with pain, tears in his eyes.

"Okay Chandler, I'm fairly certain you've broken your arm, but we'll need to take some x-rays first. We need to get going to the hospital." One of the EMS who had been looking at Chandler's arm spoke up.

"Okay," Chandler told them. "Bye Monica." He stood up and moved farther into the ambulance.

"Chandler wait," Monica replied. He turned around. "What hospital are you going to?"

"General," the EMS person replied.

"Chandler, I'll get my friends to take me there, okay? You can come back to my apartment for dinner." Monica told him.


"No buts. You've got a broken arm. You won't be able to cook. Beside's, I insist."

"Okay, I guess."

"Great! Bye." Monica hurried back to her friends.

"Come on guys, we've got to go to the General hospital."

"Why?" Joey asked.

"Because my friend broke his arm."