TOW the suits
by: Ashley

You have to read My last couple of fics to get what is happening. who knows, I could make Monica Die! (I would never do that!) As I. Said At the end of last one Monica takes her depression to new levels... Believe me! She does. Rachel is Confused by a dream Ross had, Ross is Confused why Rachel won't look at him, And well, Joey and Phoebe They are always confused! Shall we.................?
Disclaimer: I forgot to put one of these on my last Fan-fics. These Characters Do not Belong to me, although I wish they did, They Belong to Kauffman ,Crane and Bright. Oh but, I did make up a few charectars in here. Such as...... Alex. He's mine. OH and Mary. Mine to. Actually a few of them are mine. Lets just keep it at that. Only 6 of these Characters belong to them!
[Opening Scene: Monica is sneaking out of the apartment. (We hear some Sneaky music {think Inspector Gadget or Clue.}) She Exits to the halls. We see her in the hall. She takes out a set of keys. Opens the guys apartment and Walks in.]
MON [Whispering, Loud] Joey...? [Pause.] JOEEYY......

[She sees no one is there and...]

MON: Yes.

[She Grabs the lap-top and goes in Chandler's Room. Some words Flash on the Screen that say: "Five Minutes later." Monica Comes out in one of Chandler's suits and gets in the Cabinets. Then Takes out a bag of "Crispy M&M's" And walks back into Chandler's Room.]

[Opening Credits]


[congrats. To Sophie Rys-Jones and Prince Edwards!]

[We fade in to: The Girls Apartment. Everyone is Eating Cereal (Except for Mon and Chan {Monica's asleep and Chan's in Vegas}) Ross is Staring at Rachel (Not lustfully) and Rachel is Staring at her bowl.]

ROSS: Rachel, You haven't looked at me in two days! What's Wrong?

RACH: Nothing.

PHOE: She said you had a...

[Rachel Steps on her foot.]

ROSS: Had a what, Phoebs?

PHOE: A dream about dogs.

ROSS: Can't remember that.

JOEY: where the hell is Monica? We've been eating Cereal For Breakfast EVERY morning and Pot pies every-night!

RACH: Joey!

JOEY: Oh yeah so. Her and her boyfriend broke up big DEAL! Like she even Really Loved him anyways.

ROSS/RACHEL/PHOEBE: JOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Rachel Looks ahead. Her face falls]

RACH: Oh god. Joey.

[They all turn to look the other way. We shoot to Monica Standing her door way, Tears in her eyes and Anger and Sadness on her face. She walks over to Joey]

MON: Is that All I am to you is a Slave?

JOEY [Sheepish] :No.

MON: Then why the hell did you say that! I was being nice cooking for all of you people!!!! Then YOU go and Treat me Like I'm some SLAVE?? Or Like I have no feelings?? What is wrong with you?!?!

[She grabs her coat and leaves.]

PHOE: Great, Now none of us will ever eat ever again! Thanks alot Joey!

JOEY: What'd I Do!

[They all roll there eyes. Ross slams his spoon in his Bowl. Phoebe Grabs her Coat and Phoebe leaves Ross stays for just a second.]

ROSS: Hey Rach, we're gonna go down to the Coffee Shop and see how Mon's doing wanna come?

RACH: Uh.. I Gotta go... Take a Shower and Stuff.

ROSS: Alright ,bye.

RACH: Bye.

[Ross leaves, Rachel Goes into the Bathroom]

JOEY: What, the hell was that about?

[Cut to: Chandler's Hotel Room in Vegas. He is in his Sweats (Of Course!) He has a package of Cigarettes. He Takes one out and Taps the end on the Package. Then He puts in his Mouth and Lights it. Takes a Puff out of it. and Taps it in the ash tray next to the bed. He sees the Computer Sitting on the Desk. He Gets up. Brings the Ash Tray with him and sits. He signs on the net. We Zoom in on the Computer Screen and Zoom out Now we are in Chandler's Bedroom. Monica is sitting there Lighting a Cigarette That she found in Chandlers Coat Pocket. She takes (Or tries) To Take a drag out of it and Coughs.]

MON:I think I'm Getting used to it.

[She gets on. And only to Find that Chandler has Instantly Instant Messaged her.]

User4573: Hello again.

ChansGrl: Hey. How have you been?

User4573: Not good. I Just Started Smoking again.

ChansGrl: Wow. That's Funny I just started smoking.

User4573: How long has this been going on?

ChansGrl: I just put out my Second. I can't do this. It's making me very Nauseous. I keep throwing up and then I get a Head ache.

User4573: Then don't do it! Please don't! I'm begging DON'T that can kill you!

ChansGrl: I know. I just Found them in my exboyfriend's coat Pocket. Just thought it'd Cheer me up. But.... You know.

User4573: Yeah I know.

ChansGrl: well, I'm gonna get off and Throw up. Bye.

User4573: Bye.

User4573: Bye.

[A sign Comes up Saying that ChansGrl is not Currently Signed on. The camera (Once Zoomed in on the Computer) Zooms Out to Chandler's Hotel room. He Lifts the Cigarette up to his mouth. He thinks twice and puts it out. And Throws the rest in the Trash. As the Cigarettes go into the Trash with a swoosh and right at that moment...]

[We Switch to: The girls' apartment. Rachel is sitting on the couch reading Vogue . Then Ross, Phoebe and Joey Come in.]

JOEY: we couldn't find her. We Searched all over New York!

PHOE: Yeah, I mean She ws No where!

RACH: Did you Guys Bother to Check Your Apartment!?

PHOE: Who me?


ROSS: I think She Means Joey and Chandler's.


PHOE: Ok, we'll Check There.

RACH: Yeah I'll Check with them. Ross, you stay and wait. Just In case!



[They Exit.]

[Cut to: The guy's apartment. Joey, Rachel and Phoebe Enter. Rachel turns her nose up in disgust.]

RACH: What is that !?!?!

[Joey Sniffs the Air. Then he Up turns his nose.]

JOEY: I dunno. But, I don't like it!

[Phoebe Sniffs.]

PHOE: Smells Like my Morning sickness when I was Pregnant with the Triplets!

(Authors Note. Okay. I am NOT Gonna Make Monica Pregnant! She's Throwing up because She smoked for the first time. {I dunno If that could happen} And anyway if she was Pregnant, Would I have Her smoke!?)

RACH: Okay. That's Nice but, it REALLY smells Monica would never go in any place smelling THIS bad.

JOEY: yeah.

PHOE: And it smells Like Cigarettes. Chandler isn't even home so.........

[Just at that moment We hear a Toilet Flush and Monica Walks out, in Chandler's Clothes. A Mess. She is very sweaty and Looks like she's about to cry at any given Moment. Monica just stands there. Embarrassed. Not knowing what to say. We get a shot of everyone else, Pained.]

MON [Al á Ross] : Hi.

PHOE: What the hell is going on ?!?!

JOEY: I mean I never though I'd see you in something fitting so...... losely..

RACH: Mon, You will get past this!

MON: I just.... I Miss him so Much, And if it wasn't for Richard , I'd be happy , With him. Hey, You guys Remember How hard it was for me to get over Richard, Right?

ALL: Yeah.

MON: This is gonna be 1000 times harder.

PHOE: Oh Come on Mon, It's just Chandler! No big deal!

[Monica Almost Burst out in tears. Joey Rachel, and Phoebe. Rush Over to Her .]

PHOE: I am SO Sorry [Pause] Again.

[Commercial break.]

" I want my baby back baby back baby back... ribs. Chili's Baby.. Back Ribs.." (Inside Joke. If you have seen Austin Powers This should be funny (I love this Movie!)

[We Fade to:Chandler's hotel Room. He's packing. He has puffy Eyes and a Red Face. He comes across the stolen sweater and throws it in the trash. He picks up his Duffel Bag and leaves. He's in a cab (I Don't know Where to Fit Phoebe's Cab in this!) He comes up to the same house. (his Dad's) He gets out. He squints Because of the Sun. He goes up and knocks on the door. His Dad answers]

JON: Hey Chandler!

CHAN: Hey Dad. I just Wanted to say , Bye. Bye!

JON: So, your going Back to New york? [Hopeful] Did you and Monica Work it out?

CHAN: No. I just Miss.... New York and my friends. Plus I gotta Work.

JON: Hey, You want a Ride to the airport?

CHAN: Sure.

JON: Okay.

[They go into his dad's Convertable. It's old. Warped. Probably Cool in it's time but... It's Just plain Ugly! Oh and in Poopie Brown!]

[We Fade into: A store. Rachel and Monica are there. Monica Grabs some Candy and throws them in a basket. Rachel is going through Some magizines. She stops and Walks over to Mon.]

RACH: Mon?

MON: Yeah?

RACH: Can I talk to you?

MON: Sure. What is it about?

RACH: Um... Ross had a Dream about me! I mean... What does that Mean?

MON: I don't know Rach, Ask him!

RACH: Oh, Come on you have to have some insight on your BROTHER!!!

MON: Well, I don't! Not anymore!

RACH [In a Huff]: Fine!

MON: God, Calm down!

RACH: Geez Calm down yourself.

MON: Grrrrr..........

RACH: Reeeaaarrr................

MON: Well, I Suggest you talk to him. Not me.

RACH: Okay. Hey, Mon?

MON: Huh?

RACH: Can I Tell Chandler that you were wearing his clothes?

[Monica gives her a hard glare and throws a Bag of Gummi bears at her.]

[The Plane back to New York. Chandler is sitting in a Window seat just staring out. ]

PILOT: We Will be taking off in a few Minutes. Please Buckle your Seat Belts.. [Chandler Looks down and Just Keeps Staring out the window. a man Sits Next to him (Can you Guess who? I'll Give you a hint: Richard Burk.) Chandler Just Keeps Staring out the window Depressed. It Takes him a Few minutes to notice someones there. He looks over his Shoulder, Does a Classic Chandler Double-Take and Sinks in his Seat.]

CHAN [Under Breath]: Damnit!

[Time Lapse. Chandler Glances over at Richard and Gets an Idea. He Smacks Richard Behind the head, Hard. And quickly turns around.]

RICH: What the hell was that for???!?!?!?!

CHAN [Pointing to the Old old Old Man Next to them who looks dead.]: It was him.

RICH: Don't I know you from Somewhere?

CHAN: I know you from somewhere.

RICH: What?

[A Stewardess passes by]

CHAN: Hey! can I get a Scotch over here? PLEASE!!!!!

RICH: Hey, Now I know where I know you from! Do you know Monica Geller?

CHAN: Wish I didn't.

RICH: How do you know her?

CHAN: Exboyfriend, Best friend Around those lines

RICH: Ah, So How long were you her boyfriend.

CHAN: A year.


[Theres Some Awkwardness and the Scene Fades out. Then we fade into: Ross' Apartment. He's on the couch Reading a Book. Rachel Comes in.]

RACH: Hey, Ross? Can we Talk?

ROSS: Sure!

RACH: OK, Um Are you still in love with me?

[We Fade out]

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[Stay Tuned for Jesse.]

[The Girls apartment. We See Monica, Sitting on th couch, In Chandler's clothes. She is Eating a Bowl of Ice cream with Gummi Bears, M&M's , Parts of Snicker Bars, Some Twizzlers, Sprinkles, Oreos, Hot fudge and assorted Berries. She Takes a Bite and Smile. The Camera then Zooms out and fades out. We'll wait to see what happens NEXT "Episode"]