TOW the Forgiveness
By: Amy (copyright)

Gunther has just told Rachel about Ross & Chloe. Rachel is mad & upset. She
gets out of Central Perk and goes to her apartment. Nobody is there so she
just goes to her bedroom, closes and looks her door then drops on her bed
crying into her pillow.

Ross runs into Central Perk and to Gunther.

Ross: Gunther please don't tell Rachel about me and the girl from the copy
Gunther:  I'm sorry Ross. You're a bit too late.
Ross hangs his head and low and walks out of Central Perk.
Gunther: (to himself) Yeah like I wouldn't tell her. I'll do anything to
break them up.
Ross comes back into Central Perk. Gunther has a surprised look.
Gunther: Did you hear what I just said?
Ross: No, but did Rachel tell you where she went? (Pause) What did you say
Gunther: I wasn't told about where'd she be but I'm guessing her apartment.
Ross: I'll check. Thanks Gunther.
Ross leaves Central Perk.
Gunther: (to himself) I can't believe I did that! Ergh!

Ross has just ran into the apartment. Nobody's there. Rachel's door is
closed so he goes over to open it. It's locked so he bangs on the door.

Ross: Rachel open up!
Rachel doesn't answer so he bangs on the door again. She doesn't answer him.
She's still lying face down on her pillow crying.

Ross: Rachel if you don't open up I'm just going to sit here until you come
out. You can't stay in there forever you know.

Rachel gets up slowly off her bed and stops when she's at the door. She
leans her back on the door and closes her eyes but tears are just running
down her cheek unable to stop.
Ross gets up and goes to the door. He leans his forehead on the door. (She's
crying through the whole talk.)

Ross: (quietly) Rachel honey please open up. I'm begging you.
Rachel stands up straight and opens a little gap in the door. Ross takes a
step backwards.

Ross: Rachel I am so sorr..
Rach: (cuts him off) Ross save it. I don't really care what you say because
I'm not your honey anymore you know. I don't want to talk to you. I really
want you to leave!
Ross: I'm not leaving.
Rach: Yes you are!

Rachel tries to shut the door on Ross but Ross pushes it back and grab her
arms, Rachel tries really hard to break free but Ross is too strong for her.
Rachel closes her eyes.

Ross: Rachel you gotta listen to me. I am so sorry. I know you really hate
me at the moment. I know I can't take it back because it's already done but
I would do anything to take it back but I can't. I slept with her only
because I was totally drunk. She kissed me because I was upset and angry
that Mark was here and I thought you two were you know. having sex.
Rach: Why would you think that? You didn't even let me finish my sentence
and you hung up on me. How could you think that Ross? Didn't you ever trust
me? Ever?

Ross looks down

Ross: I do trust you but sometimes I think I am so lucky to be dating
Rachel, you know the prom queen and everything. Everybody wanted you & you
could choose any guy you want. I was just Monica's geeky older brother. And
I sometimes think that what if another guy comes into her life and takes her
away from me?
Rach: Ross that's really sweet but the point here is you slept with another
woman and I don't think I can ever forgive you for that.
Ross: Rachel it was a mistake. I mean everybody makes mistakes. I just made
the biggest mistake in the universe.
(Ross starts to cry) I did something really really really stupid. You've got
to forgive me!
Rach: I use to think of you as a person who would never ever hurt me but now
I. (starts to cry)
I can't stop picturing you with her.
Ross: Ross leans in and kisses her shoulder, neck, cheek and lips. Rachel's
enjoying it but she stops and pulls back when she remembers what Ross has
just done.
Rach: Ross I need you to go now.
Ross: I'll go but just remember that I didn't do it on purpose it was the
biggest mistake in my life. And I hope you can find it somewhere in your
heart to forgive me. Coz I love you sooooo much.
Ross pecks Rachel's cheek and leaves.
Rachel stands there weak and sobbing then she walks back into her room. She
lies down on her bed, pulls the covers over her head turns off the light and
goes to sleep.

Ross walks in home and goes to his bedroom and just drops down on the bed
and goes to sleep.


Rachel wakes up by the alarm clock ringing. She yawns and stretches. Then
she feels her left side of the bed where Ross sleeps looking for Ross, she
then sits up and finds that no one's there. She sits up and thinks. Then she
remembers the whole Chloe & break up thing. She slowly begins to get up and
off the bed to get ready for work.

Ross has just gotten up and is getting dressed for another day at the
museum. He gets his briefcase and wonders out of his apartment. He decides
to take a long walk to work to clear things out of his head. But all he
could think about was Rachel.

Rachel is walking on the streets making her way to Bloomindales. She's day
dreaming thinking about all the good times she had with Ross. (They show
clips of when they were together. you choose the good times) Into her
daydream Rachel accidentally bumps into a guy with coffee who drops the cup
on to the footpath. Rachel snaps outs of it.

Rach: Oh my god I'm so sorry.
Man: (looking at Rachel) It's ok.
Rach: I'm really sorry. Here I'll pay for another one.
Man: Nah, it's ok.
Rach: Are you sure?
Man: Yeah
Rach: I'm just having problems in my life. I was too stuck in there I wasn't
watching where I was going, I'm sorry.
Man: It's ok. Stop apologising.
Rach: Thanks. I've got to get going. I'm sorry again.
Man: (rolls his eyes and smiles)
Rachel leaves quickly and walks to work.

Ross is also daydreaming. He crosses the road to the museum not looking if
the traffic was coming up. He took a step and the driver honked his horn.
Ross hadn't realised the horn or anything around him. The driver stood on
the brakes. But it was too late. The front of the car hits Ross's left leg
and he goes flying in the air landing on his stomach on the road.
The driver gets out of the car quickly punching some numbers into his
cellular phone. Asking for an ambulance. As a crowd begins to gather as an
ambulance arrives. The ambulance takes Ross to New York Hospital. (If there
is a hospital called that in New York)

Rachel is busy with a big pile of papers. She decides to turn on the radio
to listen to some music to relax and calm down. She puts on the radio and
hears the end of Macy Gray's 'I Try'
Rach: Oh too bad I love that song. (Actually I love that song)
Radio: This is a news update. 2 guys were attacked by a German shepherd
while walking down a lane way late last night. 1 man was treated with 13
stitches to his left leg while the other man was treated with scratches and
b bite to the right arm. The dog has been taken to the pound to be put down.
Rach: Aww that doesn't sound very nice.
Radio: And news just in a man has just been hit by a car and taken to New
York hospital. The man was walking across 5th Avenue when he was hit by a
car and thrown 2 and a half metres into the air. He's in a stable
conditional by may have injuries to his ribs and spine. He's got black hair
and brown eyes. His identity has just been released. He's Ross Gellar. We
are seeking for any relatives of his family to go down to the hospital now.
Rachel sits there stunned for a minute before getting up quickly and
panicking. She turns the radio off grabs her purse and run out off her

Rach: (panic voice) Sophie I gotta get down to the hospital Ross has been
hit by a car.
Soph: Oh my god
Rach: Yeah, I'm going to spend the rest of the day there so if anyone calls
tell them to leave a message or call me up at home later.
Soph: Ok
Rach: I'm leaving you in charge. Don't do anything stupid or your fired ok?
Soph: Ok
Rachel leaves in a hurry. Hails a cab & gets in.
Rach: (to cab driver) New York Hospital please.
CD: Sure lady

Bit later.

Rachel gets out of the cab and runs into the hospital straight to the
Rach: Hi Can you please tell me which room Ross Gellar is in?
Rec: Are you family?
Rach: I'm ah. I'm his (sadly) girlfriend.
Rec: Ok then. He's on the 3rd level in room 88. Take the lift (pointing to
the lifts)
Rach: Thanks.
Rachel rushes over to the lifts and gets in one. She's jabbing the level
3-button continuously. She's alone in the lift. Tears begin to stream down
her cheeks. The lift opens and she runs out quickly looking for his room.
Finally she reaches his room. She stops at the door and wipes her tears from
her face before she enters the room. She slowly opens the door and enters.

Ross is asleep. She walks up to his bedside and sits on the chair. She takes
his hand and leans her forehead on his hand and closes her eyes.
Rach: (to the sleeping Ross) please please be all right.
She stays like that for about 2 minutes then Ross stirs and Rachel sits up.
Ross slowly opens his eyes. He's got plaster around his rib, his left arm
and plaster around his foot.

Rach: Ross, can you hear me?
Ross: Yeahhh. Rachel.
Rach: (tears are kinda of rolling down her face, but she smiles) are you ok?
What happened?
Ross: I was thinking about some stuff and I wasn't exactly watching where I
was going. I remember taking a step on to a road and the next thing I knew I
was lying on this bed in a hospital.
Rach: Well you we hit by a car and thrown a few meters into the sky.
Ross: Ok
Rach: So you're fine right?
Ross: Hmm. I guess.
He looks upset.
Ross: Rachel I know you're really mad at me right now but I have to tell you
that I love you. I love you sooooo much, you know?
Rach: I know you do Ross but you know you're right I am still ver mad and I
can't forgive you for sleeping with her.
Ross: (looking the other way) Then why did you bother coming here to see me?
Rachel I have apologized to you about a million times. Why can't you take in
just one word of it?
Rach: You know what Ross, I was wrong in coming here. I should have stayed
at work. I thought you would need me to help you or something but I guess

Rachel picks up her purse and stands up.

Ross: Fine Rachel just leave all right. I don't need you.
Rach: I don't need you either. If you change your mind and you need me.
Don't bother looking for me ok? Because I won't be anywhere in your way.

Rachel is about to leave.

Ross: Well, where are you going to go then? Oh and tell Monica.
Rach: I don't know but somewhere where I know you won't find me.

Rachel leaves really mad and upset.
Rachel runs out of the lift and out of the hospital.
She begins to cry. She hails a cab and gets in.
Cab Driver (CD): Where to mam?
Rach: Uh New York Plaza Hotel (I saw this in Home Alone)
CD: Sure. What's wrong?
Rach: Uh nothing.
CD: If you cry something's gotta be wrong.
Rach: It's my boyfriend well actually my uh ex boyfriend.
CD: Anything I could help you with?
Rach: Well I know you're a guy and all but if a guy, just say a boyfriend
sleeps with another woman while he's going out with his girlfriend and his
girlfriend finds out. What should the girlfriend do?
CD: Well I'm assuming you are the girlfriend and this guy you are crying
about id your boyfriend.
Rach: Yeah.
CD: Well do you love him?
Rach: The thing is that after his has slept with this other lady I do still
love him!
CD: But you can't forgive him for what he has done to you right?
Rach: Right.
CD: He loves you right?
Rach: I don't know. He says it but I'm not sure if he does or no. I mean if
you love someone you, don't sleep with another person right?
CD: Sure but is there something that started this whole thing?
Rach: Sort of. Well he was jealous of my co-worker and I had to work on our
anniversary and I kind of threw him out of my office at the time because I
was stressful and had to get everything done on time. We got home and had a
fight, I (sadly) proposed a break and he stomped out.
CD: Oh! Ok.
Rach: Yeah.
CD: Well lady the only thing I can say is, figure out what he feels for you
and if he really means a lot to you. You know sometimes you have to forgive
and forget. If you really love this guy then tell him your sorry or that you
want to get back together or something. I'm pretty sure he'd love to get
back together with you.
Rach: Hmm.
CD: Ok we're here.
Rachel pays the cabdriver and gets out. Then she sticks her head back in.
Rach: Thanks. I'll keep it in my thoughts.
CD: No Problem.
Rachel closes the door and goes into the hotel.

Rachel walks into the hotel and goes to the receptionist and checks into a
room. She gets the key and goes up to the room. She throws her jacket onto
the bed and lies on the bed for a while before getting up and deciding to do
a bit of shopping. She locks the room and leaves.
She goes to GAPS (I don't know where these places are and what they sell,
I've just heard that it's very expensive and lots of people shop there. Just
say they sell the newest trendy, causal clothes) [Rachel decides to change
her look and get a new outfit, something casual and not the Rachel in
dresses and mini skirts]
She picks up long cargo pants and measures it up against her legs and puts
them back then she picks out ¾ cargo pants. She likes them but they are too
big so she takes a different size and she lays them over her arm. She takes
a while choosing her outfit. But she finally chooses a whole new outfit
which consists of ¾ cargos (khaki), a tight T-shirt (dark blue), a big
jumper (blue Nike jumper/Fubu), a nice dark blue Billabong hat [I know they
don't have the brand Billabong in America because it's Australian but let's
say it is] and a new pair of really cool (blue) Royals [Shoes]
She takes all the stuff to the counter and pays for it by credit card. Then
she takes all the bags back to the hotel room. Unlocks the door goes in and
puts all the bags on the floor. She unpacks the bags and rips off all the
labels and takes the stuff into the bathroom. She closes the door.

Inside the bathroom she's relaxing in a bathtub. It's filled with bubbles
and really nice bath stuff. She's just lying there with her eyes closed.

Ross is sitting on the hospital bed thinking about what happened earlier. He
picks up the phone with his unbroken arm and dials in Rachel's apartment
number. Checking in case she's at home. But Monica picks up.

Ross: Monica?
Mon: Yeah, Ross?
Ross: Yeah
Mon: Where are you?
Ross: At the hospital. Didn't Rachel tell you?
Mon: No, (panics) Oh my god are you alright? What happened?
Ross: Rachel didn't tell you?
Mon: No
Ross: Well I'm fine I just got hit by a car.
Mon: You what. I'll be down there as soon as possible. Which room?

Ross: New York, room 318 Ok? But do you know where Rachel is?
Mon: No bye!
They hang up.
Monica dials in another number.
Mon: Hi Phoebe it's Monica. Ross has been in an accident and is at the New
York Hospital. Ok meet you there bye.
Monica grabs her handbag and runs out of the apartment and into the guy's

Joey & Chandler are watching Baywatch.
Mon: Turn off the TV now. We gotta get to the hospital Ross has been in a
car accident.
Chan: That's weird Ross hasn't got a car.
Mon: He got hit by a car.
Joey: Oh my god is he all right?
Mon: I don't know that's why we have to go NOW!
Joey turns off the TV and they all run out.
They get a cab and go to the hospital.

Rachel is all dressed in her new clothes. She gets up and grabs her bag. She
locks her hotel room and leaves the hotel to grab some dinner. She wanders
around the city. Her mobile phone rings so she takes it out of her bag and
checks it. It's Ross. (She has a mobile, just say everyone has a mobile)  So
she just lets it ring till it stops.

Ross hangs up the phone.
Ross: Ergh!

The gang runs in.
Mon: Oh my god Ross!
Ross: It's ok I just god hit by a car.
Chan: Just?
Joey: You look like a mess.
Pho: Wow how does it feel to be wearing a cast?
Ross: I can't move.
Mon: I'm going to ring Mum & Dad.
Ross: No, don't Monica.
Mon: Why they should know. It's serious you know?
Ross: I know but not now. You can ring them tomorrow. They'll be really
worried and by the time they get down here visiting hours would be over.
Mon: Ok tomorrow morning.
Pho: Where's Rachel?
Ross: I don't know.
Mon: How can you not know. She's your girlfriend.
Ross: Uh. she hates me.
Mon: What no she doesn't she's like totally in love with you.
Ross: Yes she does.
Mon: Why?
Chan: Ross slept with Chloe.
Joey: He what?
Ross: How do you know?
Chan: Chloe told me.
Joey: Oh my god!
Mon: Ross how could you?
Ross: we were on a break.
Joey: Geez!
Ross: She was here before then we got into an argument and she left. She
said she wouldn't be back at the apartment tonight or tomorrow so don't
bother looking for her.
Pho: Did she say where she was going?
Ross: No. She said she'd go somewhere.
Joey: What's that suppose to mean?
Ross: I have no idea, anywhere but here. I tried calling her mobile phone
but she won't pick up.
Mon: She probably saw the hospital's number on her mobile screen.
Monica picks up her mobile phone and calls Rachel.
Rachel looks at her phone and picks it up.
Rach: Hey Monica.
Mon: Hey Rachel.
Rach: Oh I forgot. Ross is at the Hospital. He was in a car accident.
Mon: yeah I know he called me.
Rach: Are you at the hospital?
Mon: Uh.yeah
Ross is trying to get the phone off Monica. Monica gives him the phone. He
Rach: Uh Hello? Monica?
Ross: (disguising Monica's voice) yes
Rach: Have you got a bubble down your throat?
Ross: No
Rach: Ross it's you isn't it?
Ross: Uh. yeah.
Rach: Ross I can't talk. Bye
Rachel hangs up and Ross looks down and ends the phone call.
Ross: She hung up on me. I told you she hates m.
Pho: She doesn't hate you she just is mad at you for you did to her.
Ross gives the phone back to Monica. Monica puts the phone into her handbag.
Mon: Just give her a little it of time and see what happens.
Chan: She's right man.

Rachel just looks down at the phone in surprised that she hung up on him.

A nurse comes in at about 7pm.
Nurse (Nur): Visiting hours are now over. If I may can you all please leave.
Mr. Gellar needs his rest.
All: bye Ross/see you.
Ross: Bye, If you see Rachel please tell her to come by the hospital. I need
to talk to her. I miss her already.
Mon: Ok
Pho: Bye
Chan: See ya man
Joey: Bye Ross.
They all leave and Ross lies back on his bed.

Rachel goes for a long walk back to the hotel thinking about what the cab
driver said earlier.

Ross picks up the phone and dials in Rachel's mobile number. He lets it ring
once then her hangs it up.
Ross: (to himself) This is no use. She hates me forever.

Rachel takes her phone out and turns it off before shoving it back into her
bag. She walks into the hotel, goes to the lift and up to her level, and
opens her hotel room door. She throws her purse on the floor and locks the
door. She drops on her bed and goes to sleep.

Ross leans back and slowly drifts asleep.


9 am
Rachel stretches and opens her eyes. She waits a few minutes before getting
up. She gets ready then she goes down stairs to the receptionist and checks

Rachel goes to work in casual clothes.
Soph: Where have you been?
Rach: Out, I'm really tired.
Soph: Why? What happened?
Rach: Ross & I broke up.
Soph: Aww! You should go home and get some rest.
Rach: Yeah. I'll see you later.
Soph: There are a few papers on your table that need to be looked over. You
could take them home and read them if you want.
Rach: Ok then Bye!
Rachel takes the papers off and heads back to her apartment by cab.

She reaches the top of the stairs and opens the door. Monica is there having
breakfast and watching TV by herself. She turns around and gets up when she
sees Rachel. She drops her work onto the table.
Mon: Rachel sweetie are you alright? (hugs Rachel)
Rach: huh? Oh yeah I'm fine.
Mon: Where were you? (breaks hug)
Rach: New York Plaza Hotel.
Mon: I love the new clothes.
Rachel smiles
Rach: Thank You. Please don't tell Ross I'm here.
Mon: I heard what happened. I'm so sorry.
Rach: Nah it's ok.
Mon: He really misses you, you know?
Rach: Hmm.
Mon: He wants you to go and visit him down at the hospital. Why are you
ignoring him?
Rach: I don't know (beginning to cry) I don't know Monica. There's a part of
me which says don't forgive him while the other is saying and telling me I
love him and I really don't know what I'm feeling.
Mon: (hugs Rachel) I understand you Rachel but he loves you like he has
never loved anyone before. You are his life Rachel. You are everything to
him. He'd give up anything to be with you.
Rach: I know.
Mon: I've got to get to work now but just think about visiting him down at
the hospital ok?
Rach: Sure.
Monica leaves the apartment and Rachel sits there for a while before gets up
and takes her work to the coffee table and start reading it. She picks up
the remote control and turns off the TV so it's all quiet and just her
reading the papers in peace and quiet.

She eyes the phone and then picks it up. She punches in a few numbers and
waits for it to ring. She tensely grips the phone.
Rece: Hi New York Hospital how may I help you?
Rach: Hi can you please connect me to Ross Geller in room 318
Rece: Sure one moment please.
Rachel sits on the couch and sits all in tight ball hugging a pillow.
Ross: (sad tone) Hello? (Silence) Rachel?
Rachel is sitting there for a few seconds wondering whether to hang up or
Ross: Rachel if this is you please don't hang up. It hurts so much when you
do that. If you don't want to talk to me just tell me when you're going to
hang up. You know if you said one word I would appreciate it so much. I miss
your voice. I miss you. I miss your kisses. I can't live without you Rachel.
Rachel begins to cry but she is crying into the pillow.
Ross can hear Rachel crying.
Ross: Rachel sweetie don't cry.
Rachel is just wiping her tears with his fingers.
Ross: I don't blame you for beginning mad at me because it was my fault. I
deserve everything that you're giving more, and me. What I did to you hurts
and I know because I regret doing it like crazy now. I wish I could take it
all back but I can't. I know you hate me I don't blame you but just keep in
mind that I love you so much and I will always love you.
Rach: I don't hate you.
Ross: Oh my god Rachel. You're not going to hang up on me are you?
Rach: I don't know.
Ross: Rachel please don't. I'm begging you. Please don't it just hurts ok?
Rach: Ok.
Ross: You know I miss you so much.
Rach: I miss you too.
Ross: you do?
Rach: Of course I do. I'm just so mad at you but I still love you.
Ross: I love you.
Rachel smiles and stops crying.
Rach: I love you too.
Ross: You know if you were down here right now I would give you a big kiss.
Rach: I know and I would give you a big kiss back but I have a lot of work
to do.
Ross: Then when are you going to come down here. I need you by my side. I
think they might let me out today.
Rach: I have to go right now but I'll come down soon ok?
Ross: ok. You promise?
Rach: promise. Bye honey.
Ross: Love you Sweetie.
Rach: Love you too.
Ross: bye.
They both hang up the phone with big smiles on their faces.

Rachel grabs her handbag and goes down to the hospital by cab. When she
reaches the hospital she goes to the lift. She's really happy, when she
reaches Ross's room. Before she goes in she takes a deep breath. She walks
in and Ross is half-asleep. She goes to him and sits down on the chair. She
strokes his hair and his face. Then she kisses his cheeks. He smiles and
opens his eyes.
Rach: Hey
Ross: Hi
Rach: How are you feeling?
Ross: Great.
(Ross takes Rachel's hand)
Rach: (joking) Hey you know you still owe me that kiss.
Ross and Rachel smiles and they have the most passionate and longest kiss
When they break Rachel pulls the chair closer and sits by his side while he
strokes her face and hair.
Ross: I love you
Rach: I love you too.
Rachel takes a deep breath.
Rach: Ok I've been thinking. Ross I do forgive you.
Ross is overwhelmed and so happy. He grabs Rachel pulls her up onto the bed.
She squeals and he kisses her. She cuddles up to him.
Rach: are you sure this bed can carry 2 people?
Ross: No but what the hell.
They kiss again, then break.
Rach: How long are you here for?
Ross: Nurse said I probably would be let out today. But my casts stay on for
a few more weeks.
Rach: I don't mind as long as your lips aren't plastered up I'm fine.
Rach gives him a small kiss.
Ross: Didn't you say you had a lot of work to do?
Rach: Yeah but it doesn't matter. As long as I'm with you.
Ross pulls her into a kiss a few minutes later a nurse walks in.
Nur: Ah hem.
They quickly break and Rachel gets off the bed. The nurse gives her a funny
Rach: Sorry.
She quickly wipes her lipstick off Ross's mouth.
Nur: Just taking the drip out. You can leave in about 1/2 hours. Be careful
what you are doing and don't break the plaster.
Ross: Yes mam!
The nurse leaves and Rachel helps Ross off the bed.
He's got a crutch to help him walk.
Rachel carries his clothes and changes him. After they are done Rachel helps
him walk to the lift, He checks out and they both leave to her apartment by
a cab.
Once they are up at the apartment Rachel opens the door and takes Ross to
sit on the couch.
Ross: Honey you look really tired you should get some rest you know?
Rach: Yeah but I'm fine. Do you want anything?
Ross: No
Rach: Are you sure you're not hungry or anything?
Ross: I'm sure stop worrying.
Rachel sits on the couch with him. She's leaning to the corner of the couch
and he's leaning on her. She massages his shoulders
Ross: Ah that feels good.
Rach: You tired?
Ross: Little bit
Rach: Then you should get some sleep you know.
Ross: Yeah
Ross closes his eyes and she massages up from his shoulders to his head.
After a while he falls asleep and she stops massaging him and soon after she
falls asleep too.