TOW All The Tears

Hi guys! Hereís part nine. This follows The One With The Gellers. Its very, very sappy, and its almost all about Chandler and Monica, the other characters arenít really in it at all. Donít forget, I donít own these characters. Hereís the fic.

[SCENE: Ross and Rachelís apartment. Everyone is there. They are just sitting around.]

JOEY: So, you guys find it weird sharing an apartment?

ROSS: Yeah, kinda.

RACH: Good weird.

MNCA: I miss Rachel.

CHAN: You do?

MNCA: No! I have my boyfriend, what do I need Rachel for?

JOEY: Hehehe!

ROSS/CHAN: Joey! Thatís disgusting!

PHOE: Never mind Joey, I still love you.

JOEY: Really? Thanks Phoebs!

PHOE: Yeah, I mean, you could get your big break and make millions at any moment!

CHAN: You like him best because heís the one most likely to make millions?

PHOE: Well what other reasons are there?

JOEY: Exactly! [realising] Hey!


[SCENE: Chandler and Monicaís apartment. Only C&M are there. It is quite late, and it is dark outside.]

CHAN: Are you okay? Youíve been really quite ever since weíve got back from Rossís

MNCA: Yeah, Iím fine. [its obvious that sheís not.]

CHAN: Yes, and I am the King of England.

MNCA: England doesnít even have a King. They have a queen.

CHAN: Well, I am the new queen of their stupid little country that doesnít even have a king. [authors note: I live in England. Iím allowed to make fun of it.]

MNCA: Chandler, I donít feel so good, Iím going to bed.

CHAN: I thought you said you were fine?

MNCA: I am, I think Iím just a little tired.

CHAN: Are you sure?

MNCA: Yes! Chandler, honey, I appreciate your concern, really I do, but Iím fine.

CHAN: I know, Iím just worried about you. Both of you.

[They kiss and Chandler pats Monicaís stomach gently. Then Monica goes into their bedroom.]

CHAN: [calling after her] Iím gonna watch TV for a while, then Iíll be right in.

MNCA: [off screen] Okay.

[SCENE: Chandler and Monicaís apartment. Their bedroom. Monica is curled up in bed. Chandler comes in.]

CHAN: Mon?

MNCA: Chandler?

CHAN: Whatís wrong?

MNCA: Chandler, I have awful cramps.

CHAN: Mon? Whatís the matter? Do you need to go to hospital?

MNCA: I donít know.

CHAN: Come on, Iím taking you straight down there now.

[He helps her up. She seems to be in pain.]

MNCA: Chandler, Iím bleeding!

CHAN: Oh my God!

[SCENE: At the hospital. I donít know what the hospitals in New York are called, so you think of one. It is the A&E department. Monica is in one of the cubicles and Chandler is waiting nervously outside in the waiting room. A nurse comes up to him.]

NRSE: Mr Bing?

CHAN: Y-y-yes. Is, is, is she okay? Is, are, they okay?

NRSE: Miss Geller is recovering.

CHAN: and, And the baby?

NRSE: Iím sorry Mr Bing, Iím afraid she had a miscarriage. Sheís very upset, and she said she didnít want to see you, or anyone else. Iíll keep you updated with her condition, but I must ask that you stay out here. She really shouldnít be upset right now.

CHAN: I thought you said she was upset.

NRSE: Which is why she shouldnít be upset anymore. Iíll come and find you in a little while.

CHAN: I want to see her.

NRSE: When sheís ready you can.

CHAN: She needs me. I need her.

NRSE: Iím sorry Mr Bing, youíll have to wait out here.

[SCENE: Later on. Monicaís room at the hospital. She is lying on the bed, asleep. The nurse has changed her mind and brings Chandler in. He walks over to the bed, looking like heís in shock and ready to cry at any moment. The nurse walks out, leaving Chandler and Monica alone.]

CHAN: [very quietly] Oh Monica.

MNCA: [waking up] Chandler?

CHAN: Iím sorry, I didnít mean to wake you.

MNCA: Its okay. Chandler, Iím sorry.

CHAN: No, no, no, honey, this isnít your fault. Not at all. Not one little bit. You know that donít you?

[Monica shrugs]

CHAN: Sweetie, sometimes these things just happen, and thereís nothing anyone can do about it. Its no-ones fault, especially not yours. Okay?

MNCA: I guess.

CHAN: And you know, maybe this is for the best.

MNCA: What?

CHAN: Yeah, you know, I know Iím not ready to be a father yet. This all gives us time to get ready for next time.

MNCA: Chandler, how could you say something like that? This is, [sadly] was, our baby, our child, and it just died before it even had a chance to live. How on earth can you say this is a good thing? It isnít! Itís the worst possible thing that could have happened.

CHAN: God, Mon, Iím sorry, I was just trying to make you feel better.

MNCA: Well you didnít okay? You just made me feel about a hundred times worse. Chandler, I thought you knew me. I thought you knew how much this meant to me.

CHAN: I do, I do know. Mon, Iím sorry, I just didnít think.

MNCA: Well maybe you should give it a try every once in a while.

CHAN: Please Mon, just give me another chance, please. Iíll superglue my mouth shut if you want me to, so that I never hurt you ever again, but please Monica, I canít live without you.

MNCA: Get out.

CHAN: What?

MNCA: You heard me. Get out. Just leave! Now! Chandler, I never want to see you ever again.

CHAN: [tearfully] Monica!

MNCA: Just go Chandler. Please donít make this any harder than it already is.

CHAN: I love you. I wanted to marry you. I wanted to spend the rest of my life loving you. And loving our child.

MNCA: Well the childís gone, and now weíre over.

CHAN: how can you say that? Youíre my fiancée, we have to give this another try, please Monica, listen to me.

MNCA: You never even bought me a ring. Forget it Chandler. Now, please, just leave.

CHAN: Youíre not even crying.

MNCA: I just spent the last four hours crying over your child. I havenít got any tears left to waste on you.

CHAN: You think crying over me would be a waste of perfectly good tears?

MNCA: Yeah.

CHAN: Then Iíll go. But you have to know that I love you, and thatís the only reason Iím leaving now. If it was up to me, Iíd stay by your side forever. But Iím leaving you alone now, because thatís what you want.

MNCA: Thank you.

CHAN: [hopefully] for loving you?

MNCA: No, for leaving when I asked.

CHAN: I didnít leave exactly when you asked. But youíre welcome anyway.

MNCA: Bye.

CHAN: Bye.

[Chandler leaves, he is crying, but he doesnít want Monica to see. He wants to turn back to look at her one last time, but he doesnít want her to see him cry. Monica looks sad as she watchs him go. She almost calls him back, but doesnít. She sinks back onto her bed and cries into her pillow. Screen fades to black.]


Nothing, I thought it would be in bad taste to have a funny scene after that last one.


I know it wasnít funny, and it was kinda :*( but I hoped you liked it anyway. Please send me feedback, as usual.