TOW All The Complications

Okay, welcome to part four of my fanfic series. This one follows on from TOW Ross is Mad. As usual, I need feedback. Send any comments, compliment or insults (preferably not insults) to Thanx! Oh, and I donít own these characters. I canít remember exactly who they belong to, but its not me, okay? Good. Hereís the fic.


[SCENE: The girls apartment. It is the morning after my last fanifc finished. Chandler and Monica come out of her bedroom and start doing breakfast-y things (you know, making toast, coffee etc.).]

MNCA: So, remind me again, what are you going to do today?

CHAN: Kiss you? [he kisses her]

MNCA: Well, that would be nice, but its not the answer I was looking for.

CHAN: Umm, have sex with u?

MNCA: Again, nice, but the wrong answer.

CHAN: Earn a lot of money for doing nothing?

MNCA: Chandler! Do remember what I told u last night?

CHAN: well, u kinda told me a lot of things last night.

MNCA: About u breaking up with Janice.

CHAN: Ah. You know, do I really have to do that today?

MNCA: Yes.

CHAN: Aww, Why?

MNCA: Because if u donít, youíll starve, and I wonít sleep with u.

CHAN: So why would I want to break up with Janice if it means u wonít cook for me?


[SCENE: Same as before. Rachel comes in, looking tired. (remember, she stayed at Joey. And, no nothing happened between them, so get ur minds out of the gutter!)]

MNCA: Whereíd u go last night?

RACH: Well, I figured I wouldnít get much sleep here, so I decided to not get much sleep over at Joeyís instead.

CHAN: Not many people do get much sleep at Joeyís.

MNCA: Sorry Rach. But hey, youíll probably get some peace tonight.

RACH: Why? R U Guys going someplace else?

CHAN: No, she said if I donít break up with janice today she wonít sleep with me.

RACH: Oh God Chandler, ur never gonna get laid again!

CHAN: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

RACH: Ur welcome. Okay, Iím gonna go try and sleep, so keep it down okay?

MNCA: Sure.

[Rachel goes into her bedroom.]

CHAN: So, I guess its probably time for me to go, to go, to do, um, that thing u wanted me to.

MNCA: Uh huh.

[He tries to kis her, but she wonít let him.]

CHAN: aww, Mon.

MNCA: No, Chandler. None of that until u break up with Janice.

CHAN: Well, then let me have one kiss to remember u by.

MNCA: Why, r u not going to break up with her?

CHAN: Well, I would, but you know, its Janice!

MNCA: DO u not want to break up with her?

CHAN: Yes! Iíve been trying to break up with that woman since, well, forver!

MNCA; Well why the hell do u always end up back with her?

CHAN: Why the hell do u keep going on about her?

MNCA: I donít know. It just seems like if u donít want to break up with Janice, maybe ur not as serious about our relationship as I thought.

CHAN: Serious? Our relationship? Mon, weíve only been going out for a little while. Of course Iím not serious about it yet.


CHAN: Of course Iím serious about it. About us. But what if I dump Janice, and I break her heart or something.Then if u and I break up, I wonít have anyone to u know, fall back on.

MNCA: Forget IF u and I break up buddy. Consider us officially broken up!

[She goes into her bedroom and slams the door. Chandler stares after her like he canít understand whats just happened.]

CHAN: But MonÖI didnít meanÖMonÖ[very quietly] I love you.


[SCENE: The guys apartment. Chandler is sitting in one of the loungers. He is wearing his sweat pants and looks 100% miserable. Joey comes in and sees him.]

JOEY: Monica wonít be happy if she sees u like this coz u broke up with Janice.

CHAN: I didnít break up with Janice.

JOEY: SO whats with the sweats?

CHAN: I broke up with Mon instead.

JOEY: So ur telling me u picked really annoying Janice with the awful laugh over hot Monica who u love?

CHAN: No, Monica picked for me.

JOEY: What?

CHAN: She broke up with me.

JOEY: Why?

CHAN: How am I supposed to know?

JOEY: Did u cheat on her?

CHAN: No, I was cheating on Janice.

JOEY: Did u, uh, turn gay?

CHAN: No! She just broke up with me. She said I wasnít serious enough about our relationship or something.

JOEY: Ahh.

CHAN: Ahh, what?

JOEY: I dunno.


[SCENE: Girls apartment. Rachel is there. Monica comes out of the bathroom. She is holding something, but we canít quite see what it is.]

RACH: God Mon, youíve been in there for like a half hour!

MNCA: Yeah, I know.

RACH: Are u sick?

MNCA: No. Iím perfectly healthy and normal.

RACH: well, I could argue with u about the normal. But I wonít. Why are u so miserable? Do u want to be sick?

MNCA: Iím not sick. IímÖ

RACH: What?

MNCA: Iím, uh, sorta, kinda, um,

RACH: Come on Monica, the suspense is killing me!

MNCA: Iím pregnant.

[Rachel gasps.]



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