TOW Ross's Wedding

"London, baby!" (our favorite)

"Oh, do you need a hug? You don't have to bring me anything..."
--Phoebe to Rachel

"Well up yours, too!"
--Emily to Ross

"Man, you are Westminster Crabby."
--Joey to Chandler

"I mean, I still have loving feelings for Ross. Yeah! But, I have, I have continuing feelings of love, but that doesnít mean that-that Iím still in love with him. Yíknow? I-I have sexual feelings for him, but I do love him Ohh! Oh my God! Oh why didnít you tell me?!!"
--Rachel to Phoebe

"No! Because he's in love with the British chippy!"
--Phoebe to Rachel

"We know how expensive weddings can be, besides this may be the only wedding we get to throw."
--Judy Geller

"I have my driver's license, and I have a twenty..."
--Rachel to the ticket agent

"Why am I always pregnant when she does that?"

"...this is kind of my little toast, or Melba toast if you will."

"What we did last night was...totally crazy, stupid. I'm coming over tonight though, right?"
--Chandler to Monica

"Manhattan does NOT have enough stores."
--Rachel to Phoebe

"I...just needed to tell you...congratulations."
--Rachel to Ross

"Talk New York to me again."
--Felicity to Joey

"And by the way, it seems to be perfectly clear that you were on a break."
--passenger to Rachel

"I Ross...take thee Rachel."
--we all know who says that...