We're guessing for dessert there was wedding cake...we don't have a recipe for wedding cakes. However, we do have "About Wedding Cakes" from The Joy of Cooking Cook Book.

Be sure for any big cake to choose a recipe that enlarges successfully. We fomd that when rather shallow pans are used-not more than two inches deep for each layer- the cake bakes more evenly and cuts more attractively. For any large cake, lower the indicated oven temperature by 25 degrees. For more even baking, turn the pans in the oven frequently during the necessarily longer baking period. To help support the tiers of cakes, bake three 1-inch-wide dowels in the lower layers, as long in length as the pan is high. Place the dowels upright within the diameter of the succeeding layer. Test for doneness as you would with any cake. Top the cake with the traditional bride and groom figurines, with an icing flower or with a miniature vase of fresh flowers. After the bride's first slice, whether the wedding cake is round or rectangular, the cutting begins at the lowest tier. To make the cuts even in depth, the lowest tier. To make the cuts even in depth, run a knife perpendicularly through the bottom layer, where it abuts the second layer. Continue this process at each tier. Cut successive slices until ta single cylindrical central core remains, crested by the ornate top. Remove and save this, or freeze it for the first anniversary party. Then finish slicing the central core, beginning at the top.