"You don't kiss your friend's mom! Sisters are okay, maybe a hot-lookin' aunt... but not a mom, never a mom!"
Did Joey really realize what he was saying when he said that? He obviously never anticipated...

Things were only just calming down from Ross and Rachel's-ahem- marriage in Vegas, when who should appear, but Jill? Jill, Rachel's younger sister, lost and alone in the world after Daddy got mad at her. Who better than Rachel to help her learn the tricks of the trade? What Rachel wasn't counting on when she suggested that Jill date Ross was that she would jump at the chance...and enjoy it too. Jill wasn't the only one to have fun. So did Ross. And when Rachel tried to get Ross to back out of his second date with Jill, Jill realized that she was in a competition with her sister. This provoked her to "Fall in love" with Ross all of a sudden. Fortunately, Ross assured Rachel that he didn't want to ruin his chances with her by dating Jill. Jill could no longer contain herself, and blew up at both Rachel and Ross, ending her "true love" with these words: "I throw myself at you and you say no, how gay are you?"

No one was expecting it...Ursula, the sea witch, to crawl out of her cave and into the arms of...Joey? Cute, loveable Joey with an evil, ugly (pardon me, beautiful, for she is the twin of Phoebe) sea witch? Uh uh, not happening. Or so Phoebe wished. Being on such horrible terms with her sister made it harder--how could her best friend love the sea witch? Especially when her best friend was Joey? Joey, the one who picked girls up, had a bit of fun with them, and spat them out like a piece of chewing gum. Joey made it only harder when he asked Phoebe to try on a sweater he was giving Ursula for her birthday. And what's worse, he didn't even make it to Phoebe's birthday party, let alone get her a gift! In the end, Ursula turned out to be more of a sea witch than anticipated. Joey discovered that Ursula was kind of like him: (see the chewing gum simile.) Ursula had planned on never seeing Joey again and not even telling him, but Phoebe met him, pretended to be Ursula and gently broke up with him. It ended with a kiss...and Joey figured out who his friends really are.

At the time of Ross and Emily's wedding, Rachel wasn't the only one with mixed emotions. Monica felt worthless, to quote, "Iím a single mom, with a thirty year old son!" According to Monica, she'd never get married, just like her mother guessed. She ran to Chandler for comfort, and they wound up in bed together. After a bit of discussion about how they would keep their new-found relationship just in London...they didn't. They kept up their relationship even when they got back to New York, because according to Chandler they were still on London time. Everything was going just fine, the only thing was, they didn't want anyone to know about their going together. What a shame when Joey found out, then Rachel, then Phoebe. Last of all Ross. Ah, poor Ross. He just faced his divorce with Emily, then looked out the window of his new apartment and saw Monica and Chandler, er, together. "My best friend and my sister!" as he put it. But he wasn't all that happy about it.