By: Stephen King
Don't get scared--not yet. Because while Joey's place for the Shining is in the freezer, and a librarian's place is on the shelf, our place is in the bottom of a box in a dusty cellar.

So basically, it starts out your average book. Everyone's like, "La, la, la," -flashback- "La, la, la," -another flashback- and then boom! This "frightening" kid shows up in Danny's (the little kid's) dreams...the dreams that he's awake for. Oh dear! I-I-I th-thought I was about to scream for dear life!

So "la, la, la" again -flashback- and then it hits you with an intriguing thing...moving to the Overlook Hotel in the deepest part of the Colorado mountains...all winter.

Uh huh, sounds good. But, regardless of the "live" animal hedges, the naked dead lady in room 217, the naked dead boy in room 217, -flashback- the alcohol that's not really there that's making the father drunk and insane, the evil hotel...this book is soooooo nothing. It is not, I repeat, not, scary. At all. At all. I can see where the movie would be...mildly frightening...but it is not scary! I was hoping for something better.

Besides that, it was poorly written, had horrible grammatical errors (so I'm not one to speak, but I'm not a famous writer!), and about the stupidest climax ever (remember how the furnace blows up?). There was even an attempt of another climax after the stupidest one which was even stupider because nothing became of it. (I just don't want to give the ending away, although I've given away all the "scary" parts.)

And so, another book has been slaughtered. Go back to the freezer to witness another slaughtering.