Rachel's Diary

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September 22 1994

Well Diary, I guess Today was the first day of the rest of my life. It started off with my leaving Barry at the alter. How did I ever think I could marry him? I went to the other person I knew in the city, Monica Geller. She was surprised to see me, especially since I hadn't invited her to the wedding. She introduced me to her friends. There was Chandler Bing, I'd met him years ago at her house at thanks giving; Joey Tribianni, he's italian and hit on me; Phoebe Buffay, Monica's old roommate, she seems to be a bit, I don't know, weird I guess and there was Ross Geller, I'd also met him before. He's Monica's older brother. He'd had a crush on me in grade nine. We were talking, his wife had just left him for her lesbian wedding, (don't get me started) and he asked if he could ask me out sometime. I said sure, and he said maybe he would. I don't think i'd mind much if he did, he's not as geeky looking as he was in high school. Quite handsome, actually. I was talking to daddy, and he said he was going to cut of my money. I have to get a job like my new friends. I think i'm going to get one at Central Perk. It's this neat little coffee house where they hang out. I mean, how hard can it be to serve drinks?

September 29 1994

Guess what diary? Ross's ex-wife is pregnant with his kid. This is so cool. He's going to be a dad! But other then that, today was horrible. I lost my engagment ring in the lasanga that Monica had cooked for dinner with her parents. Then I started thinking about how I always thought life would be. You know, that whole fall in love, get married, live happily ever after. I don't know what's wrong with me. This comment Monica made to me the other day, now actually makes sense. She said, "Welcome to the real world, it sucks, you're going to love it!" I went to see Barry today and gave back his ring. I found out he had still gone on our honeymonn, to Aruba. Get this, he went with my ex-best friend Mindy. My maid of honor Mindy! He said they're kind of an item now. He's gotten lenses, Mindy probably made him. She never liked guys who wore glasses. I phoned Mindy today and told her I had talked to Barry. I also told her that if she and Barry get married, that I hope their kids have his old hairline and her big nose. I knew it was a cheap shot, but i felt SO much better after.

October 6 1994

Today was boring. Monica's new boyfriend Alan, was a blast. He helped us win a softball game agains the jewlers. But Monica dumped him. Said he was "too Alan." I don't get her, she finally finds a boyfriend we all like and she dumps him. Chandler started smoking again and Phoebe got $1000 from the bank and a football phone which she gave to somegirl on the street. The girl bought her a coke and she found a thumb in it. The company then gave her $7000, which she gave to Chandler to stop smoking. I'm finally starting to get a hang of waitressing. Other then that, nothing happened.

October 13 1994

I got my first paycheck today. Some guy named FICA's taking all my money!! Leslie, Joanne, Kiki came by and saw me today. They were asking when I was going to come back home. They didn't believe me when I said that I wasn't. What's so unbelieveable about me getting a job and working? Everyone I know is either getting married, promoted or pregnant and I'm getting coffee. Monica, Phoebe and I had a sleepover. Monica tried to make me feel better, bu pointing out that I'm finally becoming indepentant. Phoebe somehow made the comparison between me and Jack from the beans stock. Then we started to discuss what you do if your life doesn't, just come together. We ordered pizza and got George Stephanopoulos' pizza. To Monica and Phoebe this was a big deal. We went out on the little balcony and watched his apartment. He's supposedly a White House adviser, the one from Clinton's campaign. We started to wonder what Georges like. Monica thinks he's probably shy. Then we were so drunk, we started to tell secrets. Monica told Phoebe that she had eaten meat, Phoebe told Monica that she had slept with Jason Hurley an hour after he broke up with Monica. I told Monica that the valentine Tommy Rollerson left in her locker was actually from me and Monica said that I peed my pants in sevneth grade, but that was only because Monica had made me laugh. Then we saw George and stopped fighting. Then, Ross, Chandler, and Joey came back. Ross had gotten hit in the face with a puck. We all started to play twister. Some guy came and gave back the cushion that acidentally fell off the balcony. Some visa people phoned, they were wondering about the strange activity on my card. I hadn't been using my card, and that was the strange activity. They wanted to know if I was all right.

October 20 1994

Today I learned how to do my laundry. Monica was going to teach me, but couldn't go becuase Joey wanted her to go on a double date thingy with him. From what I understand, they broke up the other couple for themselves... Anyway, so Ross went to the laundry place with me. This one lady was SO mean. She kept stealing my machine and my cart. Ross taught me how to be agressive. I told the lady when she took my cart that she was going to have to take me with it ... and climed into the cart. She backed off in a hurry! I kissed Ross too, though it was only friendly, he then went on to bang his head on the door to one of the dryers. I wonder if he still has that crush on me... Doubt full! You've got to stop acting like your the queen of the world Rach. Your not in high school anymore. (Thank GOD!)

October 27 1994

I went and saw one of Joey's plays today! I thought it was going to be so much fun. I mean, how was I to know that he was that bad of an actor. (He better not find this or I'm dead!) I just felt violated at the end! Never, never am I going to one of his plays again. No offense to him, but he SUCKS! But I guess some people thought he was good. He was left a card by The Estelle Leonard Talent Agency. He was signed and they got him a part on an Al Pachino movie, playing his butt, but that never worked out.
I tried to clean the apartment. I thought that Monica would be happy, never knew I could be so wrong! I moved the green ottoman, and she flipped. It was actually pretty funny. We told her was a organization, neat freak she was. She didn't believe us, but Chandler got her to cave. It was hilarious. Nothing really happened to me thought, just one of those plan boring weeks I guess.

November 3 1994

There was a blackout across New York last night. It was a ... neat experience. Ross and I were out on the balcony talking when this cute cat jumped on his back. Then when looking for it's owner, I met this nice guy, Paolo. He's Italian and doesn't speak english, but ohhh sooo CUTE!

November 10 1994

Today was funny. We were telling Chandler how most of us thought he was gay when we first met him. I feel sorry for Ross and Monica. Their Nana died.... twice! Then at the funeral, Ross fell into her grave and was on painkillers for the rest of the evening. He then passed out, after taking too many, on me. So I couldn't move. Joey brought a little tv to the funeral and at the thing after the funeral, he was watching the game with Chandler and eventually all the guys but Ross.

November 17 1994

I really wanted to go to Vermot to spend thanksgiving with my family. But it didn't happen. The first problem was that I didn't have enought money. The second, was that when the gang gave me the money, we went to the top of the apartment building to see Underdog, (he got away) and when we went back, we were locked out. Monica said she had the keys, even if she does deny it now. So, I couldn't get my ticket and was stuck with my friends for Thanksgiving. It was fun though, I've got to admit that. Since what Monica had been cooking kind of got burnt, we ate what she had made for Chandler. Grilled Cheese sandwiches. I realized that in the end, I think I like having holidays with my friends.

December 15 1994

Ross got a monkey. Can you believe that? I mean how gross is that.... though it is kinda cute. But today sucked. We had a new years party and I got into a fight with a lady at the airport and busted my lip. Though all my friends kind of had a crappy New years, so it wasn't like I was alone.

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