Okay, Moni and I made a lot of quizzes. Right now, we've got five. There should eventually be one on each character, each couple (CandM, RandR) and another knowledge one. There's also going to be one for the guys, on what girl's best for them.

After you've completed the who are you most like or what guys best for you quizzes, go here to see the answers and then send me an email about what you got and I'll send you an pictures for you to put on your site!

Joey-about Joey
Monica-thanks to Ice_Princess for her help!!!
Phoebe-if Phoebe's your favorite friend...you'll have to prove it!

Knowledge Quiz 1-do you have what it takes?

Who are you most like?-now when you take this quiz, email me who you got, and I'll give you a "I am most like..." poster to put up on your site!

Name Quiz and Name Quiz II-How well do you know non-main characters?

What guy's best for you? (Girls only)-now when you take this quiz email me who you got and I'll send you a "What guy is best for me" poster to put up on your site!

TOW Ross's Wedding-you can also check this out by going to TOW Ross's Wedding section.