An Ode to Friends in the Sixth Season
Copywrite Oct. 1999 to Moni Bing

Derived from Louisa May Alcott's "Anniversary Ode" from "Little Women"

Again we meet to celebrate
With badge and solemn rite,
The Friends sixth anniversary
At the F*R*I*E*N*D*S R*O*C*K*S site.
(The Name At The Time)

They all are there in perfect health,
None gone from their small group;
Again we see each well-known face,
With a new season aloof.

Our friends are always at their post,
With reverence we greet,
As spectacles on nose, we watch
From our couch-potato seats.

Although Ross is a jerk sometimes,
We joy to hear him speak.
For words from his mouth provoke laughter,
In spite of whiny squeak.

Our Phoebe occupies her throne
With elephantine grace.
For there in Central Perk she plays
To light up every face.

Alarm arises in his eye,
Chandler has swallowed a gun!
Behold humiliation on his brow,
No matter! it's joy for everyone.

Next our silly Joey comes,
So dense and far-away,
Who excites at every Porsche.
It's hilarious I say!

Sweet little Rachel, too, is there,
With every hair in place.
A sure model of beauty,
And she has a pretty face.

Last but not least, it's Monica
With her new Irish accent.
She's the one that goes ballistic
If a speck of dust is present.

Long may the show prosper well,
And give ratings another shove.
In coming years it shall continue,
For it is Friends that we love!