Have you ever wondered . . . whatís in a name? . . . how the F*R*I*E*N*D*S characters are connected - biblically? . . . how The One With the Rugby connects with Rossís name? Well stop wondering! Youíve come to the right place. Just click on a characterís name to find out what it means - in real life AND on the set!

Chandler Bing a.k.a. Matthew Perry

Chandler: (English) A candle-maker. Occassionally also used as a girlís name. (Keep "the quality" in mind.)
Matthew: (Hebrew) Gift of Jehovah. Biblical: the name of one of the 12 apostles, who wrote the first Gospel account of the life of Jesus.

Phoebe Buffay a.k.a. Lisa Kudrow

Phoebe: (Greek) Bright, radiant. Greek Mythology: a reference to Apollo, the god of light.
Lisa: (English) Short form of Elizabeth, which means "My God is bountiful, God of plenty."

Monica Geller a.k.a. Courteney Cox Arquette

Monica: (English, Latin) A variant of Mona, which means "noble." Monica is also a saintís name.
Courteney: (English) Courtly; courteous.

Ross Geller a.k.a. David Schwimmer

Ross: (Scottish) Red. Think about The One With the Rugby!
David: (Hebrew) Beloved. Biblical: a personality from the scriptures. He was a shepard, musician, poet, soldier, statesman, prophet, and king. He wrote half the Psalms.

Rachel Green a.k.a. Jennifer Aniston

Rachel: (Hebrew) Ewe, female sheep. Biblical: Jacobís wife, described as "beautiful in form and countenance."

Joey Tribbiani a.k.a. Matt LeBlanc
Joey: (Hebrew) The nickname for Jsoseph, which means "May Jah give incrase." Biblical: son of Jacob and Rachel, rose from a position in salvery to a supreme power in Egypt. Also Jesusí earthly father, a carpenter, which frankly, Joey is not.
Matt: see Matthew, under Chandler.