Beeper's Friends Page
An all-around great site with all you could expect!
British Friends
It's British! It's Friends! It's British Friends!!!
Chandler Bing+Monica Geller
What can I say? The name says it all!
Chandler and Monica's Love Haven
This has got to be one of the best sites on the web. But I think we all know that.
Complete Friends Script Index, The
We've been negligent in our script feature here (we don't even have one!) so go here instead!
Emma's Friends Shrine
Tons of Friends stuff, and then some.
Floopy Dimension
Feeling Floopy?
Forever Friends
The typical Friends site with a sprinkle of other great stuff!
Friends Cafe
A great site ready for more customers!
Friends Fanatik!
This site will bring out the Friends Fanatik inside of you...if you're not one already which is very unlikely.
Friends Rocks
We used to be FriendsRocks...Here's the ORIGINAL FRIENDSROCKS!
Friends University
One of the more original sites about Friends! Lots of fanfics and other great stuff!
Jessie's Friends Site
A great place to be if you want to submit your site for awards!
Jill's C&M Fanfic Series
More great fics for all the avid readers out there!
Kristy's Friends
Lots of cool features including "Adopt an Episode!"
Poppy&Cath's Fanfic Page
Here's another fanfic site which we have a soft spot for!
Roni's Ross and Rachel Site
Like R&R? Click above!
Sheepie's Friends Page
I really like this site! Check it out - maybe you will too!
Soul Mates
Fanfics for those R&R fans!
Tina's Friends Fanfic Collection
If you love Ross and Rachel, and love reading fanfics, this is the place to go!
Tribute To Chandler And Monica
Great site about Chandler and Monica, with fanfic's and pictures and more!
TOW All The Friends
Great page! Check it out!
Unofficial Friends Site, The
If you like order, you'll love this site! (In other words, in our opinion it's a made-for-monica site! LOL)
World of Friends
Welcome to Phoebica's wonderful new site, which we awarded the Standard of Excellence award!