Ummm... Yeah!

"Ummm... yeah. I've already told Monica and Pheebs."
"What?! You told them before me? The father of the baby!"
"I'm sorry Ross. I had to tell someone who'd understand, someone I can talk to."
"You can talk to me!"
"Yeah, but I couldn't ask you, how to tell you about the baby."
"I can't believe you'd do this to me!"
"What do you mean, do this to you! What did I do? It's just as much your fault as mine!"
"Hey, it's not my fault that we broke up. You were the one that wrote the letter!"
"And you were the one who slept with Chloe!"
"Yeah, well Rach, if we were together, I'd be very happy! But since we're not..."
"What are you saying Ross? Are you saying that because we're not together, you're not going to want anything to do with this?"
"Yeah, I guess I am. I mean, Rach, it's hard enough with Ben. I don't think I could do it again!"
"Oh My God!" You run into your bedroom, sobbing.

You're now going to switch characters and become Ross. You've got to fix what you've done!

You stare after Rachel, as she disappears into her room. The front door opens and Monica walks in.
"Hey Ross! Why're you so upset? Didn't Rachel tell you?"
"Yeah, she did. I think I just hurt her more then I've ever hurt anyone in my entire life!"
"What did you do?" Monica looks at you worried. Both of you can hear Rachel, sobbing hysterically in her room.
"Ummm... I kind of told her that I don't want anything to do with the baby!
"You said what!! I can't believe you Ross. This is Rachel we're talking about. The girl you've been in love with since high school, the girl you've planned you're life with. You said you were going to have two kids together. Here's your chance to have you're first!"
You reply:

"I know Mon, but I don't love her anymore."
"I know Mon! Oh god, what have I done?"