What to do...

You glance up from the bathroom counter, shocked! How could you be pregnant? You hadn't dated anyone yet, since you broke up with Ross, and that had been over three weeks ago. That left only one possible option, the baby was Ross'! And that left one deilemma, how do you tell him? Just then the front door bangs open. You hear Ross calling for Monica.
"She's not here!" You yell back.
"Oh" He says.
Quickly you shove the pregnancy test in the garbage and head out, trying to look casual. But he knows you too well.
"Rach, what's wrong?" He looks at you in that way that always makes you melt.
You say:

"Nothing's Wrong!" Too nervous can't tell him yet!
"Ross we need to talk!" Okay, be brave Rach, you can do this!