[Monica pulls away, amazed.]
Monica: If only I had known it before. I-I love you like that, too. Wait a sec - you're not joking are you?
Chandler: Would I joke about this?
Monica: Yes! [She then smiles. You jump up and sweep her off her feet. Just then Joey walks up followed by Phoebe in the cab and Ross and Rachel.]
Rachel: Oh, Monica, are you hurt?
Monica: (puzzedly) No.
Rachel: Then why is Chandler carrying you?
[Your eyes widen. So do Monica's.]
Monica: Um - yes. Yes I'm hurt! Um, I got stung by a bee! Yes...on my foot. I can't walk!
Chandler: Right! I just need to take her back upstairs.
Monica:I won't be able to go to the beach.
Chandler: I'll take care of her. You guys go ahead.
Phoebe: Oh! Are you sure?
Chandler: Yes! I - uh - didn't want to go anyway! We'll be all right!
Monica: Right!

Well, soon enough you've convinced your friends and they're driving away. Looks like you've done it! Just that The One Where Everyone Finds Out may come sooner than you think! Congratulations!
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